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Access any database over the internet

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This is a method to make a program that can append records to a remote database via the Internet, it uses a vpn secure connection and vb.net to insert & read & delete data, then the same demonstration using visual foxpro Visit my forum if you got any questions: http://www.coderisland.com
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Anees Alahsab (10 months ago)
please how to connect oracle database via hamachi? thanks
BURHAN KHAN (1 year ago)
Great video...please guide how to connect oracle database via hamachi? thanks
عبده سيرين (5 months ago)
also i hope to this lecture
Glitter World (1 year ago)
sorry dumb show
Akshay Junghare (1 year ago)
is this having memory that store data?????
Tarik Habota (4 years ago)
So , can I share MS database from one location to other. Computers from all location will use same database at same time. Its that posible. It is accounting app for economic.
LeafyIsHere (1 year ago)
Tarik Habota yes

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