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Ariana Grande - Into You (Lyrics) HD

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Text Comments (9064)
TH3 CHALLENGER (8 hours ago)
Listening in 2019😎
Lurdinha Oliveira (11 hours ago)
Hyuna Yong (13 hours ago)
I adore you Ari
Helen Valencia (13 hours ago)
Ana_Clara_ Amaro (14 hours ago)
2016: i'm so into you, into you 2018: Thank u, next (next)
Morgan Hendricks (1 day ago)
2019??? 💕💕💕
Alex W (1 day ago)
Who came here from prancing my crush
Cota (1 day ago)
me!!! i am listening in 2019!!!
oh. thats_better (1 day ago)
2000s vibes
gombis666 (1 day ago)
Valentina 🌹
L aziz (2 days ago)
Bisma Usman (2 days ago)
Ariana Grande is the best
Princess George (2 days ago)
So beautiful
Jhamy Giovani Barrera (2 days ago)
Valentina VS monet x change , Valentina give me so into you
Sithara Jayasena (2 days ago)
You are the Best Ari....... Amazing.....
Kpop Shit (2 days ago)
Its 3 years later but still a good song
Lord Gaga UK (2 days ago)
Valentina ❤️💃🏽
кто из 2019?
Awesome Ashtyn (3 days ago)
Andrade Boys (3 days ago)
This song tho
Listening in 2019? If so, in your comment put this 💙
Taylor perry (3 days ago)
im just saying.. people come here to not see the kissing and sexual activities in that vid AND nudity xD
WOW I love Ariana's voice, my nane is Ashley, but my bffs name is Ariana lol
Parisa Shahabi (3 days ago)
Anyone here after 7 rings?
Saratertje (4 days ago)
Laurie (4 days ago)
Every time i listen to this song i just think of my crush, anyone else relate?
2019 <3
Juliano Oliveira (4 days ago)
Valentina you're winner baby!
JAZZMIN OSTERUD (5 days ago)
love this song
saleth fairest (5 days ago)
▪️◾🖤Cause I'm so into you!🖤◾▪️
Yep yep yep
Suaty Suaty (6 days ago)
Listening 2019
Missy Morgan (7 days ago)
Seriously if you like this look up the 80’s remix. It’s 100 times better!!
My song Channel (7 days ago)
80's version is better
G1 games (7 days ago)
Listening in 2019
Rania Sirriyeh (8 days ago)
I love this song so much lol
Eisim Emptyloaf (8 days ago)
This song reminds me of me and my girlfriend 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Nadja Mut (8 days ago)
2019?! 😍😘😄
Alexa Badua (8 days ago)
2019, but still a bop!
Zeek M (9 days ago)
I thought she was saying bite me up not light me up lol I was envisioning ever werewolf getting sexually aroused.
Greg H (9 days ago)
It warms my heart seeing fellow drag race fans have taken over the comments section 💃
Nic_ Mar_ (9 days ago)
Valentina, your smile is beautiful!
LO AN (9 days ago)
Listening in 2019?
Ronald 1984 (10 days ago)
Am a katycat but i love this song
RaiBoi (10 days ago)
Into you
Nina Morsa (10 days ago)
Omg I love this song amazinggg
Manoj Lohia (10 days ago)
Isabella Orr (11 days ago)
I wish I could see you in concert
Elly Florez (11 days ago)
Does anyone else think "light" me up sounds like "bind" me up?🤔
Shreya Sharma (11 days ago)
Great song sis
Balsem Horcheni (11 days ago)
Diamond Ra1der (12 days ago)
2019 anyone ?
Rudy (12 days ago)
this is probably the best song to play at a gay club please tell me if I’m wrong
SquishiesAndFun (13 days ago)
This reminds me of my crush 😕❤️💕
joy, Dhaka. (13 days ago)
Candy 06 (13 days ago)
Who else hit the replay button a million times lol
Cahil Robinett (13 days ago)
Who’s listening in 2020?😂🤣
Aanchal Monga (13 days ago)
Listening in 2019???
Patrick Nicholson (13 days ago)
Whimsical Nessa (13 days ago)
I remember when I first heard this song. I was texting my first love and in between texts I would sing the song and it was because I dedicated it to her.
Ainyra Marupova (14 days ago)
Listening 2019?🙂
faithloveszai YT (14 days ago)
I did a song lyrics prank on my crush. When said "And Ill I want to do is to fall in deep." He was like, "Are you okay? Are you on Crack?" I was dead!! LOL
Iris Freeze (15 days ago)
*Yo who's here in 2019?!?!*
princess mimi (15 days ago)
i'm so into food :)
Omar Molina (15 days ago)
Vanessa Jordan (15 days ago)
Heang Ly (15 days ago)
2019?? ?? ?? ?
Lipker Sun (15 days ago)
This song make me want to listen 👂 it forever. And u😘💖
Kimberly Islas (16 days ago)
Angelina Patron (16 days ago)
Xx_ Lesley _xX (16 days ago)
bika 08 (16 days ago)
Rabbit Head (16 days ago)
2019 anyone? ♥
Günter Köck (16 days ago)
Lisinig 2019 🖒🖒
Mireille kilola mvunda (16 days ago)
fun with zaara khan (16 days ago)
Eis (16 days ago)
Mireille kilola mvunda (16 days ago)
Noonah A (16 days ago)
I llllllooooovvvvve her so much🎼🎼😍😍😍😍😍😍
Boss Gaming (17 days ago)
My birthday is in 2019 February 18 and I’m so happy
Princesskim Aroha (17 days ago)
2019 ANYONE?
Calebe Pereira (17 days ago)
Anybody from 2019
I love this song
Princess Pitches (17 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Charles Lambert (17 days ago)
Hi guys I'm a very nice person and I love this song so much 1 like =one of my friends loving this song 2 likes= two of my friends loving this song 3 likes= three of my friends loving this song Ext. Ext. Please like this comment I never get likes on any of my comments
Marcela Peña (17 days ago)
royaltyjeon - (17 days ago)
naz bayraktar (17 days ago)
2019 ? ♡
Divya Vyawahare (17 days ago)
Listening in 2019?
al rodrigues (18 days ago)
Anyone else watching in 2019? No just me? Ok😐
Amanda Go (18 days ago)
me haha
Sam Parkz (18 days ago)
Yuliana Montelongo (18 days ago)
Z Up! (18 days ago)
shanna augustin (18 days ago)
2019 anyone??..💖💖💖🤞💯😭😭💖
spooky weird (15 days ago)
Listening to this in 2019 😘😗😍 remember me
Er Poh kin (18 days ago)
Who watched this in 2019
Dillon T2005 (18 days ago)
2019 anyone???

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