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Woman Without Adventure. Russian Movie. Drama. English Subtitles. StarMedia

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More free russian movies with english subtitle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88b1hJVZonM&list=PLwGzY25TNHPDvMR94Tj8lP4cmf6AGURaT A story of Irene, a woman of 37, being a mother of 2 children – a boy of 12 and a girl of 16 – who passionately falls in love with a young guy Anatoly, a former secret service man, who is an absolute polarity to her weak-willed husband. As a result of dramatic twists and turns, her husband dies of heart attack, her children abandon her and she retires to a monastery as a lay sister. Anatoly keeps loyalty to his live, and starts caring of Irene’s children, which results in Irene taking decision to revert back to the world again. Type: film Genre: drama Year of production: 2008 Directed by: Nikolay Mikhailov Written by: Natalia Khabarova Directors of photography: Anatoliy Khimich, Aleksandr Makarenko Music by: Timur Polyanskiy Producers: Larisa Zhuravska, Vlad Ryashin Cast: Elena Ksenofontova, Anatoliy Zhuravliov, Raisa Ryazanova, Stanislav Bondarenko, Anzhelika Vol'skaya, Ekaterina Kabak, Aleksandr Siguev Watch movies and TV series for free in high quality. Explore a great collection of documentaries. The best Russian movies and tv series, melodrama, war movies, military tv shows, new russian films, top documentary films and full movies with english subtitle. With these free online Russian language movies you will learn Russian easily. Subscribe for high quality movies and series on our channel. Enjoy Watching! #StarMediaEN
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Text Comments (243)
journey story (10 days ago)
faith lagura (14 days ago)
9009BOSS (14 days ago)
its amazing movie 👌
Ninit Nirban (15 days ago)
Movie imdb info : Zhenshchina, ne sklonnaya k avantyuram (2008)
Joy Corcoran (23 days ago)
Adultery destroys everyone everywhere
Joy Corcoran (23 days ago)
vesper vesper (1 month ago)
Marriage is institutionalised slavery.
Linda Robinson (1 month ago)
A very good movie, realistic for today families in both Russia and USA. Praying for the world for peace, our countries for healing and peace
San Pedro Mharia (1 month ago)
Russian movies considering one of the best,the characters lovely female and good looking male actors the good stories,events,cinematography and well eñg.subtitles.....then i noticed every movies there's a certain portion images or saying thank god....
MsDeMW (1 month ago)
Love it!!! Thanks.
pawn jiff (1 month ago)
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Rezzy Osoyos (1 month ago)
I like this movie,and the ending😪 made me cry..it's so touching.
swarna mohanty (1 month ago)
Such a realistic story , every woman has faced this situation and recovered .
Jean Garcia (2 months ago)
Pls. put English caption
Sunil Lazar (2 months ago)
Su San (2 months ago)
I hate this kind of movie, i stop watching after i saw the part that i dont like. She’s a fucking cheater. Dont watch this one, just a waste of time
Ashish Negi (2 months ago)
Wow nice movie
scott left (2 months ago)
Frikn soap opera....same silly stories in EVERY country.
siddharthan arivalagan (2 months ago)
Bad movie. She kills her husband by betrayal
loveson kamei (2 months ago)
Such lust women having two kids and husband she doesn't deserve even to ask forgiveness from god. How hurt would be to the husband .I really hate such women , I would definitely kill her if I'm her husband .
Lalay Ingente (2 months ago)
Maybe her husband also shld be blamed,, hes a 'mama boy',, in the 1st part of the story,,, her mother in law is intervening in thier family..w/c is not truly a help,,, and he also used to sleep inhis mother's place,. she felt neglegted by him, (marriage is 'leaving ang cleaving',, meaning leaving ur parents and cleaving to ur wife)... and then theres isa guy.. a good looking guy. and she fell in love..
Sw8 Lady (3 months ago)
Wooowww that was unexpected ending... nice one. Thanks for uploading
rock island (3 months ago)
Sad situation Her life destroys completely.
Tini Hartini (3 months ago)
That's reality of life.. Great to know Andrei is responsible till the end
Khar Khar (3 months ago)
Andrey Breus (3 months ago)
wonderful drama!
