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I Was Never Skinny Enough

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By Isabel | Ready to "wear it out loud?” Merch store open, SHOP NOW: http://bit.ly/storybooth-merch | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. Isabel was a confident girl. She loved herself, in a good way, and she felt like she had her life under control and moving in the right direction, and, she felt skinny - underweight actually - which at her school and with her friends was really important (much more important than it should have been). At her school being skinny and underweight was normal, like you needed to be skinny and underweight to be perfect - perfect equals beautiful, and who doesn't want to be perfectly beautiful, right? Gaunt, thin, boney. So, after her doctor told her that her BMI (Body Mass Index) indicated being underweight, she was like "yeah! I got this!" So, one day, at lunch with her friends, she told them "My doctor says I'm underweight and I'm really happy about that!" BUT, one of her so-called friends said "Uh, really? Are you sure you're underweight?" And then she asked Isabel how much she weighed - NOT COOL! Isabel froze, she didn't want to say how much she weighed, and she could tell that the conversation was going somewhere mean and not nice. She tried to change the subject but her "friends" wouldn't let it go, wouldn't drop it. She finally just told them what the scale told her that morning and her friends were mean and insulting - one of them said "Umm, I'm not sure that's underweight" The rest of them joined in, saying "yeah, that's not skinny," and " that sounds like it's just average." And, in her school, the word "average" was like an insult of the worst kind. There, being underweight means you're beautiful, and being average means you're not, it means your fat, or your ugly. They just body-shamed her as much as they could. From that day on, for months, Isabel always looked in the mirror, any reflection she caught of herself she saw an average person, an overweight person, an imperfect person. She wasn't confident anymore. All she saw were faults, flaws and imperfections. She thought her face was too round, her belly stuck way out, her thighs were huge, her butt was huge, and her arms were fat. One day - even though she was perfectly beautiful - she looked in the mirror and said "I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT." She started dieting, restricting her eating, and skipped meals. She skipped breakfast, and lunch, and sometimes even dinner. Not only did she start losing weight, but she also lost all of her muscles, and all of her energy and strength. She couldn't even do her push-ups at Tae Kwon Do, and her ribs started to show, and even though it looked like she was sick, to her, finally, she felt like she was starting to look normal. She had convinced herself that having your ribs poke out, and arms like sticks, and bony legs, and sharp features was perfect. And, even though she was told that she was making herself sick, and even though she had to start eating again to have enough energy to make it through each day, still, in the back of her mind those terrible voices kept saying "you're fat," and "you're not pretty." "I was never skinny enough," she sadly thought. Was she getting the skinny disease? Anorexia? After watching some positive YouTube videos and listening to the people who actually loved and cared about her, she started to realize that EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. Just because some girls have tiny little waists, or skinny little arms, or long slim faces, that didn't mean that she needed to have those. No, Isabel realized that being unique is beautiful, that beauty is the whole package, the person, the heart and soul and not just the body and some idea that other people plant in your head. "Even though I may not look perfect, I am normal." Isabel realized, once and for all, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SKINNY TO BE BEAUTIFUL! What's your story? storybooth wants to hear it! It's Storytime. Funny videos, embarrassing videos, sad videos, happy videos.. Animated stories are our thing. LINKS: Website: http://www.storybooth.com Instagram: @thestorybooth twitter @thestorybooth https://www.instagram.com/thestorybooth G+: https://plus.google.com/+Storybooth/v... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestorybooth/ Tumblr: https://storybooth.tumblr.com/ If you liked this storybooth animation and love storytime / story time kid videos, watch our themed playlist collections: Being Yourself: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTv86vY0AuCvmy5PzXAWy9vbciRaDqGH7 Love and Heartbreak: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTv86vY0AuCtnxgvVeZtfySmOpeVZw0t4 Embarrassing and Funny: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTv86vY0AuCtczLwmlI-dBOlr3ZgxFvcF Bullies and Mean People: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTv86vY0AuCuVZFrilE3WncQhw1jZTxIW Overcoming Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTv86vY0AuCuzwXs4WrQcb2kVXT_xA5Od
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storybooth (1 year ago)
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Lizzy Moorey (14 days ago)
Ava Bluegirl (29 days ago)
storybooth I just signed up to make a story!! 🤗🤗 but I’m nervous if they pick me but idk 😯😦
clover souzer (1 month ago)
Hi I love y guys vid
Sharon Forrester (1 month ago)
storybooth I am not happy
Ariba Jamal (1 month ago)
Lps Lover (56 minutes ago)
I'm ugly
Queen :p nerd :P (1 hour ago)
HEY i do tae kwon do its Tiger Kims im a yellow belt with the White tip and the blue Tip or its is green...
