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This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next:

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Wait till you see what this bride does when her husband surprises her with her favorite country artist during their first dance. Selective Sound Entertainments own video division caught it all! Special guests Mark Wills was the country artist and he was AWESOME to work with! Maria Kovacevich from Elegant Events and her team were amazing in assisting in this surprise. Thanks to all of the production that Selective Sound Entertainment did to make this a reality.
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Servant Of Jesus Christ (20 hours ago)
I hope they are living a cheerful and prosperous life together, they really look amazing together...
OMG! Wow. How gorgeous. Regards Australia
fung fung (1 day ago)
beautiful couple, the music was made for them. Congrats!
Alan Boss (1 day ago)
Money Man
Asheen Kamlal (2 days ago)
I don't care who he is, but if my girl keeps looking at him instead of spending 'our' special' moment 'completely together' the we have a problem.
Alex D (12 hours ago)
Come on..she was surprised.. she did look and shared the moment with her husband..it's normal because this is why he was there..to surprise her..they shared the moment..I think it was magical for both of them..
S. T. Browne (2 days ago)
LOVED IT - singing artist + song, thoughtful husband, bride's reaction.
Gods grace (2 days ago)
So many tears 😭 someone loved her so much that they paid for him to come to her wedding, that’s so beautiful
lovly specter (2 days ago)
damn, he has the whitest teeth i've have ever seen.
Rita Alicquino (2 days ago)
What a voice it pierce straight to your heart....
anna morgolets (2 days ago)
Wow. 😮 ❤️
r m smith (2 days ago)
I show my wife a lot of videos. Not this one.
tuna hump (3 days ago)
may have to run this play ...... as well
Breezzey (3 days ago)
That guy had the cash to hire him why would she leave cmmon ?
Tom V-dog (3 days ago)
Nuno Soares (3 days ago)
Beautiful bride and amazing surprise. Elegant Events you're awesome and so is Mark Wills. Hope everything's going well with the couple :-)
djk (3 days ago)
There's something about seeing a bride brought to tears of happiness
Patricia Evangelista (3 days ago)
Beautiful and pure the appreciation. .
Phoebe Jones (3 days ago)
Look at the size of those diamonds...but are they real?
Mike Wilson (4 days ago)
and this is how you make a home run at the begining of your marriage
TheBeingReal (4 days ago)
Good to be filthy rich.
GamerVolg molina (4 days ago)
Omg im about to cry help
O.K....any other marital duties were substituted?...kidding...beautiful bride and a generous loving husband.
TheRedleader01 (4 days ago)
shes your wife now,make her happy-25 year vet here and she still the love of my life
junior duco (5 days ago)
shit I wish I could have done that on my wedding!!!
TruthSeeker4Life (5 days ago)
Fucking yuppies.
Dave Slater (5 days ago)
Damn allergies
Chad Rowe (5 days ago)
overachieved right outta the gate!
Darrin Nelson (5 days ago)
I can even buy your favorite country singer and make him play for you. Can't you see. I AM THE MAN. Hahaha gtfoh.
Charity S Ndhlovu (6 days ago)
Wonderful couple, enjoy your marriage forever
Remy Ortiz (6 days ago)
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 everyone commenting how great looking the bride is, look how ugly goofy slap head, receded hair lined skinny turd she married , I know I'm good looking , 6'5 , built like a nfl player , get woman like her all the time in Dubai where I live and love dearly. But come on he is dog shit rotten 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆
Andrew Frost (6 days ago)
Boobs 👌🏻
Ellie McGuire (7 days ago)
Snapchat brought me here.
Carl 15 (7 days ago)
Cheesy AF
Кто это вопит? Я в ванной лучше пою.
Michelle Lacy (7 days ago)
This is so Beautiful and Magical - I'am so crying right now!!!! LOVED THIS VIDEO :) :) :)
vincent damico (8 days ago)
Now here is an artist with class!
Official_Cover_Girl (8 days ago)
I’m just eating my life away while watching a happy couple dance... yep my life is great 👍🏼
jj jj (8 days ago)
They divorced yet?
Direla vérité (8 days ago)
Did.she fall.in.love to the singer or her futur ex husband?
Franz Münchinger (8 days ago)
the groom appears like he has his first kissing-experiences ever .... the only thing, i dont like in this beautiful video - watching him kissing like a fish
Dan Donovan (8 days ago)
Sat with a big smile and a lump in my throat. What a moment for her!
QweenKoopa👽 (8 days ago)
Anime World (9 days ago)
i think they are divorced now in 2019 LMAO it happens in european side LOL
Necile2 (9 days ago)
You only have to look at that rock on her finger to know that this guy can afford it.
Hontonitai (8 days ago)
Look at the wedding venue too
Javier rojas (9 days ago)
Nice surprise
tray1inlife (9 days ago)
Wow that was absolutely beautiful
wcolby (9 days ago)
I’m 6’3” & I got a little teary eyed.
Praveen Kambhampati (9 days ago)
Couldn't hold back, a tear and a smile. Absolute magic. Awesome.
