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The Secret Garden - Audiobook full with English subtitle

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THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett Thanks for watching! Share and Subscribe please! Visit for more interesting story like this: 💐🌺-The Secret garden (unabridged, 27 chapters): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNFzpgdNnQ 🌷🌈 My garden audiobook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ1lBZlZtOc == Subscribe & share: https://goo.gl/mHqLT1 == Download free audiobooks: https://audiobooksenglish.blogspot.com/ #Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thieunem2017 #Andersen's fairy tales: https://goo.gl/R93W6a #Grimms' fairy tales: https://goo.gl/qmWJBn ---- Mary Lennox has arrived from India to Yorkshire. When Mary has moved, she didn’t know how to be kind and politely to relate people. Mary’s parents had died when she was only nine, but at lifetime they did not care much of their only child. Mary grew up disagreeable and lonely. In her uncle’s estate Misselthwaite she has met her maid Martha and later Martha’s brother Dickon. They were poor, but they lived happily, loving each other. Sometime later Mary has met her uncle’s son Colin Craven, who as well as Mary was unloved. Colin couldn’t get up from bed because of his “illness”. One morning, Mary found a neglected garden on the estate. She and her friends began to take care of this garden, and as the garden began to bloom, children too, began “come to life”. At the same time Mary changed her attitude to people, making friends, and they also saw it completely on the other side.
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Text Comments (162)
The voice is so lovely and warm, just like made for story telling, but the long silent gaps between the sentences denied me enjoying the story. It made it feel like an english excam, not a lovely old fairytale that one gets to relax with while learning. :/
SPM Steve (23 days ago)
Play at 1.25% and no problem!
Siempre puedes subir la velocidad de reproducción :)
A Liu (4 months ago)
Audio Book Learning English z
Kathie Stevenson-Dickson (4 months ago)
PetSimPro (5 months ago)
Ella's Original channel lol
Jo Maia (5 days ago)
Why is it different from the original book?
Amelia Bostan (27 days ago)
There Is Another Book By This Reader Which Is Also Very Amazing But Not Suitable For Children "bridget jones diary" It Is So Funny And Relatable If You Are Fond Of This Readers Voice You Will Enjoy The Above Audio Book Too The Accents And Different Character Voices Are Amazing I Thoroughly Enjoyed It Also Its 8 Hours Long And The Full Book Is Read Start To Finish Enjoy :)
Thank you! I haven't heard it
Amelia Bostan (27 days ago)
Who Is This Reader Please?? She Has Such A Comforting Voice And Really Makes The Characters And Story Come To Life Would You Happen To Have The Full Version Of This Audio Book Read By This Reader?? Please Also Any Other Audio Books By This Reader I Listen To This Every Night To Help Me Sleep And It Really Helps To Switch Off Thank You So Much For Uploading This I Would Be Lost And Sleep Deprived With Out It :)
Have you known the reader's name? Please tell me!
Beautiful. You have a talent for story reading. Keep up the good effort!
thank you!
serious seriously (1 month ago)
Who is reading this book?
Javier Verdun (1 month ago)
*el jardín secreto podría se KEUKENHOFF en Holanda*
Javier Verdun (1 month ago)
Audio Book Learning English i have been in Keukenhof Neterlands... that place is similar to "the secret garden" by the description of the audiobook. by the way... do you can recommend me another video with the same voice of this video pls i live in Argentina and im learning english languague
sorry, I don't understand
Javier Verdun (1 month ago)
*Muy bueno para aprender inglés*
Kara Hollowell (1 month ago)
Aline Toneti (1 month ago)
You have a beautiful voice! This audiobook helped me a lot to learn English. Thanks
I hope so! good luck!
rasika panse (1 month ago)
Your voice is mesmerizing and the music in between the chapters made the story more beautiful. 💜❤💛💚💙 stay blessed dear
thank you for supporting me!
Nathalie Guerrero (2 months ago)
Please let me know who read the book
ali s (2 months ago)
infinity and beyond (2 months ago)
Nice 👌
Simone Lefebvre (2 months ago)
I am an adult, and loved this! TY!
Simone Lefebvre (2 months ago)
Audio Book Learning English I love these classic English type stories! Even less well-known ones would be welcome! Thanks again!
Me too, thank you so much!
IZ ZY (2 months ago)
Such a beautiful voice how do you do that it's so amazing just how 😍😇😻
Thank for supporting me!
rania arous (3 months ago)
I realy like your channel 💕
Visit my channel to listen the Poe'sie Books please!
rania arous (3 months ago)
thank you so much i realy enjoy it . Can you read a poésie books ,please ? it is poem *_*
Thanks for your feedback. Please wait some time, so I could make that book! Press subscribe button to see more, please!
Be creative In your way (4 months ago)
I love this story it’s so good and very interesting
thank you so much!
