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Bloodhound Gang - You're Pretty When I'm Drunk

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Seventh track of the Use Your Fingers (LP) by Bloodhound Gang released in 18 July 1995. (C) 1995 Cheese Factory Records. Lyrics by Jimmy Pop and Daddy Long Legs. One night me and the crew hit the road on a mission To slurp free brew and go fuzzy flounder fishin' Kayjees on the hi-fi and the keg was bottomless Until we brought Skip O' Pot2mus And Daddy's gonna get some probably underage and dumb And everybody knows that the Daddy eats his young Lupus in the lavatory making a big stink Macing up the toilet seat and pooping in the sink M.S.G.'s tanked up and wizzin' in a cup Waiting for a sprinkle genie to come and drink it up 'Cause I'm the one bottle willy with the 12 Horse Ale After that I get silly like Soupy Sales Now it's midnight and I'm completely boofy blitzed A six of Shlitz and the Jew brew Manischewitz With my beer-tinted glasses I'm ready to bitty battle I'm Hungry Like The Wolf but I'll end up tending cattle 'Cause you're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (and I'm pretty fuckin' drunk) Here she comes, a funky fried cutie Mr. Jimmy Pop Ali is gonna get some booty Cause I'm Mr. McFeelie with a speedy delivery You'd think I was a ditch the way this chick was diggin' me But maybe I should check and see if this is where I wanna be Hey Lupus is she cute? Yea for a pygmie Aw! What do you know? You're probably going home alone And it wouldn't be the first time that I gave a dog a bone Plus beauty, it's only skin deep It's in the eye of the beholder and my beholder's about to tweak I could tap that barrel, in fact I know I can It's a ménage à trois you and me and Heineken 'Cause you're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (and I'm pretty fuckin' drunk) Regrets I've had a few First and foremost I'd like to mention you For the sake of conversation we'll call you the Brand New Heavy Your a mix between an Ugnaut and Eugene Levy You can call it big-boned, I prefer to call it gut You're Buddha you're Shamu you're Jabba the fuckin' Hutt You had harpoon scars and your boobies were hairy I smelt tuna melt but I wasn't gonna worry It was 3 A.M. and I wasn't gettin' squat So I rolled you up in flour and aimed it for the wet spot I was buttering rolls like a soup kitchen Christian Then it hit me something bit me while my little rod was fishin' I was deep sea fishing I took a fat chance But how was i supposed to know that Jabberjaws lived in your pants At that junction I came to realize That only Frank Perdue likes thighs that size Fatty fatty boom ba latty I gotta lament That you were not a girl. you were an experiment 'Cause you're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (and I'm pretty fuckin' drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (You're pretty when I'm drunk) You're pretty when I'm drunk (and I'm pretty fuckin' drunk)
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Text Comments (79)
Good Day!!! (2 months ago)
God these guys suck. If I could go back in time, I'd stop myself from ever listening to them as a teenager.
Michael Matthews (3 months ago)
I'm waiting for someone to be 'outraged' hahaha... "And I'm pretty fucking drunk"....
Aaron Stainer (11 months ago)
your budda your shamu your jabba the fucking hut god damn I need to buy this album again lost it many years ago forgot how good these guys are hehe
Amanda Rose (11 months ago)
Here she comes, a funky fried cutie
snake hobo (1 year ago)
Jimmy pop is definitely the best lerycist of all time. Not just in this song, but all bloodhound songs
Tyler Kowal (1 year ago)
If you thumbs down this you're queer
S501Airborne (7 months ago)
Atleast they get chicks
Michaleen Garda (1 year ago)
Aye a universal truth. Bless me great grand neice for playing for me.
David VanDine (1 year ago)
hahahahaha oh my god I loved this when I was like 13 I used to know all the words 😂😂😂
LENNON THE DARK (1 year ago)
thatdopegirl (1 year ago)
Haha Jimmy said this was about a fat chick he didn’t want to fuck but he was so trashed he didn’t care until the next morning lmao
Gozilla Gaming (1 year ago)
When i drive in the morning to shool in my fucking Ford Fiesta i listen verry loud this song,NICE
Dave Micklon (1 year ago)
2nd best piece from UYF after One Way.
Gamble (1 year ago)
Me and the gf just had the greatest sex ever! I just thought of this song, two of us are completely boofy blitzed!
Cozzi (1 year ago)
I get this damned beat stuck in my head so much. I know The Bloodhound Gang is technically a rock band, but Jimmy Pop is a damned good emcee, and pretty good beatboxing here. you cant ignore the hip-hip influences. lol
cohog (1 year ago)
dedicated to sarah
kakazee peanuts (2 years ago)
expelled from year 11 for singing this song in front of the school. I'm not sure it was worth it, but at least my teachers loved it.
