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Story Time: Worst Date EVVVEEERRR!

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Text Comments (728)
J (8 days ago)
The way you speak is so clear and pleasant! ❤️
itpaystobeme (19 days ago)
I'm 3 years late but SO glad this vid popped up. You are hilarious😆. Subbed!
Kaatri (29 days ago)
OMG haha this reminds me when me and my BF started dating a few years ago, we would have the most perfect date and he would take me home and when I got to my room I would start jumping and screaming haha then I would call my best friend and we would talk for 4-6 hours HOW HOT HE IS hahaha thank you for reminding me of that! :D
Scorpio for Real (1 month ago)
Such an adorable young lady and I love the way you spin a yarn!!
Stephler (1 month ago)
That’s mean 🤧
Mykaela Brielle (1 month ago)
I just want to say you’re SO gorgeous
Brianna Enessa (1 month ago)
Literally dying 😂😂😂
Leah Ameha (2 months ago)
He is petty as hell for tweeting that! He was just salty he ain’t get nun
Princess (2 months ago)
“Oo mi guhdd”🤣🤣💀☠️
Bella m (2 months ago)
I'm love with your sweater❣️
Anthony PC (2 months ago)
if this was your worst date, you should count your blessings!
Anthony PC (2 months ago)
When I saw "worst date ever" I was dreading it would end with rape or murder.
Rooster G (2 months ago)
“I floated home” 💀 you are so pretty though btw
Kassidy Perry (2 months ago)
Girllll you said “Stephen F. Austin” and I freaked out! Axe em jacks!
rahnee.k (3 months ago)
Thw Vault is a strip club wher i live lol
LIFE WITH RITA (3 months ago)
“I still hate you fam!” 😂😂😂😂😂🤗
Erin Fischer (3 months ago)
OMG girl I’m so sorry 😭😭😭
belizeanae (3 months ago)
Youre soooo pretty 😍 you look like brandy ! ❤️ Subscribed 😘
Brianna Crisel (3 months ago)
So i found your video randomly...ALL I CAN THINK OF IS YOU LOOK LIKE BRANDY LOL anyway im subscribing
AlesaandWhatever (3 months ago)
I'm in love with Bow Wow too lol💕
Eli B. (3 months ago)
I love that you put a lot of weight on what your dad thinks. Some ppl would trip about it but I would love to date someone that close to their parents because I’m the same way
Caffeinated_ Reaper (3 months ago)
Wow make up is on point !
Wilbert Collante (3 months ago)
I had never seen this many Hot back chicks in any YouTube comment videos lol As a compliment ladies
Piznick64 (4 months ago)
Black women has such natural beauty.
Emmalīne Jett (4 months ago)
You’re gorgeous, hun bun!
A Ap (4 months ago)
You're really pretty!
Nebetiah (4 months ago)
What a jerk!
Vasharia Jones (4 months ago)
“And she better not order from anything but the 2 for 20 menu” LMFAOOOOOO HOW DARE HE
Hillary Elliott (4 months ago)
Thoroughly enjoyed this one!
Samuel Wright (4 months ago)
I love chocolate woman
Ovaldo Brown (5 months ago)
I'm an empathe, so I feel everything around me and within me and it makes me uncomfortable and the things that i feel scares me and the things that I see makes my skin crawl. Please help me? Please pray for me?
Sonyah Depasse (5 months ago)
I hate him for you too fam 😎
Sonyah Depasse (5 months ago)
He was being an asshole because you didn't 'stay over' cough cough.He knew that you'd see the tweets.What a petty little boy.
sarah Johnson (5 months ago)
ur adorable !
April Rush (5 months ago)
The lighter the eyes , the bigger the lies ! 😜
AsToldBy Nani Denay (7 months ago)
Oh nooooo not the hashtag 😂😂😂😂
Tony Allen (7 months ago)
Vanessa Pyo (7 months ago)
Ugh, what a jerk! I went on a date with a HECKA hot guy (who was outta my league) back in college. He took me to chili’s, one of my favorite places, and FLIRTS or “gives a steamy look” to nearly every pretty girl he sees there. At one point, in the middle of my sentence, he gets up and starts talking to a beautiful waitress. They talked for about 5 minutes as I’m just sitting there. Obviously, there was no second date.
TX_Makeup_Momma (8 months ago)
Wow. I’m so sorry he did that to you. 😔
It Is Me (8 months ago)
You are so sweet, classically, beautiful! I totally can relate to how you feel someone is so "perfectly attractive" and you are not at that stage yet ; thinking what does this person possibly see in me..I sometimes still go through that in my own head but usually those people turn out to be complete horrible types. I wonder why..Lol. Sorry your dream guy was so awful you did not deserve that.
Sonia Siddiqi (9 months ago)
Your teeth are so nice damn
Karie Love (9 months ago)
She looks like brandy
Emvisha (9 months ago)
Love your voice, it’s so smooth 💓
Logan Hensley (10 months ago)
Mathew is all of those 136 dislikes
The Hamster Army! (10 months ago)
It would have been perfect if Derrick was named Junior
M.G. F.N. (10 months ago)
He sounded dreamy in the first half of the video... And then not so dreamy...
Monica R (11 months ago)
You are a great story teller. I love this video
done Browne (11 months ago)
Girl!!! Was his name Shae?!
bhaby hawaii (1 year ago)
My ex's name is Matthew😅
Virginia Spence (1 year ago)
Oh that hurt my heart that's horrible, what a but.
