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The Rebirth Of Microsoft - How Satya Nadella Saved It (Or Did He?)

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Text Comments (1101)
the alaskan (1 hour ago)
He didn't do shit! Microsoft STILL makes crappy consoles. All red ring of death consoles. Surface tablets that fall apart. They used to make crappy cellphones too. And their iPod touch ripoff Zune was a big waste of money. And their operating system STILL sucks. Apple has ALWAYS made a BETTER operating system.
the truth (22 hours ago)
Good job..
Akislav1990 (1 day ago)
What's more impressive than Sathya, are your mad transition skills.
hAk (1 day ago)
Indians invented 0 Satya gave Windows 10 for free
Malik Hisyam (1 day ago)
sneaky ad, but well put
Ideas We Believe (2 days ago)
I believe Satya Naddella was the guy who took most part in building Azure, He kept Balmer interested in this. And when he became the CEO, he did what Balmer should have done. All the praise he gets is his...
Thirteen class (2 days ago)
Balmer serious. Reaply who understand what is balmer serious.
Alexander Pavlovsky (2 days ago)
...and none of this wouldn't be possible if not for Bill. Microsoft is and always will be THE tech company.
Santosh Param Sivam (2 days ago)
This should have been a 2-part video. You've done injustice to both Steve and Satya by making this short. If you aren't sure about how to execute delivery on a certain topic leave it out, don't make a mess just because you want to crowd your channel with content.
rakesh kumar rout (2 days ago)
Satya was doing what Steve should from 2006...Satya did everything ... other wise u gonna see Android in ur new pc..
aadhitya chozhan (3 days ago)
pfff who cares the Microsoft i love your high quality transition effects and videos
Pancake Lizard (3 days ago)
The CEO of Microsoft is a Indian..... but half of his country are certified Microsoft technicians!
Alien spaceship (3 days ago)
dashline my bumhuh
Jabiluka (3 days ago)
Good narrative but over deferential to Balmer, bitter sweet about Nadella.
Aman Kumar (3 days ago)
business casual somehow tries to praise someone he likes. change the title to underrated balmer.
Ch Pe (4 days ago)
I use Outlook email and OneDrive.
Today the world is more aware about technology and business so it's very important to be innovation and focus on continuous improvement and stability in your product and services. Microsoft has been able to tap on this one and hence they're still surviving the competition very well.
Arnav Roy (4 days ago)
As an indian it gives me great pride and sadness.satya could 've added so much to his own country.but still a global superpower , gave an underdog a chance and he proved his worth
kenam reemas (4 days ago)
co sponsored by: steve ballmer (and his "developers"!)
Indrajit Ghosh (4 days ago)
Why Indian CEO are everywhere????
Jose Fontanez (5 days ago)
I’m not going to lie since I was ready to move on from Microsoft overall...!!! Since at that time Microsoft was making so many changes without explaining every detail about it to the fans and users cause they are the once that buy their products...!!! But then after a few years later Microsoft came back with a bang...!!! And so far they are taking their time to make sure whatever decision they overall want to release it’s the right one...!!! And most important are if the customers like the product and are they willing to spend their money 💰💵 on these Microsoft devices...!!!
Jon Samuel (5 days ago)
Satya is in a different league altogether. I researched about Microsoft last year and it was crazy how much positive impact he's had on the company
Varun Kahadne (5 days ago)
Eevel Ewe (5 days ago)
microsoft is shit and should disappear.
Dipak Basu (6 days ago)
Nadela has killed the Microsoft with Windows 10. It is the most unpopular software, unfortunately, every new computer today has windows 10 installed. There is no 'WORD' unless you every year and every month. It updates without informing the user. Nadela is much worse than the sales guy.
Mrigank Chugh (4 days ago)
lol, what are you smoking? Windows 10 is the best windows until now. You can change the update settings if you want. Don't just blind hate without knowing.
manoj kumar gujju (6 days ago)
nobody is able to digest that an Indian achieved such a miracle, even this video maker. Its irony not to mention where he is from.
