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Good Riddance Girls, Melissa McCarthy is Spicy, and Mass Effect Andromeda

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The Andromeda stuff starts at around 15 minutes in if you're interested in just that stuff. Please bear with me while I try to fix these computer issues. Patreon funds are greatly appreciated. https://www.patreon.com/lianak And of course, Subscribe!
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Paul Rone-Clarke (1 year ago)
Sheshauna might have been the star and the show could have been called might have been called "The Laci Green Story"
Antonio Burke (2 years ago)
Riz Ahmed (Hannah's "bady daddy") isn't black though?
Michael Zack (2 years ago)
Hello there Liana! You were the first one to notice how bizarrely BioWare treated colonization in Mass Effect Andromeda. So, first and foremost, thank you for that! When I was playing through it, it seemed as if the colonization efforts were mirroring the British perspective of colonizing America. During the beginnings of colonization through the French and Indian War, the British (though in fairness, the French made the same claims.. .just not as frequent) argued that there were "good Indians" and "bad Indians." The British were seeking out the "good Indians" in order to protect them from the "bad Indians." That's how they ultimately justified their colonization efforts, militarization of the colonies, and virtually every atrocity they committed. Andromeda played out as the most idealized version of the British claims of colonization. The Andromeda Initiative had to protect the "good aliens" from the "bad aliens." Heck, the "good aliens" didn't know how to survive in their own environment, so it was up to the Andromeda Initiative to show them how to do that as well (there is another trope at play where white people naturally do better at everything than any other race... see - Green Lantern movie and Avatar movie for two examples of that). That sort of narrative playing out is so... so bad. One of BioWare's strengths was their way of letting narratives play out as realistically as possible. Yeah, obviously biotics and mass effect fields don't exist in real life.. .but if they did exist, we can imagine the events of Mass Effect 1 playing out exactly the way they did. But with Andromeda????? Those events don't even come close to what happened in the real world when similar situations play out. Thank you for your insightful observations. I'll be following up with more of your videos.
MrThademon (2 years ago)
Actually almost everything you bitched about story wise is explained. You just got to pay attention and read some of the stuff in your codex. If you don't want to read the codex then don't play Mass Effect. This isn't Call of Duty.
The Sparkle Zone (2 years ago)
"Not wanting to be useful, wanting to be important" That's an interesting way to put it. It kind of sums up what the difference between pride as a value and pride as an excess too.
Arjun Chakraborty (2 years ago)
Hey, great video, and good points!
Dr. Drake Ramoray (2 years ago)
holy shit you look like penny pax when she was a redhead
Catkeeper (2 years ago)
I've not seen an episode of Girls or even heard of it before now, but when it comes to comedy I can think of plenty of much beloved shows that have tragedy interwoven into their DNA. Admittedly I'm a Brit and British comedy tends towards jaded cynicism, but shows like Blackadder Goes Forth being set in World War 1 trenches, or Porridge being about prisoners just getting by make the humour more potent, and the tragedy more real when it happens.
JayDee284 (2 years ago)
if Melissa McCarthy is the face Feminism then its Doomed too Die.
Jono793 (2 years ago)
Grover Cleveland? 22nd President of the Unites States?
Kaizer Villain (2 years ago)
Grover seems to be the name the father thought would be nice for a baby. And not saying this is why, but it's also the name of a U.S. President. ------- On not being given a choice to assimilate, I'm not sure how you would work that into a game and have it be fun. It's not that games should avoid realism altogether, but they should mind the level of it. The game was already so complicated that it is full of bugs, giving the option to assimilate would have been like making two games in one. ------ Regarding the transgender, I find it absurd to complain about how one character in this game chose to handle their gender change when speaking to the Pathfinder over 160 years after our time and over 2 million light years away. Could there be a transgender that just, for whatever reason, comes out with it right away to at least one person? Yes. Rare? Obviously. But possible yes. And that's now. One person does it under the above mentioned circumstances and it is so unbelievable that it is somehow offensive? We're wound too tight on that in my opinion. What we should be focused on is that, unlike some other portrayals I have seen, this woman was not shown to have mental issues, flamboyant, and or suffering from something like depression. No. She was a scientist, articulate, and confident in her abilities. Now the people that are offended just because a transgender was featured or because they feel like it was forced on them or made a big deal, it wasn't made a big deal by the game. It's mentioned once by a minor character. ------- Suvi wasn't meant to make it seem like religion itself was somehow exotic, they were talking about scientists being religious being odd to people, which to many it is as many see science and religion as being opposites. Not saying they are, just stating that it is a common perception. Perhaps you skipped the dialogue there, but she is very clear about what makes her beliefs odd to people. It's as if they thinks it invalidates her as a scientist. -------- Of course their culture would change or become more human like mainly because humans are writing them and because of exposure to humans. But cultural change is normal and this is mentioned in regards to the Krogan as Drack is the oldest of them from their old times. He sees himself as being out of place. He talks about the old times and how things used to be done and because he knows change is necessary in order to survive, he feels his clan is better off without him as he won't change. That's the other reason the Krogan would have no choice but to change some aspects of their culture because how they were before led to them destroying their own planet and then it led to the other races deciding it would be best to give them sterility in the form of the genophage and also keep in mind, the Andromeda Initiative wasn't likely to select a high number of Krogan that were likely to repeat their same mistakes. But I'm missing a lot of what you mention. I saw one Krogan who try to romance another one so what makes and he does do it in a human like way... but he is made fun of for it in a way and she accepts it but only after thinking it stupid. -------- Would you rather have an enemy that you should feel bad about killing that you have to kill through out 40 or 50+ hours of gameplay? Lol. Just saying. It's true there's a genericness to the Kett and the Remnant but I feel like with video games you kind of got to give them a pass there because I wouldn't enjoy a game where I'd have to spend hours killing people that sometimes would be holding their children or something like that. ------- Though I agreed with a lot of what you stated, whether I agreed with you or not on some things, your points were well structured and I could see your logic. I enjoyed this video very much and thank you for posting it.
Harrie Span (2 years ago)
leaders give us hope? Oh thank you Liana I love that one!
