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EXAM Full Movie (2009) In HD With English Subtitles.

1823 ratings | 265495 views
The final eight candidates for a highly desirable corporate job are locked together in an exam room and given a test with one question. It seems simple yet confusing that soon, tensions begin to unravel.
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Text Comments (211)
craig keahey (7 days ago)
This movie would have been real short if the writer had ever met someone truly perceptive instead they talk about these people like the elite few but they are really pretty average minds. I will watch anyway to see what they do in the room but 21 minutes in and they are just ignoring the only question he asked... The only mystery is whether they will remember his question.
Wind Wolf (11 days ago)
Great movie, honestly one of the best piece of shit in the big pile of shit.
love birds (11 days ago)
Fuck where is subtitles
mirr (11 days ago)
love the movie
Gaurii ** (13 days ago)
Okay..comment section is boring now..going to FULLSCREEN!!😛😛😃😃😁😁
Sam (16 days ago)
His Life with His Wife (17 days ago)
Good one
여박찬운 (21 days ago)
앙 🐕꿀
여박찬운 (21 days ago)
앙 개꿀🐕
Gavinda jya jya (27 days ago)
"Any questions?" Yes actually. When is Gemma Chan gonna give it up and just get a normal job?! 😄
Emerald Plays (1 month ago)
Damn that was a really good movie to watch at 3 AM xd
Emerald Plays (1 month ago)
Why didn't they just stop the timer (I'm about 1/3 through idk if they end up doing that) but they can just pause it there's no one saying not to
E. Anonymous (1 month ago)
Does someone know the instrumental song playing on 1.22.18? I'm dying to find this😖
Sam (1 month ago)
dark slayed <#
الحربي حرب (1 month ago)
Where’s subtitle !!???
Relámpago (1 month ago)
Nigga wins.
Amin Hassan (1 month ago)
I want to be an actor like invigilator 😂 expressionless...
Z z Z (1 month ago)
49:34 white man: so what? Me: we hot, we young ~~~~~ . #NCTDREAM
Z z Z (1 month ago)
any question??? Them: quietly seating.
Z z Z (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my channel. Drop done I do subscribe back. Thank you.
Z z Z (1 month ago)
The first Time I watch this is when I was in senior high. Now I'm here again.
Beem B (1 month ago)
This movie was shit
애니좋다 (1 month ago)
It is good movie
Rakshya A Bhujel (1 month ago)
Was it just me that felt like fucking punch and kick that white guy from the very beginning of the movie?? Having the pill before coming to the exam room and then being a fucking asshole. 😑😡
Michael Mathers (1 month ago)
i've seen enough low budget single room movies to know that it's possible to make a decent one. this one is the most retarded one I've seen. magic healing bullets? a stupid smaller printed question on the back of the test paper you can only read if you have glasses but has no actual meaning besides coming up in the last 5 minutes of the movie? 2/10 would not watch again
hodo Zaid (1 month ago)
OMG. it can be feel only by one who passed a final and complex exams with stone invigilator like me ,just I return a memory of GC chemistry and physics papers and how that condition was to me in that day.
Marie Gonzales (1 month ago)
Wow. Thank you for posting!
Im Roo (1 month ago)
I love it
Business Man (1 month ago)
I enjoy these movies that require thinking and strategy. Beats watching someone fall in the woods in a semi-scary film.
Maira Khan (1 month ago)
Ohh I'm still confused after watching whole movie.If the answer was "No"that's means all candidates gain victory overtheir.Am I right?😐
Amos Kiprono (1 month ago)
I guess this is how CIA recruits employees . really mind boggling yet its a two letter answer.
GDRMW FE (1 month ago)
Exemplary !!...Simply thrilling ...hip hip
Ankit Kumar (2 months ago)
so least smart person gets the job. I mean she was going to spoil her paper
Sowmiya Priyadharshini (29 days ago)
+Ankit Kumar yes yes ...
