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Clear Skin Routine | Adult Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Dark Marks, + Clogged Pores

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Text Comments (161)
Tiff J (8 months ago)
Most people dont know but using a steamer is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. It is a major game changer.
Nicho The Awesome (9 months ago)
omg the description in the intro is allll me
SAIFUL ISLAM (1 year ago)
Its still shock me just how lots of people don't know about Fopobiacne Secrets even though many people get rid of their acne problem using it. Thanks to my friend who told me about this. I've cure my acne naturally.
Alexis Carter (1 year ago)
Wowzer! Your skin has improved drastically. Bravo! You're a healer!
Jiminshana (1 year ago)
Congrats on being consistent and patient with your routine and in achieving a clear face!👍
Anisa Ahmed (1 year ago)
You look so similar to Brandy the singer!
Jae Renee (1 year ago)
Loving how you skin has made such a BIG improvement. Proud of you girl! 👏🏾😭
Nia B. (1 year ago)
Smart girl!!!!! I use paper towels too!!!! I use a little baking soda in my spectro gel. I use apple cider vinegar as a toner and witch hazel. These helped so much with my oily skin break outs and dark marks.
Rebecca Rose (1 year ago)
It's still astonish me just how lots of people do not know about Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google) although a lot of people cure their acne naturally using it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I've get rid of my acne problem.
Katie Langston (1 year ago)
This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) was surprisingly easy and reasonable in it`s approach to taking possible actions to eradicate the aspects that attribute to acne. I have suffered acne issues for quite some time now and I am ecstatic to give the ideas in this guide a try. I will certainly recommend this guide to my buddies.
Kathleen Chambers (1 year ago)
This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) was extremely simple and reasonable in it`s approach to taking feasible methods to remove the factors that attribute to acne. I`ve suffered acne conditions for quite some time now and I am ecstatic to give the suggestions in this guide a try. I will share this helpful guide to my friends.
Denise Maison (1 year ago)
My dermatologist prescribed Retin-A and that completely changed the makeup of my skin! No more breakouts and no more hyperpigmentation after about 3months!!!
Victoria Lawson (1 year ago)
I find that often using my fingers irritate my face. Do you recommend using something other than your finger tips to clean your face? Thanks! Grace and Peace! :)
Olivia Edwards (2 years ago)
Can you give me the names of supplements you take and the can you help me with a meal plan
Jasmine k (2 years ago)
Hey new member🤗🤗🤗
It'sDriaWorld (2 years ago)
What products did you use?? May you type it out?
dib dib (2 years ago)
thank you for the brush link!!!
Telly Myrtil (2 years ago)
Where did you get the steamer from
Thespencertwinz (2 years ago)
A vitamin c serum or bio oil will really even your skin out
Thespencertwinz (2 years ago)
Did you choose not to put battery's in it
Chiquita Hooks (2 years ago)
Thank you for this video!
Quanisha Robinson (2 years ago)
Your skin looks great! I definitely need to develop me a skin care routine!
Lory D (2 years ago)
Awesome routine. where did you get the facial steamer? Absolutely need.
Bintou Coulibaly (2 years ago)
I also have hereditary dark circles and under eye puffiness. If you apply aloe Vera gel on your face before you go sleep it will help with inflammation and acne bumps.
xGlamGlitzz (2 years ago)
My skin use to be like yours until I got the Kojic Acid Bar, it's on my channel if your interested. You should use it
Fanta Gai (2 years ago)
I was gasping for breath at the end of the video looool how can you see?
JENINENCE (2 years ago)
the end was so funny lol...just started using a herbal black soap hope it works because it dries out my face like crazy.
Liz bth (2 years ago)
WOOOW your skin looks CRAZYYY good!! im mean really a super dramatic change. you look great! :D finally finding something that works for acne feels so good.
Alexa Gomez (2 years ago)
Black soap dries my skin i use tea tree oil as my cleanser too
Jodie Lawrence (2 years ago)
Great video! Adult acne really sucks and I hate the dark spot it leaves behind on my face. This was helpful, and I will check some of these products out. thank you
Valeria Monice (2 years ago)
Great routine
Ascended Beauty (2 years ago)
The end is too funny, I love your vids hun and your skin has improved so much!!!
Shinel (2 years ago)
African black soap is the truth!! It completely transformed my skin as well
😂😂😂 The ending part was funny!
Anjanae Rizwan (2 years ago)
I love this video, I forgot to mention to you that all though you have hyper-pigmentation acne prone skin. Your skin looked good and smooth with the makeup. When I put on makeup my pimps show. Thanks for this video Ash!
