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How to Shop for Clothes

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Here are some tips to make shopping for clothes easier and more fun! 1. Make a "To Buy" list 2. Shop your colours 3. Access the quality 4. Do I love it? xoxo Mimi Follow Me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/mimiikonn
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Tatiana Volynskiy (3 months ago)
Very precise, no extra information. Thanks ! I used your video for my English Speaking Club!
Mike C (4 months ago)
If she’s deep winter then why is she wearing gold jewelry? Why does she also look like she has warm undertones?
Mike C (4 months ago)
Her veins are greenish, so how’s she winter?
Toumert. T (5 months ago)
You are wonderful. I'm following you since 2 years now. And every time I see you I'm happy thank you and keep going with your positive mind.
Timeka Barton (10 months ago)
Hello loves, I have an active code for BGSHOPWORLD <3 Click this link http://www.bgshopworld.com/alexisw and enter ALEXISW for 10% off! Enjoy! They great inexpensive clothing
Remo Das (10 months ago)
How u talk
Habib Davari (1 year ago)
Why are you so good? 😇😇
abhi anand (1 year ago)
Fatema's Art Show (1 year ago)
Great video :)
Iffi Fiffi (1 year ago)
2:04 Beyoncé before doing the hold up video
Bakchodi With Zoya (1 year ago)
Hey.... Checkout My New Online Store. Here You Can Buy Latest Fully Branded Fashion Products For Mens & Womens, Welcome. Start Buying ! https://nabeelbabastore.wooplr.com/s/nabeelbabastore.wooplr.com?ref=cp.m.i.m
Jewelry Limited (1 year ago)
Claire burger (1 year ago)
Where is she from?
Catisa K (1 year ago)
The Point is i have never fallen in love with a piece from a shop online from online stores or IG . In normal Shops i find 'okay' looking :((( thats Why my closet is nearly empty.
Daniela Cardona (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this!!!!!!
Catherine Holcombe (1 year ago)
I'm 64 and at my age, I mostly wear jeans, tees or shirts because I have a very difficult time finding clothes that are age appropriate. They are either to short or to low cut.
Mirrella Mahapatra (1 year ago)
Mimi I have been binge watching all your videos during the last couple of days. And you selfishly share such essential things. I could related so much with what you said here. I normally do that but then my frends question that about me and I used to doubt. But now I feel confident that some one like you believes all these so much. Thanks for all the videos
Hania Adil (2 years ago)
color analysis? imma wear black
Hadeel Al Musallam (2 years ago)
Totally! I feel hungry too! So inspirational thank you!
Angela Morsani (2 years ago)
i'm kinda confused about my "season"... i have kinda dark hair, blue-green eyes and really fair skin, am i a dark or light season??
Myrslokstok (2 years ago)
Do moore about colors and pattern matching. Seems like every color match some how.
Aleksandra Bobis (2 years ago)
Hi! Can you make a video about How to Train our eyes in looking for good quality clothes? I think It may be really helpful... Bc it's not that easy...
Maahi Shah (2 years ago)
Hi.. can you please guide me where have you done the image consultant course ... ? I am interested into it that but can't find a course and if you can guide me on it ? I am from USA.. Thank u so much waiting for your reply
Karen Balchin (2 years ago)
Thank you so much. I actually like to look at stitching. But yes sometimes without a list I buy the same things. Great tip about masking a list.
Zuzana Faltusova (2 years ago)
Very boring
Fatima Kaoutar (2 years ago)
nothing bla bla
Melanie Harmon (2 years ago)
Mimi is right about everything.
pecha deh (2 years ago)
every time I see interesting clothes, the first thing I check is the price tag and fabric information. If the price and quality match then I will try it on. If I can't find the right size that really fit, I will just leave it.
Sienna Venezia (2 years ago)
Background music is very distracting.
Jamila abousaid (2 years ago)
kathleen hughes (2 years ago)
Finally...found someone who thinks exactly as I do when it comes to fashion ideas; appearance; how to approach variety of things!
Hadeel Al Musallam (2 years ago)
Sweet Pigment (2 years ago)
thank you!!! oh God these are so helpful! ×××
Taja Brown (3 years ago)
She gives me a young evelina kind of vibe
Hao Ran Lee (3 years ago)
looks purple to me tho lol
Alina (3 years ago)
Agree, also you have to be 100% sure thing looks perfect on you. In my blog I also share similar ideas and tips to make clothing shopping more effective. Guys, please check who is interested in this topic: http://likelyyou.com/2015/07/17/core-concept-to-compose-your-wardrobe/ Thank you!
