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Meal Prep with Me - Crockpot Chicken Fajita Bowl, Pasta and Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

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Text Comments (16)
CouponingGirl (2 days ago)
Yum cheese cake looks amazin
Malorer Gomez (11 days ago)
More meal prep videos pretty pretty please I made all of this this week and it was great thank you
Dining Raeshel (13 days ago)
Fridge tour please!! 😍
parksrecsuperfan (13 days ago)
I cannot get over how expensive chicken is where you live! Every time you show it I’m like wtf what are they feeding the chickens to make it cost that much.
Lori Beth 428 (13 days ago)
Do you calorie count? Such a good idea the meal prep and the crock pot, I need one, never had one before but seems really esy...if I leave the house with it on will it automatically turn off? Gotta look into it - you look amazing BTW :)
Nicole Fannin (13 days ago)
Love these vids
Donna Difilippo (14 days ago)
Looks good!but next time you should butterfly the chicken..usually chicken breast is better when sliced thin and cut the veins out your peppers!
Michelle M (13 days ago)
Whole chicken breast cooks through just fine in the crockpot. But i agree it always cooks better in the oven when sliced thinner.
Sunny D (13 days ago)
Sometimes we aint got time fo dat 😘
Amanda Fuschak (14 days ago)
Nice video ash
Anonymous (14 days ago)
Lol, you can hear Chris yelling at the dogs 😂
its yasi (14 days ago)
dang that onion is big 😂 you look amazing🔥
piecutie100 (14 days ago)
All of these look amazing! I love the I donut care shirt.
Leah Monica (14 days ago)
You are looking Amazing !! 💕
That girl Sundie (14 days ago)
Dayum why was that chicken so expensive..ty for the ideas.. love cooking chicken in the crock pot
jacks (14 days ago)
Wow chicken is expensive in America 😱

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