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Marriott CEO Says U.S. Clearly Losing Share of Inbound Travel

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Sep.28 -- Arne Sorenson, chief executive officer at Marriott International, discusses how trade tension is impacting global tourism, his company’s business in China, and demand growth in the travel industry. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."
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Ines Prince (5 months ago)
Marriott let a certain VP use their corporate attorneys to cover up a child porn ring.
SuperUbermensch (5 months ago)
I wouldn't travel to the US due to Trump's erratic behavior.
J O (6 months ago)
USA can't fund their country expenses by lowering taxes so now they increase tariff against China to get tax revenue, also destroy China n Asia economies n stock markets so USA fund managers can buy over Asia companies and stocks, poor Asians, pity the Asians 🙄
F (6 months ago)
US became strong and market leader because of its liberal policy and leadership qualities , it will lose global economy if it keeps with current inward looking policy. No country is an island
Santiago Rivera (6 months ago)
I am willing to pay extra for tickets just to not touch the US. To not use their airlines, airports, to not use any of their products.
oyeahyeah (6 months ago)
The US is dangerous. People are racists. Cops are trigger happy. Guns everywhere. No thanks!
LiS Wright (6 months ago)
After this riff with China, how will Trump hotels even think about opening in China?
The Sumster (6 months ago)
Have never been to the US and have no intention of ever going there ditto for Canada and Mexico because you have to fly through the US, it looks like a nice place to visit only problem is its full of Americans so I will stick to Asia, Europe and Australasia.
A 880209 (6 months ago)
I used to love American products and had a soft spot for America due to movies and technology that it produces. But due to Trump and racist policies, I am weaning American products out of my life. Only thing American in my life is Android (most of the development work is done by immigrants anyways) and Netflix. I sold Iphone and bought a Chinese phone, replaced xbox for PlayStation. It was not deliberately but just happened.
Hero Of Bukit Padang (6 months ago)
Thanks to the orange moron , he create an entire generation of Chinese who will hate America. Those young ppl use to look up to us.
david w (6 months ago)
Last year alone 154 million Chinese traveled abroad and spent more than $300 billion to the global tourism industry, and it just getting bigger. If anybody who are in 'hospitality' industry can't tap that source, or intentionally don't want to or not because of racial sentiment then you are either stupid or dumb. Those hundreds of millions of thick pocket Chinese don't give a shit either, they can simply travel somewhere else and makes other people rich at the other side. The world is big and you are not alone.
kane ashby (6 months ago)
Who wants to go to a country that hates them..theres alot better places to go around the world
Cheeseatingjunlista (6 months ago)
Only an idiot wants to go to a place that hates the rest of the world, how can we be sure we'd be safe? rest of the world much safer and more friendly, stay in Taj Group Hotels, much, much better
keff (6 months ago)
I am not from China or the US. But I have had enough of the US bullying everybody else. I have stopped buying US goods will not visit the US again. I refuse to feed the monster. May it wither and fade away. Make America Irrelevant Again
Mastodon1976 (6 months ago)
We are not a reliable partner in anything under Trump.
joe mctaggart (6 months ago)
Yes in world politics breaking deals is a huge no no id expect usa to collapse from that fact alone how can they be trusted even if the iran deal was the worst ever it should have been stayed in so ppl feel that usa has honour myself i feel it was the best deal at the time and im no fan of obama i just feel theres just so much can be done in certain situations
j willy (6 months ago)
Who the F wants to come here??
g mac (6 months ago)
I am an Australian travelling to the US in 3 weeks for a family matter. If I did not HAVE to go I wouldn't. I'm just glad I'm going before the midterms before Republicans start getting their guns out?
Sails (6 months ago)
120,000 people shot each year in America. America is a very dangerous place. Detroit and new Orleans are as bad as the worst countries on the planet.
Dave Duan (6 months ago)
You think China will have a friendly public opinion towards USA? Omg you guys really love money.
naper806 (6 months ago)
Chinese likely go places where they will not be looked as spies.
Bert Nijhof (6 months ago)
Companies world wide will try to avoid to incorporate US parts in their products, to avoid unexpected tariffs and sanctions. Companies hate government intervention in their business.
dragondescendant1 (6 months ago)
I prefer businessman who has never filed bankruptcy. Okay??
