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Ladylike Goes 30 Days Without Shaving

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"Let us be the hairy beasts that we're meant to be!" Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/15451 Ladylike Subscribe for your weekly dose of Freddie, Chantel, Devin, Kristin and Jen and all the antics that they get up to. We are so excited to have you here. Lady test, lady stay-tuned. Check out more awesome videos at Ladylike! https://bit.ly/2nbQuy4 GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/boldly https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) Special thanks to Serpent Lane for providing our boudoir wardrobe! Check out Serpent Lane, our online lingerie retailer, at https://www.serpentlane.com/
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Text Comments (14561)
Abby Wyman (57 minutes ago)
Sydney MacLean (1 hour ago)
Shaving my legs is a pain. Half the year is cold so I just don't shave my legs during those months 🤷🏼. Sorry, but idgaf about beauty standards
Sophie Leong (1 hour ago)
My dad likes to make fun of my body hair and the fact I dont shave in front of our whole family... thanks for making this video, it really makes me feel better abt myself :)
Samantha Renee (2 hours ago)
I can not shave bcuz when I do i get horrible, extremely painful, infected, ingrown hairs. I have 2 say, choosing between having some hair and being in pain all the time was not a hard desicion 2 make. No one really sees it anyway.
Madi Berens (3 hours ago)
One of the ads for this video was about a shaver LOL I'm dying 😂 😂 😂
Makeup by TheTatyana ! (3 hours ago)
Lol watching this while shaving but i support them so much !!!!😍😍
Sinead Beel (8 hours ago)
She looks up to women who don't shave as rebels??? Dude, I'm just lazy as fuck
ChocochuJai (14 hours ago)
I tried not shaving my legs for longer than two weeks (not dealing with the flu) and I burst out crying when my boyfriend got a little handsy. He asked what was wrong and I told him I haven’t shaved anything but my pits and tummy hair. That was the first time I realized he didn’t care, because I’m still me
Jaden is your daddy (15 hours ago)
Liza x (14 hours ago)
Ew your ignorance
Mariel Rangel (16 hours ago)
Isabel Moreno (17 hours ago)
Great message
Moonbug13 • (18 hours ago)
I wouldn’t like it cuz I wear long pants so the hairs would rub SO much
Ella Brella369 (20 hours ago)
Did anyone else get a razor add with this?
Paige Kreutner (21 hours ago)
I got a razor add on this video
Walk Through Weight (1 day ago)
I use to shave my arms
Kayla Mcdaniel (1 day ago)
devin be in the model mood
Official._. Erin (1 day ago)
Omfg I feel so inspired to not shave or wax anything for 6 months now😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Gabi A. (1 day ago)
Is this a challenge? To me its a normal thing
Arianna Jackson (1 day ago)
The reason I shave is for me not anyone else. It makes. Me feel really good about myself.
Brionys Journey (1 day ago)
Not shaving my pits just makes me so sweaty and I smell quicker too. I only compulsively shave my armpits for me though and rarely shave my legs
Condolezza Okoro (1 day ago)
You went to the Netherlands I was born there
Liza x (14 hours ago)
She meant her nether reigons lmao not the netherlands
Phoebe Gradert (1 day ago)
When they showed me there legs I was just like that’s nothing mine are much worse and I’m 14 like you would not believe how much my mom tells me I need to shave she also said that it might take shaving cream and a men’s razor to do it but i don’t listen because it’s my body not hers plus it hurts like f**k when it grows back and iches so much and I don’t think i can deal with that
Samantha Blanski (1 day ago)
am i the only one who got an add of a giraffe telling a other giraffe to shave
Janice B (1 day ago)
this is grows but i lick your channel
Kyla Cooper (1 day ago)
I understand what you mean by body hair being embarrassing. And no matter how.much I says this it doesn't make.it less.embarrassing. But you should be your matter what.
SKlate With Us (1 day ago)
*the males that I want to attract* what the fuck is she, a bird?
Olivia Russell (1 day ago)
I forget to shave half the time😅 my husband doesn't card
Lala 123 (2 days ago)
I got a shaving ad before this....
Lily Peters (2 days ago)
I hate the one girl with the glasses. she is so weird
Alex Gillin (2 days ago)
I haven't shaved my legs in a month & they're only prickly I think I'll be good for a while 😂
Rachael Rixon98 (2 days ago)
I respect women who don't let their body hair control them. But I am not one of those women
This is what I call winter.