Brad Montague (2 years ago)
I don't dislike Andromeda but whenever I look back at the Mass Effect trilogy... it just doesn't even compare. Whereas Shepard and her crew's story became a classic, Ryder's is just a footnote in a sea of other open world games. I still remember large parts of ME1. Sadly, I doubt I'll remember much from Andromeda five years later.
sojonin (1 year ago)
you mean The Farce Engorges, the Prequels had good elements but bad execution.
Pervy Pete (2 years ago)
Forgettable trash just like the SW prequels.
DaGaZ Rune (2 years ago)
The moral of the story regarding ME:A is that Disney should not let BioWare make another Star Wars game.
Colonel Panic (2 years ago)
They are actually few and far between (most scientists are not religious) bit that isn't my problem. My problem is how is in your gave. See, I've worked with a few scientists who were also religious and you know what never ever happens? They NEVER just start dumping their religion into conversations and it never, ever comes into discussions of data and analysis itself. They keep that stuff to themselves and seperate from the lab and the work. It only ever comes up if you specifically ask about it. With Suvi, it's like Hain where her her sexuality problem gets dumped in your face as soon as you say a nice word to her: "Hi stranger, let me go into details about my most private and personal issues, mkay?" The lesson here is that the people of the Andromeda Initiative have no filters, no concept or respect for privacy, and are all too willing and eager to go full throttle on Too Much Information. Anyone who brings up god and religious belief in casual, or initial, conversation is a religious fanatic. Just volunteering it and pumping out that stuff is indicative of being consumed by it. Being consumed or obsessed with religious belief such that it pops up in casual conversation makes you a fanatic. In Andromeda, it's just plain clumsy writing and shallow character development where they ram dump Too Much Information into the first words out of their mouths. Hi Suvi, why did you join my crew? I'm chasing god. Uhhhh... Hi Dr Hain, why did you come to Andromeda? Because I hate my penis and want to be a woman. Uhhhh....WTF? They REALLY choose some whacks to come on this trip! I can't help but compare to the writing of Deus Ex games. NO ONE offers up their sexuality or religion in any way, shape, or form when it doesn't have a thing to do with the point at hand. You get realistic conversations and replies in the Deus Ex games because the writers are quite good. Compare to the writers (Mac Walters, et al) of Mass Effect... Ugh. I have several novels for the Deus Ex series and a "graphic novel" as well (comic book, c'mon people, they aren't "novels", graphic or otherwise!). I also have a few of the Mass Effect novels and comics. The Deus Ex novels and comic are quite good in the writing. The Mass Effect novels by Karpashyn are pretty good too. Get to the comics by Mac Walters and the others, however, and they are childish and horrible in their dialogs. Seriously. That carries over to the games. Hell, in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, there's a gay character! Know how you know? NOT because he gets in your face and talks about how much he loves dick or wants YOUR dick. You find out the way you do in real life most of the time: via overhearing side conversations or, in this case, you break into his apartment to investigate him, trying to determine if he is a good guy or part of a conspiracy you are fighting against. In his apartment you find that he has a male partner because of pictures on the wall, and because you crack his computer and read his private emails. His gayness NEVER comes up on the job or in conversation. The RIGHT way to handle it. In Mass Effect, they are either telling you how much they want your dick (if you are Scott) or tell you to your face, cold, how gay they are (or how gender fucked up they are). Shit writing. Same with religion. You get to someone's religion in Deus Ex by explicitly asking about it and then it's only for story-driving/correlated reasons. Good writing.
essmene (2 years ago)
Andromeda sounds like Simcity 2013.
Tiziana Vitali (2 years ago)
I hate that I was right thinking that ME: Andromeda would be a Dragon Age Inquisition in space. I really, really wanted the game to be as good as any in the trilogy :-(
Colonel Panic (2 years ago)
The Krogan ARE wrecked. They are all equality among the sexes (instead of heavily patriarchal) and shit and human-like in sensibilities. Drack, by himself, is OK. If you work with him it's almost like being with good old Wrex or Grunt. TRUE Krogans. See, this is how it is: It is only OK to set up MATRIARCHAL societies (the female ONLY Asari) but it is not ever ever OK to have friggin ALIENS that are actually ALIEN and maybe heavily patriarchal or very caste-based. Oh no! They MUST be either matriarchal OR equal amongst their sexes. They cannot have castes UNLESS they are fully equal-opportunity castes. On the Angarans...I thought they look like penises. They have circumcised penis heads...but now that you mention it, they DO have a vaginal appearance. I HATE that they are all from either Australia or Jamaica. I've played through the game one time. I am currently TRYING to play through a second time. It is a slog. I REALLY don't look forward to all the grindy/slogging fights (repeated over and over again) a second time. I don't look forward to the planet exploration to get a few minerals. Sure, it LOOKS purdy when you are moving around BUT even now with the patch that allows you to skip the loooong trip between planets by hitting <Tab> it is STILL too long. I want to be able to set it up so that trips between planets and systems is the MINIMUM necessary to load the level, not a second more. I don't need the nice vista image upon reaching a planet, before you can actually scan or land. Just get me to the friggin planet pronto so I can land pronto. The open world thing is both cool and annoying. The Nomad handles soooo much nicer than the Mako, but still suffers some of the same insane and impossible physics. I've driven down impossible cliffs without issue many times. It is still better than the absolutely IMPOSSIBLE physics of the Mako in ME1 but still well into impossible territory. Once I clear a site on a planet, I do NOT want to run into the exact same enemies and battle every time I pass that location again in the future (even just 2 or 3 minutes later!). I clear a location, it should STAY cleared for at least a while and not endlessly respawn the same damn enemies moments later. As for open world...this is a hard balance to hit right. I liked SOME of the surface exploration in ME1 but it did become repetitive. I wouldn't say Andromeda is actually open world, however. You can easily find the world boundaries just as in ME1. Venture past that boundary and you die and get set back to the previous autosave/save, just as in ME1. Funny you mention the insanity of taking water from (ice) one planet to provide water to a low-water planet...I was thinking as they said that, "That's RIDICULOUS and INSANE!" You want water on waterless world? You do NOT need to strip it from a water-rich world (zero sum game right there). There is MORE than enough water in the same solar system that the dry planet is in - go to the Oort cloud and collect comets. Boom. Plenty of water and no stripping it from one world for another. Wasteful as hell.