Ankit Kumar (29 days ago)
+Sowmiya Priyadharshini he was checking whether she was telling the truth or not
Sowmiya Priyadharshini (1 month ago)
This man brown is too rude...he tied the girl's hands in his belt and threatened her and cut her thigh...too rude
Fathin Farhana (2 months ago)
Why the man who wears spectacles exist ? Is it CEO spy ?
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Jay WiPL (2 months ago)
White scribbled a crucifix shape on paper earlier in the film, how didn't he get disqualified at that point?
Jay WiPL (2 months ago)
+Endrica Denise Vallerine Right, of course. That's why White made Brunette burn her _own_ paper. Makes sense, my bad.
Endrica Denise Vallerine (2 months ago)
It wasnt his paper
WaterboyRL (2 months ago)
Be a Truth Seeker (2 months ago)
absolutely amazing worth watching
Daisy Helen (2 months ago)
I have learned many things from this film thank u
Imola Nemes (2 months ago)
hmm, yes communication is key..... so by the end out there is a very competitive World, if you want a better job you need to fight for it with teeth and bones,with patience and resilience, one of us might get lucky....
Wasim Khan (21 days ago)
Nice lines ....
sameer alam (2 months ago)
Any comment ?
Purplemonkeyspank (2 months ago)
Well then. That was dumb.
God's Grace (2 months ago)
Where is the English subtitles?
Rizea Andrada (2 months ago)
in our imagination lol
Sam (2 months ago)
50:24 epic rant
Sam (2 months ago)
14:26 cringe moment
Sam (2 months ago)
Miss Mermaid (2 months ago)
SO much talking would you rather is so much better
Preston P. (1 month ago)
Miss Mermaid psychology requires a lot of talking
Ethan Carroll (2 months ago)
This movie tried so hard to be deep and philosophical but it wasn't even close.
John Bolan Ardoin (3 months ago)
English subtitles ??? Zero here.
bot tor (3 months ago)
where is the subtitle button ?
jyashin (3 months ago)
Wow, this is Gemma Chan's debut film (she plays Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians). She's the Asian girl who fails immediately.
Z z Z (1 month ago)
My Asian girls would work it out~~~~.. JASON DERULO, LAY, NCT 127! ... Proud Asian
Mohammad Thabseer (3 months ago)
Where is subtitle
Sam (3 months ago)
Falsehood World (3 months ago)
Bull Shit
Fredster !! (3 months ago)
This movie would've had more impact and the importance of the job would've been brought home if the audience had an understanding of what the big illness that killed everyone was, or what type of world these people live in. As is, we get no explanation outside of brief statements. There's not a lot of worldbuilding at all in this movie, and it leaves the plot and explanation of why these people are here to suffer from it.
Fredster !! (3 months ago)
+jyashinMy point is that certain aspects of the plot would've hit home more if the film had even the slightest bit of worldbuilding put into it.
jyashin (3 months ago)
It's not the destination that matters, but the journey. Overall the point of this film is that you can create a very good psychological thriller with a very low budget and no special effects.
Naruto X Hinata (3 months ago)
Although white was sharp he was not wise so he would not have gotten the job cuz at the end the guy said that they would need a wise person to make a decision who also has attention to details.. Felt really bad for the brunette(the one who lit her paper). I feel like she would have qualified too but she didn’t pay attention to things which is y she lit her own paper on fire and didn’t even check.. But I think black would have qualified as well.. 👏🏼
durcheinander (3 months ago)
Omg this is so silly, they learnt every part of the Inviligator's speech BY HEART and quoted it throughout the movie, but they didn't remember the one question in it, which btw contained the word "question"??? Just so stupid. Besides, if the speech was part of the exam itself, then there was a question, namely: "Any questions?" That's just one example of mind-boggling stupidity in this film, and they are countless. Not to mention it's way off psychologically. Blah, this was bad. Thanks for the upload though
durcheinander (1 month ago)
Michael Mathers That's interesting, what's the title of the story? In a way I'm not surprised it's based off something, it has the vibe of a bad fanfiction
Michael Mathers (1 month ago)
because the movie was badly written and thought out. the entire idea was based off a fictional short internet story that was more dramatic and clever than the entire 90 minute movie was. the script was written in one draft without any further thought, just "okay I finished and printed it, action!" in this movie though, i guarantee that if you answered right away to "Any questions?" with "no", you would have been removed immediately for trying to communicate with him. incredibly fucking stupid movie
All Glass Breaks (3 months ago)
Greg Truong (3 months ago)
This movie is way better than 2019 Escape Room. I think. I need to rewatch this. lol
Sanjay Bannakar (3 months ago)
Invigilator you nailed it😊
Azhar Arif (3 months ago)
where is your subtitle?
