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Fashion for Women Over 60: Is it ok to Embrace Bohemian Clothing After 60?

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There is something about hunting for bohemian style of clothing that makes me feel happy. It’s almost as if I am able to step away from the world for a few hours to go on a treasure hunt! So, to explore vintage bohemian style of clothing in more detail, I invited my friend and fashion for women over 60 expert, the fabulous Judith Boyd (a.k.a. “The Style Crone”) back to the Sixty and Me Show for another chat. Enjoy the show! Ready to take your look to the next level? Check out our fashion for older women video series: http://sixtyandme.com/fashion
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P.C. Π.Χ.Φ.Ω (7 months ago)
Wearing Bohemian is AGELESS. It is the kind of style that blends social structures and traditions, making you feel one with nature. It's that careless gypsy style. Going boho means that you're not a fashion slave to modern designers who think they can dictate their fashion rules making us feel intimidated if we dont match our wardrobe according to their psycho minds...Collars and ties, zippers and pantyhose are such a waste on our human existence..
Grace-shanti F. (1 year ago)
some examples of different styles would be helpful :-)
dollladie (1 year ago)
I'm 63, and have always been a Bohemian girl. It came from "our" era - designed by and for us. Why shouldn't we wear and celebrate ourselves through personal expression. I'm a folk artist - so I have other outlets for expression. However, I think I will always wear my Boho clothes - can't help it :D
Hasna' Abdulmajid (7 months ago)
Id love to see your art and style. I love the ethnic, bohemian, hippie style and am looking into ways to combine that which i love. Im interested to connect with others on this
Michele Pohl (1 year ago)
I always loved big clunky earrings and necklaces and would dress rather bohemian in my younger days but one day a few years ago (I'm almost 66), I took a good look at myself and thought how awful I looked wearing this big chunky jewelry because. even though I I'm not thin my face is quite thin. I downsized my jewelry and bought small hoops and different stud earrings and simple chokers and it made a big difference in my appearance, or so I think.
Alex (2 years ago)
wow ladies you look amazing for your age .. well done ..
Starr 64 (2 years ago)
Us older women, but still young and free at heart need to make u tube videos showing our take on Bohemian style. We can wear Cowgirl boots any kind of boot.
Silver Sun Faerie (2 years ago)
This video and only one other are the only I've found advocating bohemian/boho/hippie clothes for older women. Funny thing is baby boomers and Gen-Xers started and popularized the hippie movement, but mostly Millenials wear all the hippie stuff. Meanwhile we middle-aged and older women hide in conservative tailored clothes, sweats, and hiking gear. I've had to watch videos from younger YouTubers and read content from young vloggers about embracing bohemian clothing. Not me, I wear what I like, I don't care what my age is. I'll dress like a hippie or bohemian until I'm 100.
Helena T (2 years ago)
Boho made simple Jane Fonda Goldie Hawn and Pam Grier are examples of a lifetime of boho fashion.
Diana Burnham (3 years ago)
would be nice to see some examples?????
Miss Molly C. (15 days ago)
LilyofTheWoods (4 years ago)
we definitely need more programs like this one.
missmayflower (4 years ago)
Bohemian = hippy.  Judith = beatnick.
Nathalie TheBeautyDiva (4 years ago)
Hi Margaret, new subbie here, I was referred to you by Carol of the Oh Carol Show and am I ever glad she recommended you.  I love your channel and how you embrace aging gracefully with style.  I also have a channel called Fabulous Over 50 and I am always on the lookout for wonderful mature channels.  Thank you for this wonderful video.  Hope you have a great week!!!  Hugs, Nathalie xoxo
CJ knose (4 years ago)
I associate bohemian with hippie And i love it! I wear it...(not 60 yet) but i say id rather see a lady with boho on than sweat pants! wouldnt you agree?
Hasna' Abdulmajid (7 months ago)
Yes and yes
Heddy Bell (4 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this.  I have always considered myself 'somewhat' Bohemian!  I have always worn what I like and not what is in the 'current fashion'. I enjoyed this.  Thanks again x
Jeanette (4 years ago)
Thank you both for sharing! As we grew in age, we've built a wealth of wisdom, and have warn so many hats. :)  
Ann H (4 years ago)
how do I find the Brass into gold blog? Thanks
Mimi V (4 years ago)

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