Colonel Panic (2 years ago)
Suvi is the only hot female in the game. Too bad she's lesbian only AND a religious fanatic "scientist". I'd prefer they have virtually NO religious crap in the game because it is always, in games and in the real world, a big steaming pile of BULLSHIT.
Colonel Panic (2 years ago)
I like how you can actually loot your allies right in front of their face. After you meet the Agarans, you can enter their buildings or cities and upon finding a crate, LOOT IT even as an Angaran is standing right there. "Hey dude, I'm Scott Ryder...oh look, a crate full of minerals. I'll just be taking that mkay?"
Astralify (2 years ago)
They've ruined everything with andromeda. Every race is now humans playing political correctness. There is no challenge of believes, there is no diversity of thought and views, there is no cultural difference. It's just a soft, unrealistically portrayed SJW space teen flick, that pisses on not just the once great franchise, but on sci-fi as a whole. And it pains me greatly, because things used to be different with bioware games, the only games I actually played and enjoyed. Everything else was just filler until the next bioware game for me. Well....
Seracen (2 years ago)
Bioware's specialty has always been about well crafted characters and stories, not necessarily Ubisoft style open worlds. Witcher 3 was one of the few games to bridge the gap between those two styles, but BW failed at it. What's the point of "content" if that content isn't compelling? I'd posit that Mass Effect 2 was the best of the bunch because of how laser focused everything was. I'd rather 20-30 hours with attention to detail, as opposed to a 40-80 hour behemoth of a game that is soulless for so much of the time. Granted, I wouldn't have cared for a 4 hour game either, but I shouldn't have to trudge through so much content in order to enjoy any game, whatever the length.
Darkly Tranquil (2 years ago)
Bioware's problem for a while has been that they have been chasing industry trends (like having everything go open world) instead of pursuing their own vision like they used to. Remember when Bioware was an industry leader back in the Baldur's Gate days? Since EA took over, they have been pushing their games out too soon, stuffing them with DLC, compromising the single player experience for the sake of multiplayer, and simply copying whatever the design trend of the moment is in, in an effort to chase the sales of franchises from other publishers (mainly Bethesda). None of it has worked and Bioware's games have been consistently the poorer for them chasing trends instead of just being Bioware.
Mike Hirabayashi (2 years ago)
Re-installing the OS didn't work? Might be the hard drive. Do you have another hard drive to test out?
Shermos (2 years ago)
Did the makers of Girls even intend the show to be pro feminist? I haven't seen it, but it smells like anti-feminists setting up a straw man to tear down. You hit the nail right on the head with many of the problems I had with MEA. Damn you express yourself well. I've been playing ME3 again with some mods which massively improve the game, especially by fixing problems which came up because the game was rushed (the war assets system in particular). There was at least a good game fighting to come out. I doubt MEA is fixable like this. The problems are in its DNA. I wrote a very scathing review after playing the 10 hour trial and seeing some let's plays. I stand by it.
Sun bro (2 years ago)
PS4 for lyfe.
DJWOLFEN01 (2 years ago)
Melissa, your gorgeous but get a hair comb, an elastic band, a head band... LOL
AMMO NITE (2 years ago)
OK, one thing I have problem with is calling ME:A an open world game. It's not for a very simple reason - large portions of the world are locked behind progress in main story. Just like in Dragon Age: Inquisition. For instance you can't take newly created character and go with him/her straight to Elaaden (Krogan planet). In open world games like Skyrim after exiting tutorial player can go almost anywhere. I think we need a new term for this sort semi-open world games.
Billy Ritchie (2 years ago)
The kett are pretty much the borg so I didn't feel bad about shooting them
squirrelflight (2 years ago)
My take on MA:A. I've completed it (playing on PS4), and am about half way through the second play-through. On the whole, I did like it (it wasn't a waste of money), but there were a few things I found annoying. One was the size (as Liana mentioned). This primary effect of which seems to be to make the game longer. The play time it took for my first play-through is the same as it took for me to go all the way through the original ME trilogy (the entire trilogy). This, added to the change-your-class-on-the-fly mechanic (which is actually an interesting idea otherwise) reduces the replayability of the game. My first character was female; my second male, just to see how that change affects the game. Once I'm done with the second play through, I'll probably be done with it. Much of the "feel" of the game (as far as character animations) seems to have been lifted straight out of ME3 without a lot of upgrading. I would have gladly done with one or two planets if it meant the developers had spent time on making the character look better (particularly the mouth animations while speaking and the random eye twitch). The three powers at a time thing Liana mentioned is really obnoxious - I invest points in an ability, I should be able to use it (even if I have to access it through a power wheel instead of a button). Two new alien species in a different galaxy, and they're both bipedal with two arms and one head? I suppose there might be an explanation, if they happen to be descendants of Milky Way species who fled in previous reaper cycles - are humans really the first ones to have this idea? I was actually okay with change in the krogan - this is a self-selected group who chose to travel to a new galaxy with other races (even though they didn't get their own ark), with the intent of working with them. Oh, one slight timeline detail for Liana - the time frame for the arks' departure wasn't before the trilogy, it was after ME2, but before ME3. In one of the side missions, you run into a group of Cerberus scientists complaining about how the Elusive Man was taking Cerberus the wrong way, wasting huge amounts of money on a project to bring back the dead. Wow - that turned out a lot more stream-of-conscience than I intended...
who care (2 years ago)
Thank you for articulating why I ended up hating a show that's first season was pretty solid. I just can't give a shit for any of the characters even when I separate the work from Lena Dunham and her whole, whatever show. And to be fair to Bioware pulling back on social stuff/ half assing it I can almost understand. Given Bioware and Beam Dog have studios in Edmonton and our art community is tight I can very much see Bioware seeing what happened with Bauldur's Gate issue and gone "oh shit maybe let's not".