Z Zunny (3 months ago)
who can name more movies like this for me, please? Cube (1997) is similar. anything else?
Erika Stewart (2 months ago)
+durcheinander I just saw watch the trailer and it looks interesting. Thank you for the suggestion. I enjoy movies that have psychological /horror themes. Another one of my my favorite movies is You're Next.
durcheinander (2 months ago)
@Erika Stewart Well tbh "Primer" isn't a mystery/escape movie. It's a time travel flick. I just mentioned it cause it's really, really convoluted, like maybe there isn't a mystery for the characters to solve, but there is for the viewers :D And also I had just rewatched it and remembered how much I loved it, it's one of my faves
Erika Stewart (2 months ago)
+durcheinander You're right, I forgot about Das Experiment. I haven't seen Primer.
durcheinander (3 months ago)
"Das Experiment", "Die Welle" for German ones, you probably can find them with subs. "Coherence" is a bit similar. Also if you are interested in movies that are puzzles more generally, "Primer" is a must see.
Erika Stewart (2 months ago)
The Belko Experiment, The Killing Room, the Saw franchise, Vile, The Game, and Escape Room (2019).
용우최 (3 months ago)
한국인들아 영어로 된 영화도 들으면서 해석못하냐
Shyho Gaming (3 months ago)
1:04:06 kill him next evil evil evil man
Shyho Gaming (3 months ago)
48:55 lol
Student Says (2 months ago)
Spoiler Spoiler warning - lol it was no surprise that he was the CEO, i believe he was only there to make it appear there was a twist. There was no point of him being there. Other than pressing the blue button , which IMO is completely unnecessary.
Shyho Gaming (3 months ago)
45:25 lol triggered <3
Shyho Gaming (3 months ago)
10:07 lol
Broadcast YT (3 months ago)
How can you successfully solve the question without knowing how to speak French in the first place? The question itself is not that hard to solve, but the next step is hard. Remember when they said that you can not talk to the guard or the moderator? It turns out that because of this rule, it is literally impossible to solve the question because of the dumbest reason possible which is that you can not communicate the answer to the moderator. Unless you speak french and manage to tell the CEO the answer it would be impossible to solve.
Soleil Sierra (3 months ago)
I need more movies like this.
ҒΛLLIΠG DØШΠ (1 month ago)
7 Años
Molly McIntyre (2 months ago)
+Bugs Bunny I am always searching for movies this is. Definitely my favorite kind
Molly McIntyre (2 months ago)
+Bugs Bunny "The Eyes" is the full title of the movies, its from 2017
Bugs Bunny (2 months ago)
+Molly McIntyre Also the "eyes" you mentioned, never heard of it, is this the full title? I'm really curious about it, there's a finite amount of movies in this genre
Bugs Bunny (2 months ago)
+Molly McIntyre Fermat's room was never released with English audio but you can watch it with subtitles ,i think I've linked it before somewhere but here https://vpxfilms.com/movies/fermats-room-2007/ you need a reasonably fast connection though.
Junwhee Jang (3 months ago)
Sorry, but where is the subtitle button ?
Bugs Bunny (2 months ago)
Try this: https://vpxfilms.com/movies/exam-2009/ (eng / hun subtitles)
Éva Lívia Szabó (2 months ago)
+Márton Németh Köszönet az adekvàt vàlaszàért. A bojler most nem aktuàlis.