Avinash Kumar (6 days ago)
I would still stick to Win7
Just Watch (6 days ago)
Indian runs top companies of world and these companies control whole world including india.
Ankit Aswal (6 days ago)
Sabhash...satya Londe nai bachali microsoft...
azam khan (6 days ago)
and i think in upcoming years microsoft is about to kick apple's asss.....
AB Everything (6 days ago)
I must appreciate your editing dude. Its just amazing
UMA SHARMA (6 days ago)
coz India hates apple (dats they love ms and mostly play xbox games)
Joker (4 days ago)
Pc games... Xbox is not even known name
joyjeet Das (7 days ago)
today microsoft's cloud computing .......is most profitable even more than amazon's clouding .....Satya Nadella...
Hose B (8 days ago)
My god, why would you show a picture of the bald former Walmart dude near the beginning -- much less label it with his name -- when you never discussed [or is that: "disgust"] him? That turd is perhaps the most disgusting human being I have ever personally met. I'm sure there's an excellent reason why *he* wasn't Ballmer's replacement.
Nihal TM (8 days ago)
Power of Indians!
ashraf aleem (9 days ago)
Sorry, Satya did save microsoft from becoming Xerox or IBM. Azure might have been in existence but it was pretty closed windows, .net, C#, visual studio wholesaler for microsoft based shops. Satya changed that he opened azure to run Linux, Java, PHP and nodeJS and infact anything this helped them in competing amazon. Satya did bought LinkedIn and Github perhaps smartest buyouts of last decade. Except Xbox nothing good came out of microsoft under Balmer, zune, window phone, buying nokia and failed merger was senseless.
Komi Lopov (4 days ago)
buying branding of nokia for smartphones for few years... if he actually BOUGHT nokia it would have been a smart thing
Donaldo Mac Eachen (9 days ago)
I love how half the comments here are about indians. Yes, pajeet, there are smart indians just like there are smart people of all nations. Now go "hack html codes" or something.
Windows Vista (9 days ago)
Tech Gadget's (9 days ago)
That ad at the end was Smooth.
meteor (9 days ago)
micro$oft hates open source even today, micro$oft is a cancer to Open Source
STEEV JAMES (7 days ago)
No. Microsoft is one of the largest contributor to open source now. They are top level Linux contributors and even overtake Google in open source.
meteor (9 days ago)
micro$oft sucked, sucks and will suck in future, no innovation at all
Funnyshish (9 days ago)
Look at any tech stock since 2014 and you will see the real reason for the rise, Fed QE.
Naz Ali (10 days ago)
Indians are selling out their countrys economy to western business industry. He would have given india a boost in the economy. Loyal slaves love to be in white crowd
Aman Kumar Singh (6 days ago)
+Naz Ali FYI every big tech company is investing capital in India which will create employment and eventually boost our economy.. People like Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichhai lobby for India..Now may I know what your nation is doing better?
Naz Ali (6 days ago)
+Aman Kumar Singh well your selling ideas and everything towards a white company in western country
Aman Kumar Singh (6 days ago)
Your claim is bogus we ain't selling economy to anyone..
Jaider Ariza (10 days ago)
what a sneaky ads at the end. they are the worse!
Rohit Kr (10 days ago)
Could someone explain how buying Github can be a profit (or in future) ?
asdf (4 days ago)
Probably can't. What they are doing with Github and VSCode is getting developers back on their side. I hate Microsoft yet I'm using their IDE.
Husain Husain (10 days ago)
inovation is everything
MINECRAFT M.G (10 days ago)
that dashlane plug was so smooth !
Shekhar Kumar (10 days ago)
Will it stop win 10 updates though???
Micheal Smith (10 days ago)
What is the name of the background music?
Farivar (11 days ago)
We need cheap surface book 3 with rtx in it!!
