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Lolita (1997) full movie

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Amelia Hardin (8 hours ago)
"am I getting a pimple on my chin
Ashley Astudillo (18 hours ago)
okay can someone explain the scene witj the dog and the older man at the hotel
nana the robot (20 hours ago)
i know everyone’s hating on the age gap and shit which i understand but if you haven’t read the book yet, read it before you make a judgement. it’s so well written!!
priya singh (1 day ago)
Omg I loved this movie so so much.
Bethany Zamora (1 day ago)
why did the doctor give him the fucking pills?
Bethany Zamora (1 day ago)
The Crush (1993) walked so that Lolita (1997) could run
Amy 17 (10 hours ago)
โอ้ยยยย ทำไมซึ้งวะ กูเเม่งเข้าใจความรุ้สึกเลยอะ. เศร้า
William Constantino (1 day ago)
Try to remake this movie today won't happen again it's a movie for it's time I guess a man trying to recapture his youth though an underage child.
Silly Leah (1 day ago)
When he tells her her mother is dead... Christ. Poor girl. As if it's not enough to have been statutory raped. I'm 100% sure she wouldn't have slept with him if she knew her mother was dead and had nowhere to go. She was crying both for grief and because she knew she was stuck.
kailyn (1 day ago)
her outfits are a need
rileys eggos (1 day ago)
aM i GeTtInG a ZiT?2?2?
Chica Chu (1 day ago)
I was not prepared to see this old man's dick today but alright
Dan Jansson (1 day ago)
Intro Music ?
Anouk Bronts (1 day ago)
It's not only uncomfortable that he is a pedophile and he knows it, but it makes the story a lot more uncomfortable that you see (and read, because people must read the novel although it's tough to get through) she instigates the physical relationship and for him it's like having a relationship with 'just' someone you love. So a pedophile in this case has to stand above his own desires and reject her seeking for attention or just playing and wanting to try out sexual things, because that's what most children do at that age. Imagine you fall in love someone and this person wants to kiss you and you have to reject. Ofcourse it's a sick individual but I think Nabokov did an excellent job at portraying this uncomfortable position and to challenge the common view on this subject, expecially in the '50s. And thank you for uploading this video.
Huy Trần (1 day ago)
Zena Levay (1 day ago)
4:23 they left the door open!
Amit Arya (1 day ago)
Small mistake life is dangrsh
Arri Cadacio (1 day ago)
why did I cried? so tragic
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
lana del rey fans will not get this movie.. it's too deep. 2:08:38 paedifiles make the best death scenes. * spoiler alert * in the end humbert kills clare. like many so-called paedifile hunters.. they are themselves repressed paedifiles. are monsters that hate uglier monsters no less monsters themselves...? (some words misspelled on purpose)
Spam Sandwich (2 days ago)
the courts deem them adults if they kill you... but minors if they screw you. I'm all about children's rights pick one or the other. girls are growing up so fast in this world that it's just not fair that only clumsy, giggly, zit faced boys get a crack at that sweet young pussy...
GodFinger 69 (2 days ago)
Thats what she gets for eating all his bacon :( Im joking dont kill me please😂
Aria Webber (2 days ago)
1:21:05 - 1:22:38 was so intense
genevie robinson (2 days ago)
I love this movie its so different. I actually cried at the end for him and her.👏🏾👏🏾
Bo Peep (2 days ago)
Them: age is just a number Me: well so is 911
Latoya Godfrey (2 days ago)
Before R. Kelly there was Humbert
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
apples & oranges the pen is mightier than the piss
12:16 See you later alligator
amelie (3 days ago)
Why is this girl as weird as me
Jim Cummings (3 days ago)
the girl in this movie is 17 - hardly a child... grow up people...
Beck Styles (1 hour ago)
youre a pedophile
Melissa Wright (3 days ago)
Sad they both died within a month of each other. And Lolita was so young x
Moonchild (3 days ago)
So when I was like 12 this relative of mine always touched me inappropriately ( my breasts)and made me uncomfortable he said that I have grown and now that I’m looking back he was a fucking pedo, I bawled my eyes out watching this movie remembering my past...