Márton Németh (2 months ago)
+Éva Lívia Szabó Bojler eladó
Éva Lívia Szabó (2 months ago)
I search this too
이군 (3 months ago)
pczaomyworld777 (3 months ago)
This is a kind of movie you have to watch 10 times to get to the history
Mohamad Remmo (3 months ago)
Let's crack this up: The employer said is there any questions, and all of them went quite. Now I understand that the question was is there any question, but when he asked the candidates he was asking them what if someone said yes? Will that qualify him? And white answered the question by saying theres no question. Because the question was "is there any question?" And the answer was no so basically theres no question, shouldn't that qualify white? Even though he was a selfish cunt.
Stella Yates (1 month ago)
All of them went quite - or quiet?
Ashley EL (2 months ago)
I think they must find the hint first, then answered it while look at the camera. Besides, the white talked to the guard, it's break the rule, is it?
Gill Dominic Mendoza (2 months ago)
+Vloopy Um no, most of them are no really animals , just people focus on the task. Some have fewer morals than others. *quints at brown and white* Im looking at you.
Vloopy (2 months ago)
Guys he basically was looking for the right candidate, all of them were animals except for the blonde.
Ziphelele Saule (2 months ago)
And white communicated with the inviligilator before the 80 minutes was over. Remember the CEO rigged the stop watch on his way out. He wasn't supposed to
멜론맛젤리 (2 months ago)
So its always the white person who wins... never been other kinds
Jay WiPL (2 months ago)
are you stupid? "Black" won most. He didn't die and he was cured.
Jeon1958able (3 months ago)
I took the exam too like them, then I took a regenerative bullet to the knee.
sneha shiva (3 months ago)
sham majid (3 months ago)
Pheenix23 (3 months ago)
Interesting movie for a budget of 600K USD. I'll give it a spoiler free review so that people who have yet to watch it don't get the story ruined when scrolling down. The setting is in a single room; 8 tests are placed uniformly across the room with 8 ambitious people interviewing for a major opportunity. The goal is simple; given the 80 minute time limit, answer the question. Attention to detail is one of the redeeming aspects of this movie. Stay vigilante when watching this, because sometimes the answer is right in front of your eyes. If you enjoy types of thriller and mystery related to 'room escape' or 'whodunnits', you might enjoy this film more than others. Also remember this isn't a big movie so give the production some leeway if you find something off in the acting or setting. If you are looking for stellar acting chops, you won't find it here. The script doesn't really allow the characters to develop enough to see any growing characteristics of each person. That being said though, everyone performed well, especially the actors playing White, Black, and Blonde. The room was also very well made. The lighting and ominous shade of black reflect the solemn tone of how crucial this job opportunity is. Whoever the cinematographer was, they knocked it out of the park. Excellent camera work when dialogue is happening and when certain actions happen, they aren't obscured. Overall, the movie was by no means terrible but it also wasn't a fantastically puzzling movie. If you have watched other, far more taxing on the mind movies, you might find this flick a cakewalk. As one of the first movies of 2018, it doesn't fail to impress if you want a movie that teases the brain.
Lord Sherm (4 months ago)
2 big plot holes: 1) Why does White claim that he "felt" Brown take the pill out of his pocket when before, he was genuinely surprised that it wasn't in his pocket and had no idea who had taken it? 2) How did Brown know that he was infected to take the pill out of his pocket in the first place?
Business Man (1 month ago)
+Daisy Helen "Action"!! 📣🎥🎬
Daisy Helen (2 months ago)
It's A film what director says they will do 🙂
Tsavorite Prince (3 months ago)
Lord Sherm Chances are the pill is distinct, I haven’t seen many blue pharmaceutical pills.
