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The Secret Trailer HD

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Official trailer for the The Secret film.
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Jimmy Morina (3 years ago)
Just finished reading the book and it is amazing. And now i wanna see the film.
Shanu Pushkarna (3 years ago)
this movie has really changed my life everyone should watch this movie
Moon drop (3 years ago)
The secret is thanking God for everything ask God and u will receive thank you God for everything I love u
Imany Leyla (4 years ago)
All I am saying is don't get it twisted... Don't sit and lazy around with positive thoughts and expect it to fall from the sky! Yes be positive While trying your best to get what you want, then You will ATTRACT what u want. So people open your minds.
Imany Leyla (4 years ago)
All I am saying is don't get it twisted... Don't sit and lazy around with positive thoughts and expect it to fall from the sky! Yes be positive While trying your best to get what you want, then You will ATTRACT what u want. So people open your minds.
weykmanfr (4 years ago)
The law of attraction is one of the laws of magic. And yes it does work. But you need to learn how to take control of your dark feelings. You can use it along with meditation. And like they say you have to believe because if you dont you wont attract it because your thought is that it wont work. Once u see it working for the forst time it gets easier. But its not an overnight process. It takes some time to manifest obviously. But also dont think this is a sci fi movie because it isnt.
srikanth ganji (4 years ago)
really life changing 
Rebecca Lusk (5 years ago)
I don't know about willing things into existence or not but the changes in my attitude due to focusing my thoughts on positives certainly have opened many many doors.
Renee Guenette (5 years ago)
I'm going to make April 1st and beyond the best days of my life! I'm determined to actually really practice what they teach! >:)
Lokesh Chahar (5 years ago)
Change of life
Abhijeet Wankhede (5 years ago)
It really changed our life
zzz (5 years ago)
lourdes togiatama (5 years ago)
i want to watch this!!!!
BrightOrange J (5 years ago)
Someone just say the secret
Pier Jones (5 years ago)
ElevenEleven (6 years ago)
Hi, I am rounding up people to be a part of my 11 tips to use the secret video! as my last video got taken down due to copyright but it helped so many people! Film a 5-10 second HD 1080 video for any tip, and its to get this uplifting message spread around! Please add/like me on FaceBook> /ElevenEleven2222 for more information Lets move the world!!! And by working together we can make this world change faster!!! Please share this message if you know anyone interested :) Thank you ! Montgonova
MD Dongo (6 years ago)
The Secret is a pointer: Look up the following: All FREE "The Master-Key System' for free, just google it. Listen to Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Bashar, Oprah Winfrey Soul Series all FREE on websites and You Tube. The Conversations With God Books all detail how our thoughts and beliefs effect our reality. There is basically a book or system out there to suit all people. More importantly, the foundation concepts are the same and will guide you to the same place, but by different routes
MD Dongo (6 years ago)
I agree with you somewhat, But there are people who need help in shifting a belief system that continually deprives them of a more joyous life. For many, it is impossible to turn of that negative internal dialogue in our heads. It is our thoughts about ourselves and life, our belief system - that determines what manifests in our reality. The book/film the Secret just skims the surface of the truth - but it serves as a thought provoker (Continued)....
chaoscleaner (8 years ago)
@keepondreaming1997: However, for some, we need reminders of the potential within us, and it doesn't hurt for a bit of inspiration. After all, we're most of us raised with this idea? No. :) and btw, there's a difference between waste and waist. [g] "The Secret" was never a secret. :)
Kurt Attard (8 years ago)
i have a question does this truely work ??? and someone with experience pls reply
B S (8 years ago)
@sarthing and why not?
emdiuenmaxi (8 years ago)
A masterpiece of.... marketing
Brandon Hollenbeck (8 years ago)
The secret is, there is no secret
Prem Nath (8 years ago)
guys stop commenting an entire essay when u can just watch the damn movie!!!
Dina K (8 years ago)
No one should need a book or movie to tell them "The Secret." If they really set their mind to their goals and believe in themselves, they will achieve it. If they don't then either they're not trying hard enough or it's just not meant to be. Seriously, you don't need a silly book or movie to explain all of this to you. They just want to make money off of people. That's all the media cares about. I would never waist my money on something that's common sense. You don't need a book to prove this.
David B. (8 years ago)
i'm 16 years old, and I've been using it since 1 year ago in my entire life, and now I have gratuated from school as the president of it, I have the best girlfriend ever, my mom's financial aspect it's on it's top and I won a Scholarship to study my university in europe... but all of that was not coincidence..
Cristina N (8 years ago)
Quantum Physics that's what it is .
Olivia Trowell (8 years ago)
this has changed my life.