Moonchild (2 days ago)
Jack Booted Hug haha that’s not my real name...
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
I think whoever named you moonchild messed you up..
fallout is life (3 days ago)
Nigga bitch slapped her like there was no tommorow
Moonchild (3 days ago)
Okay but her outfits are 10/10
Kimaya Agatha partll (4 days ago)
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cool ge (4 days ago)
Decoy Rants (5 days ago)
A great movie, but a horrific idea.
Edgy Lolita (5 days ago)
R.kelly joined the server.
ARMY hyung2k13 (5 days ago)
that moment when she cries at her mother and hugs him as a father- GOD I WANNA SOB.
Capricorn (5 days ago)
That girl sending him signals, what signals? Fuck me old man, im all urs my mum is to old for u, take me to ur bed.
Brian May is Hot (6 days ago)
*I wonder how many times a week Onision watches this.*
oh no (4 days ago)
watershed44 (6 days ago)
Anyone have an idea what happened to Lolita's REAL father?
Princess BLARITY (7 days ago)
Dresden Tulip (7 days ago)
The mom is so young and so pretty
sarah (7 days ago)
She was 14!!!
Oh Sehund infires man (7 days ago)
This is a horror movie.....
Greta Sta (8 days ago)
He needs Jesus
alien_invation :3 (8 days ago)
I feel gross now and confused:/
alien_invation :3 (8 days ago)
Aw, this makes me sick ngl
My life as Claire (8 days ago)
17:20 i’m cringing so hard and then at like 17:35 he ate her gun
Rxxle (8 days ago)
OK EVERYONE HOLD UP — I just watched the interview !! Lolita is FOURTEEN in the movie not Twelve !! So when it’s 3 years later she’s actually eighteen!!!! It’s now the novel however it’s way more disturbing!!!! Just wanted to clear things up for myself and you all too !!!! (I’m done leaving a million comments now!)
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
I think you are bipolar like lolita
Rxxle (8 days ago)
I commented so much throughout the whole movie but wow it was rlly good tbhhhhhh I cried and laughed plus her outfits r v cute lmao all in all very sad and heartbreaking but a wonderful well written movie
Rxxle (8 days ago)
Rxxle (8 days ago)
I do not understand- so three years later she’s married and pregnant ? But if she was only 12 wouldn’t that mean she’d be like 15? I mean that makes sense I guess can you get married at 15????
Rxxle (8 days ago)
Rxxle (8 days ago)
Rxxle (8 days ago)
Rxxle (8 days ago)
Rxxle (8 days ago)
I came here bc of a Lana del Rey song and I’m VERY SCARED idk what the hell is gonna happen. All I know is the girl is literally 15 kissing and old man and it makes me uncomfortable but I hear the movie is good but still I’m scared
Carlene Cruz (8 days ago)
*LOLITA FULL MOVIE* ❖========► t.co/vFiJVB6sU4 ★★★★ *QUALITY* >> *720P* - *1080P* ★★★★ ► *ALL LANGUAGES* | ENGLISH | BELGIUM | NOWEGIAN | FRANCH | SWEDISH | GERMAN Una medida che vince la mia vita e il suo seguito è protetto dalle amenaza de las sombras cósmicas: Thanos. Un messaggio di infamia intergaláctica, su oggetti recolectar las seis Piedras Infinitas, artefatti di poder inimmaginabili, y usarlos para infligir su volunted retorcida en toda la realidad. Todo lo que vengadores han luchado ha llevado hata este momento: el destino de la Tierra y su propia existencia nunca han sido más inciertos. Autrefois la civilisation la plus avancée sur Terre, la città dell'Atlantide è una maestra d'affari di sous-marin dirigé par le roi orm assoiffé de pouvoir. Avec une vaste armée à sa disposition, Orm prévoit de conquérir les derniers