Raju Ghosh (4 months ago)
Pretty voice I have never heard like this voice please install more stories like this Thank you so much god bless you and your family
Thanks for supporting me. God bless you too!
hanan essam (4 months ago)
Very interesting way of reading. I am totally absorbed. Good work👍
Thanks for supporting us!
ayisigivadisi (4 months ago)
yellow hair?
Zanoubia Hamdouche (4 months ago)
Thank you your voice me live the story <3 for real
Ruqaya Said (4 months ago)
Where is the cc bottom in iPad? I couldn't find it.
Sorry for bad grammar im spanish...
Ok press the video there are. Like 3 points in top press it and there appear subtitles
Normally, it's on the right bottom of Youtube player, sorry I haven't got an Ipad
Kathie Stevenson-Dickson (5 months ago)
IZ ZY (2 months ago)
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo strange
IZ ZY (2 months ago)
Wierd to say
Mohamed Almahl (5 months ago)
Very beautiful
Thank you!
trisha lama (5 months ago)
An awesome story. Nice voice.
trisha lama (5 months ago)
I guess i've heard this voice before, but i'm not sure.
trisha lama (5 months ago)
Not yet.
Thank you, have you seen the full version?
PetSimPro (5 months ago)
Marty Redhead (6 months ago)
Amazing voice it is sooooooo incredible
+Marty Redhead yes it is. I love it too!
Emel Cetin (6 months ago)
i cant see any subtitles. how should i see?
Yes, you can. Please look for the CC (subtitle) button at the right bottom of the Youtube player (next to Setting button)
Emynodupeus Dupeusnoemy (6 months ago)
thanks,I enjoyed.
Marty Redhead (6 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful reader who ever you are🤩😘😍😻👩🏼
Thank you. A full Secret garden audiobook (27 chapters) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNFzpgdNnQ
JustSayBear0926 (6 months ago)
when is chapter 15???? pls reply
Kathie Stevenson-Dickson (4 months ago)
I'm so sorry. THis version has 8 chapter. Could you wait to see the full version with 28 chapters?
Marty Redhead (6 months ago)
Your voice is so beautiful 😍
I love your feedback. It's a huge motivation.
Marty Redhead (6 months ago)
Love it so much 💖💞❤️💛😍❤️😁🖤💚😄😹💝😻❣️😉🧡😀💘💜😃💙💓💗😄😁😆😎🤩👍
vikamylife (6 months ago)
What a beautiful story! And nice warm voice makes it pleasure to listening.😊
thank you. Subscribe to see more, please!
eradicatedsoul (7 months ago)
Is this the complete story? Or it has more?
+eradicatedsoul It has more. But the full storry is very long.
Muxlisa Urazova (7 months ago)
Very beautiful voice. Thank you. I like this audio book. With your voice it was more interesting.😍😍😍😍😍
thank you so much! Share and subscribe to see more, please!
maroof khan (7 months ago)
Its awsome It helps me to learn and speak native English Thank you so much for you contribution
maroof khan (7 months ago)
I just started listening and repeating audio book. It hepls me a lot
I hope you will advance more and more. thanks!
I´m studying english and i like your work, could you read a horror history? I´m going to practice my pronuntiation...
Thank you. A horror story here: The Empty house https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2RMDVHIBo8
Emelia Williams (7 months ago)
this got me an A** in gcse English, thankyou
Rajesh Kunnath (7 months ago)
Super story
Marty Redhead (7 months ago)
Ella love the secret garden.i love it. The CD makes her go out like a light😸😴💡💤💘😀😻🖤💜👂🏻💚💛❤️💛💓💖💝💗💕😀😍😃😄😁😆😘😍😘😸😹😻 😸❤️🧡💛💛💚💙💕❣️🖤💜💞💝💓💗💖💖
Thank you. Subscribe to see more, please!
Shirley pilger (7 months ago)
Lovely, well read. Thank you reader whoever you are.
thank you so much! share & subscribe please!
Jenna Närhi (8 months ago)
Btw, Kamala means terrible in Finnish. So Marys servant might have been really Kamala! :p
Jenna Närhi (7 months ago)
eradicatedsoul So she was terrible AND orange? Nice.
eradicatedsoul (7 months ago)
Jenna Närhi kamala means Orange in Hindi.
Jenna Närhi (8 months ago)
[Bookmark] 41:58
Jenna Närhi (6 months ago)
Marty Redhead it's fabulous
Marty Redhead (6 months ago)
Amazing comment
hui yin (8 months ago)
Read by?
A1 (8 months ago)
What a beautiful story! That child book has so much sense to learn to adults!
absolutely! I like it so much!
romascu maria (9 months ago)
Tank (9 months ago)
Lovely voice. It is very useful for those who try to learn english listening the audiobooks. Thank you very much! I enjoyed a lot!
thanks for watching!