Siobhain Power (2 days ago)
how did your wedding go
Littzey Palomo (2 days ago)
They can take like one picture and look amazing On the other hand I can take like one billion pictures and not look good in any of them jk jk jk😂😂
Littzey Palomo (2 days ago)
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi HEY
Hagrid 7ern (2 days ago)
I never noticed before but Chantel looks really pretty without makeup, like, I lowkey like her better without it
Kallie Belts (2 days ago)
I stared having when I was 9
Skye Ram (2 days ago)
I don’t even shave my legs in general 😂
Kaylah Amber (2 days ago)
Okey I’m too gay to watch the end 😂🏳️‍🌈♥️
Amy Rivera (3 days ago)
I get the empowerment, I’m all for it. But I prefer to shave, and not because of Society and beauty standards, I just hate hair, it’s itchy and makes you sweat more. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
joanna gallegos (3 days ago)
Wow they feeling it.
JackTheSmol (3 days ago)
I personally like to shave because I love the feeling of smooth skin but to each their own. I believe that it is your body and you do whatever you want with it as long as you're not in harm
Feisty Shorty (3 days ago)
Personally I prefer no pit hair. Pit hair is super gross 😂
Super Clutch (3 days ago)
i am forced to shave at least once a month and i HATE it i do not want to shave lol
meowwishes Wishes (3 days ago)
I am literally like I should shave but I'm LAZZZYYY but I shave my armpits because it's easy and its like hello forest.
Victoria Le Wizard. (3 days ago)
Who else got a shaving ad for this video?
Life through Love (3 days ago)
My underarm skin is so sensitive that if I even think about shaving, I break out.
P.S Crafts (3 days ago)
Omg you guys are so pretty any way you are!!! 🤗
Ida Bust (4 days ago)
Deven is sooo beautiful!!
De'Zjaughn Wilson (4 days ago)
I have more hair than you and I’m 9 btw I’m a girl on my brothers account
De'Zjaughn Wilson (4 days ago)
Briley Wood (4 days ago)
I started saving when I was 11 and I'm still 11
The Treacherous Leech (4 days ago)
You mean Winter?
KpopBTS (4 days ago)
oh shit waddup (4 days ago)
Even during fall and winter I still shave cause of PE 😞. So I have to wear shorts and I don’t want hairy legs cause like the kids all make fun of it.
King LoneWulf (4 days ago)
If men have hair ,why can't women have hair
Kaylee Sanders (4 days ago)
Lol I do this change all the time hahahaha
Stephanie Esterley (4 days ago)
I love ur videos, exposed Leigh, this video, you guys are really empowering and I think everyone should look up to you
Stephanie Esterley (4 days ago)
Exposed Leigh is supposed to be especially this
Skyler Rose (4 days ago)
Damn, I gat a razor Ad during this...
Dark skins can get away with not shaving for two weeks :D
Chloe Davis (4 days ago)
The more ironic thing to happen is that I was shaving while watching this
BTS SUPERFAN (5 days ago)
3:01 i live for that makeup (^ω^)
Wanheda 23 (5 days ago)
Chantel. Damn girl 😏
Khadijah Sayeed (5 days ago)
U guys should do a vid where u use hair removal cream instead of shaving for a week
zoha deeba Khan (5 days ago)
You guys don't have hairs at all... I get amazon in 2 weeks
zoha deeba Khan (5 days ago)
Kristen is so cute 😍 "i cleaned my toilet"
Ifedayo Afolabi (5 days ago)
3:05 love your eye makeup Chantel
Mckenna Teich (5 days ago)
I started shaving when I was 10
Unicornlover 8181 (5 days ago)
I got a shaving ad right before this
Elizabeth Lolling (5 days ago)
I just started shaving yesterday and I am 10
George Yorba (5 days ago)
Some clothing for women lends itself to underarm shaving.  There was a time in history when there was a cultural shift toward shaving there (1920s).  I like how you were willing to explore this matter.
Charissa Suranofsky (5 days ago)
When I was little, I'm talking 5-6 years old, I hated my body hair. I would try to shave my legs and cut them up because I had no clue what I was doing. My mom finally got tired of me sneaking and bought me my first ever razor at 9 years old. I shaved daily everywhere from then until last year. I was going through some financial troubles and one of the ways I could save money was to not buy razors as often. This meant that I was growing hair often. Now, my genetics make me a very hairy person. I've argued with my mother in law over whether or not it was my arm, or my hubbies arm in a picture because of the hair. At one point I was so desperate that I was even plucking individual leg hairs. I was driven crazy. And then one day, I just stopped caring. My hubby didn't care about my hair, no one else noticed or if they did, didn't make it obvious. I still shave, but I'm not so self conscience about it if I skip a couple days, or even longer. Yes, I've even went swimming that way.
Rachel SingSong (5 days ago)
Out of laziness, I stopped shaving my legs/arms almost 3 years ago. I do shave my underarms probably once a week, and my under carriage probably once every month and a half to two months.
