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How to Play Spanish Castle Magic by Hendrix

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I'm using my Mini Fuzz Face, a 1959 vintage Tweed Bassman, and a new Hendrix model left handed Nash Strat with Lollar pickups. Sorry I cut off the top of the neck. I'm tuned down to Eb.
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Vin Hank (1 month ago)
Hey which pickup position do you usually use for this song?
millstap (1 month ago)
Good question. I think here I was probably using the neck pickup but if I were doing it today, I would use the middle pickup.
dezionlion (6 months ago)
oh now I get it, I think, song is in d flat, tuning is in e flat
dezionlion (6 months ago)
killer tone! are you saying e flat, or d flat tuning?
Zacattack (1 year ago)
Fair plays to you. You can play some. But it's in flat tuning. Hope this helps.
André Bonolo (2 years ago)
man isnt d flat, is e major
millstap (2 years ago)
Db is the same as C#. Your guitar should be tuned every string down by 1/2 step to Eb which is the same as D#.
Lone Eagle (3 years ago)
Jimi Hendrix Experience
toz71 (3 years ago)
Great tone man...what string gauge you use? and are you tuned 1/2 step down?
millstap (3 years ago)
+toz71 Yes, 1/2 step tuned down. I've lately been using the D'Addario XL 10-52 set. They are great. After all of the string brands I have demoed through the years, these are my favorite now and last a long, long time.
Dan Wilkinson (3 years ago)
Are those Lollar Tweeds, or something else?
millstap (3 years ago)
+Dan Wilkinson It is the Lollar Dirty Blonde set.
TheOresteia1992 (4 years ago)
great tutorial as always..! keep 'em coming! :D
carlos penna (4 years ago)
klextacy (4 years ago)
Sounds awesome, as always!
BigEdWo (4 years ago)
yes, great tone.
Dustin Smith (4 years ago)
Great tone and playing. Rock on

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