Arshaf Arif (4 months ago)
Me what's ap nabr 03224042651
Pretty Pisces (4 months ago)
Very touching movie👍
Maybelle Salvador (4 months ago)
Irina became insane ..omg !!! Thank you for sharing your video. Watching from Philippines
Mmmm mnmmm (4 months ago)
Maybelle Salvador Hallo how are you
Alejandra Parker (4 months ago)
Peace and blessings. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Thank you for uploading this movie...I enjoyed it...and thank you for subtitles. 6/1/18. 5:28 AM
Addisu Abebe (5 months ago)
why need confession after irresponsible devastated result of the very selfish adulterous wife and mother
بحر الاحزان (5 months ago)
واتساب 07805764646
Jasbir Singh (5 months ago)
A more demanding western industrialization may contribute to family disharmony. A typical story but very touching with good play actors. Thank you n god bless.
Winnie Bunnie (5 months ago)
Nice movie. Relationship do fail and become neutral, you realise you don't love this person anymore, no matter how hard you try, and the children become the only reason you keep the relationship going. Some people can deal with it, while some cannot. She hid it all this time, but on the long run, she can't pretend anymore, it started becoming obvious. The only thing I don't agree with is her passive aggressiveness towards her husband. She should have spoken to him and let him know. Her husband died because it came all of a sudden plus the fact that he been suspecting and feeling depressed the whole time but she won't say anything and always speak angrily towards him all the time.
There are many Irinas but only God empowers to be adventures in life for love and to be loved.
vladimir oleschko (5 months ago)
Addisu Abebe (5 months ago)
Those of you who have a problem like Irena you should manage by my under mention real story. Irena is the best women. She confessed from her transgression. Hope through st. Maria she get blessed by God. Like Irena. I am so bored with my wife since she is not sexually active and frigid and so has bad behavior. Our relation is so cool because of lack of intimacy, I am really heartfelt. But our children are happy with our live together in family home. Believe it or not I dated two years ago the woman who have one child and not interested with her married life. Still she is married. We love each other secretly entertain our life in all direction hence no body human being knows our secret even our intimate friends. The love is so great and the origin of our happiness I can say it is a divine gift. I believe this it is sin. But sin is the uncontrollable lust of Irena that collapse her family, become the reason of innocent and kind husband dead, her daughter underage pregnancy and the boy growth without mother and Father. After I got a love from this women I am so successful in my career and also she is free from her strong medicated stress. But our secret love should not destroy our children life it is continue like river water. Her daughter is 12 my two son and daughter is 14 and 16. With my lover we have a long term plan to marry after 6 years until her daughter become 18 years old. Anatoly become is a motherfucker who love to fuck his mother and incest minded bull who disturb a family.
Beauty Tan (6 months ago)
NDONWI LOUIS (6 months ago)
Any Russian lady for me please contact me +971552385924
Ahad Abbasi (6 months ago)
some women really deserve monsters in their life not A MAN
60Mazhar (6 months ago)
Very touching sad but with excellent end.
Daria Propeack (6 months ago)
AWSOME well done well done more more
Abbygael Sheen (6 months ago)
(teary eye) ufffff they're still MAN like that..
Said Ray (4 months ago)
Abbygael Sheen hi
damian sala (7 months ago)
subtitles in spanish?
Toader Dumitrache (7 months ago)
frumos film
Fazal RahmanPh.D. (7 months ago)
Even though, it is a movie based on fiction, it is quite realistic in representation of human relations in post-socialist capitalist Russia. Disgusting. Decadence of human nature and culture, not only in Russia, but throughout the West, which is also being radiated and transmitted everywhere. Triumph of lust over love. Erosion of Soul. True and deep love is always expression of merging of unpolluted souls, beyond lust and hedonism. That is why it is so rare in modern Western and Westernized societies. The movie's end also represents that decadence. After the Grand Betrayal of socialism in Russia, it has not only caught up, but surpassed the West in such decadence, such great numbers of its beautiful young women rotting in pornography and prostitution. This is also happening in other former socialist countries. Welcome to capitalist “democracy” and “freedom”.
swarna mohanty (8 months ago)
Russian movies best
Ana swet (8 months ago)
Russian movie always awesome n make sense
googal Zubi (8 months ago)
This is real Russian culture.....it happen every day in Russia..
Betio Albert (8 months ago)
Wow great story indeed. Educational
happylucky216 (8 months ago)
stop blaming her. man and wife are not slaves to each other. And religion has no right to force them to act like they are.He partially deserved that, being weak man, who can not protect his wife from his witchy bitchy mother. People wake up, life is not black and white like you want to think it it. And those kid were really spoiled and ungrateful in the beginning
Syam C R (8 months ago)
This is really fantastic movie Thanks for all teem
Jasmine A (9 months ago)
Said Ray (4 months ago)
Jasmine A hello
ريكو الملكي (4 months ago)
Jasmine A 😮
Wattana Chiyahad (4 months ago)
Jasmine A pussy
Kristine Daruca (4 months ago)
الحزين الحزين oucchhh I can't get u speak English pls
Jasmine A مرحبه
Michael (9 months ago)
Irina come with me to the USA we have many crazies here, you'll fit right in!