One Angry Dwarf (2 years ago)
BioWare is no longer BioWare... The doctors are gone, Casey Hudson has gone, Drew Karpyshyn, David Gaider have also gone. It is an empty shell of its former self. The fans (myself included) are deluded to think anything resembling Mass Effect, KotOR or DA:O will EVER be released under that name again. The writing was on the wall with AD:I, that game stank, and ME:A is just that with a scifi paint job.
gonkraider (2 years ago)
goes to show its mostly just brand fanatics and no real understanding as to what made the company great lol. Part of the reason why i find the existing fandom to be gross.
StarFish! (2 years ago)
So what i'm hearing is don't bother buying ME:A just go play the first three again and enjoy myself. I freaking loved Grunt and Wrex! They were my bros! Ok Wrex was my bro, Grunt was my funny little tube baby...But that was what made them special to me! We don't need a bunch of weird looking humans! I'm just gonna go cry...Or go play the first 3 while crying.
kainono (2 years ago)
So the krogan are like the orcs in warcraft? Great.
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
At least the Krogans aren't supposed to be evil. EA seems to be trying to PCify The Empire in Star Wars Battlefront 1-2 and even more so in 2-2. "That's the best way to come!" -Liana K 2017. XD
Matt Close (2 years ago)
Hi Liana, Firstly, I didn't pick up on a lot of the points you did in Mass Effect Andromeda... food for thought 🤔. As to how bad it is... BioWare stopped being BioWare when they sold their soul to EA. Regarding Ghostbusters 2016... I actually really liked that movie and my only complaint was the design of car... Ecto 1 was the best! So... you and I will have to agree to disagree on that movie 😎.
James Edward Clark (2 years ago)
Never watched Girls, wasn't really aware of it until I started hearing about this Lena Dunham character and she seems dreadful and everyone else seemed to hate her so I stayed away... THATS HOW SHE ENDED HER SHOW?!? Has a baby with a black man and names him Grover?!? Then doesn't let the father be in the child's life?!? The fuck?!? What did people see in this show in the first place?
Antonio Burke (2 years ago)
The father isn't black. It's the actor who played the lead character on The Night Of.
Kisai Yuki (2 years ago)
Melissa McCarthy was great as Spicer, I'd like to see more of that. As for Mass Effect Andromeda, I haven't played it, and the way you're describing it sounds like they went back to the Starflight/Star Control roots (which had resource management as a major component.) In ME1 the resources were too clunky. ME2 backed away from that on-planet mechanic to just scanning it, and the ME3 just made it a "press x to grab war assets " Like, I don't know, it seems like Bioware was gutted by EA. The same thing happened way back with Origin's Ultima and Maxis Sim-series, eventually the games that are produced are just shallow imitations of their previous games.
Jose Salinas (2 years ago)
"That's the best way to cum" - Liana K 2017.. lol in all seriousness though I hear what you're saying about the combat in Mass Effect but in the pause menu you can actually store different profiles with different sets of powers onto a weapon wheel and you can switch them on the fly in combat. Took me a while to figure that out
Looper 1234 (2 years ago)
if a OS re-install doesn't fix it, than its probably hardware related, compatibility issues or failing hard disks.
black_romeo (2 years ago)
The Andromeda initiative left the Milky Way after ME 2 but before ME 3. It would've been better if they left just before the last mission in ME 3. Then we could've had Krogan who could bred and Quarians with their Geth allies. Explain the logic in bringing a race to colonize a new galaxy when that race can't reproduce effectively. The choices you want to carry over could've been worked into gameplay also. When you wake up from cryo, you're asked questions about what you can remember to see how mentally cognizant you are after waking up. The answers you give shape the BIG choices Shepard made. Similarly to Kotor 2. Also, the Quarian, Hanar, Drell and others will be DLC. Don't forget it's EA, never underestimate what they'll cut for the sake of extra money.
black_romeo (2 years ago)
The extended cut was free...equally dumb but free. I remember when I fell in love with bioware, Kotor and Jade Empire, but it's sad...it "seems" like they aren't trying anymore.
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
Well EA/Bioware has a thing for writing disappointing stuff that fans manage to come up with a much better and more interesting alternative to... See Indoctrination theory. I mean, that even played into the DLC thing. "Hah, this ending is fake, buy the DLC to see the real one!"
black_romeo (2 years ago)
One more thing...potential spoiler... I had a big problem with the side quests and I'll use an example from early in the game. Being as vague as possible, there is a murder mystery involving a soldier and his C.O. The soldier's wife asks you look into it because she believes he is innocent. The problem is the mission ends by being too black or white, when the answer is a shade of gray. For a "progressive" company...you wouldn't think they'd be so railroady with the binary solutions.
Zoeila (2 years ago)
i disagree with your thoughts on mass effect (though to be fair i wont play any witcher game and never played no mans sky). also some of the points you address are addressed in the game.. theres a quarian ark on the way.
Bevin Warren (2 years ago)
Kinda a spoiler but the there is no indigenous race in the Helius Cluster in Andromeda...either they come from another part of Andromeda, are an artificially created species, or they migrated to the cluster.
bulletproofblouse (2 years ago)
Pre-the Sean Spicer skits, it always irked me that Melissa McCarthy got a heap of crap for doing essentially the same as what Chris Farley was called a genius for.
bulletproofblouse (1 year ago)
sojonin Mocking imitation is one of the oldest forms of satire Yes, whomsoever is in power is an acceptable target SNL has done this for every other president
sojonin (1 year ago)
that's because the SNL of today have nothing original and must resort to imitation humor (poorly done at that!) and mocking those that are acceptable to do so to.
