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Cliff erosion threatens to push California homes into sea

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Several apartment buildings in Pacifica, California, are in danger of falling into the ocean. The cliffs they sit on are being eaten away by waves sparked by El Niño, forcing homeowners to evacuate. John Blackstone reports.
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Ralf Häggström (8 days ago)
Who the F BUILDS/ LIVES in such places ? .................
Brendissimo (22 days ago)
These buildings have been right on the edge of the cliffs for years. This should come as a surprise to no one.
Hermit Hermit (1 month ago)
climate change... the sea levels are rising
purple stuff (1 month ago)
Build that wall of rocks just like u have. All the way up. That should stop it
Line Danzer (3 months ago)
What Einstein genius decided it was ever safe to build on that spot?
Adan Alonzo (3 months ago)
fjandgoob (3 months ago)
Tuff break!
pinkfreud62 (4 months ago)
These people are rich. They can buy another home with their pocket chunk change.
mary shaffer (4 months ago)
Trumps fault.
kurtisle (4 months ago)
Its been happening for...well, at least 40 years. Lived nearby for most of that. It's nothing new to the folks in Pacifica.
Eli Ruiz (4 months ago)
Be prepared to lose it. Global warming is real. Sea levels are rising.
Diane Lane (4 months ago)
Homes and buildings should never ever have been built and that area permits should never been allowed to built this was doomed to happen has nothing to do with El nino El nino is a bunch of bullship its mother nature its life its nature this is what happens wake up don't build near the water bunch of idiots
Tony Womack (4 months ago)
How silly building a home next to a cliff where they have Earthquake lol omg
Steven Nault (4 months ago)
Why sound so surprised, the erosion didn't start yesterday it's been ongoing for years, these people took a gamble and lost, move on...
southern daze (5 months ago)
The foolish man built his house upon the sand... 😂
GARY HESS (5 months ago)
Just more proof of how many stupid people live in California.
Nv Marijuana (5 months ago)
Stupid people
Earth is Our Home (5 months ago)
why not he is staying there?. greed for money.
James Gentry (5 months ago)
muster seeds (5 months ago)
as long taxes rolling in, safety don't mean noting.
A (5 months ago)
I feel so bad for California...damn...ppl don’t even care like they just care about LA...we need to take care of our earth!
Fifield _kk (5 months ago)
why did they ever buy a house so close to a cliff
GAY GAY (6 months ago)
Therese Brice (6 months ago)
House breaks down to the edge calla 911 GET HELP THIS PERSON TOOK MY MONEY AND I WANT IT BACK
pretty bullet (6 months ago)
Well Duh,,of course they made them leave the apartments.
moose boy (6 months ago)
There should be a 100 mile shoreline limit to build anything. How stupid can people be? To zone that land buildable is criminal.
Jesse S (6 months ago)
Thousand+ year old knowledge teaches not to build your house on the sand but on a rock. But California is so special and want to prove everyone wrong. This is proof that college education doesn't make people smarter.
Mario Menendez (6 months ago)
Idiots to build and even bigger idiots for buying
zadose (6 months ago)
Oh boo hoo, I'm sure they're rich enough to find another apartment....
quinten jansen (6 months ago)
Call us the dutch we just build a island in front of it
steven herrold (7 months ago)
people are stupid everybody wants to live in paradise L A looks like a nightmare now rather than what it was 100 years ago
JJ All (7 months ago)
This is happening to us in Lake Highlands, Dallas, Tx. A bond was passed to help with condos and apartments that were about to fall into the creek due to erosion. Our councilman, Adam McGough, decided to use the money to build a $12 million pool at Lake Highlands North Rec Center! 🤣 can you say "worthle$$"
Beverly Beverly (7 months ago)
MARTHA N S'ALOM (7 months ago)
Bratty Young (7 months ago)
WHY??? Would you build houses here.You cant fix stupid.
Eric Challender (7 months ago)
Why did they put it off when they knew it eminent amazing
Tom Dolton (8 months ago)
This simply reminds me of Jesus warning about building on the Rock instead of sand form Matthew 7:24 through 27 the story of the wise and foolish Builders everytime foolish men thumb their nose up at God and think they know Better they Al Wyse get schooled then thay stand there looking stupid at each other and want to know what happened I'll tell you what happened you were being a fool playing with fire and got Roasted or in this case you built on the sand and got pulled under my heart go's out to the people there but they really need to wise up and get away from there because if they think it's bad now thay ain't seen nothing yet we all know that place is headed on it's way Under so why stick around for the main event.
