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MCM 35th Anniversary Salute - Jessica Miller

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MCM's 35th Anniversary has come. Strikingly rebellious and enchantingly blithe, top model Jessica Miller exudes a unspoken allure which radiates a hipnotic charm. Having starred in numerous campaigns, Miller is no stranger to high fashion. Proud to join the MCM family, she wishes MCM all the best on its 35th anniversary MCM Official Page : http://www.mcmworldwide.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MCMWorldwide Twitter : https://twitter.com/mcmtweets Instagram : https://instagram.com/mcmworldwide/
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Giorgia Aresti Paderi (5 years ago)
Lei e' la ex fidanzata di Daron Malakian dei system of a down Cmnq e' stupenda!
ihatefarytale (7 years ago)
can i have link?

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