KaylinL (2 years ago)
I think what gets to me the most about ME: A, is the fact it just reeks of people having no respect for their skills and just taking the laziest, fastest route in everything(except environment art). Game designwise they had such an easy in for multiple race options for player characters. They basicly have most of the parts already. Arks from several races, so your different PC races could have started on their own races ark and oast that point you'd just have to adapt the human storyline to fit the new one. And if they actually had cared about their craft it wouldn't have been that tough to write a somewhat different personal storyline for each PC race. The Kett/Remnant stuff could have still been the main body for each of them. As for the combat, it was fun for a while and then frustrating since I started as an Adept with throw, pull and backlash. Basicly meant my 2 spammables were useless on anything that had armour or shields and if I moved anywhere I needed to whip out backlash on cooldown or I died in a few hits. Eventually I just swapped to Vanguard with charge, nova and singularity and suddenly nothing could kill me. Surprisingly, the combat got tedious after that.
MoonCrafter (2 years ago)
They didn't leave before the events of the ME trilogy, they left right before Earth got invaded. As for the Krogan being PC'd, I disagree. ME3 talked about how they used to be a more civilized race and you see the ruins of their huge cities and the nearly religious symbolism of the mother of the threshmaws. Canonically, they're trying to move back to what they used to be with Drack's influences in the pathfinder team. As for making their planet more habitable, just because they can live on a volcano doesn't mean that's their ideal habitat. It's the difference between survival and thriving. I was under the impression while going through the vault that hopefully there would no longer be a monopoly on water on the planet in a few years. Cause while they made a nice place for themselves, they're still someone else's bitch when it comes to water. Even if they can go a while without it, Overlord Morda is enforcing a ration system to make sure everyone can survive and their gardens can thrive long enough to be able to feed future children.
Wide And Nerdy (2 years ago)
Also, its not like all scientists are atheist even today. I went to church with a physicist. My uncle is both a paleontologist and a Christian. Also I hate that they only brought the humanoid aliens. No Hanar, Elcor, or Volus. I'd have preferred this be a purely human venture with all new aliens but if they couldn't be bothered with any non humanoid aliens the least they could have done was bring the not so humanoid aliens they already had to help it feel exotic.
Alex (2 years ago)
Yup. ME:A has the writing skill of Star Trek: Voyager without the good acting to prop it up. I saw YongYea's video about how the writing for the game was absolutely terrible, but tries to cite Clancy Brown's performance as a high mark. From the little bit of Ryder's dad that I did see, Clancy Brown could not give a fuck. He just read lines.
Bob Thesexyfish (2 years ago)
I don't think more time would help this half baked game that clearly was mismanaged in nearly ever possible aspect. Time does not equal understanding.
WhirlwindOfWTF (2 years ago)
your hard drive died or dying
ReviewTrumpUSA MAGA (2 years ago)
Saw you on reviewtechusa, subbed.
Alan Sherrill (2 years ago)
It sounds like you haven't been enjoying Andromeda.  Between ME:A, Girls, and YouTube comments the show has been a bit negative lately.  Hope you can talk about the parts you enjoyed next time, or some new topic to bring back some positive energy.
Xavier (2 years ago)
Alan Sherrill Pleople have every right to complain when what is promised is not received. And yes, they promised a lot. The critique is well deserved. Everything from the CC to the animation and the feminist agenda behind the game is all intentional. Hope I don't offend you but I miss the sexyness of the trilogy and it seems that the Krogan and the Asari along with Miranda's ass is missed among the hardcore ME fans. Hope the PC hacking and modding community can do something. I hope a defect from Bioware will give out the resources to fix this brokeness.
Jamia Dixon (2 years ago)
I don't see why people have such a problem with MEA I beat it and plan on replaying it. I enjoy the game for what it is not what I want it to be.
Xavier (2 years ago)
Jamia Dixon Congratulations! You are 5% of that group then. They just need give people what they want; That is how business takes care of itself.
Calliope at Night (2 years ago)
Exactly, you an learn all of these skills and acquire all of these powers and at any time you can only use 3 of them. I was disappointed in Dragon Age: Inquisition when I had a couple dozen spells and I could only use 5. I guess BioWare refuses to listen to the fans who complained that this was not an improvement. It was not good at all. Also the loss of interesting characters that people can care about and replacing them with virtue-signaling mannequins was a tragedy. I love the original Mass Effect trilogy and I was obsessed with Dragon Age: Origins (7 Wardens so far), I even did not hate Dragon Age II. Inquisition was bad (but still had companions I loved), but Andromeda was even worse.
Jamia Dixon (2 years ago)
Liana you need a hair clip girl.
xerxBreak (2 years ago)
would very much be interested in your detailed opinion on Nier;Automata if you feel like playing that next to get the bad taste of Andromeda out
Sony Lebeau (2 years ago)
Fu$%@ Windows 10...
Kubae420 (2 years ago)
just a bite on the cracking in Andromeda part.... everyone doesn't have the same line and tracks line is into tonal. he is 1400 years old and us supposed to have learned from his mistakes. its part if why the brogan value him so highly
liamclarke91 (2 years ago)
12:05 So Lena Dunham's your Anthony Burch?
liamclarke91 (2 years ago)
Very good point. Can't exactly say the guy has a following. And yes, Ashly Burch is pretty good.
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
Does anyone besides HAWP fans even care about Anthony Burch? I mean, well I know obviously some people do because there seems to be this whole anti-fan-club for him of people who love to talk shit about his personal relationships, but really, what is he doing besides HAWP? He used to write for Destructoid and did those "RevRants" but then he quit to work at Gearbox and then quickly lost that job (which may not really be such a bad thing for him considering how Gearbox is kinda imploding with stupidity recently) and has apparently gone back to HAWP and doing some stuff with Rocket Jump thanks to his sister's connections. Basically what I'm saying is you gotta have pretty low standards if you compare disliking Lena Dunham to disliking Anthony Burch. His opinions are one thing, but he's not really successful or influential. Ashley's doing pretty awesome though.
Andrew (2 years ago)
The mission launched between ME1 and ME2 - it's implied that the initiative wouldn't have got off the ground if certain shadowy elements took Shepard's concern about the Reapers to mean the Milky Way galaxy races might need a plan B. There seems to be a lot of aborted or unfinished quest lines, a lot of the outside area's seem to be unfinished . . . A lot of the story elements seem week. Every area follows the same formula, activate the vault . . . win. The 'choices' all seem kinda arbitrary the characters are mostly flat . . . I liked Drax and Vectra - everybody else was bland to out right annoying. Worse in my opinion is that a lot of the decisions characters make just don't seem to make sense with regards to people commanding the arks and the nexus. The logistics don't seem to make any sense either - the Kett seems to have an endless supply of ships and equipment. The game just isn't a finished product if you ask me - but even with the polish sorted the story writing just seems kind of bad.
