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Text Comments (2626)
Anything4views (10 months ago)
Wanna respect women line me? you can't without the hoodie you losers ⇨ https://goo.gl/4EgSsi
@Andrew Gerety What exactly do you FEEL Andrew Gerety .
Andrew Gerety (3 days ago)
Anything4views I feel you bro
those sure were some funny and clever video classics blurred in the back of your clothing haul
Pinkie Pie Reincarnate (1 month ago)
Tell me why you are so much thiccer than me and literally have the body type of my mom if she didn't have boobs
POTATOEMPN (2 months ago)
Just wanted to point out, that with the Aussie accent, "Haul" sounds close to "whore" LOL I kept hearing it the whole time
Stephan Bookman (6 hours ago)
Shay Fales (3 days ago)
Not my proudest fap
Nilesh (3 days ago)
Dayuuuuuum son I love your editor not you fat chad
BUMMY (3 days ago)
tongue butthole
Brett Peebles (4 days ago)
chad would get it
Bloopinton (4 days ago)
Sartorial, never thought I would be learning new words from the anything for views channel.
GyRoThesia (4 days ago)
I guess you can say you're a fashionist?
mastersifu69 (4 days ago)
Nori (5 days ago)
My respect bone up!
Jake Lambo (6 days ago)
massive hoof @10:16
Non Sense Speaks (8 days ago)
fucking loved the outro its fucking gold LOL
Tang’s Parking (11 days ago)
Hey chad you got so nice legs dude
Michelle montes (11 days ago)
i love and respect you
S U C C ::. (11 days ago)
watching a guy getting mad when a women gets paid more this is entertainment 💯
Antonio Gutierrez (12 days ago)
Muself :)
New phone Who dis (19 days ago)
Love the aesthetic so much tho
Max Flores (19 days ago)
I hope you keep making videos like these. They’re actually enjoyable. Don’t stop what you’re doing.
Self Awarewolf (24 days ago)
chad proves fat people can be hot. GAYS 4 ANYTHING
gamer (25 days ago)
That's a nice ass @10:55
those sure were some funny and clever video classics blurred in the back of your clothing haul
Paradox (1 month ago)
I bet his mom made him make this video or she will disown him
Buddy Shitposting (1 month ago)
have you seen the blue button at the bottom? it says pr0nhub 4:19
Seth P (1 month ago)
I like how Chad's just casually got his glock out in case he needs to smoke some cyber bullies
Douglas Karlsson (1 month ago)
Phat puss puss😁 😁
Squinto (1 month ago)
i wanna suck the milk out of ur milkers BRUH!
GHOST (1 month ago)
muself xD
RandomProject (2 months ago)
8:58 2 time back to back world champion
Daniel Lehwing (2 months ago)
00:37 Y 01:03 O 01:20 U 01:42 ' 02:52 R 03:23 E 03:37 W 05:06 E 05:28 L 05:30 C 06:10 O 06:45 M 06:55 E 08:18 C 10:09 U 10:21 N 10:31 T 10:37 S 10:53 !!
DankKush420 YeetYeetYeet (2 months ago)
I didn't think about just her tits, you judgmental fuck....I also thought about her juicy cheeks. Completely respectful of women
Zedrik Allen (2 months ago)
That girl's name with the big tits is "Penny Underbust"
Kappa Gaming (2 months ago)
what a gorgeous camel toe at 10:40
Xander Collier (2 months ago)
Im not sure if this guy is doing "anything for veiws", his videos has barely any views at all. Probably because he's a bearded landwhale that nobody likes.
hou man (3 months ago)
d e m o n e t i z e d
HRC3D (3 months ago)
I'm gonna respect so hard on these women tonight
Water Jug (3 months ago)
At 10:28 I couldn't help but thinking how many positions I want put that phat ass in
Owly (3 months ago)
10:50 i bet u some fucking random creep beat the shit out of their meat while watching the end
chloe ashton (3 months ago)
Chad is the most erotic piece of ass I've ever seen. Hope my boyfriend doesn't see this. Lol
sevv (3 months ago)
thank you budget internet comment etiquette, very cool
weeb hunter (4 months ago)
U drink a lot of beers
RaincloudTheDragon (4 months ago)
A chad video monetised??
Speedys Here (4 months ago)
See man,
Meymes (4 months ago)
Leave this shit to Internet Comment Etiquette
Xitlalli M Garcia (5 months ago)
Chad, the *only* white knight I'll never make fun of.
