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Mistakes and random funny pictures which I found in The Lion King (2)

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What not everything when cutting finds. (I hope it's right translate). You guys don't believe how much I love the Pumbaa picture. A bit by the way: I can today not work on the request because my computer is crazy. All programs except one (of three) drawing programs crash more as 10 times....in a hour. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movie: - © The Lion King (by Disney) - © The Lion King II - Simba's Pride (by Disney)
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Text Comments (14)
KiaraMarBalto (10 months ago)
Jurassic Lions (10 months ago)
Nightmelody777 (10 months ago)
Das letzte war eingefügt xD^^
Nightmelody777 (10 months ago)
Wow ich muste stoppen um's zu sehen^^
Channel Closed (10 months ago)
Nightmelody777 Ich habe es per Zufall gesehen, als ich die Film wieder schaute.
Nightmelody777 (10 months ago)
ah ja XDDD Mit stoppen hab's ich erkannt dafuq xD Das ist ja mal krass^^ Wie hast du das gefunden? Wie bist du auf die Idee gekommen genau DA zu stoppen? ;P
Nightmelody777 (10 months ago)
Ich habe gerade geschaut, ich finde einfach nix xD
Channel Closed (10 months ago)
Ja, ist die Szene, bevor sie Kovu hoch hebt.xD
xXbambi xX (10 months ago)
Nobody. (10 months ago)
0:29 Idk what's up with her leg XD
Cub5 TLK (10 months ago)

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