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Lolita (1997) full movie

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ttt ttt (18 hours ago)
1:07:39 did they....do,,,...it..?
Elena Marenic (19 hours ago)
Does anyone knows what is the name of the song on 1:15
jona bright (1 day ago)
First time seeing a 14 years old can be this flirty
Liv R (1 day ago)
what really breaks my heart is wondering what Louise the maid would have thought if she ever found out what had happened to Lo.
Sir Ballenger (1 day ago)
That man said 😂 Charlotte I made us a nice stiff drink 😂 omfg 😵 😂
Sir Ballenger (1 day ago)
7:40-7:49 he ain’t never put that gum in his mouth lmao. And she ate his bacon cmon now 😂 girls that age carry a lot of diseases in their mouths 😂
People who write comments about how disgusting this is or something about the police makes me laugh. This book, this story is a masterpiece in itself. It's controversial, but that what it's supposed to be, it wouldn't be good otherwise.
Nikmok Dounia (3 days ago)
Hassan rajal Ma hhhh
hija de puta (3 days ago)
why do they show her feet do much?
overlyanxiousdweeb (4 days ago)
The fact that most of the comment section recognizes Humbert is actually the worst human ever makes me happy :)))
Baby Pastel Mouse (5 days ago)
Dalia B (6 days ago)
I lived without a father so i loved this relationship and the movie was very deep and sad to me I’ve watched it twice actually, the actors were amazing too
Angela Musgrove (7 days ago)
My heart shattered hearing her pitiful,devasted wails while she sobbed. My heart goes out to Lolita. 💔💔 Humbert is a nasty,horrible man.
potatoe builds (7 days ago)
ThIS iS ThE SAddeSt MOvIe EveR
ed (8 days ago)
He’s not a very good driver is he 😂
Who was the Man in the end. That Humbert shoot
Zombie & Mechen (9 days ago)
I really want to know what the letters the mom wrote said..
andrea Barbosa (10 days ago)
Why is he acting like a victim he asulted a young girl multiple times!!!!
Weirdo Worgan (10 days ago)
i get pedo man said to lo her moms dead and all BUT HER CRIES THO
India Corbett (10 days ago)
Omg I don't know why I'm here and i can't watch it because I feel so bad for Lo but at the same I wanna know what happens
Jack Booted Hug (11 days ago)
check out my playlist of over 600 movies and dont forget to sub...pervs
easy hel (12 days ago)
“Come in!” Subtitles: Amen.
Birin Osman (13 days ago)
जय भारत (13 days ago)
जय भारत (13 days ago)
Paige M (13 days ago)
I want her outfits
Ew Poor Dolores
Siena Fraser (15 days ago)
The person who did the writing at the bottom can not hear probably because she said jaw breaker but they wrote job record
coochie destroyer (16 days ago)
Now why don’t you have a seat?
Jenn Ziff (17 days ago)
Good movie but who the FUCK jumps to play the piano right b4 they shot to death?!? Lol
TT army (17 days ago)
Did this dude just eat a cigarette
Liota Rose (17 days ago)
the irony of a pedophile killing a pedophile is so ironic he became jealous
x.flowerboy .x (17 days ago)
I love this movie and book to much I know the age gap and everything is gross but this is my favorite "love stories " and I just adore everything about it also Jeremy irons is like fucking hot
titbait overlord (17 days ago)
when did he abuse her? i havent seen the scenes. at what time do they occur...?
Bubble Toaster (18 days ago)
"I myself just cherish the French tounge" .... Prof Humbert👀 Ms haze👀 Me watching🤔😶😏
skInnY legendd (18 days ago)
i think that the story would've been more interesting if Lo fell in love with her friend Rhoda (idk how to spell her name), who likes her back, and they secretly date but then humbert finds out and he gets mad at Lo, so she plans to run away with Rhoda and humbert never sees Lo again until 3 years later he finds where she lives with Rhoda, asks her to come live with him but she stays with Rhoda. i know, i'm creative :D
Charles Somerset (18 days ago)
Good God, thank you for this. The Ennio Morriconi soundtrack alone is worth the worship. The subtlety of the film compared to the novel has always been amazing to me. The editing is exquisite. I am in awe of Nabokov. His understanding of such a complex subject is remarkable. Pause upon Annabelle. All understanding is there. Whatever happens to a boy at 14, can mark him for life. Sand and hair. Light and sex. Love and loss. Tragedy changes us all. The poison was in the wound, you see. And the wound would not heal.
Allora ! (19 days ago)
aphroditae (19 days ago)
1:32:21 this part...
M Yans (20 days ago)
The most interesting film ..respect ☝🏼👌🏻
M Z (21 days ago)
I don’t blame lo. He was such a daddy....