Frost The fox (1 hour ago)
Nobody is perfect, there is no suchthing as perfect, im.. not... perfect. And dont forget that you dont need to be perfect and you are perfect in your own way! 😇😇😇
Rafael Ramirez (2 hours ago)
Girls please stop if your doing this
king 45 (3 hours ago)
Savannah Ledbetter (4 hours ago)
your a skinny legend while im jumbo jessica
inci calis (5 hours ago)
Say that to my parents please the think I’m fat that i will never merry somebody i will just became fat like a cow they say that all the time and it’s just frustrating
Dori The Fire Wolf (5 hours ago)
Ugh I am really skinny I was fat in kindergarten but now I am really skinny and I eat a lot but I am still skinny so I don’t have to worry
Mochi BTS (8 hours ago)
We are all beautiful just the way we are...but we can never be perfect We all make mistakes💖but we are all even in God's eyes💕😊
Bruhki 21 (10 hours ago)
Jim Melo (14 hours ago)
You're friends are making you un healthy
valeria corona (15 hours ago)
Am skinney but i hate it tbh
baiq nayara (17 hours ago)
You don't need to be skinny to be beautiful your beautiful as you are
#GoesByTheRainbow (18 hours ago)
Anorexia Nervosa
Maggie Block (20 hours ago)
Big thighs means THICC
Carly the kitty 2018 (22 hours ago)
You have skinatobia
Carla D (23 hours ago)
Bro I’m around the 80-90’s pounds.
Dr Triggered (1 day ago)
It's not called fat it's called thicc
Aesthetic pineapple (1 day ago)
Girl you're skinny enough to be a light post.
Em Slime Glitter (1 day ago)
Sorry I get what she’s getting at but she’s making overweight people think they aren’t beautiful
Maya Juarez (1 day ago)
"Your a diamond, shine bright"
Cat Gamer (1 day ago)
This girl looks exactly like me and I feel the same way as her
Kathryn Shepard (1 day ago)
Your beautiful just the way you are
Taylor Carter (1 day ago)
No one's perfic be your self
SAMARIAH BRUCE (1 day ago)
"It's perfect"
kálmán luca (1 day ago)
Thats mean your anorastic .its deathly
Isabel Cadayday (1 day ago)
My name is Isabel too
derich taingvarak (1 day ago)
I use to be skinny now
Victoria Muresan (1 day ago)
Wait , are you doing tae kwon do? ( because i am doing)
Food For Life (1 day ago)
Everyone is beautiful. Ask Mona Lisa she had no eyebrows, but she was still pretty.
Kristin Edwards (1 day ago)
Thank you so much for this video it helped me though hard times
Shannon Diaz (1 day ago)
Ewww don’t do that if you let yourself look like that gray person with her ribs sticking out if you be that you will be ugly really ugly
XDMandygames XD (1 day ago)
This really inspired me even though all of my friends never judge me or anyone else i have alot of self-criticism and i think that my stomach pokes out too much and im overweight but im average weight and everybody says that im beautiful and its comforting to know im not the only one
Not_Human Boo (1 day ago)
Fact: If you’re like a tall person for a grade 6 and you’re 115 pounds, that’s not fat. You’re just tall. Of course you’re going to have to earn more pounds because you’re getting taller. Not losing weight because you’re getting taller.
Ashleigh Mitchell (2 days ago)
a mirror shows you want you think you look like. not what you really look like.
