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Beach Fun Sand Castles - How to - Oil Painting - Palette Knife | Brush Landscape Ocean Sea Dusan

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Fun at the Beach | Oil on Canvas | 10 x 12 inches - 25 x 30 cm | Original Painting by Dusan Malobabic http://dusan.com.au https://www.instagram.com/dusan_malobabic/ https://www.facebook.com/Paintings.by.Dusan/ Music: All Tracks by Aakash Gandhi https://www.youtube.com/user/88keystoeuphoria Aakash Gandhi - The Beauty of Love Aakash Gandhi - Waterfall Aakash Gandhi - Drops of Earth About Me: I'm a father of two lovely boys and am living and working as a painter in Perth, WA. Ever since I can remember I have drawn and painted and told people when I grow up I want to be an artist. It started when I was three years old and scribbled throughout Mums, not quite out of reach, phone-pad. Reinforced itself when I completed my BA - Fine Art Painting from the Victorian College of the Arts and continues to this day. I mainly work with oil paint on canvas applied with palette knives and brushes. My second favourite combination of mediums being watercolours and ink on heavy paper. The main themes that I love to paint and explore in my work is Beachscapes, Cityscapes, Cafe scenes and Boat Marinas. This is mainly completed using an Impressionistic approach to appearance, I also experiment in a geometric heavy style borrowing from cubism. People play an important part in my work and are as important as the landscape they find themselves in, this allows me to create narrative and direction for the flow through the image. In 2006 I began working full time as an Artist. Every time I paint I try to better understand why I do what I do and choose the things that I paint, and endeavour to connect to my ideas in a stronger way. I’ve strived to improve my technique every day over the years and continue to, as I still have a long way to go. Thanks for looking!
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Francesc Roig Gallego (21 days ago)
The painting you do is beautiful but, please, do not put music, the best music is that of your palette rubbing the canvas. Put a good microphone, (special for ASMR). That way I guarantee you will tripled the visits.
Deanna Thiessen (23 days ago)
Never get tired of watching you paint and you do such and awesome job so talented
Paintings by Dusan (22 days ago)
Thanks 🌸🧡👍
Gneel Costello (1 month ago)
I love your figures. Would you please do a tutorial on painting the human form at a distance? I've watched your beach time lapses and I can't figure it out. Amazing job. Very inspiring. Thank you
Gneel Costello (1 month ago)
+Paintings by Dusan seems like all the figure tutorials I watch on YouTube all paint figures on white, and maybe that's why they don't look the same as yours. I don't know, anything would help. Thanks again you're amazing.
Paintings by Dusan (1 month ago)
I have real time videos ( playlist section of channel ) which slow it down to normal as I painted speed - that may help, failing that I might have to paint small paintings with just a figure on them as the main focus. I'll see what I can do :)
Marlene Cronkhite (5 months ago)
You are so talented and inspiring. <3
Paintings by Dusan (5 months ago)
Thank you Marlene :)
eXplorer (5 months ago)
Good movie!
Paintings by Dusan (5 months ago)
Thanks mate 👍
Maria Rev (5 months ago)
This was so beautiful to watch. Your work is inspiring.
Paintings by Dusan (5 months ago)
Thank you Maria 🌞
Lawren Nause (6 months ago)
Very, very good.
Lawren Nause (6 months ago)
"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." Edgar Degas You know how to paint Dusan but you do make it look easy.
Paintings by Dusan (6 months ago)
Thank you Lawren :)
John Cowburn (7 months ago)
That is brilliant! Such a lovely indication of a day at the beach without looking like a photo. Impressionism at it's best!
Paintings by Dusan (7 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words John, glad you like it.
Ocean (7 months ago)
Enjoyed the video . Where did you get the creepy little Bob Ross bobblehead doll?
Paintings by Dusan (7 months ago)
Thank you. I got little Bob as a gift from the better half - no idea where it's from, didn't know they existed.
Jehan M (8 months ago)
He made a lonely Beach into a crowded Beach! Wonderful!
Jehan M (7 months ago)
Paintings by Dusan Yes, it's lovely!
Paintings by Dusan (8 months ago)
Thank you Jehan, glad you liked it!
Jelka Striseo (8 months ago)
I loveeeeee it, you are awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Paintings by Dusan (8 months ago)
Thanks Jelka :)
Chabuca Art (8 months ago)
Outstanding work! I'm your 317 sub ❤
Pratima Patel (9 months ago)
I loved the way you painted. The painting is very lively. So many things are going on such a small painting. I paint little bit in acrylic and have been afraid of oil paints. But seeing you painting seems to breaking my barriers. It has moved me enough to try painting in oil a beach with pallette knife. Thanks a lot for this video.