Jefferson Mendez (8 years ago)
..? dis movie is realy confusing.. can we realy get what we want without working.. it says about LAW OF ATTRACTION.. if there is law of attraction der might be also the opposite law.. ..? its hard to master the law of attaction..
Cyborg3669 (8 years ago)
@brettallanmeyer true, true...
Donelle Gale (8 years ago)
This movie has changed my life. The Secret REALLY does work. I want it to get out there so much more than it is. EVERYONE should know The secret.
Jeny Cyrus (8 years ago)
i watched the movie, it changed my life...and 4 some ppl it is all about money..!
Jeny Cyrus (8 years ago)
I kno u may think u understand this,BUT don't forget! = 2% of 100% ppl,knows the Secret...actually understands the secret...The Secret can fool u.
Giuliano Marconi (8 years ago)
The secret shouldnt be sold for money.
1986avatar (8 years ago)
the secret is like this you have one bottle of water and you wonna drink...and the secret is only the cup of the bottle is only the start...many people stock only to the money and they can understand what is the law of attraction, what is the energy .....for 4 years when i start with the secret i read many book .....one year now i look my life and i say...MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING.
TheDuppyconquerer (8 years ago)
Read The Power of Now! Or A New Earth! By eckhart tolle TRUST ME AND JUST DO IT!!! at least check some quotes or reviews!
AquaFanForeverX (8 years ago)
@alittleambiguity Well put. People are so distracted and don't listen when 'the secret' is in them speaking to them every minute of the day. We're born good and with the ability to think positively and, for most, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. The secret is a release from the expectations of the world and a focus on the positive and the good in you. But we must not become selfish and self-centered.
Jacob Arts (8 years ago)
@alittleambiguity: The secret claims to be magic, so dont support this if you don't believe in the magic part
lionel managuit (8 years ago)
I have this book. This my 17th Birthday Present! It makes me a good person and a good student and a good people who lives and also care for my community and country!
0505dry90 (8 years ago)
i say if u wanna achieve in life and learn secrets be come a freemason lol
Matthew (8 years ago)
The universe isn't magical but being positive obviously helps. That was obvious anyway.
Believe The Secret, Believe in yourself!!!
tekhiun (8 years ago)
@alittleambiguity "laws of attraction" well is there any study that confirms these laws ? otherwise it sounds like confirmation bias and a scam to me.
xXxZODIACxXx (8 years ago)
@Briantx07 lol we know what your mindset is, of course it doesn't work for you
Benjamin Reynolds (8 years ago)
@Briantx07 I believe you fail to see this as it should be seen. Step back and look again;)
Karl D. (8 years ago)
@Briantx07 Remember the "ask and you will receive" quote
Karl D. (8 years ago)
Because of the secret, anything I want to have I DO have. Whenever I'm in a negative situation in a snap I go into a positive and happy situation. I visualize and all the things and moment and people come to me as I want them to. I am the master of my own time line, I create my DESTINY
Gabriel Halford (8 years ago)
@Nathan54AB The way you realise what you want in your life is by the process of determining the quality of experiences as good or bad. Without the process of valuing things in which positive and negative thoughts are used to steer us there would be no way of knowing what we want. Our whole method of understanding is one of value judgements and to deny that would be to deny value itself and meaning in existence.
Briantx07 (8 years ago)
Ok... I'm sorry, but seriously? I know a positive attitude helps you FEEL BETTER, or fights things like depression... But to think that a simple positive thought can dissolve cancer? That's ridiculous. You prove to me that a happy though and being positive will heal cancer - a very complex, dangerous mutation of cells. Pastors and philosophers - therein lies the problem. What a joke.
Cookie Pearl (8 years ago)
i need to know where to get this movie
Cookie Pearl (8 years ago)
i need to know where to get this dvd
raxe30 (8 years ago)
I just read this book, I wanna see the movie and read the power book also! :) By the way, I LOVED the book.
indric (8 years ago)
Piklio (8 years ago)
beleiving is a dirty word, make it happen is what you do
max caskie (8 years ago)
Can anyone tell me the song for the first 20 seconds and also the song from 0:44 - 1:10? Thanks!
Bootsy Collins (8 years ago)
Simple summarized as: we are the creators of our own reality and this way we can be whoever we want to be.
Amor Leon (8 years ago)
OnlineSuccessSkills (8 years ago)
We just absolutely love this and have the DVD. You have to live your life with values and ethics and The Secret just absolutely reinforces that. Love it.
Cinlouxx (8 years ago)
I'm confuse what is this?
Tanya Navarro (8 years ago)
one of the first things I ever purchased online.
Nelmah Makhlan (8 years ago)
MIIC013 (8 years ago)
@nusunttocilara Buy a ticket.
you need to understand the secret(laws of attraction) to understand like if you make a thought that you really want then it will happen if youre positive but if theres a bad thought the genie pops out and makes the wish happen.
naihax (8 years ago)
were can i download it ?