Triple A's (2 days ago)
Im in grade 7 and im 87 pounds, is that under weight? My friends said i need to eat mote
Dleene Douglas DD (2 days ago)
Lmao the fact that you rather listen to my frds thn ur doctor Lmao... IF I WERE HER I WUD JUST SAY TO THOSE GIRLS, R U THE DOCTOR? NO RIGHT? EXACTLY. END OF CONVERSATION XD
女の子芸者 (2 days ago)
Because I am now at the age of being feeling like a fat, so could someone tell me experience with my tummy is just big or not really friends say I'm perfect just like this but I don't believe my tummy doesn't really look like a big but When everyone who uses Musicall so they have a muscular tummy and I'm jealous 😭😭
Vailaisa Fiso (2 days ago)
Don't put yourself in... And by the way you look perfect exactly the way you are....
Be how you are your unique there’s only one of you keep that in mind
jjlrm Chong (2 days ago)
Uh.. Okay soooooo I have a body that is normal but if I breathe in you can see my rib cage!
Clarice Starling (2 days ago)
Being non-skinning is fuckin’ nothing. AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT ACTUALLY UGLY, FOR FUCKS SAKE. Pretty people that’re fat(Like Amy Shumer) could lose weight and look good.
Okie this is nice and all, BUT WHO THE HELL WERE THOSE GIRLS BEING LIKE "are you sure that's underweight?" "That's average" how could anyone say that?
Eh it's not just you I'm severely underweight
Pikagirl Miner2008 (2 days ago)
Ur beautiful just the way you are...just..don’t change yourself😁💕
Amara Erb (3 days ago)
like you said i am small for my age but it does not matter your unique don't give up on yourself guys!
Slugeh (3 days ago)
2:27 no boys are beautiful in this server
Mark Ter borg (3 days ago)
If i look in the mirror: Who is that handsome boy? :)
Яна Ложкина (3 days ago)
115 in kilograms please.
Puppy Power Playz (3 days ago)
u can be u without being skinny girl
anila subah (3 days ago)
Like me!😡😭😔😔
Rainbow Kitty gacha (3 days ago)
1:52 its me
Isabel Fanai (3 days ago)
Wow!! we have the same name and I'm a taekwondo player even I think I am over weight 😬
mohamed jaish (3 days ago)
I always worry about my weight I'm overweight 😧😧😧people bully me for that I have been bullied for like 7 years
Kat the Skeleton (3 days ago)
I'm a little okay with my body but I just don't like my face. It's seems ugly and most of my bffs have boyfriends/girlfriends and I feel very outcast because they are mostly light skin and I am kinda dark to the point u can't really see my face in pictures and I just don't understand that cuz I got most of my genes from my dad and he is lighter than me. Out in public with my mom and my older brother I feel even more lonely cuz like I am chubbier than my mom and brother. I don't look like them that much. My mom was introducing her coworker to my brother and I. She looked at me then at my brother and said, "That ones yours." My mom didn't notice it but I was very hurt. I'm very good about hiding my feelings so no one notices how apart I feel. And for my friends that are dark skinned like me just have pretty faces that just glow. Mine is ugly and unwanted. I know maybe someone will love me but I feel like I'm gonna die alone...
Kaelyn (3 days ago)
Hey I love that your message is that we are all beautiful but I'm always worried that I'm fat like every girl in my class there very skinny but for me I'm wide and fat I always struggle with depression with that I cry every day in my room that I pray to God I want to be skinny I want to be skinny like I exersize alot like nomal but I am not getting any skinnyer like want to suiside but I'm scared and I don't want others to be sad
Linnie Lane (3 days ago)
The Kardashians would say something else....
owl girl 539 (3 days ago)
Thank you
Skyler Iceberg (4 days ago)
That is paddy
Skyler Iceberg (4 days ago)
Like what's wrong with you
Skyler Iceberg (4 days ago)
Everyone is perfect even if There fat
You don't need to lose weight to be pretty
Nah bro you're gorgeous and stay they way you are you're amazing in you're own way
Her name is isabel but my name is isabel
My sister had anorexia when she was 15. Now she's 30 and she's getting too skinny again. I don't have much contact with her. She doesn't want to. But i'm afraid she's gonna get it again
Hilda Arcos (4 days ago)
Your not fat Your body is perfect *Just be yourself*
chimchim lover (4 days ago)
But being underweight is not good for your health right? 😑😑😑😑
Cringey Sh*t (4 days ago)
She's calling fat people ugly Rude
Tea Sis (4 days ago)
I'm 110 tryna be 120 please support me
GamerStephanie (5 days ago)
I'm 19/119 weight 🏋
Yeah sure the standard at my school is you have to be able to show your ribs or else you are a nobody and you have to be beautiful and I’m fine with the ribs part but I am NOT beautiful
홍라온 (5 days ago)
girl : *i dont know if its was underweight* i *think* its average me : *you dont know* but you still trying to be clever..