Amir Bahram (19 days ago)
He's Jeremy Irons after all.
Waste Of space 05 (21 days ago)
07:41 The first time watching this my ass was over here thinking he was falling for her......nooopppppeeee! I was so wrong.....
• Gary (23 days ago)
Helremmay Resulta (24 days ago)
I now must say, i understand why Humbert acted like that. I understand the movie. Even though the movie is very horrible.
Helremmay Resulta (24 days ago)
Fuck this movie made me cry at the end😭 Love makes man crazy as fuck😭 You call it pedo but that man has been trapped on his childhood love affair. It sucks that everybody thinks he just fell for lust, but if you see at first, he refuses, HE REFUSED TO BE IN LOVE BUT AS TIME GOES BY, HE CANNOT STOP IT😢 POOR MAN, WAISTED HIS PROFFESSIONALISM FOR NOTHING. AND ALSO POOR YOUNG GIRL, haven't exposed to the reality between a man and a woman.
Dorosłe Bajki (24 days ago)
Weirdos Club (24 days ago)
"WhY dO yOu AlwAyS tEll mE tO dO eVeRyThiNg??" OK BUT ME
Destiny Overton (24 days ago)
My to almost everything: "that's... creepy"
Destiny Overton (24 days ago)
I was looking for the Lana Del Rey sing and got curious.
Gianna Leon (25 days ago)
Heyy Lolita Hey—Lana Del Ray
Tahira Tamrin (26 days ago)
Sad movie😭😭😭😭
Jibon Khan (26 days ago)
On 30 march 2019?????
Levi robitaille (26 days ago)
The mother is so abusive
Chloe Liliana (26 days ago)
Like, obviously he's awful and whatnot, but that voice could melt concrete. And I don't think concrete melts.
Maisy 101 (27 days ago)
Only one word that could describe this film coming the north east of England “nonce”
Cherry Bombshell (27 days ago)
After seeing this movie bitches dont know how to act..... Shit it got me acting up 😭😔💀
Cherry Bombshell (27 days ago)
1:06:54 Let this be me and Calum Hood plz
whomst (28 days ago)
For some reason, the "Murder me like you murdered my mother" scene stuck with me, i think of it often.
Lara Del Ray (28 days ago)
The thing is, Lolita is such a cute, pretty name but because of this it’s ssuuuuccchhh a bad name and nobody can ever use it without these awful connotations xx
Braxton Natureee (29 days ago)
Yo this movie when she was gone got me sad even tho he is a pedophile.
StayCalm Starz (30 days ago)
49% of comments: EW!/ Lolita isn’t a love story! 49% of comments: HEY LOLITA HEY- (Lana Del Rey’s song called Lolita) 2% of comments: Poor Actors/ Other
Me and my Dad yes .. when I was 12
Indah Iendah (1 month ago)
Noto Susanto (1 month ago)
B itu apa?
Ruwv V (1 month ago)
1:40:00 wtf
Faith H. (1 month ago)
How can people think this is a love story? Damn. “Lolita” is a story about a pedophile who totally destroys a child’s life.
Sister Stina (1 month ago)
The concept behind this movie is disgusting and traumatizing but yet so interesting to me. Really Really fucked up tho
Callas Verwaal (1 month ago)
She kissed him first tho
Lucero Duarte (1 month ago)
Parents, watch your children always. Trust NOBODY when its about your children.
Melis Corakkum (1 month ago)
Could someone explain who that guy was Humbert shot at the end I couldn’t get their conversation
whomst (22 days ago)
+Melis Corakkum I mean, its all from Humbert's perspective, so for all we know you could be right, and she never even liked Quilty
Melis Corakkum (22 days ago)
whomst I swear they kidnapped Lolita he was the trouble maker doubt she fancied him. (Quilty)
Melis Corakkum (22 days ago)
whomst that’s odd there was no scene of her flirting with quilty or showing that she likes him. She really liked Humbert in my opinion but got put off when he became violent etc. Plus that quilty Guy is hideous what would she see in him a pretty girl like her.
whomst (28 days ago)
Quilty. He's a famous playwright, and Lolita has a crush on him. She first met him at the hotel after Humbert picks her up from camp, and then again later on in the movie. She runs away from Humbert, hoping to be with him, but he doesn't want her, and instead tries to get her to join his child porn ring, but Lolita doesn't want that. Humbert kills him out of jealousy, or maybe spite, for taking away what he believes to be his (Lo). The scene *was* kind of confusing, i didn't really understand what was happening the first time around either.
C E C I L I A X A N N (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for the mum
I don’t get it.. is this her dad in the movie?!
