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Vision Keynote Highlights // Microsoft Build 2019

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If you missed Satya Nadella’s 2019 Microsoft Build keynote, here are the highlights. Learn more about Microsoft Build 2019: https://news.microsoft.com/build2019/ Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories #Microsoft #MSBuild #SatyaNadella #MicrosoftBuild
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Text Comments (44)
Mohammad Shahbaz (7 days ago)
any reason soo many indians r used during presentations? in short videos
DB (7 days ago)
I work for Microsoft, and we are so proud of Satya and the company. He is amazing leader, very passionate of what he does and inspire every one.
Hassan Kamran (7 days ago)
Microsoft is cool again
Bernd Langner (7 days ago)
The Survace Go is to little.
Hdhycu Hdhydc (7 days ago)
Daniel Norge (8 days ago)
Olá, gostaria que alguém da microsoft lesse este comentário. Desde a última atualização do windows 10 que ele vem travando muito, eu não suporto mais essa lentidão.
Praful Patel (9 days ago)
Superb presentation ceo satya 🙏
Chris Chauhan (9 days ago)
I love the present Microsoft.
Manu Gus (7 days ago)
Me too
Sammy Smith (10 days ago)
I know we are controlled by disguised aliens, but come on Satya, you forgot to put your human costume 0:45
ananda raman (10 days ago)
No computing by microsoft using phone
ananda raman (10 days ago)
Where is the phone
Digital Armament (11 days ago)
Really exciting! Great updates and consideration to the community!
Kapitan Kaki (11 days ago)
What to do when I enter my friend's e-mail and I am asked to create an account
Jose Argueta (11 days ago)
Why is this called a keynote? Isn’t this Microsoft? I thought only apple called their presentations keynote
Sammy Smith (10 days ago)
Keynote es utilizado por toda la industria y la academia, como "highlights" me extraña que solo lo hayas visto en Apple
Jerry Li (11 days ago)
M$ is made by India
Chin Chopper (12 days ago)
Who else missing his Lumia? :-(
譚振輝 (12 days ago)
Damn I love the new Microsoft
Rui J (12 days ago)
Microsoft if you clearly know some of the updates will give the user BSOD, why do you still include this update? Just to upset the users? I had very bad experience during the updates (april 2018 and kb4490481 )!
GregoriusMagnus (12 days ago)
It was great talking to you.
GLR (12 days ago)
Microsoft seeing opportunity? Interesting.!
panikumar kr (12 days ago)
At 3:11 convert all android devices to windows phones 😘
panikumar kr (12 days ago)
I love Microsoft
Nate wu (12 days ago)
Uses iphone in ad...
GregoriusMagnus (12 days ago)
...and drinks Starbucks, so?
Sriharsha Jadhav (12 days ago)
Speaking of cortana : can you fix the alarm ⏰ bug?
Reg3e (12 days ago)
I honestly can't wait for Hololens to be mainstream, I can imagine myself using in my office in place of the traditional monitors screens in most standard workspace.
Abdullah Al-Qaseer (12 days ago)
such an uninteresting company !
ytb V (11 days ago)
Yes coz you're a dumb idiot who uses iPhone
ANGELO (12 days ago)
Abdullah Al-Qaseer nope they don't. They do VR, architects need AR and MR way more than they do VR.
Abdullah Al-Qaseer (12 days ago)
ANGELO vive and oculus already doing that !
ANGELO (11 days ago)
Abdullah Al-Qaseer as a budding Architect and graphic designer, once it gets affordable, I'll be using it everyday. Boy I can't wait. The ability to show your clients what their house would look like in a 1 to 1 scale is ground breaking. The other products that are on my wish list is The Studio Hub 2 and Studio. Perfect for Architects and designers. Most exciting company by far right now.
Abdullah Al-Qaseer (12 days ago)
ANGELO gimmick, are you using holograms in your daily life ? since it was announced and its a demo after a demo with no real life usage
公主挖墳 (12 days ago)
Danny Peter (13 days ago)
I hate it when people say, “I wanna talk about”. Just say it!! Are you including email and AD sync as azure? Blah, blah.
P E N E :V
ytb V (13 days ago)
Satya should be the CEO for Microsoft for next 50 years.
Microsoft Build 2019: Vision Keynote Highlights
Igor Gabrielan (13 days ago)
ANGELO (13 days ago)

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