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10 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Opposite Genders

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Amazing pictures of Disney princesses reimagined as boys. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All the little girls dreamed of becoming princesses. But what if boys could be inspired to make that wish, too? After all, everyone wants to find the love of their life and live a happy ending. This is why talented artists created artworks so every child could have a role model. And today, we are showing you 10 Disney Princesses reimagined as opposite genders. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (2893)
Yazzi Gillam (1 day ago)
Or Ryan for rupunzel
Yazzi Gillam (1 day ago)
What about Disney characters be gaye
Darcy Kahler (2 days ago)
A Disney princess already saved her prince. Belle saved Beast.
raven reaper (4 days ago)
cindawhat and qhy he looks gay
Purple lava (8 days ago)
What about nala from the lion king she Be came a princess at the end
samantha pridmore (9 days ago)
13 _living_ 13 (10 days ago)
Ok but like *YUGYEOM*
Galaxy_Shadowing (11 days ago)
Lilyanna Stockdale (12 days ago)
And it's Tiana (Tee-au-NAH)!
Lilyanna Stockdale (12 days ago)
It's Anna (Au-nuh) not Anna (Ei-na
Charlene O'Neill (14 days ago)
Cool. :d
Giselle Mireles (14 days ago)
angle (17 days ago)
Male Pocahontas is HOTTT
aysia aples (19 days ago)
aysia aples (19 days ago)
hi aysia
Kayla Stark (19 days ago)
Pocahontas is wow
Kayla Stark (19 days ago)
rapanzo????? they look alike because u changed there eyebrows
Kayla Stark (19 days ago)
most definately
Ajit Friedmann (21 days ago)
Yes if I were a man I would have more rights.
Gabby Plays (23 days ago)
I need the boy Pocahontas now I want the second 1
Gabby Plays (23 days ago)
Anatol why no Aron
Don Solo (24 days ago)
*Rapunzel turns into Brad Pitt*
She said most of the names of the princesses wrong...😐
FASTRACKZ (29 days ago)
😒 issues
SHORTCUT 21 (30 days ago)
7:21 somewhat like emma watson
jayden curry (1 month ago)
No offense but I don't like snow white either she kind of annoys me
Rhoanne 12 (1 month ago)
some looks like lesbians
Marcia Meirndorf (1 month ago)
twilight sparkle (1 month ago)
You forgotted meg from hercules
Antonia Morris (1 month ago)
And Jasper❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Antonia Morris (1 month ago)
If I chould I would date Aron and Adrian😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
oohwee oohwee (1 month ago)
pooh bear (1 month ago)
Ur saying there names wrong
A Nightmares Grave (1 month ago)
Kelsey Robinson (1 month ago)
What the heck that Snow White boy uhhhhhhhh I have no words
0:22 Oh God it's Renge
heather turner (1 month ago)
I remember Ariel's male name was Arien
Darbyw Regan (1 month ago)
I am always called a boy.
Maria Morales (1 month ago)
"It's time for a princess to save her prince" Immediately names Belle...a princess sho saved her prince....twice
FluffyMintOreo (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but the most annoying part of this video is the way she pronounced the names like Anna? You pronounce it on uh and Ariel you pronounce it air e ol and Tiana you pronounce it Tea on uh
Angelrose Clookey (1 month ago)
yes i would be very diffrent as a boy
Erla Ragnarsdottir (1 month ago)
0:55 Elsa-Elis-ELVIS. !!!!!!!?..!.,!!???!!!...?.
Aleximira Götz (1 month ago)
Timmy Bello (1 month ago)
Something I wish you do less talk and more Show 😒
Blubber (1 month ago)
Alyb Delmar (1 month ago)
Ceri Armour (1 month ago)
Hey I just want to say that you should not have to be a man or a woman to get pay more or less
MASTER GAMER (1 month ago)
2:09 & 10:35 this is a cool art style O.o 5:20 i think its weird if a guy using a lipstick 9:28 me eating a noddle then a wild gay appear Me:*chokes*' Tiger be like: dont mind him hes gay
Midnight Cleasby (1 month ago)
All you did was cut there hair really !