Caboose (2 years ago)
I'm fairly new to the channel, but I remember hearing in one of your videos that you struggled with eye strain? I don't know if I'm correct on that, it's just I've recently started to struggle a lot with it and was wondering if you had any advice on it? Sorry if this isn't really the place to ask this.
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
The weird yellow glasses have something to do with helping that. That's all I can really say about it that I remember her saying. I thankfully haven't had the same problem. Just really bad eyesight for me.
A Joji (2 years ago)
aside from technical and corporate issues with ME:A, can we also blame SJWs and Feminism for the other issues like how much they changed the krogans or how they made fem ryder look like Sarkeesian
A Joji (2 years ago)
Haha you begin to wonder how everyone thinks they are all politicians because of the internet but including that i dont see why there is a need to show any form of political correctness in video games. i believe that video games is an artform and along with that it deserves freedom of expression. the kind of attacks on videogames seems to deny its right in that regard, and i think it is so because people who dont even play video games are making all these assumptions and still regard it as a toy for kids. hell countries like australia have no problems with 18+ films but wont budge on video games only proves that further and the funny thing about gaming devs is that it is so profit oriented that quality kinda went out the window. i find this especially in the american devs sometimes i think they feel that gamers a dumb. i dont know if you wonder how japanese devs would go as far as spending 10 years on a game and when its out it is usually amazing and when you compare it to activision that amount of time would have brought out 10 games
Xavier (2 years ago)
+A Joji​ Yeah, it seems that businesses are losing sight about the target audience and love to nowadays dabble in excessive polictics that pisses off the majority of the general public. They have forgotten that if you give people what they want, business will take care of itself. Andromeda seems one sided and with no diversity whatsoever. Everything from the CC to character design tells us what is wrong with this game. Although I am American and I live in Canada Alberta (where Bioware is based), the amount of political correctness has infiltrated every sector in many industries. But yeah, the majority of gamers are males. They are at risk of losing their fanbase because they are afraid of what 5% think. Very bad business. Go look at all the magazine stands and you will probably not find anything opposed to sexyness.
A Joji (2 years ago)
Raphael Gusman: honestly, its why i came up with that comment, but i do notice no one really replies to these accusations. the problem i have with all of it though is that it felt like out of nowhere the females who try to represent women in gaming came out saying that they feel unrepresented. lets look at the fact in saying even if the numbers are close, gaming is pretty much male dominated especially during the earlier generations
Xavier (2 years ago)
A Joji I agree with this 100%! I am not surprised Bioware has not replied to these accusations which leads me to believe it is all truth.
A Joji (2 years ago)
ah it makes sense, thanks for shedding light on the krogan part. i wont lie in saying it was wrong of me to make such a comment based on word of mouth, especially since i never played the game. i never thought incompetencies would go that far though haha im thinking though. do you think feminism and activism similar is affecting video games? i definitely feel its affecting comics like marvel
patchesdf (2 years ago)
I wouldn't feel bad that there was nothing in a TV show covering something you're into never actually appealed to you.  It's just a dumbass TV show with crappy writing. I feel exactly the same way when I see any TV show that just have a few things that appeal to me in rarely covered subcultures, and they just fuckin blow it.  TV is a terrible place to look for great feminist protagonists or gay subculture heroes or anything like that.  If it actually had great writing and excellent realistic examples of people like that the show would be both revolutionary and controversial, instead of being some bland cookie-cutter modern sitcom like Big Bore Theory.
Gambit2483 (2 years ago)
you're very beautiful..
Lyceaos (2 years ago)
honestly i think this was a great video about all the failings of companies or media trying to pander to outrage warriors and failing eihtor to pander or to produce a good product. they pander and loose sight of what made the original product good and what the fans liked it sounds like. honestly i worry about sony doing this wiht the sly cooper movie
lorbfan (2 years ago)
That's because it is that a bunch of Millenials got to write a fan fiction and got handed millions of dollars to make it into a bad game. However in general the influence of Anita meant that Bioware went from making games to making fables aimed at children that can be distilled to "Homosexuality is good", "Women don't need to be attractive", "I don't know what comment to make about transsexuals but fuck it I want them in my game" and little more
lorbfan (2 years ago)
I don't want to play an interactive fable
fredguy2 (2 years ago)
There is nothing wrong with educating children on gender or sexuality.
UberBman (2 years ago)
Liana, I'm going to make a drinking game for every time you brush your hair back off your face. If I drank. I'm glad Girls is over. I watched a couple of episodes of it when it first came on, and I felt dumb after watching it. It makes young women look like idiots, men for that matter too. Lena Dunham is a misguided child trying to be a shell of an adult, that molested her baby sister. I just wish I knew who's producer daughter she belongs to to have a show given to her.
KroganCharr (2 years ago)
My guess on why a "social justice game" ends up shamelessly colonialist: it wasn't sincere to begin with. They checked some diversity boxes and were completely unaware of what they were doing when not worrying about those boxes. The original Mass Effect has lots of empty planets with fetch quests, repetitive combat and often stunningly beautiful backgrounds too. Those sidequests are the worst part of the game. Any veteran ME player should have been able to warn them away from the concept even before No Man's Sky crashed. I love Krogans, I've been carrying one in my screen name for many years. It's funny you mentioned fanfiction, because that's what Andromeda feels like to me. I was REALLY pissed about the ME3 ending, but Andromeda? Made by different people with different characters, faulty lore and completely missing the spirit of the IP. I'm can't even take ME:A seriously enough to be upset about it. Maybe I'll buy it for 4 bucks on a steam sale sometime just to have a few chuckles, that's it. I still love Mass Effect. All it takes is just one single great game and I'm right back to singing its praises. Until that happens? You just keep screwing around EAware, I have other games to play.