ForEverAndForBrittany (9 months ago)
At 7:43am im watching this lovely story.
Gab de Irias (9 months ago)
my nieces and I are enjoying so much this story!!!!
Thank you for your nice feedbacks!
anônimo foda-se (9 months ago)
good story, I'm listening right now, your stories help me a lot, Thank u so much😄
anônimo foda-se (9 months ago)
+Audio Book Learning English (AuLE) noooo, it's some crazy 😂😂
anônimo foda-se (9 months ago)
+foreverandforbrittany “ForEverAndForBrittany” omgggf you're Brazilian I imagine 😂😂😂😂😂😂 i don't know who u r, but you understood my "name", i guess 😂😂
amazing! do you know each other?
ForEverAndForBrittany (9 months ago)
anônimo foda-se i love you my sweet dear!
anônimo foda-se thank you so much
Alba Perez (10 months ago)
Does anyone know who the narrator is?
I'm so sorry, I don't know her name. If anyone know, please tell me!
Paige Williams (10 months ago)
Can you read reabeka of the Sunnybrook farm by the same author as this book I LOVE THIS BOOK SOOOOOOOOO MUCH
Please visit to se your story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ci9E0tj7jZc thanks for supporting!
This novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin, isn't it? I'll find it soon. Thanks for listening!
Meca Araujo (11 months ago)
Kikherlala (1 year ago)
Thank you , your channel is really helping people you deserve millions of views and subscribes. keep up ! :)
like & share please. Have you a good day!
Macie B. (1 year ago)
Note to self: your at 44:00. 😁😂
Macie B. (1 year ago)
Audio Book Learning English, No problem here. thanks for replying though. 😀 Love your channel btw.
She preferred playing by herself in the garden... any problem here?
A b b y H (1 year ago)
Thanks it helps a lot to learn English ! What accent does the reader have ? I mean from what "regions" of UK cuz I'm interested in accents
Alina June (4 months ago)
A b b y H . Would be referred to as a 'bit posh' in the uk .
thank you so much!
angelstouch92 (7 months ago)
It's hard to tell exactly but likely southern.
Ludo Vica (10 months ago)
The Yorkshire accent in this is better than the Karen Savage version. The narration is English with no discernible accent
I'm sorry, I have no idea. I'm interested in US accents. Any one know?
ahmed alaa (1 year ago)
Please help me How to improve speaking
rafa garcia (7 months ago)
what i do to improve my speaking english is read aloud while reading an audiobook.
Kyss Ribeiro (9 months ago)
Ahmed Sokkar You can make friends in app HelloTalk 😊
You can post some invitations here or join in Learning English groups ... They'll help you.
ahmed alaa (1 year ago)
Audio Book Learning English how?
You should make some friends to practice every day
Johnny Dalrymple (1 year ago)
I recommend listening to this story at 1.25 with a quiet evil morty's theme at 0.75 in the background. dats how i do all my story listening
oh, really. I wanted to know your feeling at that moment.
Johnny Dalrymple (1 year ago)
also with the music in the back have it on listen on repeat :I
Johnny Dalrymple (1 year ago)
Your voice reminds me of the princess from brave :0 i love it
Katywu Ste (1 year ago)
this was read absolutely beautifully, you should read some adult books, too often they are read so quickly that its difficult to keep up and absorb the words. Well done
Thank you. I'll find some books.
Katywu Ste (1 year ago)
Audio Book Learning English I like robin cook, Wilbur smith, Stephen King, Robin Cobb and most fantasy fiction
Thank you. I'll try my best. What's kind of book do you like?
Noor Zaki (1 year ago)
Noor Zaki (1 year ago)
its a hard test when you are going to be in year 6 so they could see if you could go secondry with only girls, only for clever poeple
Thank you!
Noor Zaki (1 year ago)
thank you , it helped me with my 11 plus !! 😀😀
SalmanKhan 03042781480 (11 months ago)
Noor Zaki reaLLy! Hey can u make me speakable to English..
oh. I'm so please to hear that. But, what's your "11 plus"?
Robert Ferreiro (1 year ago)
thank you.....
Thanks for watching!
smiley A (1 year ago)
I don't see the english subtitle?? Do I have to turn it on somehow?
You can turn it on (or off) at the right bottom (cc) of the youtube player . If you still in trouble, leave comment here!
ngọc ngọc (1 year ago)
The voice is so sweet. Amazing ❤️. Is it continuous?
Sure, go to my channel to see more.
David Hunt (1 year ago)
only thing that spoilt this story is the panpipes, otherwise it was most enjoyable.
Shirley pilger (7 months ago)
That's a tin flute.
David Hunt thanks your comment
Tuan Nguyen (1 year ago)
goo job. keep learning friends
THanks, have a nice day

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