Parisian Desi (3 years ago)
grt video mimi...luv ur positive energy u put in all ur videos
Simone Plomp (3 years ago)
I once bought a necklace and I broke so I bought it again bc I loved it and it broke again
Najaf Bukhari (1 year ago)
Simone Plomp it was bad quality
María Peppermery (3 years ago)
I love your skin better here, it looks so natural and clean <3 Gr8 video!!
Yuliya Shevchuk (3 years ago)
What good websites would u suggest for online shopping? --So that its kinda chip but still a good quality, with return policy and not spam lol Thanks!!!
Amber Everywhere (3 years ago)
Great video! Helped me a lot
eco belle (3 years ago)
Love your tips. These are really helpful😘
Katherine Montenegro (3 years ago)
could you make a video on how to tell something is good quality? even showing examples??? and places where to shop?? Please! thanks!!!
Tess Brennan (3 years ago)
I was just curious as to why you don't ware a wedding ring, you mentioned you where married. Love your videos! Xox
Hakima Ewida (3 years ago)
thanx ....soooo true
Anara Timchenko (3 years ago)
I ask myself a question "Do I love this piece of clothing so much that I want to wear it every day?" If the answer is no, I don't buy it. That's my shopping decision making rule that helps me make reasonable decisions.
varbie varbie (1 year ago)
The best tip
Anara Timchenko (1 year ago)
tropicalum I would start with inexpensive pieces (like from H&M, Zara) that you really-really love and feel great wearing, then build your wardrobe around these pieces. Eventually, if you analyze your choices, you will see the pattern. For example, you are more of a "pants and a blouse" girl or "skirts and t-shirts" girl. Be confident, be happy, and the style will come around! ✌🏻🤘🏻✊🏻💪🏻
Samantha Rae (2 years ago)
Anara Timchenko I got my first job and I'm planning on getting new clothes, I haven't really been able to have 'my' style. I'm trying to get rid of clothes and it's so hard cause I feel like I'm gonna get rid of to much.
Hadeel Al Musallam (2 years ago)
Sounds like an interesting tip! Thanks!
Anara Timchenko (2 years ago)
Thanks! I had to stop my shopping addiction somehow so I came up with this tip 😅
lovely 11 (3 years ago)
Lorraine Joseph (3 years ago)
I like to shop. I shop mostly when my clothes are washed out or have wholes. Tomorrow I buy a new shirt I threw2 shirts in the bin. So to replace then one new shirt.
Yvita Villalona (3 years ago)
For people who like to look through consignment and thrift stores.... what tips would you have...
Phylis Meldrum (3 years ago)
What is the sense of writing stuff in your comment you probably new read them
Caroline Angelica (3 years ago)
+Phylis Meldrum well she's explains everything in the video. She's just giving us an overview of what she's going to be talking about in the video
Phylis Meldrum (3 years ago)
I guess I am not a happy person. clothes do not look on me. I am too old to wear the cute little dresses and skirts I do not know how to apply make up....it looks the same whether I put it on or not. I cut my hair short because it never grows very long, the only time it looks good is when I come out of the salon. I have mouses Brown hair with eyebrows that go half way up my forehead. my husband divorced me a few years back. it was no wonder. He was always trying to make me happy .....I only saw a frumpy 65 year old woman that didn't apply make up , have great hair style or clothes that stole the show. signed Frumpy and alone at 65.
Madelyn Burgener (3 years ago)
My fashion merchandising teacher is absolutely amazing and has styled for various shows, concerts, and even. Choreographed and designed the half time show in the 2002 Olympics. All I have to do is send her an email about absolutely anything and she helps
Madelyn Burgener (3 years ago)
How do you become an image consultant? I have been thinking about it for a while but don't know how to start
Leanne Zammit (3 years ago)
youre great ;)
Fuzzy TURK (3 years ago)
Please do a colour consultation video 👏👍👌
olivia hopeful (3 years ago)
Something I always keep in mind is that if the garment doesn't fit you, no matter how beautiful it is, don't buy it. You're never going to feel comfortable in it and you'll end up not wearing it!