ABC XYZ (11 days ago)
goofybits none (11 days ago)
I for one, hated MSFT from the days of Windows 3.1 & Visual C++ 4.0 (if I remember correct), despite my at most respect for Gates' for their down to earth, humanitarian efforts. Now I am having it both, for my search for best in class open source technology increasingly either Microsoft or Google. For one whose first action after acquiring a new PC was to shrink the Windows partition to the bare minimum to survive and install the best Linux distro of the time (from Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Fedora, Ubuntu), for the first time I don't hate to boot into windows, instead mostly works, with running the different LINUX, I need in docker on windows. Was skeptical of Satya (even though I have Indian origins), now feels that has been the best thing that happened to Microsoft (and techworld), in a long time!
Arshi Shaikh (12 days ago)
Did bill choose Steve because his name was Steve 🙄
Gaming Nation (12 days ago)
And its stock has tripled after he came to power
Sarvesh Shashank (13 days ago)
Indians are very smart people .Google wo and Microsoft cel is also an indian
Arunabha Das (13 days ago)
Steve was great
Abhishek Ram (13 days ago)
Which editing software do you use?
Pro cool (13 days ago)
So you know what Apple needs now right? An Indian CEO....
Tushar wabale (13 days ago)
0:07 Is that a kingpin?
Aman Rathore (13 days ago)
I wish someone does the same for Apple. Tim Cook needs to resign.
Aman Rathore (10 days ago)
+Aryansh Mahato As long as they continue Steve Jobs legacy, I don't care if he/she is Indian or not.
Aryansh Mahato (10 days ago)
Another Indian?
Serouj Ghazarian (14 days ago)
Even though microsoft entered mobile prior to apple (2000)
Varun Patil (14 days ago)
Satya is an Indian.
Please come make your own company in India...
Aryaman -The Kid (6 days ago)
Bro, due to congress, many indians like him were forced to leave india. Modi encourages start ups, but congress hates that. If modi remains PM for next 10 years, I am sure, we will see a great tech giant in india.
Venkii Veera (14 days ago)
I just love u r voice bro..
Robert Vandenberg (14 days ago)
Steve Ballmer is just an ignorant sales guy who never understands and appreciates the value of technology and product. Steve Jobs was absolutely right, you should never hire a sales guy to lead the company.
Waleed Muhammad (15 days ago)
I never comment on videos but you deserve it, loved the way you explained and specially specially specially the pictures and their animations you make, hats off seriously!!!! Keep up the great work
asnawi bato (15 days ago)
Microsoft only in pc world.
Schmety Slappy (15 days ago)
do Rimac Automobili next
Richard Niduelan (15 days ago)
Bill Gates: Technology = $ Steve Ballmer: Business stuff = $ Satya Nadella: Innovation = Better future
Joe Swank (6 days ago)
Unless you bought into his WP10 OS promise of being able to use iOS and Android apps on them and then stopping those programs altogether. He lied and killed the best phone OS that could have been the phone OS to get. He is a fool for supporting competitors more than their own products.He should have been fired just for that one lie.
shirlentsu 发noyami (6 days ago)
Dude Remmeber mf bill nd steve re jobs re the founder nd inventors mf ceo is just a post ceo.dose not means u own the company
Simon Ngai (15 days ago)
Does it mean MS's stock is underpriced? lol
black cat (15 days ago)
ms fan boy here
Gàmé Master (15 days ago)
Silicon valley runs because of Indians. Even british is rich because of Indians.
Anas Khan (9 days ago)
Even India is poor because of Indians
RedFace 876 (15 days ago)
Lol that’s so fucked up😂 sorry Steve
Dave Cenon Bugay (16 days ago)
Yeah. Let's say Ballmer wasn't cut out being CEO, but he tried his best. Just like the video said, Ballmer laid the groundwork, then Nadella further enhances/expands it. If it weren't for Ballmer appointing Nadella on Enterprise Division, we'll never have Windows 10.
