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Introducing Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Now in Black. Get productive your way, all day, with the new ultra-light and versatile Surface Pro 6. Both a tablet and a laptop, Surface Pro 6 is faster than ever with the latest 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core™ processor, all day battery life, and an 8.0MP autofocus HD camera. A more powerful Pro. Learn more at http://bit.ly/2PafKPy
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Text Comments (1548)
Klubezzy Aye (11 hours ago)
Where are these available
Microsoft Surface (10 hours ago)
Surface Pro 6 starts at $899!
Klubezzy Aye (10 hours ago)
Microsoft Surface how much?
Microsoft Surface (11 hours ago)
Surface Pro 6 is available in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
9 NightWolf (1 day ago)
Is it just me or somewhere around the end there was little bits of NF (You're Special) song?
No one would buy it till you add in keyboard and pen and how much did the NFL problem not that much most of your money is most coming from the NFL basically or high paid college football coaches
I like it but it cost way to much
fatema ali (1 day ago)
I need one 😭
fatema ali (15 hours ago)
What about giving me one ? 😂
Microsoft Surface (15 hours ago)
Yes, you do!
JakeCherry97 (2 days ago)
It has a headset jack unlike competition ...
Elias Ailenei (2 days ago)
Does it run fortnite?
Lew Bricks (3 days ago)
The only problem with the surface pro 6 is that the GPU is weak and it has no USB-C
Zalikha 2003 (3 days ago)
I am sure that it will be very expensive I am sad 😔 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡
Tudor Gligan (3 days ago)
The inovative surface rt black ..... That is evolution....... 👏
Here with my Surface Pro 4. Anyone else?
Noorul Zagir (4 days ago)
African American black
Justin Kelvianto (4 days ago)
Aww Yeahhh the matte black will match the iphone 7
Mirza Uzair (4 days ago)
So nice
Microsoft Surface (4 days ago)
Thanks for being a fan!
Jansen Yeo (5 days ago)
Where de surface phone
Matúš Cvengroš (5 days ago)
Everyone talks about the USB-C. Personally, I'd be interested if the high-end pen ink experience is finally going to be usable, or if they continue in the "never admit that we completely screwed up the only reason people buy this device" line.
Flugfritze96 (5 days ago)
And I'm just sitting here, absolutely satisfied with my Pro3
Microsoft Surface (5 days ago)
Surface Pro is a great line of devices! We're so happy to hear you're still using Surface Pro 3.
Kenneth Tan (5 days ago)
As a Surface Pro 2017 user, I think adding USB-C while keeping USB-A would make this a truly unmatched laptop for students.
Baba Chi (5 days ago)
Music going downhill. Bring back Stephanie Tarling.
The Dizznic Game (5 days ago)
I think I have this
Shiney Mathew (5 days ago)
Man! this is what I actually wanted how does it cost??
Microsoft Surface (5 days ago)
Surface Pro 6 starts at $899!
Drunk Asian (6 days ago)
*now in B L A C K*
Sandra B (6 days ago)
I'd been working with the Surface Pro 3 since 2015 without any problem, everyday during all my university period and I haven't regretted any day. Surface Pro is excellent to take away, running scientific programs (Mathematica, Matlab...etc.) I use it to highlight articles and books too with the surface pen. The concept of movility is fine to me and you can switch on other screen with the Display port if you want a bigger screen. In short, Surface Pro's design doesn't need to be renewed, I would find useful to improve the Surface's pen feeling when you use it as a tablet, and eventually introducing graphics (NVIDIA would be great) with a thunderbolt port. I think that it would make a real change in terms of power.
Microsoft Surface (6 days ago)
This is great feedback! Thanks for sharing.
Spaceballzy (7 days ago)
An innovative change is something that makes everyone happy. Not the burden of a slow evolution. There's a bunch of issues like bugs here and there you run into. The pen doesn't work for everything because they require their software for the pen only instead of compromising and helping the pen works on other 3rd part software.
growkit (7 days ago)
It's like "déja vu"
Jun Jun Fan (7 days ago)
I want to know when can buy in taiwannnnnnn😭
NUT Corporation (8 days ago)
Why are people complaining about usb c. Something that apple forced us to use doesn't mean its available on all products which in fact its an early port that most dont use yet.
LAST LIFE (8 days ago)
Writing a comment for idiots, USB C is same thing as usb 3.1 and people are disappointed because there is no thundervolt 3 not usb type c 👌
余庆抒 (9 days ago)
surface Pro 6,现更以黑色呈现
Corey Kimura (9 days ago)
I know for a fact they got people working for them smashing that like button!