Pratima Patel (9 months ago)
Thank you for more tips in reply to my comment.I will definitely try. And more, the music alongside this video is very pleasant.
Paintings by Dusan (9 months ago)
You're very welcome, Thanks for the nice comments. I think you'll find oil paint quite forgiving in a lot of ways compared to acrylic. The only thing to remember is to be patient with it, sometimes you need to leave it for a few days at a certain point after capturing all the elements in your picture , then return to it for fresh colours and hues. Also if you feel that you've made a mistake, remove the paint in that area by scrapping it off and start that bit again - sometimes it's quicker that way. Good luck :)
haidar al shamary (9 months ago)
Hi dussan Very nice work I like watching your videos What type of thiner do you use ?
Paintings by Dusan (9 months ago)
Hi Haidar, Thanks for watching my video, no thinner is used, just the consistency of paint that comes from the tube.
Bryan Farrales (10 months ago)
Very cool, subbed cheers
Allison Lyon Art (10 months ago)
I used to use only palette knives when I first started to learn out to use oils, but now I only use them to mix my paint :p ~ I like the texture they create. Very nice work!
S.I.C.K Art (10 months ago)
Really nice drawing I have an art channel myself but I don't think if I'm as good as you😩
Beautiful painting
Ioana Cotuna (10 months ago)
AMAZING! Can you see my channel too?
Lee Billingham Art (10 months ago)
Hi Dusan. My first time here. I'm part of the growing community over at Larry Williams' channel. I caught you on 'Redmark Art' actually. I have watched a few of your videos and your paintings are really impressive. I like your styleand you are very talented at what you do. You have a new supporter. Keep up the good work :o)
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Thanks very much for looking at my work and for the kind words :)
Cristina Vivi (10 months ago)
Your paintings impress me every time. I love the level of details and how delicate it looks when you apply paint on the canvas. Interesting fact about the acrylics coat on the canvas. I love how it turned out! Really beautiful! Also, is that little figurine Bob Ross with his palette?
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Thanks Cristina, that's nice of you. Yes it is little Bob Ross :) I rub his head for good luck!
SOOART (10 months ago)
Beautiful~!! Thanks for sharing Dusan. 1sub
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Thank you mate :)
Beauty of colors (10 months ago)
Very beautiful
Cassandra Hall (10 months ago)
I love the beach. This really takes me there. :) Beautiful
The Hope Project (10 months ago)
This is a really beautiful painting! I love all the detail and people you put into it. Very pleasant to look at and watch you paint!👏👏👏😊💜
The Hope Project (10 months ago)
Paintings by Dusan You're very welcome😊
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Aww, thanks for the nice words!
Robinartson XoX (10 months ago)
Wow, fantastic, i really enjoyed watching your painting 👍 liked n subbed #support
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
I thought no would notice it, thanks so much! My computer notices it when it renders the video and I loose my mind.
Robinartson XoX (10 months ago)
720p60fps, smooth af, so HD 👍
Andrew Cadima (10 months ago)
Nice work, Dusan!
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Thank you Andrew, really enjoying your portraits and the longer duration - the recent run-time suits you nicely - well done!
Drawing Space (10 months ago)
Wao.... amazing
J m Art With Detail (10 months ago)
Really enjoy your Art👍
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Thanks mate :)
e__x__n (10 months ago)
Is there a reason the canvas was initially covered with purple/maroon paint instead of a more neutral color as a base coat? If it's all covered by the end, why not just grey?
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Hey thanks, you should give them a try. The main difference from acrylic is that you need to sometimes let the painting get tacky/dry a little before working on it again - or even a day or so. This can also be a big advantage, say you paint in the morning then notice something off in your work later in the day (with fresh eyes), just lift the paint off with a palette knife and start again in that area. Give it a go!
e__x__n (10 months ago)
Paintings by Dusan awesome, thanks for the reply! I've never really worked with oil paints (just acrylics and watercolors) but I really like the look of oil paintings, especially with your style.
Paintings by Dusan (10 months ago)
Personal preference, you can play around with the base colour - different technique and opacity over certain colours will bring different results, this is just what I like to do - I've tried them all :) If you're going for photo-realistic style or using transparent colours than grey or white is what you want for your base colour.

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