Hadeel Al Musallam (2 years ago)
So True!
Milana Sinkevich (3 years ago)
You are so beautiful!
rando (3 years ago)
I don't believe in "colour assessment"... The way I see it if you're healthy and therefore have clear skin and a fit body you will look good in any colour if it's a flattering shape and cut.
Louise M.E (3 years ago)
eco belle (3 years ago)
+Ania D I got complements if I wear the right color for my skin color and undertone. Im tan but not all colors suit me contrary to your belief. There are colors that darken me more or there are colors that make my skin look blotchy.
rando (3 years ago)
@eco belle I think that's only the case with a very tiny amount of colours and that can easily be amended with a fake tan lol (I find darker skin tones look good in anything...)
eco belle (3 years ago)
I disagree! People have different undertones. You can wear any color you like but not all will suit you. You can force yourself to like it but in reality it may either washes you off, darkens or complements you color.
justineelyseda (3 years ago)
+Ania D ok lol
susil premarathna (3 years ago)
you talk too match
3Lady1 (3 years ago)
Royal blue ? I see it as violet :O
Ruth Tao (3 years ago)
What colors do you like ?
Kayenat Xo (3 years ago)
i love how u put a smile on and go with the flow thanks soo much this helped me shop better lol thx
amberayisme (3 years ago)
Ms Britney M (4 years ago)
I took notes! thanks for the tips sis!
amberayisme (3 years ago)
@MsBritneyM http://www.ebay.com/itm/121714102804?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Amber G (4 years ago)
I just always feel gross in whatever I wear unless it's jeans and sweatshirt
Jocelyn Leonardy (1 year ago)
Sweatpants and t-shirts 😂
Monikaa Kyustkey (2 years ago)
Carolyn Reyes (2 years ago)
Amber G i feel u
Dezeri Smith (3 years ago)
your so pretty that is hard to believe
Louise M.E (3 years ago)
Me too..lol
101Vigilantie (4 years ago)
i love you mimi
CATTY NOAIR (4 years ago)
This video is sooo helpful!!! Thank u soo much mimi
Dili Make-up (4 years ago)
mimiii your video are always so usefull !!thanks youuu
arrsh is awesime (4 years ago)
I don't get it
Berfin Tan (4 years ago)
Nice tips but i can't say the same thing for her clothes :/
Irina (4 years ago)
I totally agree with what you say but I definitely must disagree with your last tip. Lighting is so so important to the way you see yourself and if you like a piece of not... Doesn't matter lighting in the store or at home, if it is bad, you will look bad! And therefore you won't love the thing you are trying, where in reality it might suit you really well but you can't see that...
Rebecca Suraci (4 years ago)
@Irina Danovska agreed. i would not buy 90% of things if i really took stock in what i see in the fitting room mirrors. i just try it on for fit, then purchase if i can return it no problems. i will determine if i love it in the comfort of my home versus a store where i feel cramped and rushed and looking nasty in neon lights.
Rudi D. (4 years ago)
Hi there, why are you so cute? How do you shop for shoes that are cute and go with your outfit, without overpowering the look? Do you also have any V-day look?
Leah Lopez (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot 
No_thing To_wear (4 years ago)
Я этак рада, что попала на этот канал! Это все так "мое", слушала и смотрела бы часами :-) благодарю огромное за всю информацию!!
vaper bing (4 years ago)
I'm colourblind 😔
Astha Garg (4 years ago)
Loved your video.thanks for such great tips
Deisy Castaneda (4 years ago)
Can you do a video how to manage your money when shopping !(:
Billy Joe (4 years ago)
This girl needs a lot more credit on YouTube
Sheryl Wong (4 years ago)
Yasmin R (4 years ago)
That was a super great video! 
Massiel Nineth (4 years ago)
What is the name of the melody?
Natalija Mitanovska (4 years ago)
Hi Mimi, I agree to everything that you've said. I've really trained myself to say if I have tried something on and If I dont like it for whatever reason Im not buying it. Im not going to umm and ahh about it - Should I or Shouldnt I. You'll walk away saying "I did the right thing, I didnt really like it" Great video Hun xx
JemmaAceOfDiamonds (4 years ago)
LOVE THIS!!! Thank you!
nikki urquhart (4 years ago)
What if we have a small budget? How can we afford a waredrobe?