AlexXxana Renae (9 days ago)
I’m crying.... pathetic. Lolol
Holly Warehouse (9 days ago)
Every GIRL DREAMS SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEAUTIFUL, WILL MAGICALLY HAPPEN TO HER *even quietly in her mind* God Bless them🥰❤️❤️❤️
Plaisir Utile (8 days ago)
Eh... No, not every girl, sorry 😅
Dat Guy (9 days ago)
When your wife realizes she married the wrong man.
rshearn (8 days ago)
That was funny
SAM M (9 days ago)
So cute
Shane Tomson (10 days ago)
Published 2016 and probably divorced 2017
Chandler Pistachio (10 days ago)
I don’t see anything touching here just some rich people getting a live artist
Thomas Nappo (10 days ago)
Doesnt she have a baby with the singer now..l heard
Jorge pelaz (10 days ago)
people really has nothing to do or their own lives fulfilled..why we need to mirror our self with others happiness?
Fresh Lemonade (10 days ago)
🤣 too sweet
Catie S (10 days ago)
My new favorite song!
Catie S (10 days ago)
Missy (10 days ago)
She wanted the singer.. ups
firefly jones (11 days ago)
I love it! Simply the Best surprise reaction & true hearted song! Best wishes to a Forever Marriage.
vikas malhotra (11 days ago)
that's Mark Wills...and such a sweet moment😊
Kari Kepala Gajah (11 days ago)
One more guys life destroyed.
Jafra Amanda (11 days ago)
i never hear of this artist before but im glad i heard of him now the song was beautiful and the reaction was wonderful congrats to the happy couple
Tanya Brown (11 days ago)
Wow. His voice is the bomb. Beautiful moment. So happy for them.
Line Danzer (11 days ago)
Her husband is awesome!!
sebi nachname (11 days ago)
Linda Burnage (11 days ago)
I would be the same if I turned round and the group I have loved all my life were there. THE ROLLING Stones. I would fallen to the floor. They have been my favourite group. For over 50 years. This lady was lucky to of had her special singer singing just for her on her wedding day. A day she will treasure all her life. Great present well done .
Carlo Zabbia (11 days ago)
I'd like to get ABBA to play and sing at my wedding...what are the odds of that happening?
Judy G. (11 days ago)
Wow. $$$$ To get a live performance! Or they personally know the singer? That's just crazy.
Jerry Johanan (11 days ago)
Rrudy DeDogg (11 days ago)
Who could not appreciate this? What a touching, beautiful moment on their most special day!
Toosiya Brandt (12 days ago)
HI The husband was brave having her country singing idol perform especially for her at their wedding! At a time when they should have had eyes only for eachother, they both watched him.
Thomas G O'Neill Jr (12 days ago)
LOVE is Everything :)
Its great they have a song they enjoy and share together, but when she gets more excited about the live show more than she is excited about her wedding dance and sharing that moment with the one you married to makes me concerned. Im glad I am done with marriages and never again will I marry. Tired of being hurt and screwed over. I hope these two honestly survive and make their marriage last forever.
Robyn Owen (12 days ago)
I wished someone loved me like that. They are beautiful
Robyn Owen (12 days ago)
How remarkable
I'm pretty sure I just died a thousand deaths when she screamed. SO SWEET
Kassi Lewis (12 days ago)
Awwwww so sweet. Yup I cried . u just don't see this kinda love very often.
RIchard Davidson (12 days ago)
Boy, Live version was the tip off. So cool.
Taz B (12 days ago)
I got shivers down my spine.....how beautiful
T C (12 days ago)
Very nice surprise
Gabriele Wilken (12 days ago)
Oh man Hammeeeeer schön😍Die Überraschung ist geglückt👏👏👏 Wunder wunderschön💕💕💕😍
Davidjohn baluran (13 days ago)
Liveisgood Stone (13 days ago)
Wow - that rock on her finger....the wedding venue....that dress....OH, and a professional singer at the wedding....someone ain't hurting for cash. :-)
Burnt Toast (13 days ago)
I guess im dead inside...
Ho Lee Sheet (13 days ago)
I am balling my eyes out. Love is a powerful thing.
ThreePhaseHigh (13 days ago)
Lynn Alexander (13 days ago)
I hope she loves him forever.
james garside (13 days ago)
that man got lucky that night not becuase of being married but becuase of this
Empress Nai (13 days ago)
I love her reaction! So beautiful!
michelle nevins (13 days ago)
Ok I’m crying happy tears!! Congratulations on your wedding what a wonderful surprise and moment
Jessie Russell (14 days ago)
hey baby just ask you and you yours you've made me I love you much baby is asked to you you made me how many are you braids with your back I love you so much baby. Since you're many years in jail hey you take care of yes and I love you baby baby baby did ask you your Mammy how I met you
Semper Fidelis (14 days ago)
Oh my gosh this is so sweet. I'm just about cracking my face smiling. This is so absolutely sweet I just love it
CaliGaL (14 days ago)
her screamed really scary, lol!
ironman (14 days ago)
Wonder if they still together
Rid ley (14 days ago)
This "dance" is pitiful xD
Cynthia Seelal (14 days ago)
Her reaction was so awsome this is a moment she'll never forget may they be blessed with many happy years ❤❤❤❤
eternal promise (14 days ago)
Simply beautiful

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