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AT&T MUST think you're STUPID...

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Text Comments (1807)
Birdie Jeffers (20 days ago)
Google takes millions of dollars worth of fiber, buries it underground... sort of, if 2 inches counts as "buried" (I buried a dead mouse in a hole deeper than that 🙈) & they were shocked that this cheap ass "method" (shortcut ) resulted in faulty fiber lines 🙄 If Google couldn't get it right I've got zero hope that the remaining "tech companies" will do any better. I've always felt like you get what you pay for but the sad thing is, you can't even get that anymore 🤷
Erickkach (1 month ago)
I mean most consumers are fucking retarded
leslie heyward (1 month ago)
They suck. Don't show your money away..
The Traveler (1 month ago)
Why does every fucking youtube channel prick think they have to be a drama queen and over the top?
Havalina Chiel (1 month ago)
shill out man
Marc Boutilier (2 months ago)
Didn't Korea start developing the 5G technology?
Sacrilicious (2 months ago)
Isn't 5g mind control technology? Seriously curious
John Bennett (2 months ago)
Boba Fett would like to know your location
Pie (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who heard "Better safe than soorry?"
maxbass (2 months ago)
Any person who signs a contract any provider of a commodity is a true idiot. N Really. Are you THAT stupid? Well, it was a true statement for the majority of the world's largest tech market for almost 8 years. True stupidity. You understand the world was laughing at you. So you sign a phone contract for 24 months, pay a stiff upfront fee, then amortize your phone payment like you are an unemployed immigrant using payday loans to simply own a communication device? Look at your phone bill and hardware financing plan, I pay less than 20% what you pay and my service and freedom of transition to other devices has no penalties for me. Now you are tied to a company who controls you. This literally happens in no other countries on the planet but you feel the need to sign a 24 month contract and pay a few hundred dollars and sign some stupid contract to buy a damn phone? Really? What is your logic? If you cannot afford to buy a new phone for X amount of dollars every 24 months, then lower your price target. You can work for minimum wage at 40 hours a week and afford a great phone without compromising you ability to eat or rent an apartment. Any person who in 2019 is stupid enough to sign some contract with a provider of a commodity like internet or phone service is really next level stupid. You can buy an amazing fully featured phone for $300 and you can have a high end 4G prepaid data plan for $35/month. So if you are paying more than $36/month or buying phones that cost you more than a week in wages, then this is a problem you can solve with very little effort or money.
VeryRich Guy (2 months ago)
I do and l don't care if they tap my phone and I if my phone when my phone is off it stays off, not they turn my phone on saw it turn on did not like that. I kept taking my battery out tell my phone stop turning on by itself.
Vinny Czech (2 months ago)
The main image and title of this video amounted to less than 10 seconds of the content... clickbait bull shit at its finest
Anthony Sassano (2 months ago)
i use the ATT network and after they updated to the "5Ge" i started getting double the speed so at least it did something
sadman hoque (2 months ago)
US think Huawei MIGHT have a backdoor for the Chinese govt, meanwhile govt backdoors is a legal requirement in US
ZapbuzZ X (2 months ago)
i want 6G now and I will say my Huawei devices have been better than android
Vincent Tuminello (2 months ago)
Oh I thought you were actually going to talk about the health concerns of 5G: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_f9gpg4t6c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCIAcZov5Hs&t Come on Linus, get informed.
Jebadaiah1 (2 months ago)
I don't trust China, I am for the ban of Huawei, lets not forget what happened to OPM
DevTechGames (2 months ago)
"Boba Fett knows where you are!"
Matthew Bledsoe (2 months ago)
I'm upset with AT & T
tommy g (2 months ago)
No evidence huawi is stealing information. Someone is uninformed.
Archibald VonFookFace (2 months ago)
You know those buy one get one cell phone deals? Well the catch is the 2nd phone has to be a new line. So it's like AT&T thought, "how can we make those conditions even worse?" Because in addition to needing a 2nd line, you need to get Direct TV service.
THEGAMINGHELP101 (2 months ago)
LOL on Android we just assume our screens are being recorded...Love it...Starts crying realizing that privacy is no longer a thing.
Karl de Größe (2 months ago)
Uberzombie and felch were gathering user screens without permission? Say it ain't so, Joe. Seriously if you are using the uberzombie app then likely the only information they were able to capture was favorite latte recipes and where to go for the best vegan organic kale salads in Toronto. Just admit that Huawei is the Chinese version of Google not sure if that makes them more evil or not, honestly at the google/Huawei level of evil you have already bypassed every level of Dante's easybake and moved into hostile take over of hell level which I am sure no longer measures levels of evil.