habitants de l'océan - et ensuite le monde de surface. Aquaman, frère mi-humain, mi-atlante et véritable héritier du trône se tient face à lui. Avec l'aide du conseiller royal Vulko, Aquaman doit récupérer le légendaire tridente d'Atlan et embrasser figlio figlio del protéteur des profondeurs. Ambientato in un mondo di migliaia di anni nel futuro. Le città della terra ora sono in circolazione, divorandosi a vicenda in una lotta per risorse sempre in diminuzione. In una situazione sospetta, Tom Natsworthy ha un incontro inaspettato con una misteriosa giovane donna delle Terre che cambierà per sempre nel corso della sua vita. Auf der Flucht im Jahr 1987 findet Bumblebee auf einem Schrottplatz in einer kleinen kalifornischen Stadt am Strand Zuflucht. Charlie, der kurz davor ist, 18 Jahre alt zu werden und versucht, ihren Platz in der Welt zu finden, l'incantesimo Bumblebee. Als Charlie i wieder erlebt, erfährt sie schnell, dass dies kein gewöhnlicher gelber VW-Fehler ist. Il professore di Urbane Humbert Humbert sposa una vedova del New England per essere vicino alla sua figlia ninfetta. Equipaggio in primo piano Adrian Lyne Direttore Vladimir Nabokov Romanzo Stephen Schiff Sceneggiatura
angel toast (9 days ago)
nadia murphree (9 days ago)
“i did wash my hair” “when” “...a couple months ago” IF THIS AINT ME-
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
there should be tags on girls stating the last time they bathed I'm tired of getting the smelly ones..
watershed44 (6 days ago)
@nadia murphree After I watched this movie I have so many questions about the characters in it. I'm a guy but can't imagine being such a weasel like Humbert. What always puzzled me is that he lost his first love Annabel to sickness just months after they met, why would he treat a girl that was about the age of Annabel so badly and abuse her?
nadia murphree (6 days ago)
watershed44 (6 days ago)
@nadia murphee She's got a really great sense of humor! Where was her REAL father?
maadie 01 (9 days ago)
50:23 he changed real quick 😂
Haley Hock (9 days ago)
I feel terrible for Lo. Not only was she mentally abused by her own mother and only parent left, but she was also taken advantage of by her step father. Very terrible.
Shibbu Yadav (9 days ago)
marvelous not so bad. some time things go like this
Syahara Aditya9 (10 days ago)
LOLITA 1997 FULL MOVIE____>>> t.co/nEKM5gSEYK 17+ | 1h 40min | Action, Horror, Mystery All subtitle ➡ All Languages | English | German | Franch | Spanis Dan Tashtego seriff és egy kúszónövény vadász csapata Davis Tubbs tisztviselő segítségét segíti, hogy segítsen megállítani a szörnyeteg étkezési bűbájt. Rendező: Victor Salva Írók: Victor Salva, Victor Salva (a karakterek alapján) Csillagok: Stan Shaw, Gabrielle Haugh, Brandon Smith นายอำเภอแดน Tashtego และทีมนักล่าสัตว์เลื้อยคลานขอความช่วยเหลือจากเจ้าหน้าที่เดวิส Tubbs เพื่อช่วยหยุดการกินของสัตว์ประหลาด ผู้กำกับ: Victor Salva ผู้เขียน: Victor Salva, Victor Salva (ขึ้นอยู่กับตัวละครที่สร้างขึ้นโดย) ดาว: สแตนชอว์, Gabrielle Haugh, แบรนดอนสมิ ธ
Brian May is Hot (6 days ago)
Lol, the full movie is literally this video. Wtf.
angel toast (10 days ago)
Poor charlotte, she was really nice and deserved better
Kiran Gangwar (10 days ago)
The subtitles are so wrong
Vlad Lenin (10 days ago)
Was Fifty shades of grey the story from Lolita’s POV?
Tehya Lmao (10 days ago)
This movie be leaving confused af
Dex Massacre (10 days ago)
Let me ask this: *clears throat* HOW WAS THIS MADE INTO A MOVIE?!
