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Lion King; Funny Pics Collection

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My first video on Youtube. A slideshow of some funny Lion King pics and fanart that I've come across. Quality's bad at first, but gets better after a few pics. Enjoy!(And comment.) No copyright infringement intended. Credit goes to artists.
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Text Comments (17)
holly rosey (3 months ago)
galaileda (6 years ago)
2:03 Is that Kimba The White Lion saying "Hey!"?
Ashley Owenby (6 years ago)
Misha Pie (7 years ago)
I love the ronno pic
Dead Cadaver (8 years ago)
Scar N Furter X333
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
It's okay. And no, you don't sound like an ass. ;)
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Oh, I see what you mean. The things on Sarabi's tongue are supposed to be thorns, according to the artist
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed the vid, and thank you for the agreeable comment! :)
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Um...I don't remember. I'll send you the link on the forum, if I find it.
LionKing17Simba (10 years ago)
where did you get the sarabi and simab one 1:38 thats the timing.. Good and funny video!1
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Really? That sounds pretty good, actually. :)
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Well, I just called him, and he told me that he actually meant to add those clips to his favorites, but forgot to log me off and himself in the last time I came over his house. I'm willing to believe that....but I'm not sure if I should still be mad. :/
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Oh, and thanks for commenting, because it got me to check my profile, where my friend put a few porn clips in my favorites while I was out.....I'm going to kill him, I swear.
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately, it seems I can only do slideshows. I like the material required for AMVs...sigh...
Yunis Zujur (10 years ago)
Yeah I have Yustax, D4rK and D4rKi3L sometimes.
jagabor2000 (10 years ago)
Nice to see you on here. I think I've seen your username before. I had no idea it was you! :)
Yunis Zujur (10 years ago)
Hey Jag nice pictures, im D4rK by the way. The best was 1:34, bring a chuckle.

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