Midnight Star (1 month ago)
is it just me, or is the most annoying thing about this channel is that they r never precise.. oh... just me then?
trisha vb (1 month ago)
Most of it is just cutting the hair
The Random Expert (1 month ago)
Galaxy The Dragon (1 month ago)
I will call the Rupunzle(probably spelled that wrong) Ryan
SudsierAphid Gaming (2 months ago)
well i have real life powers tomorrow well yeah real powers
SudsierAphid Gaming (2 months ago)
i hope you know that i have real life powerd
NikoCat Supreme (2 months ago)
Adrien looks like a nine year old boy
Christabel Madu (2 months ago)
I love it
ultra icecube player ice (2 months ago)
If i was a girl dang i would look great
Tess Adriaensen (2 months ago)
I just love 3 of them. Elis, Adrian and Pocahontas. Pocahontas as a male warrior is soooo handsome in the picture with the raccoon. Adrian in the picture with flounder, they are both beautiful. I would want to be he's girl. And number 3 Elis … In the picture from sakimichan. He is handsome. Especially with the look of a villain
BeRandom12 Eve (2 months ago)
This channel is kind of a spoiler one.…
Cupcake Cutie (2 months ago)
i was thinking before i watched this that elsa as a guy would be Jack frost looking XD
TheRBuck4ever (2 months ago)
I like male elsa better looking a tiny bit evil. Someone with those powers should be good but still a badass right?
Galaxy Chan (2 months ago)
i would date male Aurora! :D
Maria Buenaventura (2 months ago)
For some weird reason I’ve already seen all of these artworks. Maybe the images are calling me to save them in my pics from internet gallery.
Yuck this is messed up lol but Pocahontas is beautiful either way we native Americans are very beautiful people
Yush Nita (2 months ago)
Just me or Jasmine's gender swap was hot?
Neox Black (2 months ago)
So they’re all twinks
The Corpse Bride (2 months ago)
At 9:29, I spit at the screen when I saw this picture and was like, “Holy crap, he’s hot!”
Kids Fun Art (2 months ago)
(¯`•.•´¯)    `•.¸.•´    you are never too old for that : ) I' ll draw a character from on my channel. I LOVE IT.
sanji vinsmoke (2 months ago)
I'd rather be a guy
Melissa Timot (2 months ago)
Adrian from miraculous😆😆😆
eden arviv (2 months ago)
9:28 wow
eden arviv (2 months ago)
wow i really like to see Disney remaking the movies with the other gender
jes mcm (2 months ago)
hahahahah BULLSHIT MAN (2 months ago)
*coughs* I mean my life would have been good If I was male instead of female. Because when I would meet new people they always assume I am the 'drama queen' type because of my looks. I have three personalities (is that how YA spell it?) First: my outgoing personality, I am basically very crazy but I think about things before I do it. I'm also an Introvert, this side of me only comes out to people I knew well and I feel comfortable with. Second: i'm shy when it comes to people I don't know. Like I would stay silent until they talk to me and slowly i'd show my outgoing side. Third: I get annoyed/mad easily. And when I get worked up to do something there is literally no one who could stop me.. XD Yeaahhhhh
Zakiya Pough (2 months ago)
Wow not
Laura and Tamarah Ayres (2 months ago)
I would really be anyone in that video girl or boy idc there all gorgeous
Shantae Rookwood (2 months ago)
The little mermaid😻😻😻in male version
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
The Belle boy (lol) should be named Ben
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Show White boy should be named Snow Flight.
Jose Gomez (6 days ago)
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
I do not like Snow White boy. 😁😁
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Uh, ya my life would be diff!
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Theory 2 waiter is HOT.
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Theory looks so much like a boy from slave times.
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
The girl Prince charming should be named Princess Charlotte.
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
The second Cinderfella is hilarious!m
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Cinderfella is ugly, too.
alisha brown (2 months ago)
alisha brown (2 months ago)
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
Adrian is kinda ugly. He looks too much like Eric. And he's just ugly.
Barbie Justice (2 months ago)
I love Anatol. The ice king is cool, too.
Alyson Davidson (2 months ago)
Elvis and anre
Adrienne Dupree (2 months ago)
I don't want to see Pocahontas or Tiana transformation to a boy...
JojoVa WindKeeper (2 months ago)
#FujiyoshiSquad are you thinking what I'm thinking? 6:57-7:48... GUY VERSION MALEFICENT AS THE SEME!!!!!!!
JojoVa WindKeeper (2 months ago)
Help me with the name fujiyoshi squad it's a YAOI EMERGENCY!!! Malio? Hmm... How to name Maleficent's man version?
JojoVa WindKeeper (2 months ago)
Imagine all the yaoi if only the girls switched gender!
mary sunshine (2 months ago)
All the women turned to "men" look like women trying to pass as gay bois. This could have been done bettr if they made them look like actual men with muscles and facial/body hair, and not just pretty bois. D- for lack of creativity and laziness whe looking for alternative art on this topic which could have been cool.
Jeanette Rhett (3 months ago)
I like them as a girl not a boy
faith morris (3 months ago)
Idk. I think it would be kinda weird waking up as a guy. I wonder if I'd be smarter? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
faith morris (3 months ago)
Ha haha haha hah haha haha Ariels boy name is Adrian. From miraculous ladybug!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ricofresh22 (3 months ago)
Jasmine fine either way

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