OptionLearner Ltd (6 months ago)
The US is dangerous. There are students being shot. Blacks getting shot. Look at all the guns. And the violence in the movies. It is violent place. And in the Carolinas, the police is corrupt.
patrick Koh (6 months ago)
Many americans are patriotic for 300 years, chinese also have a strong culture of patriotism and far longer. I think China tourists to USA will surely drop. so will many products. S Korea already suffered ..
OptionLearner Ltd (6 months ago)
This Trade Tariff is so stupid and there are things happening that will be detrimental to the US. Is the US leadership that stupid?
Ted Chyn (6 months ago)
It would not surprised that many of these speakers had voted for Trump in 2016 knowing the trade wars are coming to their local theaters.
Thomas Headley (6 months ago)
They thought he was capable of governing. If he ran a hot dog stand, he'd bankrupt it.
David Lloyd-Jones (6 months ago)
How did a trillion-dollar deficit get to be a good thing in a time of full employment and rising interest rates? This isn't Keynesianism, which puts away grain in the good years to provide for the lean ones. This is just "Whooppee, Mommy's left us alone with the cookie-jar" lunacy.
Thomas Headley (6 months ago)
This is a result of under taxation going back to 1983. Also super low interest rates & fiscalyl reckless behavior. No free lunch. Middle class Americans will pay.
Bellmere 1967 (6 months ago)
Extending an invitation? A number of my Canadian friends routinely spent one-two months in the U.S. Sunbelt every winter. After two years of Trump, Ross, Navarro and YouTube commentary, all those Canadians are going to Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica or Asia instead. Wonder why?
joe mctaggart (6 months ago)
Well they are smart doing that
Susan Monty (6 months ago)
Canadians are avoiding the US too. The US is a very dangerous place to visit. Think of all the people killed in Las Vegas. Who wants to travel to a place that everyone is armed
Akin Khoo (6 months ago)
[ Who wants to be unarmed and defenseless? ] unless you are a fucking retard, you don't buy a gun the moment you travel to another country. people travel to relax, not go to war dumbass. the discussion here isn't domestic security, it about tourism. if you can't even trust your own neighbourhood, who the fuck is going to come and spend money in that neighbourhood, that's the problem.
The future is Unity (6 months ago)
Hoffnung Verloren https://safearound.com/danger-rankings/ Based on this data, America is ranked 57th. For comparison, China is ranked 65th. America has been slipping year after year while even those 3rd world countries and developing countries are catching up. So go on, keep making opinionated comments on me, you are the perfect example of no rebuttal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Peace_Index In this data America is ranked 121th, overtaken by China lol. As safe as anywhere my ass, you are the irrational one to make such statement when data and experiences from the majority of people says otherwise. Also, realize how contradicting that is that your law discourage death penalty even for crimes like murder and drug trafficking but you get to shoot robbers and thieves dead on the spot lol. Like i said, your system is incapable. Its chaos when citizens are laws themselves with a murderous weapon on hand.
The future is Unity (6 months ago)
Hoffnung Verloren What you say is not what is true dude. You've seen nothing really. There are data out there that shows America is ranked 60ish in terms of personal safety and domestic security. In the link of my previous comment even tells of America's rising corruptions. You can say what you want, but when you don't challenge those data you aren't proving anything. After all, only those without arguments resorts to shamming tactics by labeling others. Oh wait, isn't that part of your culture anyway? Everywhere i go i see comments from Americans calling people SWJ, liberals, conservatives, white supremacists as if they've automatically invalidated arguments from the other side, when in fact all they did was avoid intelligent engagement. You don't seem any different.
