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Text Comments (1412)
DOSEofLOVE (7 months ago)
You should definitely get furniture from Structube and HomeSense! Not sure if you have that where you live, but these are great options. x
DOSEofLOVE (6 months ago)
Ashley Devonna OMG! Girl, I don’t know how to contact you directly on YouTube. Please, send me a DM on Instagram @DOSEofHANNA
Ashley Devonna (6 months ago)
CONGRATULATIONS DOSEOFHANNA, YOU'RE THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY! Please contact me from your account here on YouTube and I will ship your gift to you! x
amor anaja (27 days ago)
So happy for youuu!! 💖
missdezy (2 months ago)
Very cute place! I love your heels where did you get from?
Loveyourself skylar (3 months ago)
Glad she picked the house
Chrissy Daily (4 months ago)
Congratulations! 💛💛💛 Love your videos. Can’t wait till the furnished home tour.
mari fofa (5 months ago)
So proud of you!!!
Nessa Anderson (5 months ago)
Furnished home tour pls!❤️
ItisSHE (5 months ago)
Nice place Ashley. Look forward to see what you do with it. 🙂
msmith056 (6 months ago)
Congratulations it’s beautiful!!!
Jai Swinton (6 months ago)
West elm is really nice, yet can be pricey. IKEA is always a given. But be careful, check the reviews!
Tequilla Gross (6 months ago)
Yes show us the decor and finish home. Congrats!!!
Abigail GYBJOMD (6 months ago)
We definitely need a furnished house tour
kkimberly2004 (6 months ago)
Damille Clachar (6 months ago)
congrats! on your new place
Weekly Dose of Ash (6 months ago)
Girl you did it! Congratulations doll!
I love this. You have a beautiful townhome. Congrats 🎉. I’m so proud of you.
Tara TheWitch (6 months ago)
ASHLEEEYYY!!!! *Bawdy*
Whitney Jboo (6 months ago)
Can we say Z Gallerie girl!!! The Home Store! Cantoni! Congratulations girl!
Black Girls Plan (6 months ago)
Multilevel home for a multilevel business women
Dakota Hobby (6 months ago)
you is too thick for me to listen to what you was sayin
Lizzie Loves (6 months ago)
Ashley I can't concentrate - haha this body wow
Uniquely Fashioned (6 months ago)
Where did you get them shoes from?😍
Uniquely Fashioned (6 months ago)
Congrats Ashley!!! Let me just say, that your body is on point hunny😍!!!
Alexandria Perry (6 months ago)
I adore the fact that you stay in a cute ass pair of heels girl!! That is dedication lol I don't know how you do it all the time.
Pretty Nici (6 months ago)
Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see how you decorate!
cha lalita (6 months ago)
Brandy OMG
Michelle Smith (6 months ago)
Your place is beautiful.
Kayla Harris (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ashley! You should shop at home goods and sis don’t sleep on tj maxx and Burlington for home decor !
Miss Tanner (6 months ago)
Congrats !!!! 🍾🍾🍾🍾
Cliffordcynthia Stone (6 months ago)
I just came across your channel and I am richly blessed from your beautiful spirit and I am 57yrs old,I love love the father and daughter relationship you have with him,so many ladies is lacking a father figure,you are truly a staple for me,and one question I live in florida and I went crazy trying to find these tribal drinks,and they are not sold in florida,you are truly blessed and highly favored.
PebblesBambiino (6 months ago)
Yayyyy congrats Ashleyyyy
beingjshanice (6 months ago)
Beautiful home 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏾😍
DassahMariee (6 months ago)
I love it!! ❤
P J (6 months ago)
GM, stumbled upon your house tour-congrats-but thought for a moment I was looking at Brandy. Decided to peruse a few more of your vlogs-hope that’s the right term-I’m old school-and I am taken aback by the way your looks change-omg! From pink and blonde hair, absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful young lady inside and out. Looking forward to the furnished home tour and yes, I already hit the Subscribe button..God bless!
La'Daysha Johnson (6 months ago)
Aww congratulations on your new home❤️✨✨✨✨
Belle of Beauty TV (6 months ago)
Zgallerie fits your style and personality!!! I LOVE that store. It can definitely provide some inspiration!!!
Tiffany B (6 months ago)
I love the lights underneath the cabinet too. Have them on at night with a glass of Henny (or wine lol) and it's so relaxing
Tiffany B (6 months ago)
Congrats ashleyyyyyyyy girl boss!
Tiffany B (6 months ago)
You look really nice with straight dark hair..you look nice with everything !
blkbeauTEE (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ashley!!!!! Beautiful place!!! I cant wait to see you decorate this place. xoxo
Carmel Goddess (6 months ago)
Yess I’m so happy for you I absolutely love your place and yes we definitely want you to take us shopping with you and a furnished tour xoxox
Breanna Marie (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ashley! This is amazing and beautiful. I’m super excited for you and I know the decor process will be amazing. Can we come along? Lol SN:You sound just like me about lights, no occupants then no lights 😂
Beauty By Dira (6 months ago)
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇ !
Tavia Huggins (6 months ago)
yes we want to see everything lol!
cis star (6 months ago)
You have such a nice body!!
ohheyshay (6 months ago)
Are u taking pebbles when you move?
Ashley Devonna (6 months ago)
Nope, Pebbles is my dad's dog, not mine x
Barbara Morris (6 months ago)
You should definitely try Marshall’s,Ross,Tj Maxx...those type of stores
jusDenyse (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ash! It looks amazing. I most definitely cannot wait for the furnished tour 🤗
Alecia Yee (6 months ago)
I’m so happy for you like omg
Arie (6 months ago)
Whoever helped with you filming this did great.
Charde Baggett (6 months ago)
I love you girl such a beautiful soul.
Andrea Daye (6 months ago)
Keysa Ealey (6 months ago)
Love the Tour Ash!! Congrats Boo!! Your New place is Perfect!!!! Soo Excited for You and All the Fun New Home Projects Ahead!!! Yayyyy🎉🎉🎉
D Jones (6 months ago)
obsessed with the no shadow and wispy lash makeup look. a) you're gorgeous b) this place is so gorge.
Emilia K (6 months ago)
So happy for you! Long time subscribers have seen you grind on youtube and in college. I'm glad all that work paid off ! Congrats sis !!!
Ajaratu Hamid (6 months ago)
Congratulations on your new place!! It looks sooo nice! West Elm is definitely one of my favorite furniture stores!
Keyz Wiz (6 months ago)
Get your furniture from overstock, homesense, home goods, ikea, z gallery...
Thankfull13 (6 months ago)
Love your new place! Way fair and Overstock!
Lashonya Rolle (6 months ago)
Yess need a furnish house tour 🤗🤗
Tiara Yvonne (6 months ago)
Congrats Ashley!!
Deedee Duke (6 months ago)
Is it a town home? Or condo?
Cylena M (6 months ago)
I have that same washer and dryer. Your new place is wonderful.
Claudia Wilson (6 months ago)
Its really nice
Princess Oprah (6 months ago)
Love this.. can’t wait to see it when it’s furnished
dayana poulard (6 months ago)
Jasmine Watson (6 months ago)
Omg I feel so behind in life😩
Ruchi Kay (6 months ago)
DAAmmmmnnnn girl ya booty look poopin in thoes jeans lol
Kimesha Simeona (6 months ago)
Go girl!!
Tumisang Mello (6 months ago)
Yasss I’m so excited for you can’t wait for all the vlogs and decorating videos
Phylicia Lennon (6 months ago)
So proud of you! Furnished home tour please!
TracyRenee (6 months ago)
Perfect 🏠 💙
Ashley Rolle (6 months ago)
Congratulations!!! It’s nothing like having your own.
Seka Watson (6 months ago)
snicky82 (6 months ago)
Adrienne Nicole Beauty (6 months ago)
This is so awesome Ashley just so happy to see how things turned around so nicely for you
VivaLaGorgeous (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ash!!!
AriezQueen05 (6 months ago)
Your place looks so nice congratulations!!
Miss Alycia (6 months ago)
Congratulations! Your new home is amazing.
GabSoGlam (6 months ago)
& girl you know we want to see it ALL! Yesss!!
GabSoGlam (6 months ago)
So proud!!!!
Acquita Campbell (6 months ago)
Congratulations Ashley...God is so good...I would like to see all the videos..lol..love your little laugh and spirit...beautiful..
shuna trulyblessed (6 months ago)
Love it!!
B Berry (6 months ago)
So glad you chose this one!! You know we want to see the decorating process!
Diamond Ross (6 months ago)
Congrats, Ashley!!!
BreéAnna Archie (6 months ago)
If you need a personal chef I'm always available....😂😂
Devon Tanniehill (6 months ago)
Love your bathroom! Congratulations!!!!
ImStarrB (6 months ago)
Hey girl. Nice spacious choice! Congratulations you did it! 💃🏽
Kimmy.lux (6 months ago)
This place is perfect for you. CONGRATS!!
Terea Marie (6 months ago)
Your place is so cute! Congratulations 💖
Appetite 4 Chic (6 months ago)
“Turn my lights off before y’all leave” 😂 something I would say ... love your new place 😍
Nascent by Nae (6 months ago)
Cuteee place!! I can’t wait to see you furnish & decorate so we def would love that content. I’ll be moving to my first place in Dallas soon myself!!
Layla Moody (6 months ago)
TMKJG24 (6 months ago)
Congrats Ashley
Khalia A. (6 months ago)
Where are those jeans from?!
Ashley Devonna (6 months ago)
Fashion Nova
kerrygt4638 (6 months ago)
Congrats Ashley!!
Sibu Mkumatela (6 months ago)
Beautiful place Ashley ❤❤❤IKEA
absolutebeautyxo (6 months ago)
These nice ass, spacious ass places almost make me wana move to Texas, ALMOST 😩 but I, so proud of u MUVAAAAAAA💖💪🏾
Ceyerra Cousar (6 months ago)
Love !
SoGorge1 (6 months ago)
Congrats Ashley...can’t wait to see your furnished house tour
Ernika Van Putten (6 months ago)
Show is everything,we wanna see it all!! Lolz

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