TheMarcus113 (9 days ago)
No USB-C :-/
Marcus Smith (10 days ago)
Surface is trash
Marcus Smith (10 days ago)
Im not a surface warrior sorry
yourbrownhoe (10 days ago)
Um I still have the fourth one and it’s trash
Hari Triyanto (10 days ago)
i'm fine with no usb type c, seriously fine. but, hey, where's your good music like pure imagination, you're the one that i want and fly me to the moon?
PH Park (10 days ago)
Worst week keyboards. It only goes a year.
결이 (10 days ago)
so surface pro is laptop? or Tablet?
Microsoft Surface (10 days ago)
Surface Pro is a 2-in-1 device, offering the performance of a laptop, but the versatility of a tablet!
Bem Bronze (11 days ago)
Everyone complaining about USB C have probably never used it outside of charging their smartphone
BlueStar The KittyFox! (11 days ago)
Me over here on a Surface Pro 4
BlueStar The KittyFox! (11 days ago)
I agree, the Surface Pro 4 has been really great for creating art and animation. plus it's a pretty powerful device.
Microsoft Surface (11 days ago)
We love hearing that! Surface Pro is a great device to have over the years.
Leviticye (11 days ago)
The only good thing in this video is the music
Microsoft Surface (11 days ago)
The song is Nitro by Phi Bui. Check out more here: http://msft.social/Lk3den
beastly (11 days ago)
Abdulrahman Mohamed (11 days ago)
I bought sp4 2 weeks ago...
Abdulrahman Mohamed (10 days ago)
+Microsoft Surface and I got a bit of a problem with the screen flicker
Abdulrahman Mohamed (11 days ago)
+Microsoft Surface perfect, its amusing, I'm just a bit disappointed that I bought sp4 straight away and the sp6 came out
Microsoft Surface (11 days ago)
How are you enjoying Surface Pro 4? We'd love to hear your thoughts!
Đinh Tùng (12 days ago)
Vẫn cổng giao tiếp cũ
Reddblue (12 days ago)
Watching this with my surface pro 2
luis (12 days ago)
weren't you just on 4?
Abdul Rahman Muhydin (12 days ago)
Pengguna SP3 dan SP4 komen sikit, banyak beza?
RAPTOR RAY (12 days ago)
Looks the same... Apple 2018 iPad Pro it is then! (Upcoming iPad pros)
EnthreDEV (12 days ago)
0:36 Butterflies ;)
Mohammad khair-ALjundi (12 days ago)
ان شاء الله رح جيبو لأن لازمني صينية لقدم قهوة للضيوف 🐸🚬
Blb Hansel (12 days ago)
Really Microsoft ,so the only difference is processor and color , what a joke , while my surface pro 4 still have screen flicker and battery issue ,hmmmm 8.0 hd camera , lol ,,are u trying to sell and laptop-phone ?,,then ram it up to 25.MP,, please give us something reasonable microsoft and make us proud to own surface pro line of laptop
CoreCombat (12 days ago)
jezz i just got a gaming pc stop reccommend this 2 me yt wish there's a surface 4 gaming lol
Daniel A (13 days ago)
Is that a joke or really? What's new, colour?
Yuan Linc (13 days ago)
not impressed, at all
markuks (13 days ago)
About 2 years ago, people complained That Apple’s MBP only had usb-c, no one is gonna buy them. Now, people are complaining the surface doesnt have a usb-c. Looks like apples usb-c strategy is working... apart from iphones still ship with usb-a cables
MEEPCITY ROBLOX (13 days ago)
I love the surface an I love Microsoft
Microsoft Surface (12 days ago)
We can feel the love! Thanks for being a fan.
Harry Abbott (13 days ago)
why no usb-c? and them bezels need to be smaller...
Constantine Colotiline (13 days ago)
You should stop support windows on macs and make it illegal. I’m choosing between Mac Pro and Surface laptop. And I’m sure that I will choose a mac, because I always can install windows on it as a second OS, but I can’t install Mac OS on a windows laptop.
Equilibrium Illuminati (13 days ago)
Unless you want a black color, no need to get a Surface Pro 6 (base form). No USB-C port, no real difference in camera display, not noticeably faster than the 5. I can see why it's going for $899, but if they want it to sell, they have to throw in a keyboard like they did with the silver surface pro "5". Otherwise, just go buy the 5.
Ege Yamak (13 days ago)
Where is Stephanie Tarling?
