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behind the scenes of taking pictures

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hiii! welcome back to my channel so I'm currently In Colorado this video was filmed last week so enjoy I have lots of videos coming your way so tuned. wow that was a big run on sentence lol. follow me on Instagram: @elissadeheart
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Text Comments (19)
Alexa Anne (1 month ago)
omg same with being part Spaniard and Filipino
Zakaria Amjad (1 month ago)
U Are My Crush
Shyann Kenton (1 month ago)
I’m naming my daughter after you💗
kornelx (1 month ago)
omg you're so cool
s (2 months ago)
ur so pretty 😢
lee (2 months ago)
elissa u are not burping in video anymore ? 24 hour hand cuff challenge with danielle
AbdullahYA (2 months ago)
how tall r she
Leona Rize (2 months ago)
the ethnicity one was my question :))
Toniebradley (2 months ago)
Elissa, you look great in that 60’s style! Very sexy! The cat eye sunglasses actually looks good on you too. The old look is so classy! 🌹
Alina Niazy (2 months ago)
hey girl! can u do more vids on anxiety and coping with it type vids?? luhh uuuu!
Motoki Nishiura (2 months ago)
Could you make mukbang videos ?
Maisie Crompton (2 months ago)
Ash (2 months ago)
Your body is goalzz
gabriella s. (2 months ago)
your videos are so refreshing. they’re so simple but keep you so engaged !!! love ❤️
If you enjoy watchin scary animations, watch my videossss :)
Ella ! (2 months ago)
ştúpiD NërDy (2 months ago)
Pretty as usual ladies 😚😚 Nice vid !!
mousa essa (2 months ago)
Love ya
Lil Lean (2 months ago)
First and finally another video

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