Michael (9 months ago)
It is better to have multiple wives then this would not be such an issue.
Jewelry Limited (9 months ago)
Mohammad Faiz (9 months ago)
I pray to ALMIGHTY SWT to save all families from these irreversible, destructive activity only to satisfy individual’s temporary personal greed! Amen! Lovely movie!
Orxan Məmmədov (2 months ago)
Mohammad Faiz təşkil Xahiş
Sa ki na (3 months ago)
Арам Калашян (4 months ago)
Mohammad Faiz ужу
V7JN (10 months ago)
Мне нравится этот кинофильм
Aish T (10 months ago)
Lots of Twist in this movie and made also very good But it's have name " The Woman with Adventure " 🤗🤗🤗
Hamz ullah (10 months ago)
girl neam
Artlover (11 months ago)
Where can we find an Anatoly .....he seems like a man sent from heaven & too good to be true !  Good film though, I enjoyed so thank you !
V7JN (11 months ago)
gud mov
Nice movie...I like it so much...😘😘😘
Fat Ft (1 year ago)
Stupid anti 😏
Fat Ft (1 year ago)
She should suicide.. hehehe 😁
Farrukh Farrukh (1 year ago)
Mays Jo (1 year ago)
حبيب أمهم تزوج بنتهاولا ايه.......
حميد واثق (1 year ago)
Mays Jo تعالي بحضني
Mays Jo (1 year ago)
احببت رومانسيتهم
Svarog Rossia (8 months ago)
شكرا لك
claudette dalton (1 year ago)
russian women are georgous
Sarah Alsubaiee (1 year ago)
She wearing a Hijab like women Muslim do ..interesting.
trip to Kashmir (1 year ago)
I watch this move . I assumed few things . Womens monther of nation but true women. But the women have role in this move are destroyer of nation. She killed his innocent husband ... ahe should stay as a sister always... you know womans always greedy as well in every espect.. Seriously i feel tears and heart break
olga patz (6 months ago)
you are right: destruction of a nation begins with destruction of a woman, and we see these signs in many countries.
james irvine (1 year ago)
Pretty damn good for being a low-budget made-for-TV movie. Never predictable, and yet always realistic. You can't find tv-movies of this quality in English or in other European languages. The quality of Russian film is on average superior to that of the Western countries. I keep wondering why it is so. Maybe European and American movies are polluted by having been money-oriented for over a century, whereas in Russia, due to Communism, things might have been different. It may be that the happy ending and cheap jokes that ruin most American movies are there in an effort to get a bigger audience, more profit, and yet they cause the movie to be garbage and totally unrealistic. Also, some similar mechanism might apply to actors and directors, causing the bad ones to get funding, and the good ones to fail. For some reason, in Russia things seem different.
Ike Fanfan (1 year ago)
Said Ray (4 months ago)
Ike Fanfan hello
legend GObi (7 months ago)
Ike Fanfan hi
Random Thoughts (1 year ago)
Отличный кинофильм с неплохим сообщением
Random Thoughts (8 months ago)
Kristina Vladis RUSSIAN Sluut hi
Random Thoughts (8 months ago)
Hi Cristina give me ur number
michelle shell (1 year ago)
I hate it when people cheat on their husbands or wives it's not a good thing to do. Marriage is supposed to be till death do you part.
Je-Ok Khai Leo (4 months ago)
I'm fully agree with u
Son Nguyen (7 months ago)
+s exy boy
Ayşe Nur (8 months ago)
michelle shell very true!
sexy boy (11 months ago)
Deepty Sarder h r u
sexy boy (11 months ago)
Deepty Sarder hy dear
Maik Grabinski (1 year ago)
весьма увлекательный и актуальный.
Thank u LORD (1 year ago)
Lesson to learn: Come to the Lord, pray ,read the Bible, know the truth (the truth will set u free from the adultery, etc..)) before the "death" , calamity will knock your door...
bitsnpieces11 (1 year ago)
I would say that Igors mom needs to keep her nose out of the family.  Igors not married to his mom, he's married to his wife and should act so.  I'm male, but I've faced similar nosiness from family.