The future is Unity (6 months ago)
Hoffnung Verloren Not in other countries lol. Like i said, you have police brutality and corrupted cops. In Japan or Singapore, they punish law enforcers heavier than they would ordinary citizen. There's additional penalty to commit crime as law enforcers as they should know better. Its not rocket science, its just good governance. I can't blame you for not understanding that as your system is fucked up as hell from top down to bottom up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJy8vTu66tE Even your democracy is a facade to musk plutocracy. Its no wonder you have to rely on personal arms for safety. You legit have problems with your laws and order. However, what's puzzling is you fail to see the need for progress and would be satisfied with your current state. Not only is that pathetic, its also primitive. Nothing in this world is free, not freedom, not rights and not even democracy. You need good governance to find the balance and eliminate the unwanted consequence. Things like death penalty and censoring/punishing of hate speech is what keeps the society safe. Even in America you censor profanities, nudity and pornography. However, when it comes to law you don't punish law enforcers accordingly, when it comes to speech you allow hate speeches. When you have a society of people who are culturally aggressive and unjust, its no wonder you become savages when given guns. Countries like Switzerland that have high gun ownership is much safer than America simply because they are better cultured. https://www.businessinsider.sg/switzerland-gun-laws-rates-of-gun-deaths-2018-2/?r=US&IR=T
The future is Unity (6 months ago)
Hoffnung Verloren You feel defenseless when unarmed tells of the inability of American law and order. Its the 21st century, and you people still rely on personal arms for protection. Did you know, America is ranked 60ish for safety and security in the world. That is among the worst for first world countries out there. I care little about your amendments and rights, for people traveling around the world, they look at the level of safety at the places they visit to. Perhaps you should try visiting places like Japan and Singapore. Those place where people don't own personal arms and are yet safely protected by their laws and law enforcers. As such, even visitors are on the same level of safety as they haven't their own guns in a foreign place. In America you have police brutality and corrupted cops. If as a citizen you need guns to protect yourself, you can expect visitors and tourist to be at a disadvantage or easily taken advantage of when they visit America.
jman x (6 months ago)
I will not stay in any hotel whose CEO is so much against America. Move to commie China Already.
Ming Yang (6 months ago)
jman x , hang yourself the world will be a much better place. Nazi!!
jman x (6 months ago)
Bloomberg is anti-America, commie-China sympathizing fake news. Is this what Michael Bloomberg is going to run his presidential campaign on? American is not stupid.
Fred Frond (6 months ago)
Bloomberg is 10 times richer than trump claims to be and Bloomberg did not get most of his money from his father. A real commie🙄
peter collins (6 months ago)
75 million Americans voted for Trump; at least that many Americans are stupid. As for the majority, not so much.
Obi2 (6 months ago)
US has trade deficit but in return, US gets a lot of foreign investments especially from China, thus money stays within the border. Trade deficit would ruin US economy more than ever. It is nothing more than taxation on the consumers. Less competitive internationally
fireball39279 (6 months ago)
Arne, If you think Donkey Chumptart would listen to you. Gream on! The fucker cares for himself only. The Donkey doesn't know shit about trade.
John Cronje (6 months ago)
I only go on vacation where I am welcome, thus no interest in visiting the US
Thomas Headley (6 months ago)
Trumpism is outside the mainstream of American thought. A fearsome, loud & ignorant minority that claims to speak for America. He probably regrets contributing to the Republican Party. More losses to come.
mlynn (6 months ago)
Go to EU to get rape.
Trade war has started and Trump has boasted. He has boasted all the way to the UN. No need to talk. Let the orchestra begin. No turning back now. Let's see who blinks first. Yesterday he boastfully announced how he reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico NAFTA. He also boasted how he got Japan and South Korea to agree with his proposal to MAGA. Japan and South Korea need US. But China is heading to Europe and South America and Africa
Mike Reiley (6 months ago)
This guy is an anti American A-hole.
Fred Frond (6 months ago)
He is just calling it as he sees it. You know like a hotel owner. Something trump has no idea about that is why trump’s casinos went bankrupt.
pgdog888 (6 months ago)
Truth hurts. Lol
Mike Reiley (6 months ago)
Another Trump hater who cares where China is traveling to, our President is worried about creating jobs in the USA 🇺🇸 and prevent countries like China from making unfair trade.
Carlos Lee (6 months ago)
The Chinese tourist create jobs too. Without the tourist , USA will fall hard .