Bethanne Shafer (1 year ago)
Love dat movie and bow wow is hot
Leiie Star (1 year ago)
Matthew savage af! He mad wild for that tweet. SMH I would have been freaking bewildered.
Miiki (1 year ago)
I knew it. Could smell that kind of shit out real quick.
Tara TheWitch (1 year ago)
I needed that moment of silence
Briana Sumpter (1 year ago)
Please do more story times!!! This was amazing.
Gary V (1 year ago)
Lmao can tell this girl hung around just white people
Ashley Devonna (1 year ago)
ALL of the people in this story are black, speaking in a proper manner doesn't make a black person "white", but nice try.
Edith Mendat (1 year ago)
So pretty
aubrey later (1 year ago)
That was heartbreaking.
Ashley Anderson (1 year ago)
What a fuckboy!!
Valeshka94 (1 year ago)
Girl you are so sweet, and Matthew is just a douchebag your dad know what's better for you because he knows you better than anyone since he raise you, I hope you have a nice guy in your life now😚😚
Jamisha Walker (1 year ago)
Your hilarious 😂😂😂
#mood (1 year ago)
Shoutout to all us Dallas folks!
essenceofsoul27 (1 year ago)
You kind of look like Brandy from certain angles
Shanna Monroe (1 year ago)
Your so pretty like omgg girllll😮😂
Faizal Ali (1 year ago)
14:19 jesus christ lady how hot was he?
Avram Latosca (1 year ago)
After Matthew's tweet I was like wooooow girl wooooow giiiirl woooow....giiiiiirl..... the whole time you wasn't speaking omg I'm dead
Venus Unlocked (1 year ago)
Funny thing is that my husband is a cop also and he definitely has the razor sharp intuition too. I trust his scum bag judgement 💯%!
Tinkie Hunbun (1 year ago)
😂😪 2 for 20 😂😂😂💩
Jeanell Dixon (1 year ago)
Matthew was horrible
Nikki Msenga (1 year ago)
Girl your makeup looks flawless 😍 please do a tutorial on this look
Nozuko Dlodlo (1 year ago)
My crush disappeared completely as well...like abracadabra
Ash Moise (1 year ago)
Good riddance. Hope he has acid thrown on his face.
Mikael Izk (1 year ago)
did you say your dad was being a hater lmaooooooo
Kiralyn Mulloy (2 years ago)
I never comment on videos but oh my gosh you're so gorgeous girl wow
kendra Trujillo (2 years ago)
Ur so funny lol
Vika V E (2 years ago)
Sounds like he used you! Maybe he was keeping a count for his football player friends...the girls he took to Chillies and the girls he took to Cheesecake Factory. You're a beautiful girl. I'd stay away from him. He is not worth it!
Mary Maxine (2 years ago)
You favor Brandy at certain angles 😍. You are so pretty! Matthew sucks man.
RiRi J (2 years ago)
I swear you're Shady words are actually so sweet. Very good story teller 😂😩👌🏾
Lauren Batiste (2 years ago)
Those flawless guys would get u u explained this guy I was dating to a t except the eyes. He turned out to be the BIGGEST fuck boy ever and a liar not to mention he had a girlfriend girl can you say totally blindsided smh.
Joy Thompson (2 years ago)
So how's this the worst day🤔
Joy Thompson (2 years ago)
Nvm needed to watch the ending
Tae Alexander (2 years ago)
Wait Cheesecake and Chillis and HE BLASTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA... DAGGGGGGG
Tae Alexander (2 years ago)
I'm passing out laughing
Johle Hasley (2 years ago)
Tae Alexander
Miss Phase (2 years ago)
all the worst storytimes in real life really start with "he seemed like a good guy" why are men such snakes :(
Heila Bang (2 years ago)
Lol that cough tho
Christen Denise (2 years ago)
when they are attractive like that they think they are a gift to "all" the ladies. can't pin one of those down they are on the move...
sammy davis (2 years ago)
How tall r u?????
brianna smith (2 years ago)
ctfu when she said " excuse me while I go die" A commercial came on lmao
OnlyKodo (2 years ago)
5:34 I caught so many feelings lol your description is so vivid. You should write novels!
Divine lounge 7 (2 years ago)
these mens are screaming women stay away.from the young men's to the old grandpa who takes nude pictures and send them to women. iam done with online dating these mens have agendas and guess what ? it's not love nor marriage , most of them are players,married, bums who wants women to take care of them. ladies beware!;!!!! seriously
riseyrenée xo (2 years ago)
You have such a clear, pretty speaking voice! Some YouTubers mumble so much it's hard to understand their storytime videos.
NoVee (2 years ago)
I'm subscribing just cuz your from Dallas!
Deniché Wilson (2 years ago)
This storytime was so funny i had to subscribe straight away
Tru Joy (2 years ago)
Your smile is so pretty!
Amber Lynn (2 years ago)
you are so pretty!!
Young Infamous (2 years ago)
Lol, y'all order the same thing. Me and my bf order at chilis! Those honey chipotle crispers are everything!!! 😂😂😂
Ella (2 years ago)
I only like tall guys but then when u described the rest of him he does sound pretty cute 👌🏼
love (2 years ago)
maybe he blocked u
Ashley Dailey (2 years ago)
His pants sat where there supposed to lol
Ashley Dailey (2 years ago)
You're gorgeous
H. Aljasser (2 years ago)
sorry but is that your natural hair?
SHESHEEN (2 years ago)
H. Aljasser no

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