Emilee Iupeli (1 year ago)
I'm like 3 years late (lol) and thrifting can be the solution!!!
Romy EC (3 years ago)
@nikki urquhart I only buy clothes that are going to last, quality is the most important thing for me, so instead of buying something each week like I used to do, I add 1 good piece each month or sometimes is 2 or 3 months, depending how much time I need to pay what I bought the last time xD. At the beginning is sad to have only a few options, but gradually you end up having a beautiful, useful, and great quality wardrobe that is going to last for years, and I can easily update it by buying new accessories, or just tops that are usually the most affordable item on a wardrobe.
nikki urquhart (4 years ago)
@Maria Perez hank you :)
nikki urquhart (4 years ago)
Marisabel Perez (4 years ago)
I save for quality or try Opp shopping!! I prefer to buy good quality designer (Much cheaper at thrift shops) than stuff that's cheap but will fall apart :)
smileybutterfly25 (4 years ago)
This will definitely help thank you so much :)
samanta right (4 years ago)
Wish I lived next to u or that we would at least be friends because u need someone like you to keep me positive and achieve things and your just the person that iv been looking for with those advices have you got any slim advice
Wyshna Raveendran (4 years ago)
i dnt know what color works for me :'( 
junipa (4 years ago)
@Akidnamed Sarah Thank you! I will definitely look for that video.
Akidnamed Sarah (4 years ago)
she has a video on that! check out her channel :)
junipa (4 years ago)
Me too! And I wish I could put colours together properly. I never know what goes with what. :-(
Shrutika Talikoti (4 years ago)
Thanks Mimi for these very important shopping tips. I am a doctor and not a very big shopaholic, basically I don't find enough time to shop so often. But sometimes I end up going around scanning every possible store and end up feeling nothing is like what I want, nothing s that I love... Shopping is such a pain! What should I do?
fish60155 (4 years ago)
U might like to start by looking more on fashion blogs to get ideas of looks and trends hat you would like, before going shopping.  If nothing fascinates you, then you probably arent very keen in shopping and it will be better to stick to basics for your everyday looks. (: if u dont love something, please dont buy it.  hope this helps! 
Giaparveen (4 years ago)
You are amazing the tips are so true and eye opening. Feels like my big sister is talking to me.Thank you
Mad Hat (4 years ago)
I like your hair here more than in your new videos... just wanted to tell you :)
Girl from Nowhere (4 years ago)
Tips to not be confused in shops : 1.Have a lot of money. 2.Don't be in China shop. Your welcome
Kimberly Noriette (5 years ago)
What brands have you found have consistently been the best quality for you :)
Michelle A. (5 years ago)
My grandmas name is also Mimi!
Nidhi K (5 years ago)
Mimi ! Thank you so much for this amazingly helpful video :)
Katya B (5 years ago)
Hello, Mimi!  could you advice some brands which provide good quality clothes? Thank you in advance! :)
Sushmita Anand (5 years ago)
Plz start doing more videos like this to help us girls.... U have kinda stopped doing these videos now
Irina Guseva (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the video!! What school have you graduated from btw?)
lolipopscandy62 (5 years ago)
I got a skirt from club monaco on sale, it originally costed $234 I got it for....$11.
Manjit Kaur (7 months ago)
lolipopscandy62 (3 years ago)
The app is called ShopStyle! (Really corny name i know) :P 
sampanna (3 years ago)
+lolipopscandy62 I NEED THAT APP
Linnea Hayes (4 years ago)
@lolipopscandy62 WHAT IS THIS APP 
Liesl DS (5 years ago)
A few times a year,I go to my room, with my mam and clean out my closet and look what I need. And when I go shopping and have a piece in my hands I look over my closet  in my head and look how I can match things!  
Carmen Canari (5 years ago)
Mimi please help me I saw a cute shoes but I don't know exactly what kind of clothes will fit better. Buy again Mix No. 6 Outset Striped Wedge Pump
Sugar Bubble (5 years ago)
I Love the Color Lavender & Lilac! Cause my Skin is very Pale-ish pink, so I always buy Light Baby pink, Cream, white, and I can't seem to Find my 2 Favorite Colors on tops, Dresses and Tees.. But Lucky I just find One Tee, just ordered! Can't wait to Pair it with Jeggings, Skirts, and Dresses.. I hope You can do a Video on Color Lavender or Lilac on Tops & Tee Shirt..

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