MK MAC (6 months ago)
Forget this guy simple minded let him join the USA army and die for the name of heroism and his family will be greed pride get that flag to cover your faces while the nexts day your sweet honey is looking for the real man dump ass
woodensurfer (6 months ago)
Creating some jobs in Vietnam, a lot of logistic problems for US manufacturing which needs imported parts from China, higher prices for all including low-income people.. And isolating the USA
pgdog888 (6 months ago)
Creating jobs? Lmaoooooooo.
William White (6 months ago)
Arne Sorenson is a phony self-entitled opportunist, and an elitist social-climbing jerk. In July of 2017 he had an un-televised interview with Bloomberg TV during which he called Starwood members "rabid" (which comes from the Latin word "rabidus" meaning "mad", "crazy", or "extremely obsessive"). Arne doesn't really care about his Marriott members or the LGBT community at all. He only cares about his shareholders, profits, and his huge annual bonus. He is only posturing and overselling his political values and ideology, which will ultimately lead to his downfall. This is a tactic that almost all lawyers and politicians use when publicly stating their case & agenda. Marriott is projected to lose at least 8% to 12% of their core members (Platinum Premiers) within the next year, because of Arne's incompetency & greed by trimming as much benefits as possible, and then calling it "Enhanced". Arne will be forced to resign when Shemaiah Enterprises begin to threaten Marriott's bottomline.
Abdulai Bah (6 months ago)
Didier Lemoine (6 months ago)
China opening to European goods by lowing import taxes, Thanks China and Trump !
OakhillSailor (6 months ago)
He just admitted that the only thing thats holding the economy is the incentives, this means we are doomed next year.
shuilong52 (6 months ago)
Go Eastern Europe, it has much more beautiful places and people there welcome you with open arms and respect. No need to worry about safety.
Denny Li (6 months ago)
Exactly !
I concur.
Alliswell (6 months ago)
Trump does not get that when he attacks China all 2 billion worldwide move as one.
Alliswell (6 months ago)
+漢仔 I hear what you are saying and there is truth in it. However with US actions and China trying to break the West monopoly on everything, other countries and people are backing China since their freedom from debt is on the line. Overseas Chinese are the most patriotic to the culture and China. Western politicians and media demonise the CCP to divide and rule. With the awakening of the other countries and overseas Chinese it would be much more than 2 million. The tide is turning.
漢仔 (6 months ago)
Alliswell I live in Asia my whole life and I am bilingual, ( Chinese + English) and have Malay and Indian friends.I think I know the China ‘conundrum ‘ better than many of the Westerners or even the experts( in understanding the mentality). No doubt China is the birthplace of Chinese culture, but it is quite different in how you link up Chinese culture and China itself. The Chinese overseas, especially those overseas Chinese , who had settled in their adopted land for 3 , 4 generations, has very little affinity with China. They may celebrate certain festivals like what the mainland Chinese celebrate. That is because China’s culture has a very long history and is passed down from generations to generations. It cannot be eradicated easily. Just the Koreans or Vietnamese who had problems with China with all sorts of reasons, they too celebrate lunar new Year or Tet . It is a very complicated affair among all these nations who had been influenced by Chinese culture over a long period. But that doesn’t mean they are sympathetic to China when US or the West lambasted China.
Alliswell (6 months ago)
+漢仔 Yes they are BUT they cannot change their appearance and maybe targeted. Remember the Chinese Exclusion Act? US has a deep phobia about the Yellow Peril. Also many are bound by the culture overseas and are some are even more patriotic than mainland Chinese. A lot of them are asleep granted but when they realise that it's not just a matter of US vs China in a trade war/dispute. And that It's a about breaking the old and bringing in a new world order I feel there will be a shift. People are waking up and not just Chinese overseas but people of goodwill who see its time for change from this militaristic meddling and bullying by US. Just came from Caribbean and you see leaders actively unshackling themselves from US hegemony. Africa and Latin America too. The world really. I feel confident in right over might.
漢仔 (6 months ago)
It is dangerous of US of viewing the overseas Chinese as one big entity- that is they are all from China .No, they are a diverse lot . Some had settled in other places 6 , 700 yrs ago. In fact, a lot of nations leaders in South East Asia, who is creating tension with China, has Chinese roots .Like the former President Aquino. And many overseas Thai and Indonesian has lost their mother tongue long time ago.The last time I checked: There are slightly more than 50 million overseas Chinese in the world.But if u add in Indian population( 1.3 billion) , then u can say both India and Chinese population made up 1/3 of the world's population.