RickyRisha410 (16 days ago)
Bald guys are really smart! 😏😏
Aryaman -The Kid (5 days ago)
+RickyRisha410 then you can become competitor of jonny sins too.
RickyRisha410 (5 days ago)
Aryaman -The Kid u know on what reference I wrote this. It's kinda meme relating Johnny sins 😂😂
Aryaman -The Kid (6 days ago)
I will arrange shaving machine, scissors etc for you, just promise me that you will give me 50% share in your new start up!!!
Leonora Dompor (17 days ago)
Amen !
Aryan agrawal (17 days ago)
Google Microsoft Apple has started hiring indian students few years back....and after some years ...u can expect ....... Apple ceo indian
johnpipi2 (17 days ago)
AWS > Azure
81ackman (18 days ago)
They were not too late, they turned out a shit product & tried to ram it down everyone's throat
dedgjoluli (18 days ago)
another patel, gaining other peoples sweat :(
mena seven (18 days ago)
Satya Nadella is a great public relation CEO for Microsoft since the reform of Mirosoft started under Steve Ballmer.
Vishal Dhawan (18 days ago)
and this video is sponsored by Steve Ballmer
Daniel Bartakei (18 days ago)
we want groove back
Srinath K (19 days ago)
This Video is misleading and don't fall pray to such propaganda. Stand on your own legs. BEST WISHES
DUC (19 days ago)
Apple desperately needs a Satya...
EDmobile (20 days ago)
This commentator is saying that Satya Nadella was the head of the enterprise division but that he was not the reason it was profitable even in Steve Balmers time. So if it was not Satya who made it profitable and was selected as CEO because of that, then why was he made CEO? For philosophical reasons? Is it really that difficult for this commentator to recognise talent for what it is?
Truthfears Guilty (20 days ago)
nonsense. micro soft has been a big giant for decades!
Dont listen to anything in this video because it was the stock buyback plan that has saved many of the American tech giants. This wall street tactic was illegal at one time and for good reason. Microsoft will sell every asset it has once stock buybacks become illegal.
Mayank Gupta (20 days ago)
Windows 10 is a game changer
Nikhil Srivastava (20 days ago)
How u made this video ?
Mr Filmmaker (20 days ago)
Satya is Indian Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) is also Indian😎
Harish Gupta (18 days ago)
To kya hua?
Aayush Dotiya (20 days ago)
I am cringed over the fact that how wrong he pronounced Satya 's name
Bodhisattwa Mondal (16 days ago)
Me too.
Joe Smith (21 days ago)
ms should not have given up on mobile phones. They had the patents. They had the skill. But the tiles and look of the phone was way off. That should have been fixable. They might as well make an android phone now. Instead they have no phone.
Ian Carter (21 days ago)
Terrific video! What an interesting story
suman c (21 days ago)
Steve jobs is one in billion. He was right MS does not have taste in fact all companies work same way. If you have invested in apple take your money out by 2022.
Mannu Dwivedi (21 days ago)
The channel under estimated the impact Satya Nadella was having on Microsoft business but culture in the organisation.. creating a division is separate but making successful is what that matter and Satya Nadella was the man who with is technical & vision made azure & enterprise division successful..he embrace the collaboration work culture which was missing before that
David in Barstow (21 days ago)
Sounds like the President of the US. You inherit your predecessors economy. If it was going up, you're a genius. If it's on the way down, you're a failure.
Sunil N (21 days ago)
@1:08 Voldemort Jr. with Nose and Suit.
W O L F Y (22 days ago)
Thank you Balmer for Windows phone
Devesh Bhosale (22 days ago)
I know what he did...people all over the world were using pirated Microsoft copies he forced them to buy original content with those pestering 'windows updates'
Nikhil Sen (22 days ago)
Wow very well made videos <3 smart ads, makes me want to watch it :P

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