CMDR unematti (2 months ago)
so google is being honest. thats a good thing isnt it?
jb888888888 (2 months ago)
He's wearing the wrong shirt. This is Techlinked not Linus Tech Tips!
Hector Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Did we ever even get true 4G? I mean my fairly new ATT phone is 4G LTE which just means lots better then 3G but not yet meeting 4G requirements (hence Logn Term Evolution).
marioxmariox (2 months ago)
How many people know the difference between 4g and 5g? I have no idea what the difference between each generation is and can't seem to care about 5g. I am guessing it is speed, but why would I need more speed on my phone?
issy varsano (2 months ago)
There is something wrong with this thin voice kricket
chris thompson (2 months ago)
5G is nothing but death and cancer. I hope it never gets off the ground.
Billblom (2 months ago)
4g spec says 1 gig downloads.. LTE is "long term evolution" which means that 10 megabit wireless will EVENTUALLY rise to the 1 gig rate if everything is perfect, but will take years. .. AT&T is just using the same approach.. they will get up to the multi gig level in another 30 years.. Of not telling the truth.
Any Bag (2 months ago)
Yea I watched the commercial and about spit up my Pepsi. Seriously WTF AT&T its not fucking 5G and we dont need that kind electromagnetic waves giving us cancer anyway
St0rm Ranger (2 months ago)
What do you expect from a company whose two T's stand for telegraph and telephone?
Hoppebold02 (2 months ago)
So for the next couple of years, it’s pretty much a waste to buy a 5G capable phone. Noted.
Magnus Childers (2 months ago)
WOW———- this is the closest thing to a “Blip-vert” IRL , oh shit
memespace (2 months ago)
Wasn’t it Hauwei who put backdoor hardware on servers owned by the DoD, Apple and others? Or was that just another Chinese hardware manufacturer that is an arm for the Communist party?
Stephen Bishop (2 months ago)
Trusting Huawei is security suicide, a nation that's known for forcing companies to security install backdoors so it can blackbag and "disappear" people should never be trusted. Any company that's based in China should not be part of any nations or companies business plan that doesn't intend to totally become their puppet. That includes my own homeland of course I love Cisco but the US has forced them to do some extremely shady things as well not to mention the PRISM program. The difference being the USA isn't currently engaging in a genocide and simultaneously waging a misinformation campaign. Those poor Muslim Chinese, I knew my Christian brethren lived with that treatment but our numbers are so much smaller in China. Include the Buddhist, the recent invasions near India's border, and the threats made against the SOVEREIGN nation of Taiwan AKA real china. Man screw the CCP puppet companies it's bad enough when nations that are sorta "moral" do that stuff but when someone that's straight up evil is? Nah I'll pay a little more. I don't even let anything they build on my network.
Alex Santos (2 months ago)
If its 4G evolving to 5G then why not call it 4GE? That's obviously misleading.
King Katura (2 months ago)
Hey you can go through our stuff, and we will prove that we have no back doors.. Plus act now and we will put up our military grade tested and secured 5G info-structure. Don't worry bob they will all be dieing of cancer or other things that their country's Darpa papers never knew it could do. Ha they got mind control down to a science lets not tell them we can vaporize them right down to their souls, Stupid foreigners. (If you don’t understand any of the knowledge behind this sarcastic yet semi funny post read comments below.)
King Katura (2 months ago)
ThePi Warrior ohh I get it you don’t understand what I was doing there first I was warning people about the military tech the u.s. government already released what they are going to be using for 5g and a lot of the ways they weaponise it. Secondly since it was Sarcasm I was also inferring that I was speaking on behalf of the Chinese tech company. who is not the reason for the the death that 5g will cause it has caused but they most certainly know about it. And the last part was again as a inside joke inferring that I was a Chinese company. Racist I think not, but everything I said I supose u would need sufficient knowledge or intelligence to understand, you would of had to know about the effects of micro waves the Daria papers that the USA military declassified, and also would have to have knowledge of Chinese culture as they call every non Chinese , foreigner regardless of where your from, in which they also assume you are less intelligent than they are, are they racist I suppose to a degree but honestly it’s just the way their culture is they are much more upfront and blunt about things which in many ways makes are culture look ridiculous. But anyways I could see how someone uneducated about any of these topics could confuse it with racism, but it’s not nor was it the intent, so now you know a bit more about the knowledge behind what I wrote, but you should learn more look up all the effects of microwaves, the USA governments military grade 5g weapons that are being deployed and already tested, and Chinese culture which judging by your comment you knew nothing of despite having pi in your name or you most certainly would have understood the inside language which I used. To make me appear as behest of the Chinese company. But now you do good looks though n always study it’s why we have these technology’s to begin with to interact with each other and to learn and teach from all over the world.
