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Mapping the future of our forests with Microsoft AI

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Microsoft’s AI for Good initiative empowers people around the world working to solve humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world. Learn how SilviaTerra is empowering conservationists, government organizations and land owners to inventory forests for ecological social and economic health using AI. Subscribe to Microsoft on YouTube here: https://aka.ms/SubscribeToYouTube Follow us on social: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/microsoft/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Microsoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Microsoft/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/microsoft/ For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories
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Text Comments (51)
Matthew Baxter (7 days ago)
This will undoubtedly help the beast system control and contain individuals from living off the land. AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030 will be the end of freedom as we know it.
sotepok (9 days ago)
I love Microsoft, probably one of the best companies right now. Also, they have one of the best CEO Satya Nadella. Hopefully, they will continue to work on important issues such as sustainability.
bonjanglevash (10 days ago)
Why tf do most of these comments sound like bots
Procker Dark (9 days ago)
there a high chance they are
Karan Mehta (10 days ago)
Making a better future 😊
We are incredibly proud of SilviaTerra! They won our Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize in 2010 (https://cbey.yale.edu/programs-research/sabin-sustainable-venture-prize )....excited to see tech + sustainability come together to have such an important environmental and humanitarian impact.
SRAVAN D (11 days ago)
Broo superrr
Mxdanger (11 days ago)
I hope they open-source this tree cover data for OpenStreetMap.
starkblitz (11 days ago)
Microsoft > Any other tech company, especially Apple.
satish sajjan (11 days ago)
Microsoft recently accepted the offer of using their AI tech for US defence, where as Google refused it.
Arsalan Ahmed (11 days ago)
I try hard to shift to a surface laptop, but then I see Microsoft employees using a MacBook Pro in their videos, pushes me hard towards the MacBook.
GregoriusMagnus (10 days ago)
This is a great comment found under a non-surface video without any Microsoft employees or MacBook Pros in.
Rushikesh Mohite (11 days ago)
Bryson Spaulding (11 days ago)
The new Minecraft mod looks sick
AI and Microsoft knows how to work together!
McQueen Perez McRwl (11 days ago)
Hell yeah!!! We need heal the world, the wild, the animals and care for the future of next generations!!!
Nomad IstoogoodXXL (11 days ago)
What about Xbox though???Im sick of paying for stuff that does not work Edit:Nevermind y’all fixed that shit in like an hour good job
andrew bodzer (12 days ago)
Plz make this happen
Links the Cat (12 days ago)
I love nature! This is great! :D
AndroidZ Master789 (12 days ago)
all tech companies are not allowed to use the fake AI claims anymore , ended.
Ricardo V (12 days ago)
The forest is important to planet Earth A.I will protect the forest🌳🌲
Adi Pramono (12 days ago)
Draft by Technavneet (12 days ago)
Microsoft is the new Google!. Dont be evil in action rather than a motto.
Draft by Technavneet (10 days ago)
+Majdi Torki fair point.
Majdi Torki (10 days ago)
+Draft by Technavneet Fair enough, but it could've been worded better.
Draft by Technavneet (11 days ago)
+Majdi Torki Wow! Chill. I didnt say Microsoft came after Google, but Google was famous for their Don't be evil campaign . Which they have slowly but surely moved away from.
Majdi Torki (12 days ago)
The new Google? Really kid, lmao. Microsoft was around way before and if anything, they gave Google a platform to grow initially as a website.
tt Heart (12 days ago)
It all true,thank you for helping us all,we all will love you and some of us went there,we love you so much
Ciprian Hutan (12 days ago)
why he's using a macbook tho' ? 🤔
Jamie Bryant (11 days ago)
We don't care what device you use at Microsoft :) If you want a Mac you can have a Mac.
+potato potato potato potato potato potato potato i thought he was cliché !!! hahaha
cus he hipster
Best company in the world
LRR (12 days ago)
Nope, people manage forests without technology before. Since I found out that Bill Gates wants to cover the Sun with the new advance satellites I see him as a corrupt individual. Stop messing around with nature because God is going to destroy earth's abusers. 😡😷🤒🤧💀
Bryson Spaulding (12 days ago)
Microsoft I hope I can work for you guys. I’m working so hard to get my certificates done and taking extra curricular classes in computer science and I’m wondering what I should do once I’m out of high school
Bryson Spaulding (11 days ago)
George CV could I apply at 17?
George CV (11 days ago)
There is an internship program in case you are interested
Bryson Spaulding (11 days ago)
George CV bro I totally want to work there then
+George CV cool thanks for sharing now i want work microsoft
George CV (11 days ago)
Not true, I work for MS and they did not ask me for yearsssss of experience. They asked for people willing to learn every day and accept challenges.
LongcatGamer (12 days ago)
That's really cool Microsoft
Salman Ishaq (12 days ago)
nafees siddiqui (12 days ago)
It's a great work. Microsoft
djordje saric (12 days ago)
You are my motivation Hope to work with you someday... 19 yo guy
KlestiPlayz (12 days ago)

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