Silver9431 (10 days ago)
i wonder if a remake can be done......but its from lo's point of view
Dr Atif Khan (10 days ago)
“The line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.” ― Aleksander Solzhenitsyn
Knock knock...
pradnya choukekar (10 days ago)
French people make some really disturbing movies
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
american jews make this crap
Dr Atif Khan (10 days ago)
Its made in US
rahi ahad (10 days ago)
Watched it more than 10 time What is wrong with me
Tay To (11 days ago)
Lo proved with her life in childbirth how tiny dicks she seen in this film
Jack Booted Hug (2 days ago)
I dont know how one could think of dick while watching this movie, but okay....
Kristabel Rojo (11 days ago)
Off to the races
LeYlA RiNi Yo gurl (11 days ago)
what the actual heck goodbye i have left the chat for the rest of my life dead actually nope no thank you that’s that the piano when he is about to die omg oh no not good that’s all for today thank you bless up that was my roller coaster of emotions through the last bits of the movie
нara lυna (11 days ago)
1:58:10 *ignore this comment, it's just a note for later*
BlueLemon Gamers (11 days ago)
See, kids, this pedophile is doing something we call "rationalizing". It's a fancy word for a pathetic attempt of him trying to romanticize his fucked up mind and make it seem less disgusting to both himself and other people. Be careful kids! :D
Mazzie M (11 days ago)
Is it me or does Jeremy Irons look a little like Arnold Schwarznegger there?
Aisyah Fharihin (11 days ago)
i see lo as no innocent child. she had a crush on a fuckin old man clare. if she had been so ' 'innocent' nobody fuckin kissed a father mouth to mouth. ughhhh
Brooklyn Baby (7 days ago)
She's definitely innocent
Breann Fleshman (11 days ago)
Aisyah Fharihin I think someone said in the book it didn’t really happen that way
0 0 (12 days ago)
This is really bad and different compared to book. It looks like Dolores is trying so hard to hit on him and it was the other way around. At least at the beggining.
Shapeless Journeys (12 days ago)
I really don't get the 'romantization' of this movie. I've watched an actual annoying kid and a grown man acting like a kid for 2.25 hours 🤔
Katarina Dailey (12 days ago)
Katarina Dailey (12 days ago)
40:17 OMG EW
Sakura Rinki (12 days ago)
A lot of ppl down here said that she's innocent if she she was innocent why she would seduce him that way its not only his fault
Beck Styles (1 hour ago)
youre dumb
Breann Fleshman (12 days ago)
Sakura Rinki in the movie or in real life?
justførkicks (12 days ago)
All paedophilia, rape, and abuse aside, one of the worst things in this movie is the fact that Humbert keeps his glasses face down. That's how you know he's a weirdo.
Leila Yahiaoui (2 days ago)
Oh so true.
Nicola Castriotta (12 days ago)
One of the Most underated female Actors
Miryam Hernandez (13 days ago)
Both men were fucken sick in the head
Andrew Loner! (13 days ago)
He went crazy where my daughter at I mean my ass where is it 🗣️ hahaha, 😅🤣 this shit wizard
MisterOrange Gaming (13 days ago)
Age is just a number my ass
Potato Gunn (8 days ago)
Love is beautiful. But, was Humbert ever really loved back? Heartbreaking....
Faith Al (13 days ago)
the music and his voice ..... something to love 💖
jajq j (13 days ago)
Humbert wasnt conscious he was insane quily was an money greeding asshole
Miranda Bacerott (13 days ago)
Ok but her outfits are on point
BassBoi Brady (13 days ago)
Im scared
sarah perrett (14 days ago)
I wish they would make a film telling her side of the story
Dresden Tulip (14 days ago)
She had a mother, a nanny, lived a good life as an energetic and optimistic child. He literally destroyed her life; her mother died escaping him, he took her far away from what she knew, abused her, and she almost got exploited by a child pornography ring leader. Such a sad movie.
Criminal Hunter (14 days ago)
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