Andres Calderon (8 years ago)
This trailer is pure marketing genius.
Maxaïe Belmont (8 years ago)
I saw this movie in my BusinessLaw class in April, it really changed me. I didn't realize this existed. It's amazing really, it's so simple, but has such a dramatic effect on your life, whether good or bad. An example was this SummerSchool. I have always put in my head before that I was scared of going & that I was going & pretty much accepted it &, no surprise, I go. This year I did good on the SAT, studied, put in my head I'm not going, & the report card came 2 days ago, & I'm not going!
BADass (8 years ago)
''İmagination is Everythink,İt is the preview of Lifes coming Attraction''.
Simlish Sammy (8 years ago)
BADass (8 years ago)
W.Clement Stone: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
@28Vampirel28 Klaus Bandelt (check spelling) dark horse. Hope that helps :)
com9dian (8 years ago)
anybody can explan to me....when this movie to play on indonesia? write to my post....
snygging2000 (8 years ago)
@sherland2012 It's not like the bible -.-
Vamp S. (8 years ago)
I just so want the music from this trailer
puiderambo (9 years ago)
don't know if to watch this movie or not:|
Trance Jams (9 years ago)
I haven't read the book, but from reading these comments it seems "The Secret" isn't much of a secret at all. Seems to be just self-help disguised as magical powers.
SHERLAND DURHAM (9 years ago)
the secret is basically the bible..everyting in here an mayb mr of life lessons is in the bible itslf so i dnt hav to spend $ behind a book that basically saying wat the bible doz
eybaebae (9 years ago)
@Stabmyback41 you mean.. karma.
ouTside_LooKin-iN (9 years ago)
@alittleambiguity when you understand that life isn`t about material things you`ll know the REAL "Secret".
halfawake454 (9 years ago)
So basically, you're saying do it yourself.
Forrest William (9 years ago)
It works every time, without fail!
echorz (9 years ago)
Guys, get a picture of a nobody selling a homemade miracle hair-recovering potion, scamming lots of people. You got it now? Then these guys are doing THE SAME ! You guys are smart, dont fall in things like this. They just make profit of people with weak mind, but since they arent scamming -legally speaking- they can just go on with no problems. This people have no morals and no will to get a real job. Of course its ok to be positive, but you dont need these guys to sell you anything!!
Jim Li (9 years ago)
so the secret is being positive?
vinniemdbiz (9 years ago)
anyone know which song this is?
Mark Pataki (9 years ago)
@notagain001 Source is basically whatever you believe in. God, Allah, Vishnu. Law of Attraction works all the time where as prayer works only when you pray. The Universe (God) responds to LOA and prayer. But it isn't enough just to pray. You also have to believe that it will happen and work on achieving it
Blake198 (9 years ago)
notagain - it depends , regardless of your religion if you ask for something in prayer, and feel that that prayer will be answered by your God , whichever philosophy it may be , it will be answered if you see and act on the opportunity which is given to you later to turn your request (Regardless of how the request was made in terminology or philosophy) . If someone truly believes in a God , and he request's something from it from within his thoughts, he will attract the proper opportunities.
Jef Rey (9 years ago)
I can say it works. I worked before i watch it , but i dont knew about that power which helped me.
BIOFA Fernandes (9 years ago)
Mary Tong (9 years ago)
it works very well. even the things i wish for seems impossible, it always finds a way to help me.
aSecretAgent (9 years ago)
The third language is French. Each says "There is a Secret".
Felix Sonnenschein (9 years ago)
"There's a secret." than: "Es gibt ein Geheimnis."(german), mabe another language, I don't understand.
jo blow (9 years ago)
So is the world better since this movie/book and all the positive energy it sends out?
kiluwatta (9 years ago)
I'm 20 years old now and I watched this 2 years ago when I dropped out of school with no work, miserable and sad. I really wanted to end everything but I saw this on Oprah and it helped me a lot...
mrArchduke (9 years ago)
It was just made for the Secret..not really an actual song..I have it on my iPod though. :p
Elizabeth (9 years ago)
is there the secret part 2 or 3? or it just one serie of secret movie?
Its a trailer. It wouldnt be much of a trailer if it revealed the secret now would it :D
simplegrl11589 (9 years ago)
i dont really agree with the laws of attraction but perhaps it is just there to bring us one step closer to an ultamate truth
simplegrl11589 (9 years ago)
why would you have to convince yourself of something if its already meant to be?
Arukādo (9 years ago)
Thank you so much! Love the song. :)
Arukādo (9 years ago)
Anyone know what music this is?
durai ezhilan (9 years ago)
great video

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