HavingFunTimes (13 days ago)
think ill stick with my Surface Pro 2 which is also in black
Bryan Dubon (13 days ago)
Boycott surface pro until usb type c is added
Shield S. (13 days ago)
Literally 98% of comments are about usb c. I’m not even kidding
Zero Below Splash (13 days ago)
The exact same thing as what I have now
yoga asix (13 days ago)
So yes Mr Wayne it does come in black
Brain Surfing (13 days ago)
Do not get trapped with Microsoft
braytag (13 days ago)
I have a Surface PRO and a Pro 3. The reason I'm waiting for usb-C is so I can plug in a powerbank while on vacation at the beach.
Yeah but did the fix the pen jitter.
Thomas Frank (14 days ago)
USB Typ-C would have been really nice since most (all?) other devices in that price range do have this connector. Anyway, at least displayport, USB Typ-A and headphone jack are still there. :-) On another thought: The device is called Surface 6 PRO and is shipped with Windows 10 HOME?! This doesn't sound right to me. (I know one can update using a separately purchased PRO-key - but why do I have to go through this fuzz after spending about 1.000 bucks?!)
Renzoh’s Club (14 days ago)
iPad Pro 2018 coming up! #ImproveMicrosoft
Aime Munanka (14 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Thanks, Aime! We're glad you're a fan.
corpse despy (14 days ago)
this is best toy ever..... i love surface tablet, too much power in small thing..
Fake_Ricegum XD (14 days ago)
Wow just wow
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
We had the same reaction!
Waqas Raana (14 days ago)
Ayu Maharani (14 days ago)
And Microsoft become more and more like Apple. Good luck with that
Ayu Maharani (14 days ago)
Since the first Surface they still don't available in my country, so why bother 😅
Griffen Sander (14 days ago)
My 2¢: If i'm going to spend $900 on a 2-in-1 I don't want to be paranoid that my files will be wiped when I run updates.
Ben Benkhadra (14 days ago)
Booooringggggg. I’m happy with my SB2
palnik (14 days ago)
No Type-C/Thunderbolt? Come oooooooon. It's almost 2019.
Amir ElDesouky (14 days ago)
I have surface pro 3 I wish I can make a comparison between pro 6 and 3
Niidforseat (14 days ago)
Srsly, whats new here compared to the Surface V?
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Surface Pro 6 features a new 8th Gen Intel Quad-Core processor making it 1.5 times faster than previous Surface Pro, while offering all-day battery life!
Ethan Alicea (14 days ago)
O_O i love microsoft
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
We appreciate the love!
Boiled Frog (14 days ago)
I will get a MacBook
Md Shakil Ahmed (14 days ago)
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Surface Pro 6 starts at $899 and is available in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.
최길수 (14 days ago)
Where is typeC
JUSTICE FOR WALLY (14 days ago)
is it just me who isn't ready for USB C? I prefer this over usb C, and I don't buy products unless they are black. This seems like a must have for me
Ventus 0 (14 days ago)
Own a Surface pro 5. Love it. Except no USB c which blows. The fact the 6 still has no USB c really sucks though. Can’t be much difference from the 5 except colour.
VersaWizKid (14 days ago)
No Surface Pro 5? I guess y’all decided to make that one shittier than it is by having 2017 in the name.
I am waiting for surface mobile.
superchibiwings (14 days ago)
Hey Microsoft Hire some Asian so your Surface will be thinner. Include your Xbox One too. Its way too Thick on this Age. You want us to pay Premium price but you never invest on your R&D to make your design good.
WiLL76 (14 days ago)
En Busca de la Victoria Perdida https://youtu.be/m_CJpeAe_hY Si es Spam pero asi lo ves
MysticBlast3r26 (14 days ago)
*i didnt even know there was surface pro 5 before this....surface pro 6...really??*
赵雷鸣 (14 days ago)
really silly without a USB-C.
Chanseiha Ho (14 days ago)
My surface pro 4 keyboard doesn't work. No response from Microsoft. No solution untill now. Buy no more from Microsoft
LINKLODINA (14 days ago)
Prateek Khari (15 days ago)
Still much better than any macbook or iPad
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
Thanks for being a fa, Prateek!
pon4ik625 (15 days ago)
No USB type C🙁😭
Magi Gonzalez (15 days ago)
¿Para cuando el sorteo? :v
¿ (15 days ago)
Maybe, shrink the bezels? Plz. Front looks the same..
SamoScopom (15 days ago)
Cab we talk about how awesome these microsoft videos are?
Microsoft Surface (13 days ago)
We do our best, to deliver the best!
M.D Records (15 days ago)
I lov makurosoftu🙋
BadTiger Frank (15 days ago)
Where is Type C!!! WHERE? Q^Q
RedYoshio (15 days ago)
Oooh cool. I’m enjoying windows 10 btw

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