Kahla Janae (2 years ago)
Ashley your skin is looking amaaaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnnggggg😍😍😍
amel weaver (2 years ago)
Can you link the products you used?
Ruth Anastasia (2 years ago)
How did you get rid of your dark under eyes 😘
leeniezline (2 years ago)
Nice job! Your skin really looks so much brighter! You're a very beautiful young lady. Tfs, God bless.
Winter-Noelle (2 years ago)
Your skin is so beautiful despite any small imperfections. Your skin has gotten so much better.
Destanie Gipson (2 years ago)
that's great your doing so good your skin looks better :)
absolutebeautyxo (2 years ago)
U tryna get out the bathroom at the end lol💕
F. S (2 years ago)
Ashley your skin looks AMAZING. you're very lucky to have not gotten actual acne scars (pits/indents) which is usually left after cystic acne. I'm confident your forehead will clear up and i remember you mentioned getting fillers for ur dark circles which is a great alternative I'm also going to be doing that in the near future. I wish my skin looked like yours!
yvesaintyaz (2 years ago)
Your skin is beaming both with, and without makeup!!
Stephanie Cole (2 years ago)
Ashley, what is the brand of the steamer you used? :-)
Destiny Tatiyana (2 years ago)
This routine is literally perfect and super easy.
fashioNfatuated (2 years ago)
cracking up at you trying to walk around blind folded at the end 😂 but great video! Is there a specific brand of liquid black soap you use or is it like beauty supply store brands?
Mia Nile (2 years ago)
Your skin cleared up a lot 👍🏽 maybe I should try this because mines is getting hella worse.
Tsholofelo Mahlatsi (2 years ago)
Ashley you're so beautiful!!!
Flowerpush (2 years ago)
girl your skin looks amazing go ash!
JOJO RENÉ (2 years ago)
Almond Oil isn't as heavy as coconut oil or olive oil so that's a good idea for using it to remove makeup
Monique 😊 (2 years ago)
What product(s) do you think helped to even and lighter your hyperpigmentation?
dgabbanaed (2 years ago)
Monique 😊 the black soap for sure and use a sunscreen in the day SPF 30 or better so it don't darken
Liana Pack (2 years ago)
What brand of tea tree soap were you using?
Alicia Rushing (1 year ago)
Dr Bronners
Keenasworld (2 years ago)
You are just so beautiful!!!
Kierra Marcia (2 years ago)
Your skin looks so good!! That routine seems like it's working!!
Shannon K (2 years ago)
Ashley! Your skin has gotten amazing. So happy that you found your solution.
dclarkjeannine (2 years ago)
Glam glow is so damn expensive, but I'm going to have to invest in my skin! Also, has anyone tried the shea moisture black soap? I bought a bar of it but I'm afraid that it'll break me out even more 😩
indiechic09 (2 years ago)
The shea moisture brand is horrible. Please get Dudu Odin. It's the real black soap and cheaper than shea moisture
Njesh Kymani (2 years ago)
+dclarkjeannine sure does hun and yw..look up other stuff you could use it for too...
dclarkjeannine (2 years ago)
Njesh Kimani really? I'm going to have to try it. I heard lemon juice works too, but I tried that for a good 6 months straight & nothing happened 😿..trial & error though. Thanks for the tip
Njesh Kymani (2 years ago)
+Monique Smith` sure does and the toner is bomb too
Njesh Kymani (2 years ago)
+dclarkjeannine Jamaican castor oil helps fade em away but u have to be patient and also use it often....Just use it on the marks b4 u 😴
Nic love (2 years ago)
yes Ashley for using mostly natural products, and not all that stuff with harsh chemicals in it...my skin care products are, African black soap, aloe vera gel, bentonite clay, tea tree oil,sea kelp facial scrub, jojoba oil, and almond oil.
Nic love (2 years ago)
+Jenny Bravo I scrape the gel from an fresh aloe leaf, and use it as a night time moisturizer, it has vitamins a,b, c and e, it helps fades scares also, but it takes time. I also mix a little with water in a spray bottle to condition my hair daily. I just keep my aloe leaf in the fridge.
Jenny Bravo (2 years ago)
Nic love how do use your aloe vera gel?
LADYWILSONEJ (2 years ago)
skin is looking good girl!!!!
TheJstepney (2 years ago)
You look great I have the same issues in the same areas on my face. I'm definitely gonna try the glam glow line
KenyaMarie (2 years ago)
Your skin looks greatt Ash! I need that steamer!