ThePi Warrior (2 months ago)
you probably liked your own comment you racist
Atlas Marvel (2 months ago)
Skip to 6:52 No need to thank me.
Dash Man (2 months ago)
How is 5g even still on the table, With the mountain of evidence of its harmfull nature, how can people really think 5g is actully good. This is insanity
zxx5 (2 months ago)
*N W O*
mcsc83 (2 months ago)
Are you stoned linus??
Polite Cat (2 months ago)
its not a watch, its a TIMEPIECE!
Neto Hikari (2 months ago)
Fuck 5G
Accumulator • (2 months ago)
Everyone is all excited about 5G but no ones talking about how your bill is going to almost double when all of the 5G upgrades are complete. For carriers to cover 70% of the country with 500ft range mini cell sites it will cost billions and there's no way these companies plan on paying for it with they're own money only
mowtow90 (2 months ago)
Its not about espionage. Its economic protection for Cisco , SMC and Brocade(Broadcome). Huwawei is dumping the prices and Cisco is taking the worst of it (since their products are extremely overpriced). If USA and EU can keep Huwawei out of their markets , the other companies will make billions just from the data centers , not even counting the consumer market.
Dj Richardson (2 months ago)
I agree with Gaimz, you should bring lucky the Dragon back!
Jacqueline Grey (2 months ago)
hungrynapps (2 months ago)
That's terrible . Bounty hunters? The criminal association should be in uproar
hungrynapps (2 months ago)
Watching this video on my Huawei phone.because my samsung died
tamarockstar45 (2 months ago)
Can you just let Reilly host the show? Thanks.
(Ignore the name, its for something) I have at least 50 Vincero google ads, and now one in the video. What is this. Google must really know I have been wanting a watch, how thoughtful.
Mined Phreak (2 months ago)
AT&T will never see me behind 5 proxies!
Mittens FastPaw (2 months ago)
Huawei can't defend itself because no Chinese company can. They cannot exist in China without giving the government total and complete access at all times to everything. So the government of China at all times can use it to spy on anyone. It is just a fact and only a moron would buy their stuff.
Orcinus Orca (2 months ago)
I thought the App Store, and the associated app scrutiny and approval were to prevent c*** like this. 🤔
Pure Vybz (2 months ago)
EU and UK have crappy network!!! why the hell are they discussing about Huawei security when their own network security sucks
logic engine (2 months ago)
you're a nerd my friend. Welcome to the flock:)
Clyde Str (2 months ago)
Your big fucking mouth is what's wrong with the internet ! Hope i get a chance to scream in your fucking ear dickhead !
Caid Johnson (2 months ago)
I think it's pretty crappy for Huawei to have to do all this PR work, spending billions of dollars even, to alleviate suspicions of spying, regardless of there being no proof beyond accusations and speculation. We know for a fact that Cisco has been kowtowing to the NSA, and have taken the stance of "If America does it, China must too", while also thinking that it's somehow OK and honest if American companies do it. Wtf...
Xavier Zara (2 months ago)
So that's how Samus knew where the metroids were in Samus Returns
hyou zan ren (2 months ago)
Everyone will sue AT$T!
Artemis Kitty (2 months ago)
Man, have we all forgotten Sprint's history? Calling a 2.5G network 3G, and then later selling a 3G+/3.5G as 4G when it wasn't even LTE capable, and often where the towers weren't even capable yet in areas they were selling it as 4G? They're just upset that AT&T beat them to it this time.
iamrlk69 (2 months ago)
Why is this Titled "AT&T MUST think you're STUPID..." When you only about 10 seconds worth on it? Rick
Seán O'Nilbud (2 months ago)
Fuck the US and their bullshit.
Vecheslav Novikov (2 months ago)
Isn't there an LTT video about how iPhones are very secure?
ecombs1983 (2 months ago)
The guy in the background was great.... lol whoa what?... lol. #xbox 1
Effay Gigioty (2 months ago)
I got a copyright strike against me from the linus tech media group! If i lose my channel, thank you linus!
michaelgrella (2 months ago)
I use to work in a call center for DirecTV/AT&T. Gah, I fucking HATE that company. So much bullshit, even the software programs/database made for the call center agents is confusing, frustrating, clunky and just plain dumb, it's a complete disaster. Fuck AT&T, they love exploiting their customers and screwing them over as well.
C:/Users/WindowsNT (2 months ago)
Dicks out for Huawei
Ahmed Zahid (2 months ago)
i think these become unwatchable if they are more than 5-6 minutes. almost 9 minutes? no thanks
anson Shoemaker (2 months ago)
At&t is evil.