Jeims Pond (5 months ago)
Can I just pleeease download the greenscreen footage??;)
AfraidBlackRhino (5 months ago)
Parker Hero (5 months ago)
thanks for the free jerk off material chad
J C (5 months ago)
thanks for adding to my spank bank
Mr. Fuckboi (5 months ago)
feminism cannot be a thing in a modern 3 world countries theirs only eradical feminism
Jake Bogart (5 months ago)
UberTrem346 (5 months ago)
this mans titties looking fine
Mattinglygator (5 months ago)
i want one of your hoodies so friggin bad man, (no swearing, gotta keep it PG) but i only have so much money in my checcking account man, ($5.63) if you ever do a super sale or some sh#t like that where you make it like $30 or so USD or maybe a bit cheaper, i promise i'd buy one in a heartbeat, love you man, grateful of your new show and how you're doing on youtube, keep it up, stay frosty, sweet dreams.
solidraven (5 months ago)
My mom beats me while watching the video and shut down my PC, but im back again at midnight just to leave a comment, you're so hot.
pabloshow (5 months ago)
Holy shit the jurrasic tits had me rolling
PurpleXing (5 months ago)
Stop cutting to these fucking women, how else am I meant to fap my thigh zone
Joje (5 months ago)
You should link the channels in the description so we may go respect these waman's fashion.
Polarity (5 months ago)
Yeah, she doesn’t need to monetize her videos cause she makes 120k a goddamn year!
Polarity (5 months ago)
That woman was making 10k a month... That’s 120k a fucking YEAR! THAT’S SIX FIGURES
Garza 759ify (5 months ago)
Women have ruined the internet. Modern technology has given women unprecedented access to sell their sexuality. In ancient times, these women would have been previously their community bicycles. Give woman a video camera and she will follow her nature.
James Stromquist (5 months ago)
look at those massive tits big chad dad has
Englishbannana 123 (5 months ago)
My ass is thicker than yours
Sir Hatter (5 months ago)
Kurosakidude (5 months ago)
big fuck off tits lmao
Gort55 (5 months ago)
Great video mate love it! Agree whole heartedly respect women BUT you also got to admire them right?
Ghastly Galaxy (5 months ago)
I respect woman so much i went in the same toilet to protect them
SolidSnacks18 (5 months ago)
4:21 xD 10,000 Fucking DOLLARS
Ethan Mak (6 months ago)
Fuckin hot
Nonya Business (6 months ago)
I said i came from watching anythingforviews and Letty replied and said ur a few months late lol
Ridge Bragg (6 months ago)
damn chad got some fat ass thighs
Will Young (6 months ago)
God I couldn't even see what was on the shirts during your clothing haul. How fashion-sensible are you to make those things so hard to see? It's almost like you weren't even focused on the shirts! I will not be supporting these products again.
Adamisnotgay (6 months ago)
Fat dick
you are extremegatHiCcccc
The Freedom Hoplites (6 months ago)
Anyone reporting these channels to the IRS?
Deadass Comedy (6 months ago)
Yo imagine if Sarah Walken was actually her son using her yt account
I Disappear (6 months ago)
Whoa, over $10,000 per month for trying on skimpy clothing. Talk about a gender wage gap. I just hope she pays her income taxes.
cooper (6 months ago)
Don’t worry Chad you still have the fattest puss puss on YouTube
ArtaSee (6 months ago)
Is it just me, or did he change the background music when he was modeling the clothes?
Ausra Ko (6 months ago)
I found a perfek man! Wanna be frens with benefits??!
5:04 im dead at this moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dryden Zabehaylo (6 months ago)
Hippidy hoppidy wemon are equal ........ to propriety
EpiPen guy (6 months ago)
Oh baby can you see those lady lumps 10:26
Epich Tex (6 months ago)
So funny chad keep making videos I'm enjoying them my dude.
ConcreteAngelChloe (6 months ago)
You know how to fucking model, give us more
Evan Brown (6 months ago)
6:46 This just isn't right.
Taconator121 (6 months ago)
Hey cunt you need to post more of everything I need more
Gage Stanislawski (6 months ago)
At the outro I get a hillbilly vibe anyone think so to?
Ryan Duff (6 months ago)
Frank is dead, mofo does pokemon unboxing, idubbbz dont upload mucj anymore but at least chad is on the hustle still
Max P.C (6 months ago)
Oi those are some big milkers
Owen (6 months ago)
that ass slap tho I fucking creamed
CSFTRIF (6 months ago)
I have seen and seen over again this video and yet I am impressed everytime. The last section of the video really made me hopefull for the future, I hope your shiny smile will keep... shining and as the french say it cordialement, moi.
Maddy B (6 months ago)
George Phelps (6 months ago)
That ending made me want to workout more.
Lloyd G. (6 months ago)
This is my favorite YouTube channel
handless watch (6 months ago)
Anything4Views is my favorite YouTuber to watch while drinking
Maple Syrup (6 months ago)
ski mask (6 months ago)
what a fat piece of shit
SpaceSwimmer (6 months ago)
9:55 killed me
Rico Yanez (6 months ago)
Thanks for shining some light on the subject or respect towards woman and their fashion. Without this video I would of had no idea these woman we're being so disrespected. Btw, good haul at the end. Nothing but #respect
Bahhtleborn The Sheep (6 months ago)
Oh mama look at that camel 10:30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurt Malueg (6 months ago)
The drdissrespect callout was fuckin savage

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