ANTIQUEFOTOS (8 months ago)
Never build your house on the sand!
zachary loughnane (8 months ago)
A Chinese man that sounds white now I've seen it all
Nancy Peterson (8 months ago)
Well this is God's answer.to the immoral behavior and satanic acts committed. He is about to flush California. And then what is next??? Repent and follow the 10 commandments!!
Cat Benson (9 months ago)
How did the coastal commission have the right to approve of this...sue the developers...right now.
chris corona (9 months ago)
Push the whole state into the ocean.
Miche Y (9 months ago)
Can't they build a massive retaining wall....the only one well see in California . ..had to go there...sorry,
Himself Lee (9 months ago)
2:00 It would be "harder on them" to go off the cliff. Dangerous situation. Where was the geological survey and zoning on these structures anyway. Really?
John Kaszanek (9 months ago)
Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters made public announcement that all these people can move in with them at their luxurious gated homes!
Jerry Mina (10 months ago)
Me arz stoopid but wood not bild on a clif 🤪
Joseph David (10 months ago)
Hasta LA vista California
PaMartin123 (10 months ago)
I was squatting in one of these and fell off the cliff last night in my sleep. I don't know how I survived.
nufuture (10 months ago)
Never heard of cement?
basant vimal sharma (10 months ago)
Sanctuary cities on cliff.
Krista Holes (10 months ago)
Can’t a concrete wall be built? Or no?
Zuberi Johnson (10 months ago)
2:55, ok stay in the house and fall off the cliff... Why are there houses on the side of a cliff, did these people not watch Wile E Coyote cartoons.
Rik B (10 months ago)
Every body is not right you stupid old man. Be a dam reporter and stop being political. Those stupid women too. You all lie for a stupid rating.
lamebubblesflysohigh (10 months ago)
how dumb do you have to be to build on such place? it is not even solid rock, just dirt on the edge of the ocean!
ringhunter 100 (1 year ago)
poor rich people
Tom Thumb (1 year ago)
These people ate stupid. It's not unfair, they are just stupid.
Tony (1 year ago)
these guys knew that they were going down when they moved there and it was only a matter of time.  How this guy thinks its unfair to force him to move out is unbelievable.   If he had a brain , he would not have been there, or at least should be grateful that he was able to stay there that long.   I would have planned ahead and had a motor home  ready to go if you want to gamble like that.
SuTen (9 months ago)
Some people dont know how or want to take responability over their own life, and allways blames everyone else for their problems - usualy millennials i.e. airheads
Jones Smith (1 year ago)
Genius and Brilliant..not greedy and stupid are the location builders..real estate agents and tenants.
Sky Taylor (1 year ago)
Awesome! I hope it takes the whole liberal, America hating state
your stereotypical gamer (7 months ago)
Stark Stark stop
Stark Stark (7 months ago)
I hope you die
Rainy Days (1 year ago)
now thats living life on the edge...
Mary Kali (1 year ago)
Don't rebuild there. These people should have moved long ago.
Mary Kali (1 year ago)
They look like old crappy apts
Mary Kali (1 year ago)
Why did they build so close to the shore?
Cici Martinez (1 year ago)
the Earth is cracking under there asses that's a sign the end of Cali
Star Trek Theory (3 months ago)
Cici Martinez It’s the wrath of Satan.
awelldressedman (8 months ago)
Cici Martinez it's from sand mining. We are using more sand then the earth is producing year after year making the land disappear.
dadoody (2 years ago)
Building owner is an idiot to even open his mouth
Monique Brown (2 years ago)
Why would anyone feel safe living on a cliff???? Especially in California with all of the earthquakes here! 🙅 NOPE
Kevin Sosa (2 years ago)
why the hell will u guys think its a good idea to build houses there
Mr. Bimmler (5 months ago)
+Evil Keali’i you are an idiot.
Evil Keali’i (6 months ago)
Because white people
stenbak88 (7 months ago)
There used to be another 10 or 20 feet if not even more in some places
kammy (7 months ago)
Exactly....and why they are saying "it's not fare"...tell that to Mother Nature...dahh
ivan ghorbanzadeh (2 years ago)
Its unfair to make us leave an extremely unstable and dangerous home. Let the dumb asses live there. No one commented on the slumlord that only cares about collecting rent.
rick dees (3 years ago)
Yes "the city is right to warn them",  Any body has the right to warn anyone.   The issue is the city is saying they have to move in hours.  Just another case of sloppy reporting and not presenting the real issue when trying to dishonestly justifying the cities actions.
