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CLASSIC GLAM | organic, natural, vegan, cruelty free

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MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IN HD! * PLEASE READ BELOW * MY FAV NATURAL + ORGANIC BEAUTY SITES https://www.beautifulbecause.com.au?rfsn=272009.566c2 http://www.iamnaturalstore.com.au/?aff=21 http://www.petitvour.com?aff=51 ECO MINERALS: http://www.ecominerals.com.au 100% VEGAN 100% ORGANIC 100% CRUELTY FREE 100% PURE MINERALS Products used: highlight creme mineral illuminate - white light mineral perfection foundation - sand, light tan mineral bronzer - eco exotic BELLA VI COSMETICS http://www.bellavi.co.nz 100% CRUELTY FREE CERTIFIED ORGANIC 100% PARABEN FREE 100% CHEMICAL FREE Products used: concealer - light/medium eyeshadow - coco matt NATIO https://www.natio.com.au 100% CRUELTY FREE FORMULATED WITH PURE ESSENTIAL OILS liquid pen eyeliner lip liner scarlett WORLD ORGANICS https://worldorganics.com NATURAL MADE WITH SUPERCRITICAL INGREDIENTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC 100% CRUELTY FREE 100% VEGAN river veda - everyday honeysuckle moisturizer lipstick - ruby red liquid foundation - caramel ASHLEY ALLEN EYELASHES 100% human hair 100% cruelty free 100% vegan Style - Ashley, Shirley Anne stacked http://www.ashleyallen.co.nz only $14.99! buy one get one free. + free shipping to Australia and NZ. Find me on social media! instagram: http://www.instagram.com/amberreidbeauty http://www.instagram.com/amberreidx facebook. http://www.facebook.com/amberreidbeauty I am a freelance makeup artist in Newcastle NSW! email me for all bookings + enquiries. I am going to be in Auckland NZ from the 18th June-3rd July this year and am taking bookings now! email me before spots close up! Contact: [email protected]
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Text Comments (26)
karine nalt (1 year ago)
OMG your so gorgous 😍. Thank you for posting this video. Very helpful 😊
Cruelty Free Sara (2 years ago)
whaaaatttt!!!! I am so excited that i found you! I am very out of action since becoming a new mom but I am so happy to see a fab new cruelty free makeup artist on youtube! hoorah!!!!! xx
ThePrettySweety (2 years ago)
This is lovely
Callie Mann (2 years ago)
This may be the best organic glam tutorial I've seen!! I'm buying that highlight cream right now too 😂
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
awww yay! thankyou!!! yes it's so beautiful, whilst you are at it their white illuminate shadow makes a big difference too if you want an intense highlight.
Zaria Wetzel (2 years ago)
I've been trying to find someone like you forever ! I've been transitioning and I'm not gunna lie it's been hard because I really love full foundation. I'm also the same skin color as you so when you mention colors it is so helpful!
Jordie Maree (2 years ago)
Bellavi aren't 100% vegan there lipsticks contain beeswax but they still seem like an amazing brand.
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
Oooh thanks babe yeah awesome stuff xxx
tsehaimarie X (2 years ago)
Btw can you put a list of what brushes you use that honestly would be amazeeee!!! Do you use animal free and vegan brushes as well hun?
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
Will do in future babe, just a brief over view I use Eco minerals powder brush and eyebrow brush Bella vi foundation brush body shop blending brush and Sedona lace concealer brush in this video xxx which yep are cruelty fre
tsehaimarie X (2 years ago)
I loooove this vegan makeup look ❤️ So natural and dewy! Obsessed! I was looking at doing a massive makeup haul and you've inspired me to try these products out because they look so flawless and bomb!
yume816 (2 years ago)
What is your review on the bronzer? I'm looking for a good yellow natural bronzer.
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
ugh im so sorry i only just saw this, i love it! it is a dark bronze shade rather than yellow i would say
AESTHETIKA (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh, that highlight creme! So many brands I haven't heard of yet and gorgeous makeup look 🙌🏼👌🏼
ARee & Vickz (2 years ago)
Far out! Your awesome!!! And Ive been looking for makeup that is all cruelty free and vegan! We live in NZ so thanks for all the links and also an amazing tutorial :) ARee
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
Awwww thanks love!! I am so glad I could help!!! Xxxx
Danielle De Rango (2 years ago)
This look is amazing, I'm obsessed with your videos! Just wondering if you found out the name of that Velvet Teddy dupe? I'm dying to buy it! xxx
Danielle De Rango (2 years ago)
Thank you so much babe!! xx
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
+Danielle De Rango (JonasLover95) Hi sweet! aahh thank-you. Yes i have it on me right now, haha it's sahara. I loooove it.
Non Toxic Guru (2 years ago)
UGhhhh I'm dying, you're perfect! Great video
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
+Non Toxic Beauty Guru thanks babe!!!
Ctad (2 years ago)
What was the song in the intro!!
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
+Teekay Gee bet me to it! haha. Love this song X
Tori de Malmanche (2 years ago)
BJ the Chicago Kid- perfect
Bridget Baird (2 years ago)
So gorgeous, your makeup is always flawless.
Amber and Willis (2 years ago)
Thanks lovely!!!!

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