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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Trade Tensions and Cybersecurity

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Oct.10 -- Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella believes that tech companies should be held to a different standard when it comes to regulation. Nadella says that regulation will create a framework for the industry to make progress in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde.
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Text Comments (17)
snehit vaddi (1 day ago)
That Reporter is looking like GIVE MY MONEY .....Ugly Reporter
regortaz (8 days ago)
He ruined Windows!
Ken Yup (8 days ago)
regortaz I don't think so,the Azure is the future ,he is doing the right things,he is making the Microsoft great again
Calvito Bonito (10 days ago)
I loved Microsoft for years but they tried to be too much like Apple and the operating systems are now slow and cumbersome. Microchips are getting smaller and faster but yet it takes more and more time to check my email! Please go back to reliable XP type operating system
vijay p (10 days ago)
More enthusiastic person
Raymond (10 days ago)
Respect Microsoft. Too bad they don't have luck on browsers, mobile and servers which pretty much takes the pie right now. Kinda sad because there's potential and Microsoft technologies are very good. Their API are also easier to use. Hell, Kinect was a very good API for people to use, too bad the market wasn't ready. Still dominate desktop though, although the last update that deletes the entire user document is a big alarm.
Randy Diaz (9 days ago)
I think horizontal growth is not a healthy thing specially if their revenues are still going up they are using the 80 20 rule
Abe Lee (10 days ago)
lol Microsoft seems like a static company. They missed out on a lot of markets. I don't think they have an edge over any field to its rivals
Njul (11 days ago)
A good CEO indeed.
Asif Masroor (11 days ago)
I don't think he can take Microsoft out of chaos.
Shradhesh Pathak (4 days ago)
Fuck off
syarifah hanyna (4 days ago)
+Asif Masroor good for you
Asif Masroor (4 days ago)
Stock prices mean nothing. I still use FB messenger because sound quality is great. The reason why whatsapp is success is because it is easy to add people in it. You already have contacts on your phone with their phone numbers. So now I can call them from anywhere in the globe only with free WiFi. I am not saying Skye is a bad option and they were the pioneers but they couldn't solve the problem of connecting people super-fast without knowing their Skype ID! Nobody wants METRO tiles. I want my Windows like Windows. Windows Vista is easier for me to work on then Windows 10. So, why MS is forcing the "App like" interface when no-one really wants it. The App Store in Windows 10 does not have any apps so innovate the browser. Make browser the app store. As a developer, I don't want to pay 30% commission and pay fees to put my App on App Store. It does not take much for Microsoft to win again but they are trying too hard to fit in to something they are not.
syarifah hanyna (5 days ago)
+Asif Masroor well..the stock prices says no..seriously FB messenger in 2018?! who still use that? Whatsapp is a good text and audio based communication that need and disclosed your personal phone number to be useful (and it's bad choice if you used it professionally) and the video call is still not as good as skype (and you didn't disclose your personal phone number which is good). Obviously the tech business is not the same as in 80s-early 2000s, they clearly need to innovate and the Surface line is a good choice for them. I agree that if you purchase Surface the software should be free.
Asif Masroor (10 days ago)
I did. He bought Skype and made it crappy. Whatsapp and FB Messenger destroyed it. He bought Linked-In and I deleted my Linked-In Account because it was all advertisement. People goto linkedin to get hired and they should have evolved it to UpWork. He stopped making phone when he said he wanted to be Mobile-First. They are trying to copy Apple and made expensive Surface Line which was not Microsoft's mission.Microsoft's mission is to make good tech for everyone not just for elite. The only thing they have is Office but it is free on $329 iPad but in order to get it on Surface, I have to pay monthly subscription fee. Given the price of Surface, Office should be FREE. If Microsoft hires me, I will tell them exactly how can they win this game. But they wouldn't because I don't have Linked-In Account.

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