Marian Foreman (3 years ago)
Wow The price of an ocean view. In Pacifica that price is WAY too High!!!!! The local government should help those people find appropriate and affordable housing.
Anthony Anderson (3 years ago)
Hey El Nino, since these dumb-ass ppl want to blame you for the cliff's erosion (when they "knew that this day was going to come" 2:06 ) just do the rest of the US a favor and take the whole damn State into the ocean with you!!!
danielvincentkelley (3 years ago)
Why didn't they put a concrete wall there? Just a pile of boulders at the bottom? Ridiculous.
T L S (2 years ago)
The cost of that would decimate the value of those buildings
Joker (3 years ago)
Is the house on fire?
DJames Button (3 years ago)
If your apartment ends up in the ocean, do you get your deposit back?
David D (1 month ago)
A renter will probably be due any deposit but the owner will lose the property
adelgado75 (5 months ago)
I doubt since it's an act of nature, out of the control of the owner.
Fifield _kk (5 months ago)
DJames Button no your house is deposited into the ocean
JJ All (7 months ago)
No--not even the freaking pet deposit
Alex Balci (1 year ago)
DJames Button iff you are still life lol
CraftyWott (3 years ago)
Hey lets live next to the ocean! (3 months later) Your friend leaves you as your homeless.
Amy (3 years ago)
Unfair? LOL! What the hell is the council supposed to do? ALLOW people to live there until someone dies from being taken off the cliff ? Then somehow I am sure there will be lawsuits. It is COMMON SENSE! What I don't get is WHY would you want to live in a place that has two vacant apt buildings since 2010 because of the erosion sitting on the end of the lot there?! DUH! People are just ignorant. Idiots.
Star Trek Theory (3 months ago)
Amy Muh gubment infringed on muh rites.
yoNNyyyyy (3 years ago)
Can understand the frustration but why'd you buy a home in such risky place in the first place? I bet these houses were on discount price when they were bought because of the risks. Anyways you can't stay there simple as that. I am 100% sure there's a plan for these residents.
moose boy (6 months ago)
Ignorance...no other excuse. Egotistical Ignorance.
Rik B (10 months ago)
Your wrong. It's a beautyfull place. Can't you see that? It's "why didn't you leave?" Oh ya! Houses aren't free!!!
Marian Foreman (3 years ago)
+yoNNyyyyy REALLY!!! I heard at least 2 people say they would now be homeless. I hope there IS a plan for those people. I do not think it is fair to blame the residents for huge waves from El Nino. Sheesh!!!
severo (3 years ago)
its called pacifica, home town
Rebuilt Gearbox (3 years ago)
Building on a dirt cliff that gets, and has always gotten steadily eroded by the ocean is probably not a good idea in the long run, it seems like common sense but I guess not. I've helped build houses hanging on the sides of mountains (I couldn't get comfortable living in one) but at least those were on rock.
gT comer (3 years ago)
and they wonder why the rest of the nation thinks that they are ignorant of reality?
Marian Foreman (3 years ago)
+pete p Good point. However these people did not build these apartments. Someone else did and they were probably told that the cliff was not really a problem. In California housing is at a premium. I bet none of those people will be looking to relocate to an apartment unit on a cliff at the beach.
pete p (3 years ago)
+todd comer The people here in NJ are just as foolish. After Hurricane Sandy, you'd think they would move to safer place. But they rebuild on the same spot, with different attempts to keep house from getting destroyed by ocean.
inbeddead (3 years ago)
Who is crazy enough that they want to stay there? Unfair? Uh because they didn't give you a month to find somewhere else? That is nature for you, I can look 600 ft from my house and there are 8 homes gone from a tornado a month ago.
Therese Brice (6 months ago)
moose boy (6 months ago)
Wherever they sit a toilet people will build there...stupidity at it finest.
Linda T (3 years ago)
do the same thing over and over....they keep building and rebuilding DUH
Hank Terreros (3 years ago)
Does Tong live in that deathtrap?
silver70 (3 years ago)
I'm not insane enough to live there!!

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