somewhat true but why can they just not be a happy family and honour the elderly? we once lived in one house, even great granparents there ....what is wrong with people nowadays? the smaller families become the weaker....which is exactly what the ones in power want to rule and exploit you alls better so please be kind to one another especially grandparents and parents, you too will one day be old, do not be harsh on them, bear with them please...be happy they allive and helping u in house
Amit Sharma (1 year ago)
haha 😂
Dimitri Ledkovsky (1 year ago)
This movie is about the directionless, immoral and unethical society that technology has managed to stuff into great city centers where personal pleasure and satisfaction is the only parameter for living. Aldous Huxley predicted just this mindless "existence" in "Brave New World". Watch out Russia or you will lose your soul. And this time it could be forever. The acting reflects the movie: horrible.
i agree with you, but the lesson of this film is very good, it shows the consequences of such selfish actions and also to value the family more and tbh i do not understand why she did not love the Mamma of Igor like her own Mamma....I guess sometimes People will never know what they got untill its gone, same goes for Nature and Mother Earth...lets hope we will wake up and make a change b4 is too late...., we should start by beeing kind to everyone and keep Nature clean...is a small Start but if everyone sincerelly try there is still hope............
otgonbayar namkhai (1 year ago)
kak мужчина
Patriotic Ali (1 year ago)
Conclusion For Female Or Male > Don't Put Your Hand In Any Other Person Pants If You Are Married It's Will Destroy Your Life.
vesper vesper (1 month ago)
Patriotic Ali ........ agree.
Artlover (11 months ago)
So very true.....Wise words !
nice movie
Ashok Bharate (1 year ago)
my heart broke for tragedy with irina
Amit Sharma (1 year ago)
what about her husband....
Bubson Janks (1 year ago)
great family movie...the end makes me drop tears...
Amit Sharma (1 year ago)
waste of time 😡
Bhanu Singh (1 year ago)
essa (1 year ago)
Я терпеть не могу иноземцев, въезжающих существование замужней людей. Пусть Аллах проклянет их.
Svarog Rossia (10 months ago)
Аллах  Всегда гласит с людьми чрез актуальные ситуации... И счастлив тот , кто умеет их обдумывать... не запамятывая о Боге ..."будто аукнется этак и отзовется " ...«Что посеешь, то и пожнешь», ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOa2GgBHe1I
Rohit Kadam (1 year ago)
ya washe looblu
adymukhris ismail (1 year ago)
Good story to share with.That's life....that happened in every moment in this world
learn lessons from it what not to do
Sachin Rathi (1 year ago)
adymukhris ismail ti
adymukhris ismail (1 year ago)
+Nadia Zhukova it's just a movie .Don't get too emotional
adymukhris ismail (1 year ago)
+Antonia Calderon yes what's up
Antonia Calderon (1 year ago)
adymukhris ismail to
Shahid Raza (1 year ago)
Zafar Ch (6 months ago)
Shahid Raza xff
Adel Saad (1 year ago)
Russian women means beautiful, sexy, feminine, tidy and clean xxxx
bambie jao (1 month ago)
Adel Saad Ac,tipo,,,,....// ///
Rouf Sab (1 year ago)
Adel Saad further fuk daughter com
Nadir (1 year ago)
what? lots of them are ugly and look like men lol.
Calvin Wong.....let me tell you something: Even Jesus Christ thinks you are a Biatch!! Why did i just tell you this? You will judge the Woman you slept with and never yourself who did the Crime as well with her. What is wrong with you? Its People like you who wreack Families and our World in General. So please next Time Mister Hypocrite controll yourself and live up to the high moral Standard you do not have which would give you even a Iota to critizize the Mother you slept with.....! Oh and you did not sleep with all Russian Woman so please stop hating all Russian Woman and telling the World "they are unfaithfull hoes" bc honestly there is only one hoe i see here and is you....! Be the Change you wanna see in the World, want faithfull Woman also be faithfull and stop seducing Woman unless you wanna Marry....
Calvin Wong (1 year ago)
that doesn't even make sense
Naira Militonyan (1 year ago)
good movie
Vivian (2 years ago)
good story, good acting
Vivian (2 years ago)
nice movie, thank you so much for posting it
MegaWatch (2 years ago)
Хороший кинофильм \m/
Anisa Somali (2 years ago)
from somalia wonderful movie, actually it's Sermon and a lesson story
Dj Delevago Montaro (9 months ago)
Anisa Somali Please don play our dignity say from other country but not somalia
Inaxasan Xaaji (1 year ago)
Anisa Somali Anisa waaa kusalaamay qalanjo
pc joseph (2 years ago)
Kuroi karasu (2 years ago)
ɷɷɷɷ I Haveeee Watchedddd Thisss Movie Leakedddd Versionnnn Hereeee : - https://t.co/e6QlTccFx6
Linexust Jk (2 years ago)
Nice movie with good message..

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