Pain Killer (2 months ago)
Easy to have a backdoor that seems completely harmless now and have no idea it can be used as a backdoor. it's why it's called that. EU and US would be insane to put their trust on a china funded company even if they assure them that there will be no backdoor.
91.5 the phoenix! (3 months ago)
That is precisely why when I'm running my Linux laptop I have the internet on if I'm making a download or researching something and if I'm not that internet is, off! I disconnect the the USB Internet peace from my desktop when I'm not using the internet with it as well, because I know the dangers of leaving myself hooked to the internet while the computer is just doing other things, but, holy crap! Bounty hunters?! I'm done!
tsartomato (3 months ago)
yeah! europe is allowed to have 5g only by AT&T says envoy
Brian M (3 months ago)
In today's tech news: Greed, stupidity, and lust for power. That is all.
Thomas Remme (3 months ago)
Great show! :)
Eoin Parkinson (3 months ago)
4:08 listen to how Linus says sorry.
The uggster (3 months ago)
that intro gave me ass cancer
Andrew Anderson (3 months ago)
Wait isn't 4G LTE just another name for really fast 3G? True 4G is not even available yet. And, isn't 5G just a Wi-Fi in a different frequency? Why not just put current tech Wi-Fi everywhere?
zkummer2359 (3 months ago)
They are selling AT&T 'service' to people still buying Apple devices...so yes, they think their customers are stupid...and they are correct. But seriously...that defense! I mean, if they showed a document with 5 sentences about their service that all started with "G", it would be a better argument! Guaranteed to drop calls, God awful service, Giant bills, Generally evil, Gigabytes cost too much, everyone hates us...there, 5Ge, honestly.
Bob (3 months ago)
The only reason why the US doesn't trust Huawei is because they have ties under the communist party and the law in which they can request database if it wants to.
Ed Jack (3 months ago)
More like _"E"_ of *Emergency service*
Ed Jack (3 months ago)
I hate AT&T
Nelson Stack (3 months ago)
hey, linus not to be a buzzkill but "primitive technologies" guy has more subs than you. lmfao
Andrew Montie (3 months ago)
Weird talking about Huawei. I have a Google 6P made by Huawei and I get phone calls from Honkong and the Chinese consulate in NY. When I pick up the call or when it goes to voicemail it is someone speaking Mandarin. NO evidence... Just weird.
Wy123 (3 months ago)
Andrew Montie search "taiwan phone fraud"
Brett Goldsmith (3 months ago)
Your sponsor obviously fakes their reviews. You should be a bit more picky with who you let sponsor LTT
Jebediah Larkin (3 months ago)
And obviously accusations against Huawei have nothing to do with the fact, that Western telecom tech companies want all of the 5G pie to themselves with hugely inflated prices. Huawei sells same hardware with like half the price of Western brands - and they don't like it at all. There is no proof of any spying of course, but hey - better lobby than cheap, as they say!
Mike Reid (3 months ago)
Seriously???? Dumbest video you have made
jR (3 months ago)
In order to have 5G, you have to post 5G in more places such as lamp post and telephone pole and many many to loop around to project the 5G signal and very dangerous to the human body.............!
jR (3 months ago)
Hello Linus, if you or anyone else were to research the whole concept 5G is a very dangerous to us period ! Check it out and mark my words! They dont care about your health or mine, its profitability bottom line!............In the mean time your Guys do such an assume video's as all ways!!!
Jose Cruz (3 months ago)
nah you dont remember me bro? on microsoft from back in the day on rainbox six 3? hey owner of hoser89
Jose Cruz (3 months ago)
i dont want my phone linus steals everything so should i just ship it to him?
Jose Cruz (3 months ago)
nah hoser89
Jacob Citron (3 months ago)
2:47 there we go honesty
ryan abcdefg (3 months ago)
There is actually reason not to trust Huawei
Matoro Rocks (3 months ago)
RIP MSI Dragon
Caleb Hawn (3 months ago)
Great! I'm so glad Google is making low-powered devices faster. So why can't they use the same technology and software on literally everything else? Is it just not fair that a $40 phone is slower than a $200 phone, and so it needs special attention to bring it up to par? I think not. Just make faster software for everything! "Wanna come to my birthday party?" "Sorry, but I don't that would be the right business decision for me." "But there'll be cake." "I would like to reconsider your offer and reopen business relations."
pistolsandpainkillers (3 months ago)
4:10 - 4:15 title content
santiago macias (3 months ago)
Eres genial amigo un abrazo desde San Jerónimo Antioquia Colombia
ESFAndy011 (3 months ago)
NVIDIA's raytracing is insignificant and should not even be considered a factor when comparing the two cards. "Oh we got this new gimmicky feature that hardly even works on like three games" No. Not sure what you were thinking at 0:55.

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