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Jimi Hendrix Spanish Castle Magic lyrics

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Charles Smith (16 days ago)
Blasphemy sounds like shit
Edward Vega (16 days ago)
Nice upload!
frenchabortion (22 days ago)
The bass used on this was a Hagstrom H-8. Which was an 8 string bass, with it arranged in 4 pairs. The second of each being pitched an octave above the regular string.
peepsmith (1 month ago)
I can’t hear the vocals
Frank Castro (4 months ago)
Old 8 track version
Retro Fan (4 months ago)
I have a Winterland concert and he does this song. It's amazing!
MayorInCheif (4 months ago)
Jimi's niece is one of the few people in the world who gives a shit about copyrights from nearly half a century ago. I'm extremely grateful to listen to this for free, poor sound and all.
AnonsCrossfader (5 months ago)
Fuckin tune
Jigsaw_TheKiller (5 months ago)
This is horrible mate.
Ariel Lorusso (1 month ago)
Upload a better one then
fudo oshin (4 months ago)
u are horrible
Tino Stewart (6 months ago)
Jim is the greatest
What tje fuck is this man?
Justin McNeal (6 months ago)
If we travel by dragonfly...
Māris Eltermanis (6 months ago)
it should sound just like that
ComaAlpha (7 months ago)
why are the vocals so damn low?
Odi et Amo The Essene (3 months ago)
He's in there ....somewhere.its intertwined with his guitar somewhat when he sings the chorus, i'm not disssapointed.
Retro Fan (4 months ago)
It says instrumental
Simone Cafarella (4 months ago)
damn creepy, kinda "bootleg from hell" feeling
Bob (5 months ago)
To evade the Hendrix police who delete all original versions, be thankful this is here. There are unedited original version Hendrix videos on Vimeo
Fred Hamilton (6 months ago)
It sounds like he subtracted left and right channels, which will cancel out anything in the center channel (typically vocals).
john boaz (8 months ago)
hang on my darlin

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