Mairi Lynn (1 month ago)
“Hi Dad!” He just got Dad zoned
S Moody (1 month ago)
Valence The Machine: If you all hate this movie why you all fucking watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!🤔🤨
- ree - (1 month ago)
The soundtrack for this movie so beautiful
JeNNy Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Hindi me upload kariye Na please is movie ko🙏🙏🙏
chick pea (1 month ago)
the subtitles aren’t even right lmao
Amira Bhayat (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but when I saw that guys dick flopping around I couldn’t lmao
Amira Bhayat (1 month ago)
Ivy Quinn (1 month ago)
I'm confused and I may be stupid but why was she crying after the scene with her sitting on his lap. Did they do what I think they did? I'm too disgusted to say.
Asia Shepard (1 month ago)
Thay did
Ak5 - (1 month ago)
Do not watch while stoned 💀
Connie Parker (1 month ago)
tinyurl.com/SexforDatingBig43mm මතකය: "මට සමාවෙන්න, ඔබ නොවන බව
ramosity (1 month ago)
I was confused with my feelings at 25:00.
Been there Been square (1 month ago)
so is he a bad guy
gretchen (1 month ago)
me: why am i watching this brain: it’s a classic, you just gotta me: but— brain: WATCH IT
gretchen (1 month ago)
Lolita sobbing over her mother actually has me crying. the pain in her face, in her eyes :((
I Love Nooder (1 month ago)
For those wondering about the rate of inflation, $4000 in 1950 equals $42,581 in 2019.
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
1 romp with stepdaughter 5 years in today's time
Rijja Khan (1 month ago)
Wonderful movie
Kathryn J (1 month ago)
Yes officer this movie right her-
1985behrooz (1 month ago)
Poor man 😭😭😭
theo9952 (1 month ago)
ok, there you stand in your pyjamas and a lovely very young female, comes running up the stairs, jumps in your arms, wraps her long slender legs around your waist and frenches you passionately. Just how the [email protected]< are you supposed to feel about it ?
C.zoombee Bars (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who cried at last chapters of the book?
C.zoombee Bars (1 month ago)
Not because i felt bad for Humbert... She escaped him only to end up with another monster. She never had a chance to turn her life around after Humbert.
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
No the guys serving time in prison for sex with minors cried too
Diamante Dea (1 month ago)
C.zoombee Bars yes
Denice M (1 month ago)
The way they capture innocence is amazing. When you first see Lo just laying in the grass carefree of her clothes being dirty & wet & just barefoot. When you’re a child you don’t think consciously of keeping clean, stepping over people innocence isn’t mind deep it’s shallow & for adults to sexualize it as flirting is sick. Her being carefree is how us as adults wish we could go back to, the days just having nothing but time & enjoying our endless days outside sun or rain. He stole her innocence she went from enjoying childhood to a spiral of becoming an orphan, grief, molestation, manipulation, & kidnapping just because she doesn’t show it doesn’t mean it didn’t traumatize her.
Emily Rose (1 month ago)
Is it just me that doesn’t get how someone can literally comment a line from the movie, nothing else, and get thousands of likes? Thought so
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
@Emily It's a phenomenon whereby viewers are listening to the movie while browsing the comments, at which point the posted line & movie moment coincide, resulting in them bonding to said post and giving it a thumbs up
Mrs. KittenMemes (1 month ago)
Oh boy!! Wtfff is wrong with youuuuu Nooooooooo stopppp, AHHH stop touching toucHiNG hIs THighhHHh
Mrs. KittenMemes (1 month ago)
This mother, I tell you what 😂
nivledamh (1 month ago)
God the mother is annoying!
OutsideWorld __ (1 month ago)
“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul.” Vladimir Nabokov
Marisol Ferrer (1 month ago)
2019 and I am here!
I was molested by a man much older then me, a man I trusted. it was sudden, had I done something to lead him on? had he seen something between us the whole time I hadnt? the mind of pedophile is truly a disturbing one, they dont see children the way we do. repeat after me kids, a child can not "flirt" with an adult. if a child today approached me in any of these ways i would probably tell them off, or inform their parents or think of it in a pure way.
Jack Booted Hug (1 month ago)
Try to forgive & forget it's hard for some men to keep their hands off angels Check out my collection of over 400 movies dearheart.. none quite as dark as this ⏪▶️⏩
D4zm1n (1 month ago)
you can see her innocence getting stripped away in every scene its heartbreaking
Crystal Blue (1 month ago)
2:04:16 that thigh tho 😏😂😂 and Humbert's face afterwards 😂
the cool banana (1 month ago)
So the other guy was a pedophile too. What in the world?!

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