Fashizziemynizzie (3 months ago)
kakazee peanuts expelled for singing along with a dumbass song? That school is for pussies
Bones 71 (7 months ago)
Genuinely, you are a legend
Bluemilk92 (9 months ago)
Listen, I'm pretty fuckin' drunk right now, but I think most people, even someone as absurd as the mythical "Sober One", would agree that you're the hero Gotham deserves.
Sad Boi (2 years ago)
I'm playing this on my wedding night
Spencer Cale (6 months ago)
Savage af
supakami guru (1 year ago)
please do
John Waters (1 year ago)
Andy Foraker Ha
edp0 (2 years ago)
hearing this kinda of reminds me of fresh prince and dj jazzy jeff
Raven lockwood (2 years ago)
Tairy Hesticles (2 years ago)
I remember this like 14 years ago...Jesus, time moves quickly.
Bluemilk92 (9 months ago)
Don't. It hurts.
ShinRyojin (2 years ago)
Botchamania 306 brought me here.
Lewis Cooper (2 years ago)
Neil Taylor (3 years ago)
your all fuckin insane x
weda737 (3 years ago)
+Neil Taylor You're*
mareckbamf (3 years ago)
I've ended up tending cattle, and I can't say I regret it.
John Dickerson (11 months ago)
mareckbamf I've a nice herd and this still is the shit brother hey I'm only 43 lol
Dan Hunter (3 years ago)
The beat reminds me of the beat used in "Foolish Pride" by Eminem
LordSwitzer (3 years ago)
seen them live with icp long time ago
TurdFergusonThe2nd1 (1 year ago)
Thomas geiger Pulled apart so just the air leaks! - Jimmy Pop (2005)
Tim Timson (1 year ago)
Spread out butt cheeks.
Zechariah Morton (3 years ago)
fuck ICP
Rachael Maiden (3 years ago)
Emeric Saunier (3 years ago)
It's menage a trois : you and me and heineken 😂
Evan Andrew (3 years ago)
A Capella?
cuzzy dino (3 years ago)
youre pretty when im drunk and im pretty fuckin drunk
Brayden Smith (4 years ago)
Best song ever in tell uptown funk
Michelle Christensen (4 years ago)
Michelle Christensen (4 years ago)
I like this song
František Brunclík (4 years ago)
i love bloodhound Gang :D
Scott Goulet (4 years ago)
I fucking love Bloodhound Gang!
Glendon King (4 years ago)
love the instiments XD
Jon Hoskins (2 years ago)
+Glendon King *Tentacles
captin obvious (3 years ago)
Glendon King (4 years ago)
imustshave32 (4 years ago)
WolverineImortal (4 years ago)
American Rock <3
ThrillerKillerX (7 months ago)
DieLiebeKettensaege (1 year ago)
Even if its 2 years old now but holy crap, what? Hip Hop? :D You better check out this band completely before saying they're hip hop. Along comes Marry, Fire Water Burn, Hell Yeah, ... etc.
A Typical Youtuber (3 years ago)
+WolverineImortal As a rock? So now yourself and the song are sediment? The band is a hip hop group, if you want American rock look up Nirvana, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, or something along those lines.
WolverineImortal (3 years ago)
+A Typical Youtuber Maybe the britishs are better.  but i consider myself this band as a rock
A Typical Youtuber (3 years ago)
+WolverineImortal This.... Rock? Not even. Don't get me wrong, I like it, that's why I'm here but this is by no means rock.
Cyan Blackflower (4 years ago)
It's been a while. but I'm pretty fucking drunk...and god damn you are pretty! Love this track.
Jack Wilson (5 years ago)
love bitches
NMOI Burrito (5 years ago)
Can never go wrong with bloodhound gang. Lol
Louis Minett (1 year ago)
Lmao .. ICP? Omg man, get outta your mom's basement, grab a shower.
Shirley Baena (2 years ago)
i love BhG, AND ICP, so fuck off
forcingfate (4 years ago)
You're a juggalo. No one cares.
Melanie Verona (5 years ago)
this goes both ways! I have had a few coyote uglies... ERRRR thank God I'm too old for that shit nowdays
Problematique (5 years ago)
...And I'm pretty fucking drunk!
LightningChild241 (5 years ago)
This song is just so damn funny
Harmon Macleod (5 years ago)
hell yes... aaaannnnd I've been there...
AJ (5 years ago)
This song makes me laugh every time I hear it. Lol Anyone else?
megan stancill (5 years ago)
lol funny
ladyserenegrace18 (5 years ago)
Anybody else go from an akatsuki life to looking this up
joshua john (5 years ago)
1.21 lol
Michael McKenney (5 years ago)
3 people are only Pretty when I'm drunk!
Jared Carlson (5 years ago)
Funky fried cutie
SuperZombitch (5 years ago)
Fatty fatty boombaladie
Diggin2Metal (6 years ago)
Tuna melt lol
Dave (6 years ago)
There is just something about the term boofy blitzed that makes me giggle.
Chelsea Mccartha (6 years ago)
Liked This song!!!

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