Seymone TKO (2 years ago)
Ur skin looks wonderful...have you been using the African soap for longer than three weeks?
Raven Destinee (2 years ago)
The dr.bronners tea tree soap is the truth!!!
Kiera Terrelle (2 years ago)
Wow you look amazing!
Morgan Nichollee (2 years ago)
Thanks 💜💜
Leo.Few (2 years ago)
Your skin cleared so much.
Naturally Me Naomi (2 years ago)
your skin looks clearer! And yes, Glam Glow is the stuff!
Jour Jordan (2 years ago)
What lashes are you wearing ?
Jour Jordan (2 years ago)
you remind me so much of that girl on Wags Miami
Alana K (2 years ago)
your skin looks good, I have suffered from acne my whole life what cleared my acne was a medication called finacea cream ( this stuff works wonders.. Ive been clear ever since )
Loriey Dorillas (2 years ago)
Lmao that ending though 😂😂😂😭
P M (2 years ago)
love this natural make up tutorial please! and i love african black soap it does wonders.
Khichi Beauty (2 years ago)
Great video.
Nightmare Puppet (2 years ago)
Even before your skin looked flawless
Nightmare Puppet (2 years ago)
I couldn't find the video where I wanted to comment on but your skin is gorgeous and you are awesome. Be comfortable in your skin and I see that you look down a lot when you don't have make up on. So what if your skin looks like that, you may be a little embarrassed. Remember people are on here to see you, your not here to see them. This is your channel and your helping others. Be comfortable. Good luck girl your natural skin is flawless!!
syrgirl (2 years ago)
I know you must be sooo tired of skincare recommendations. If you decide that you want to try a new product, I highly recommend MUAC Mandelic Acid Toner. Tons of testimonials, especially by AA customers. My AA skin saw zero improvement with glycolic and salicylic acids. This is the only one that completely eliminated my pimples, kept them from coming back and reduced any existing ones. PS: thanks for making this video. i no longer suffer from adult acne but i know how hard it is to show people your flaws, especially when you know in your head that you're flawless and your skin is the only thing not letting you be great/making you a liar. <3
honeybun7890 (2 years ago)
What did you put under your eyes? I also have hereditary dark circles and I absolutely hate them
hollisterkelsea21 (2 years ago)
your skin looks good, now I want to try that mask!
Andrea M. (2 years ago)
I would LOVE to try the GlamGlow DreamDuo Overnight transforming treatment! Loving your skin journey!
Shalawn C (2 years ago)
You skin is looking great Ashley!!!
Finding Shannon -Renee (2 years ago)
Lmao the end part killed me lol I was like really Ashley 😂😂😂
💋 Sonya T 💋 (2 years ago)
I love almond oil and the bombers peppermint soap. However I never use my spin brush until after I cleanse my face and rinse one time around. I use my spin brush on the second wash with a less gentler moisturizing soap to prevent pushing any makeup residue in my pores.
Adrian J. (2 years ago)
I'm gonna try this, I have so many scars 😩
Alanna Foxx (2 years ago)
Your skin looks so much better! Im having so much trouble with adult acne lately too, I'm going to look into these products! thank you for sharing!!! <3
NatashaCine (2 years ago)
BookieBarnes (2 years ago)
Yess Ms. Ashley. I've been waiting for this video since your Los Vegas vlog. your skin looks great girl. Thanks for this amazing video showing your progress. You guys lets get this video to 1,000 likes please... Subbie Support Squad on deck!!!
Mini Bethea (2 years ago)
Great video! You skin has definitely improved! Can you list the specific brands of products that you used like the serums please?
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Kailyn Vance (2 years ago)
This video helped so much! What Tea Tree cleanser was that?
Dee DeBoss (2 years ago)
Your skin has improved dramatically! I don't have acne prone skin but I do breakout & have hyper pigmentation. Definitely going to try these products!
Jean-Ette Heavens (2 years ago)
This video was helpful. I have an acne prone skin too. So irritating😭.. Thank you
Shameka Wherry (2 years ago)
Your skin looks so good compared to how it looked in Jan, your routine is really working!
Kmichel78 (2 years ago)
just ordered d vabity planet thank u!! just recentky started following u from Vicky n love ur personality! ur my lil sis in my mind lol stsy blessed hun
DreaB. (2 years ago)
You skin looks 20x better. I need that glamglow mud mask in my life!!
Destiny's Life (2 years ago)
Your skin has gotten soooo good 😍
vcertified (2 years ago)
The end was actually pretty funny lol.

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