Simplykool (6 months ago)
漢仔 what about the overseas Chinese? They are not exactly deaf you know.
foot ball (6 months ago)
American flip flop everything to their liking dance , politic and even words..copy , steal and sharing commonly used on China..Copy European invention , Steal American invention , Sharing Chinese invention...
Moms MADD (6 months ago)
We don t go there to scared to be shot in a mas shooting at a mall or show or donut shop Canada is boycotting America
Philip Lim (6 months ago)
smling11 (6 months ago)
The businessmen wisdom is not valued by the white house.
Mastodon1976 (6 months ago)
The_vb (6 months ago)
It is not wisdom since many tourist spot in the US been hit by terrorist attack recently.
Kong Wee Peh (6 months ago)
Trump attack with mouth, the chinese defend with legs.
Denny Li (6 months ago)
joe mctaggart You are right !
joe mctaggart (6 months ago)
I know many chinese and know how sensitive they are in every marriage its mostly the wife who determines the family direction
Denny Li (6 months ago)
Kong Wee Peh Exactly....
ba sook (6 months ago)
I am guessing that in mid term elections, I don't think he have a mouth either. just look at trade deal with SK, and Canada, US isn't getting much
漢仔 (6 months ago)
Ironically, US is the most protectionist country.Otoh , it wants China's money.Otoh, it is restricting Chinese companies or students from coming to America.If u are so scared of anything, how are u going to hold on to your world leadership for long?
joe mctaggart (6 months ago)
+David Lloyd-Jones trump comes across as an infant 2 years ago i respected him today hes a joke
David Lloyd-Jones (6 months ago)
The first, stifled, laugh was a clear laugh at him. The second, larger, laugh was more serious. After Trump's try at a recovery line, the big smile and the "I didn't expect that reaction," came a larger and more generous laugh. Here's the kicker: it was laughing "with" him, but sympathy at that point was the feeling "Poor Donnie, he just can't help it," or "Oh, the poor guy, he just doesn't have a clue." Sympathy is not the nicest thing in the world when it's compassion for you as a wounded, incompetent, lost baby.
ba sook (6 months ago)
please take a hint, world leaders were laughing at him at UN sppech
Fook Seng Loke (6 months ago)
漢仔 it won’t.
foot ball (6 months ago)
漢仔 US struggle to keep pace with China .
Jack Daniels (6 months ago)
Why does anyone want to holiday in MAGA -cough-White again!
Fred Frond (6 months ago)
Trump probably thinks that this fake news and the Chinese are lined up to stay at a trump hotel. This is nothing to do with Chinese being worried about USA security laws. This is about Trump attacking China, the tariffs war, and the racists in trump’s administration like lighthizer and Navarro.
ba sook (6 months ago)
either way. US is losing in all fronts.
Kiamzai (6 months ago)
The suggestion that while you continue to pursue your rhetoric on immigration and bullying others, somehow a simultaneous effort to extend welcome to others won't work. It will work in usandtheA but many cultures outside the usandtheA are different. For e.g. it is unthinkable for parents to ask the children to sign and IOU for college tuition fees and simultaneously claim they are always there for them.
ba sook (6 months ago)
Thus, US economy will be slow in coming months
KC CHEONG (6 months ago)
Well, you don't want Chinese spies to come in so easily to steal your IP and to meddle with your up coming election.
T B (6 months ago)
Max Power (6 months ago)
T $ @ ?
Lawrence Ndigwe (6 months ago)
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Lawrence Ndigwe (6 months ago)
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zoo judy (6 months ago)
Arne, do you really believe that Trump's rhetoric and actions are conducive to people from around the world coming to the US?? Do you really believe he listens to you?
derty QWERTY (6 months ago)
zoo judy If a random American was to go to China, I think most would not have heard a single line of anything their temporary president believes in his own opinions.. people mostly go somewhere to see a landmark, not mingle much with the local government

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