Bob The Builder lol (5 days ago)
Quagga Goomers (5 days ago)
I don’t get armpit hair lol and if I do it’s clear hair
musical theater nerd (5 days ago)
During the winter I only shave the bottom of my legs like just three inches above my legs because my school pants are short on me
bubblecheol (5 days ago)
why is their result so sparse ?? literally after a week i look like a fluffy golden retriever
Madelyn Gustafson (5 days ago)
If my chest hairs can’t be plucked, my toilet will be very clean lol me trying to make positive things out of my life
CrystalFox Lana (5 days ago)
I dont shave...I WAX....😭 im 11 and i started waxing my Stache and Armpits since i was 9 and now i realize how hairy i am for my age...
Lisa Tui (5 days ago)
This is normal for me😂😎💯❤💛💚
Paige Luella (6 days ago)
Chantel is so pretty what the fuck
fiBer wayz (6 days ago)
White straight males are devils to buzzfeed feminists
fiBer wayz (6 days ago)
What dude would even want to date that douchebag or not
Daisy (6 days ago)
My insecurities is that I’m friends with a lot of guys when I get older I’m scared what will happen when I get older... I like to hang out with them cause they’re chill and they are comfortable whatever I decide to do. Even though I won’t know them as they are going to different schools as I am we live in the same area. And no matter how long it takes I want to just have a chance to talk to someone who understands what gaming is like and how fun climbing and being rough and tumble with pets are. I like being able to go over to them follow them round sometimes even annoy them but after a second it’s all just fine and harmless I have someone who understands me as a person. Guys are my true friends. At a school assembly one of the teachers who knows I hang out with guys a lot was talking about how guys and girls can be friends and it’s not gross or weird. I felt so embarrassed as everyone looked at me from my year group. I don’t think that people have to be comfortable by not doing something there are two girls who have cut they’re hair short and wear guys clothes I do but I feel proud for them as I started this change of girls and guys can do whatever they want to be comfortable they don’t have to do what other think is right. I would like to have a day in school where you wear the opposite ‘genders assigned clothing’ or you don’t have to you should wear whatever you want even if it’s not what other people want of you. Don’t be this puppet doll. Don’t let them control you. I’m proud to say I was the first girl to come to school wearing trousers and boys shoes and not being afraid. I’ve never gone back to dresses until summer comes around but now I wear a skirt as guys clothes is what makes me comfortable and if guys came in wearing dresses that’s fine. My point is in this long comment is Equality is important. Do you want and think is right. Don’t be afraid to say I’m gonna cut my hair or Im going to wear skirts and I’m a guy or anything like that. Don’t be afraid to let people know who you are.
Ana Turcios (6 days ago)
Sometimes i shave my other leg and the other one i save it for a other day cause im lazy
Scaretress _808 (6 days ago)
I remember I went out with a guy who didn’t like body hair on girls very much, especially in the crouch region. He wasn’t too douchey about it but I did find it a little irritating. I didn’t hold it against him tho. Luckily, I’m now with a guy who doesn’t really mind my body hair and even said that it’s a way of showing that I’m a woman (although this doesn’t necessarily imply you’re less of a women if you do shave just FYI). He even literally called my pit hairs adorable once and compared it to his pits😂 he’s such a goofy guy ❤️
Cyan Almada (6 days ago)
I’ve been shaving my legs since I was 9.
Kaitlyn Maggio (6 days ago)
Shaving is lady like read the name
wolfy plaz (6 days ago)
I've been shaving sense I was 10 lol
wolfy plaz (6 days ago)
Or 9
Marshmellow Jello (6 days ago)
Why do others only find this a hygiene problem in females? A lot of men don't shave and no one has anything to say about it. Some even find it feminine.
Desiree Jarvis (6 days ago)
Y tf is devin so pretty its not fair
I give up on life (6 days ago)
Chantel’s shirt that says “Wild Feminist” Is awesome
Jessica Peña (6 days ago)
I didn't know you were a TV show!
Shivi Gurllie (6 days ago)
I can't even survive 2 weeks..Imagine 30 days
Smileyy. Audrey (6 days ago)
I don’t shave like I’m 10
liliana lol (6 days ago)
0:49 I wish I was as flexible as devin 💀
Ava Frederick (6 days ago)
I don’t think I can survive not shaving my legs or arms for a month
Unicorns 4 life (6 days ago)
Omg I can't do that I get so mad when I have body hair
the whatever channel (6 days ago)
coockies'n cream (6 days ago)
I don't shave anymore since i don't have P.E anymore i don't have to take my pants or shirt off 😂
Sophia Blue (6 days ago)
Can we just like appreciate how freaking beautiful these ladies are for a minute?

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