Lynch85 (2 years ago)
BioEa is a lost case.
Daniel T (2 years ago)
are we going to get a riverdale review when the season finale airs since you mentioned before about unhealthy relationship with older woman and younger guy? woohoooo girls is over! goooooodbe at last!
Tomas Smith (2 years ago)
just like a regressive to treat a biracial person's existence like a science experiment
Nemo Fett (2 years ago)
Is empty, frustrating and boring. That's the best way to come. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
krellen d20 (2 years ago)
Did Girls actually say the baby was named after the muppet? Because Grover is a real name - it's the name of the only US President to serve two non-consecutive terms, in fact (Grover Cleveland).
kisfekete (2 years ago)
I remember Bioware was sending around a questionnaire in 2014 asking about what players loved about ME. Typical multiple choice questionnaire. There were questions like 'What do you like about ME and Bioware games?' and 'What do you think should be improved in the future?'. Now, among the answer options, I remember clearly, there was not a single one about the characters. NONE. You could complain about the action, about the crafting, about the frakkin' multiplayer, but you just could not say that you wish they would pay more attention to story characters. (If you remember ME3 then you may realise that none of the new characters introduced in that game made any impression whatsoever. It was probably the start of the long slope.) In hindsight, I think I can now conclude that this is a warning sign.
Yvette (2 years ago)
Don't hate Girls but I don't love it either. I haven't seen the past two seasons but I did read the articles talking about the finale and I'm kinda intrigued but I am also not surprised that it ended that way. I feel like the two rational people in that show were Shoshanna and Adam. And reading the plots of the past two seasons, she seems to be the only one who grew as a character. That show may as well have been called 'White Feminism' and funny you say Dunham is part of the dworkside. It's true and if you go back to when her book was released, she compared the cover to the cover of an Andrea Dworkin book. Lena Dunham is the Andrea Dworkin of our time. Personally my least favourite character was Marnie. Speaking of Allison Williams, see Get Out if you haven't done so yet. Someone here mentioned that maybe Girls was a whole deconstruction of the SJW type Millennial. Honestly, would still rather watch Girls over Sex and the City. That was another show where I liked the supporting characters more than the main character.
millernumber1 (2 years ago)
It gives me a kind of ferocious glee to see Girls finally getting the contempt it deserves.
oberon oberon (2 years ago)
A group can also try to "integrate" (coexist), assimilation would mean to leave many of the old values back to adopt the local ones. (Hope i use the correct terminology here, again translating from the local one.) PS: I would refer to Civ-BeondEarth but the affinity which is described (german) as using old and new values is called "Supremacy" ... Edit/PPS: In difficult/unsure times Religion is often seen as a anchor, as such it tends to rise in difficult times. (As wen you are on a unknown Continent/Planet, ... )
David Manning (2 years ago)
i played andromeda, liked the combat, the open world was badly padded, but i couldnt put my finger on what felt really wrong with it. you nailed some, whats wrong with the krogan specifically but id go even farther than that, EVERY race seems to be humanized, and the angaren come out of the gate that way. but not just that, ive been going through the other mass effects again since to try to pinpoint things and im half way through ME2. now realizing that ME1 wasnt that good, nostalgia definately glossing it. but what it did do extremely well was world building through codex and missions, which MEA just never did. but what it really did was set the stage for a lovecraftian type existential dread, which ME2 punched you in the face with. the Kett just couldnt capture. though i didnt like me3s endings, i do really like that andromeda chose a cannon ending, and the only one that made any sense, and fit that dread. once it is made clear, just that knowedge should have changed the tone of MEA entirely, but its just treated like, "oh thats nice"
CK MONDAVI (2 years ago)
The more you speak about ME:A the more I want to avoid it! Also as a I hate when you say millennials, as I happen to be one yet reject a lot of the behavior my age group spouts. But then I am also a straight cis white male and to them we just is bad as the old white men in the supposed patriarchy!
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
It's great that you're all apathetic and edgey... real useful to effecting positive change in the world. In fact I'm going to quote a commentor a few posts above because you're acting like a perfect example of what they said. "7:35 I'd say they aren't playing to "not lose" but are playing to "make everyone else lose". They aren't trying to make things better for everyone they are trying to make sure that the designated enemy (in the case of feminism that's men) loses by any means necessary." Although in this case replace men with white men.
Zoeila (2 years ago)
welcome to racial profiling not sure why white men are unable to cope with it when blacks have been dealing with it for generations.
CK MONDAVI (2 years ago)
Zoeila because all white men are to blame for rape! I get that there are frustrating cases where young rich white men get away or receive little to no punishment for the crime, but thats a issue with the courts and laws favoritism towards the rich. And the key word is rich. I believe any male of another race would get similar treatment if he or his family was rich. Sadly money and class holds sway in most court proceedings. Also as someone who has dated and is currently dating a woman who was sexual assaulted, I take it offensive to those who think all men(regardless of race) are rapists!
Zoeila (2 years ago)
thats more guilt by association until you guys as a whole can prove that you are different. it doesnt help when i see white cis males convicted of rape getting a slap on the wrist.
Mister Clown (2 years ago)
"Krograns like you know them' That unintended rhyme gave me a good laugh on a rough day. Thank you!
D'aetheyleid (2 years ago)
Ah, what I call the Dorian effect. He was touted about on a high chair because he was gay, not because he was a sarcastic badass, which he was in my opinion. Krogans Lite, lmao. You have to pay extra to inherit the genophage.
D'aetheyleid (2 years ago)
Ah, what I call the Dorian effect. He was touted about on a high chair because he was gay, not because he was a sarcastic badass, which he was in my opinion. Krogans Lite, lmao. You have to pay extra to inherit the genophage.
Steve Strangelove (2 years ago)
Regarding girls: my sister saw one episode and hated it, mostly how manipulative the characters were (I don't understand it as I have never seen it). Regarding Lena: she is a high society rich girl who want to preach to others; I have always disliked her kind of people. Regarding trans on scifi: have never understood this, if in a scifi setting you have all this high level tech, would a trans person still exist? I mean, they have all this light speed traveling tech and augmentation technology but they still can't make a person fully transition?