sohail mohammed (4 months ago)
Can anyone explain me what is the role of deaf at the end ? 😅
Blackfalk (3 months ago)
White was the sharpest (yes Blonde found the question but she got lucky, White noticed the most details) and the boldest attention to detail is one of the company's primary criteria funny thing is even if White had got the correct answer he still would've been turned down since "the only rules are the company's rules" and they also wanted someone with compassion which he lacks so in the end they would've hired no one this round. he would've been even more suicidal lol btw I got the impression the invigilator (also CEO?) had far more authority than the french guy...? (notice how the french guy hides behind the CEO what sort of leader does that lol)
Danny Ishii (4 months ago)
He's the real boss. Speaking to him does not trigger the failure conditions (addressing the guard or the Invigilator while on the clock), and that's also why he was able to return to the testing room after being "ejected", and why he made sure to drop the key item-his glasses. An idiot savant, he's a genius at biochemistry but awful at interpersonal communications-and he was looking for an assistant that can do the judging of and speaking to people. No, the real questions is how a psychopath like White got that far anyway.
지훈 (4 months ago)
결말이먼데 시발 자막좀 넣어주지
nik kan (1 month ago)
+김범기 검둥이래 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dev O'lee (3 months ago)
참.. 그래도 막말은 좀 안해주셨으면... 밑에는 사진 결말입니다. https://killtab.blogspot.com/2018/12/blog-post.html
밍정._.Lucia (4 months ago)
Question: Are there any questions?, Answer: NO, The Blonde wins, The French:deaf was the CEO of this corp.됐나요? 한국어 보여서 반갑네욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
지훈 (4 months ago)
+김범기 이야 감사합니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
김범기 (4 months ago)
결국, 저 안경쓴 남자가 회사 사장임..그리고 시험 문제는 맨처음에 검둥이 감독관이 말했던 "질문있나?" 이게 시험 문제였습니다. 그래서 여자는 없다고 말했고 결국 채용시험에 합격했죠.. 하지만, 여자가 검둥이 감독관한테 말합니다. 사람을 죽이면서 까지 이런식으로 시험을 치뤄야 하냐고.. 그래서 검둥이가 말합니다. " 왜 남자가 죽었다고 생각하냐고"  백인 남자가 쏜거는 총알이 아닌 저 회사의 치료제 였습니다. 그래서 총 맞은 검둥이는 운좋게 병에서 회복됩니다.  그렇게 백인여자와 회사 사장이 둘이 악수하면서 같이 일하게 되었다.. 뭐 그런 내용입니다.
Jerin Chacko (4 months ago)
No subtitles
IlIll IlIl (4 months ago)
How clever and ridiculous answer at the same time
steiven nurhalimah (4 months ago)
Wow.. question 1.. is the first question asked.. amazing movie.. 👍👍👍
peel (4 months ago)
"Any quastion😕?"
The blonde has captures the hint very well.....Awesome movie.... She deserves to win among all candidates because she was the best and a good presence of mind has been shown by her at last by saying LIGHTS OFF.... Decreasing order of smartness- 1.Blonde at the top 2.White 3.Brunette 4.Brown 5.Dark hair 6.Black 7.Chinese and deaf was mastermind......
Blackfalk (3 months ago)
actually Brown was the smartest the sharpest - most perceptive - was White (Blonde got lucky in the end) intelligence & attention to detail are 2 different things
Poe Wahl (4 months ago)
Ok but statistically speaking it wasn't the best question I mean my first guess would have been to write either yes no or I don't know cause that's a generic answer which work for almost anything so yeah...
Siddhant Lilhare (4 months ago)
Best movie I had ever seen......
krishna Aggarwal (4 months ago)
One of the best movie I ever saw
jojo jo (12 days ago)
U can't have seen many movies...
Zakd (4 months ago)
The blonde wins
sneha shiva (3 months ago)
+Dragon TV lol
용우최 (3 months ago)
WTF spoiler your mother fu*k
Samy Gerongco (4 months ago)
no sub
English Unchained (4 months ago)
This is my review of the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrxpAildBY4&feature=youtu.be
Desi Parindey (4 months ago)
Best movie 👍👍👍
Kixxry (4 months ago)
Subin Sah (4 months ago)
Who came here after RVCJ media???
