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Amazing footage of lava creating a black sand beach

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An amazing and up close view of lava pouring into the ocean and creating a black sand beach where there was none before. #lava #volcano #Hawaii #hot #blacksand #kveeks #kawika #amazing #incredible
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Text Comments (201)
M H (50 minutes ago)
A fucking fake footage. . No fucking camera can get this close to 1800 F° lava
Neel raj (56 minutes ago)
Love Life (1 hour ago)
I like the sound 😀
Saif Allishan (2 hours ago)
Allah pak ki shaan hai
Jeevan reddy (3 hours ago)
Praveen Kumar (3 hours ago)
My god
misri khan Afridi (4 hours ago)
Allah u Akbar
Pavani.chinna Chinna (4 hours ago)
I dint understand how u coudnt hurt by water
tulha maaz (4 hours ago)
اللهم أجرني من النار يارب العالمين
Kishan Rana bhat (4 hours ago)
What is this
Video bkaise ban sakta hai
Truth Seeker (5 hours ago)
Put ur hand ✋ in that😂😂🤣🤣
Nur Alom (7 hours ago)
Ice Cream (7 hours ago)
A giant pooping. .
Anirudh (7 hours ago)
Looking like poop falling in Sea💩
Younus qadri Ys (8 hours ago)
اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر
Chitra Vmithun (9 hours ago)
Akhil Akhil (12 hours ago)
jai singh (18 hours ago)
Zohra Khan (18 hours ago)
اللهم اجرنى من النار استغفرالله
K K Prasad (21 hours ago)
Avninder Singh (21 hours ago)
Two power full forces fight with each other fire vs water
Rajxeca Singh (22 hours ago)
what is this
rekha purohit (22 hours ago)
pak eko (22 hours ago)
Pertanyaan saya apa bisa jika seluruh lava di dunia ini bisa membuat lautan mendidih
Masoom Morkel (22 hours ago)
MashaAllah Subhan Allah
Demon Lord (22 hours ago)
That's hot. That's hot.
nabil gul (22 hours ago)
Sarah Ahmed (23 hours ago)
Subhan allah allahuma arajni menna nar n amezing video so close uff great ,
nidhigupta Mittal (1 day ago)
l also curious how u picturise this .. its very dangerous for u......
Md Shihab (1 day ago)
What is this
VSBin (1 day ago)
It seems he is pouring it by hand.. maybe
indra gunawan (1 day ago)
Maha besar allah s.w.t
Thanks INDIAN (1 day ago)
I'm busy right now in toilet, let me complete than I will watch it...lol
Budak Banten (1 day ago)
Is now ah crot ah yes oh now
Deven Mishra (1 day ago)
Water noise was actually good
Me muneer Muneer (1 day ago)
allahu akbar
TECH S.R. (1 day ago)
i think this is suited by drone
Md Thaohid Islam (1 day ago)
Allah jahannamer azab theke amader rokkha korun
Salwa Omar (1 day ago)
subxanalaaah 😢😢😢
Niloy Niloy (1 day ago)
Code Boy (1 day ago)
Rohman CFC (1 day ago)
Mrinal Pal (1 day ago)
where is it?
Rizwan Mohd (1 day ago)
Ajeet sharma (1 day ago)
It looks like honey 🤤
Jafar Nadaf (1 day ago)
Allah Hu Akbar Allah Hu
Pizarro jose (1 day ago)
Good bye GoPro!!😯
আশা মনি (1 day ago)
আল্লাহ চাইলে সব পারেন
Sushil Nishad (11 hours ago)
kader kader (1 day ago)
God is great
Rameez Khan (1 day ago)
NeilHD108 (1 day ago)
So yummy chocolate cream
Forkan F0rkan (1 day ago)
sachin chand (1 day ago)
When you eat lots of chilli food... And next day.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Sơn Trần (1 day ago)
Hello everybody!
SAM ZAM (2 days ago)
That's y I love spicy food
Md Minto sak (2 days ago)
Monjur Al Hasan (2 days ago)
Allah.. Allah
Kingston Dcosta (2 days ago)
B safe. Brother thank for video
Action movies media (2 days ago)
In which city lava existing
dhana narasimha varma (2 days ago)
Its fake because if he stand in the water he should get burns
thatguyovathere (7 hours ago)
dhana narasimha varma. go pro on a pole maybe.
Derrick Talbert (2 days ago)
amazing, relaxing peaceful inspiring wonderment
Shu Haib (2 days ago)
This is a animated video..
subham all in one (2 days ago)
subham all in one (2 days ago)
Vinay kose (2 days ago)
Alchemy of nature!
So talented shooting.cam is superb and camera person hats up
Wijaya HambaNYA (2 days ago)
maasyaa Allah..
Mohit Sharma (2 days ago)
Waaaaaahh kya baat h, wonderful👌👌👍👍🙋🙋🌷🌷🙏🙏
rafeeq rafeeq (2 days ago)
allah hummah ajerni minnar
علي التركي (2 days ago)
سبحان الله
Gowriraja Raja (2 days ago)
Oh my God
swarnali (2 days ago)
o my god
Pande Prima (2 days ago)
I hate words (2 days ago)
Ok. That's another advantage of selfie stick..
Kim Anh Nguyen Thi (2 days ago)
Thank you
Kim Anh Nguyen Thi (2 days ago)
wow wow wow ??? what is this ?
Sreenivasa rao Madasu (2 days ago)
Amazing video keep it up
advance study (2 days ago)
meraj masud ahmed (2 days ago)
amir hamza (2 days ago)
कुदरत का करिश्मा है सब इंसान के बस की कोई बात नहीं
Vivek Tiwari (2 days ago)
Camera is lucky
lucky jat (2 days ago)
Natural water purifier
Sahib Noor (2 days ago)
for your kind information. That is fake as I am the student of Earth sciences so you can't go near to the lava it is very hot . you should away kilometers from the lava otherwise you will be burn
Sharad Pillai (2 hours ago)
You uneducated mother fucker It not film by humans It a latest robotic technology You know the meaning of commensence 😂🤣🤪
Roadkill Potato (7 hours ago)
+Sahib Noor uh actually the sun is made of super hot plasma and hydrogen not magma.
kamikase yamamura (20 hours ago)
Sahib Noor jaaaaa no you won’t we’re you go to school some rad head desert college
Sujit Jadhav (23 hours ago)
+Sahib Noor 25 km are you really understanding what 1 km is
Sujit Jadhav (23 hours ago)
+Sahib Noor https://www.quora.com/How-close-can-you-get-to-lava-without-burning-your-skin/answer/Andrew-Lonero-1?ch=10&share=60d2f8ca&srid=h9mLO
Asish kumar Barik (2 days ago)
Nature cry
Abhimanyu Singh (2 days ago)
It's like 🍯 honey..
yupies 17 (2 days ago)
Waooowww amazing
Hamid Ghoundal (2 days ago)
نار أقل فتكا من نار جهنم وبئس مصير الضالمون
Abdullah Almamun (2 days ago)
হে আল্লাহ্ তুমি মহান, তুমি সব কিছু করতে পার💗💗💗 আল্লাহ্
Subhamoy Debnath (8 hours ago)
Sokkor India (2 days ago)
Nilopa Akther (2 days ago)
আমার মহান আল্লাহর সামান্য শাস্তি
Rahul Ratna (3 days ago)
Fire and water together
Saqib Iqbal (3 days ago)
Extreme picturising 😱
Jani Basha (3 days ago)
Y Yuletide ultrahigh not go yet tout to go you u ute f

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