StormyDmaster (2 years ago)
Wow Mass effect andromeda makes it cannon that in the future religion has almost died? Thats awesome. You can't compare what happened in the past to what happens in the future. Maybe in the future people don't need a sky daddy to hope and be optimistic in the face of genocide.
Philipp Schmid (2 years ago)
I really don't like what they did to the aliens the keept, they feel too human now. In the name of diversity, they made slow salarians, made human sounding krogan. It took away the character of the aliens and goes counter to all mass effect lore, aliens sound similar because they draw from a small gene pool. It feels as if much of this game was made by people with no love for mass effect, the krogan fight scene exemplefies it for me not only does it look rediculous it also goes completely against established krogan fighting techniques.
TheTrueKakokun (2 years ago)
Speaking as someone who really enjoy Andromeda I gotta say that from a gameplay standpoint I think their biggest flaw is that it's only interesting and complex if you make it so. There is a fair amount of depth in it if you experiment with the different power customization and weapon customization. Something I would've liked to see is them expand more on the profile system. Instead of making it something you use between fights as a way to quickly change power loadout I would've liked it to be used more in combat as well, having the ability to for example start in an infiltrator loadout to pick off more dangerous enemies then switch quickly into a more tech/biotic loadout for massive aoe damage could've been a lot of fun. However that would require better enemy variety to truly shine. I wouldn't say that there is one huge flaw to Andromeda, just a lot of minor ones that can add up to frustrate players.
Malkav The Mad (2 years ago)
Bioware did it with Dragon Age. Sten in the first game talks about how his people have strict roles for everyone including heavy gender. Then you look at Iron Bull and he says the Kanuri have a word for transgender People? A society that has over bearing gender roles and very over bearing structures at that. It doesn't make sense, unless either Iron Bull or Sten were lying.
Tony Montana (2 years ago)
Malkav The Mad I loved Stens dialogue with a female warden. (paraphrasing): "You're a Grey Warden, but you also claim to be a woman, this makes no sense". He was thoroughly confused about this. But my favorite line is his description of elves: "the elves are a lithe race who excel at poverty". This isn't the first time BioWare weakens a character through retcons. Go back and listen to the conversation with Sovereign in ME1. The ending of ME3 makes him a liar or ignorant of his true purpose.
Jolly Yellow (2 years ago)
7:35 I'd say they aren't playing to "not lose" but are playing to "make everyone else lose". They aren't trying to make things better for everyone they are trying to make sure that the designated enemy (in the case of feminism that's men) loses by any means necessary. I only saw a few episodes of the show but from what I saw that show was Dunham spending a few years just going, "Hey look at me I'm doing things that men do all the time and get a free pass on! So what if that is an oversimplification I just want to get away with bad behavior! This isn't about presenting women as viable characters that grow but giving women the latitude to do what men do while at the same time stopping men from doing those things. Its okay because its feminist!"
YumLemmingKebabs (2 years ago)
Maybe they got tired of winning.
oberon oberon (2 years ago)
Maybe they are playing "Win as much as you can". (reference to a quickly found document containing the rules http://nationalqualitycenter.org/files/17179/08%20Win%20as%20Much%20as%20You%20Can%20Game.pdf)
Philipp Schmid (2 years ago)
yea the krogan lived on an irradiated tuchanka, before they were even uplifted.
James Vann (2 years ago)
I think it could be said ME:A suffers from design by economists
James Vann (2 years ago)
andromeda left between around ME2
ariwl1 (2 years ago)
Oh, and Liana are you playing the new Zelda game at all? I'm not finished yet but I'm finding Zelda's character very endearing so far and would be interested in your take on it.
ariwl1 (2 years ago)
I never watched Girls, so I can only comment on the mess that is B-list liberal darling Lena Dunham as there was a stretch where she was blowing up my newsfeed once a week it seemed. I...honestly don't get why anybody pays attention to her. I've never seen her say anything of substance and her positions and reasoning you can find on poorly written blogs and tumblr posts. Her brand of activism is essentially to rail against the state of the world and offer no real solutions. And when you get down to it so much of what she puts out there seems to be a crisscross of how society doesn't consider her conventionally attractive and her own mental health and how it makes her do asinine things from time to time (which is a flimsy excuse at best).
James Vann (2 years ago)
they "fixed" the trans conversation in the patch
Malkav The Mad (2 years ago)
Spicy Girls review. 😄
TheMatrixHasYou 01010 (2 years ago)
Her thoughts on Andromeda matches my feeling 100%. I could listen to this beautiful intelligent woman talk about anything all day.
James Vann (2 years ago)
What if girls wasn't pro but closet satire "feminism" after all it does hit all the SJW checks
James Vann (2 years ago)
VolkColopatrion true enough
VolkColopatrion (2 years ago)
poe's law
Chris Honn (2 years ago)
Good Vid.. Ummm The rabbit in the back.. what is that from? I want to say sam and max, but i know i am wrong.
JamesBideaux (2 years ago)
ubisoft's raving rabbits.
Bobby Bee (2 years ago)
Kind of sad too see Girls ended with the characters remaining as girls as opposed to growing into women, glad I didn't bother watching more than a few episodes in the early seasons.
Bobby Bee (2 years ago)
Drack is kinda like an old school Krogan but you are hitting on one of the biggest issues I have with MEA: not staying true to the series lore. Also, they seemed to repurpose too many themes from the original series, I do enjoy the game but it is disappointing because it feels like they got lazy in the story telling. If they think I will pay for dlc they are mistaken, I don't want to give my money to lazy people trying to build on a universe I really loved during the trilogy when they disappoint on multiple levels.
Kammy (2 years ago)
love to here your thoughts on persona 5, although it's incredibly long.
DOnkeyshyt (2 years ago)
So many white women on the less petite side use black men and mixed children as fashion accessories it's fitting of a stereotype. My own sister was one and threw away a great man she was married to so she could get impregnated by some black deadbeat with two other children by two other women(both white). There are plenty of great black guys, but these fashion accessories aren't great black guys, they are mostly deadbeats.

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