Taha Adnan (2 months ago)
Devika S (3 months ago)
+Mahesh Babu Kothapalli actor evaru
Devika S (3 months ago)
Vijay Bhuva (4 months ago)
Subin Sah ... same here
Gurman Sandhu (4 months ago)
Blackfalk (3 months ago)
17:15 White was gonna get Blonde to disqualify herself she would've been kicked out if Black hadn't saved her ass White was right he's the one who made everything happen Brown's the smartest but White's the sharpest (Blonde & Black were the most compassionate but Black was unfairly eliminated & Blonde just got lucky in the end)
roman romans (2 months ago)
Black almost got White killed. It was his idea to tie White almost to death.
Elie Baroud (3 months ago)
also, dark was extremely hot
Mohamad Remmo (3 months ago)
I dont think white made everything happen. I think white made everything worse, because of his high ego and selfishness made all of the reach that point, now notice everyone was facing the consequences of white decisions. So the message here you can be ambitious and competitive but selfishness and ignorance wont help you.
Blackfalk (4 months ago)
​+Irin Kon that'd make sense if the company & its boss were humanistic - which they're not
Irin Kon (4 months ago)
It is not about being smart or sharp. It is about being humanistic. Got it?
جوان علي (4 months ago)
جوان علي (4 months ago)
Any questions , no.
Sunny Rajput (4 months ago)
This movie is not cup of tea for everyone. If you don't understand it or feel like it is very boring movie, then it's alright.... There are creatures like you In this world who aren't smart enough to understand such films. Excellent movie by the way.
+Michael Mathers Exactly, believe me or not but 15 minutes in I had figured out that question surely is 'Is there any question'. Yet I went on because there was drama, that french candidate acting weird and all those injury marks on dark's thighs I thought there must be something else something big.. This movie is a waste of time!
Michael Mathers (1 month ago)
It's a very bad movie with an incredibly bad explanation. You're not given information in increments that makes you understand and make the plot seem plausible. I "get it", and it is stupid. An unnamed "virus" that makes you take a pill every hour on the hour? so you have to wake up 7 times while sleeping to take it or you die? magic healing bullets that only come up in the last 5 minutes so the movie doesn't have to have a death or any real consequences? a stupid question that can only be read by the CEO because he's wearing glasses but it's small and on the back of the paper and it still just reads "Question 1:" ? which they already know? Very, very stupid movie. It's so stupid I can't believe anybody thinks it's good. If you want a decent one room movie, watch Nine Dead. It's got a retarded plot too but at least the drama matters instead of slapping you in the face at the end like "FUCK FACE? YOU DIDN'T THINK OF _THAT_ HAPPENING, DID YOU?" this movie is an insult. it's FOR retarded people, it MAKES them feel smart, because it's so bad that nobody of average intelligence could forgive it. it's babies first one room movie so they think more highly of it.
Don't call yourself smart before other people calls you smart, it's pathentic
Boyan_cy (2 months ago)
white: “fucking philosophers”
Broadcast YT (3 months ago)
The movie is not about human intelligence it is about desperation
Amanda Xaso (4 months ago)
Still the best movie ever made. To this day👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Mohamad Remmo (3 months ago)
+Ragul Ragul Ragul Hehe your welcome, but that was just my opinion about the movie
Ragul Ragul Ragul (3 months ago)
+Mohamad Remmo tq so much😊😊😊😊😊 ur explain dr tq alot😍👏👏👍👍👍
Mohamad Remmo (3 months ago)
+Ragul Ragul Ragul in my opinion that the question was so simple and direct but this movie tried to show the dark side of human being. The question was in front of them all along but their ego and ignorance didnt let them see it, and selfishness. And involving someone's background to judge his character, I think the movie is smart because i can kinda relate it to our society how selfish and ignorant it become and only few and see the clues when they are right infront of them. Honestly it was kinda obvious to me I noticed that almost half way there after the water try that's there was no questions, except for the first question.
Ragul Ragul Ragul (4 months ago)
Can u pls explain this film? ??? Pls😢
Priyanka pinku (4 months ago)
This movie like so much....

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