Karla Rangel (5 days ago)
i love this one
Awesome Sparkle (5 days ago)
The girl who wrote this is in my school! She sits next to me!😱
Adrian Huerta (5 days ago)
Xxx tentacion
chicachu (5 days ago)
Click read more Read more
steven Gomez (5 days ago)
Thank you thats what I always tought cause im skinny but i have like kinda big thights and yeah but thank you so much I admire you!😃
XXXTentacion Fan Girl (5 days ago)
She looks so skinny tho
Mcplayer 5000 (5 days ago)
I am fat! XD
Isabel Meek (6 days ago)
My name is Isabel!!
Itz Kitty (6 days ago)
I'm hella skinny and idc.
Gurl I'm waayyy too skinny and u dont know how fucked up it feels like, everyday ppl always tell me that I'm so skinny and I should eat a lot or asked me if I even eat. But I love my body sooooo much❤
Addison Roberts (6 days ago)
No matter what you are unique! DON'T LET ANYONE JUDGE YOU!
It's good to be a little bit fat, cuz then you'll have more damage resistance, I know that may not make any sense at first, but if you think about it, it makes sense, because the more fat you have on you, the harder it takes for attacks to get to the stuff underneath your skin
PurpleEagle Sparkle (6 days ago)
I am 12 and ik I am underweight...and I am only 28 kg...but you don’t need to be skinny to be beautiful, I am skinny but don’t think of myself as pretty
Hey its Andreia (6 days ago)
For a highschooler 115 pounds+ is normal! Never be ashamed of your body! Always embrace it! (not in an inappropriate way lol) I went through the same thing as the girl in this video did im in middle school and im 53 kg
THUMB ???? (6 days ago)
Nobody is perfect
Dragonl0l (6 days ago)
I was once a stick
Teri Cates (6 days ago)
Can i make a vido a bout your shoe
Teri Cates (6 days ago)
Blurry (6 days ago)
I can agree to this so much, a couple months ago, I realized that I wasn’t skinny, I was average. I keep trying to lose weight, but only lost 5lbs. When I started eating normal again I started cutting and now I don’t know what to do anymore...I’m down to 83lbs (I’m 4’11) and I don’t know why but this voice in my head keeps saying I’m fat and that I HAVE to get to at least 79lbs to look beautiful.
Ana Rosa Magallanes (6 days ago)
Nobody is perfect and we're all different so don't change your self because people judge you you are you and no one can change dat
Sandra Cruz (6 days ago)
The body u said u had when u where losing weight is my body I was body like that and i eat very much BUT I WANNA GET A LITTLE FAT (I am 54 pounds FOR A MIDDLE SCHOOLER)
Tl Nguyen (6 days ago)
Nikki Tran (7 days ago)
thanks, I thought am fat an i go bully but you saved my live😁😊😂
Gracie Sporka (7 days ago)
this is awesome to all the girls out there i think I'm not perfect but after seeing this i think I'm perfect thank you for helping me see that
Martha Esquivel (7 days ago)
I rather be average than a skinny skeleton
Good message
Karen Lopez (7 days ago)
That is me I think am fat sometimes I like myself cause NY boy likes me back thx girl know I will never judge my body
Girlllllllll does it matter how skinny you are I'm freaking thick and fat and peaple say I'm way to skinny case I only wear stretchy pants so I'm like no I'm not! I get mad and sad so don't think it's ok to be super skinny peaple still say and think ur rlly skinny so it doesn't even matter but it's also ok to be skinny it's just peaple don't ever change so don't worry to change

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