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Amazing footage of lava creating a black sand beach

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An amazing and up close view of lava pouring into the ocean and creating a black sand beach where there was none before. For more amazing video's check out my fb page, or TV show @Everything Hawaii adventures with kawika on FB or my Instagramm @Kveeks. #lava #volcano #Hawaii #hot #blacksand #kveeks #kawika #amazing #incredible
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Text Comments (1040)
Andrea Andrade (2 hours ago)
Nossa que montagem o fogo
Mr.jack (9 hours ago)
R.I.P camera
All in One (10 hours ago)
Salute to the cameraman present for recording the scene.
Ajaz Shaikh (10 hours ago)
That's how the aquatic living beings are alive...all the minerals dissolving in water
Nadeem Khan (10 hours ago)
Ya Allah hm jahnnum ki aag sy Bchana
maria dhanya (10 hours ago)
Stay safe .......life is more precious than videos
Green eel (12 hours ago)
Filmed by a Sea Lion.
x Crane (13 hours ago)
How it says the cameraman always will be allright NUCLEAR bomba, lava, the end of the world,dinossaurau they are have super powers
X video dot com (13 hours ago)
I want to touch that lava, but it's physically impossible
That water must be too hot!
Shaikh Mohammed Khalid (14 hours ago)
Allaha hu Akber
Matina Jazmine (15 hours ago)
Asmr at it's finest
Pewds69 Pewds (17 hours ago)
Me one day after eating at taco bell
Saad Jutt Muskan (17 hours ago)
Allah can do Everything 🙏 SubhanAllah
Jabbar Khan (19 hours ago)
Priya (19 hours ago)
How much was that camera? I'm gonna buy one!
zubair Khan. (12 hours ago)
you can buy gemstones ruby emerald diamond why camera??
i need sonSCRIBERS jesus (20 hours ago)
this man is destroying the beach jesus created everybodyyy subscribe me so i can be famous and meet him and destroy him with my type of lava 😡
indian bharatheeyudu (20 hours ago)
superb work by his drone
Sudip Rokka (20 hours ago)
I want drink 1 litre lava....
Nayan Nigave (23 hours ago)
Dragon glass
Moon Light (1 day ago)
What? Lava on camera?
Dimitar Gotsov (1 day ago)
Lava + Water = Cobblestone Not Sand....Science
Nayan Nigave (23 hours ago)
Maxamed Qaasim (1 day ago)
Allahu akbar
Mehedi Hasan (1 day ago)
Raju Gollavilli (1 day ago)
Masala food
Chandan Kumar (1 day ago)
Camera man jo bhi bahut achha shoot kiya hai
Kayum Shuvo (1 day ago)
Shahid Khan (1 day ago)
Burkinafaso wцü (2 hours ago)
OOF ERGANG (2 days ago)
Me after eating taco bell
David Scanlon (2 days ago)
That's the earth puking up, from all the shit we have done to it.
PRO GAMER (2 days ago)
New Trailers (2 days ago)
Nice bro #New Trailers https://youtu.be/yJ7y_Wwusbw
Watch Dog (2 days ago)
How is the camera alive..holy fuck
shabuj hossain (2 days ago)
Ataur Rahman (2 days ago)
Ya Allah
Monkey . D . Luffy (3 days ago)
Seems like akainu is on move
Muktar Garba (4 days ago)
josue 999999999999 (4 days ago)
Pankaj Kumar (4 days ago)
Laudy gawar bhosadi ky maadarchod bakwaas band karo haramjaadooo.....chupchaap video dekh
Tu bakwass band kar mc BC land kha
Bal Suda hungamarani . Ghore giya putki mar jaa. Rande ka bacha. Bhag bhosadike
Jayden Y (4 days ago)
*Me after eating subway*
KINE MASTER green screen Editing hai ye
Darshbir Singh (1 day ago)
Raj kumar Shaw (4 days ago)
Rubaet Rafi (4 days ago)
এটা কোন জায়গা???
Md Alauddin (5 days ago)
Ruby Ashraf (5 days ago)
اللہھم اجرنا من النار
Shoaib Khan (6 days ago)
Ya Allah jahannum ki aag kaise hogi 😭😭😭
Prince Raaz (6 days ago)
Kya hai yeee
هل بلممكن تبادل الاشتراك
Latha Latha (7 days ago)
Deepak Choudhary (7 days ago)
How did suits?
Pyaara Islam (7 days ago)
Abdulla Modo (7 days ago)
আল্লাহ আমাদেরকে হেফাজত করেন
Md Tawsif (9 days ago)
Allah pak Har musalmaan Bhai ko jahannam ki Aag se mahfuz rakhkhe Aamin
jannatull ferdaus (9 days ago)
দুনিয়ার আগুন যদি এত ভয়াবহ, হয় তাহলে জাহান্নামের আগুন কি হবে, হে আল্লাহ এই জাহান্নামের আগুন থেকে তুমি সকল মুমিনদেরকে হেফাজত করো।
Yesenia Rivera Torres (10 days ago)
En q paises hay volcan
ياربي سترك ورضاك العفو يا صاحب العفو والعافية والمعافاة الدائمة اعفو عنا بحق محمد وال محمد الطيبين الطاهرين أهل الكرم و ولجود
Ready To Play (10 days ago)
Because is the ocean it does not turn the water into acid water because of the amount of water but if you were in a lake be carefull because the near water to the lava source could be in part a dangerous acid.
Allahu akbar😲😲😲😲
হে আল্লাহ্ তুমি রহমত করো সবাই কে তুমি সব কিছু র মালিক তুমি দয়ার সাগর
mdrubel khan (11 days ago)
আল্লাহ আপনি আমাদের মাফ করেন
Daa3.1416 Saa (12 days ago)
Кому токая видиё не нравиться?...))))
MD Lokman (13 days ago)
আল্লাহ্ আমাদের জন্য জাহান্নামের আগুন হারাম করে দাও
SR creation (14 days ago)
When you eat lots of chilli items ....next day be like 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂
Cherifa Bouadjadja (14 days ago)
اللهم انا نعوذ بك من نار جهنم. امين
Love Entertainment (15 days ago)
Love Entertainment (15 days ago)
Budi Yanto (15 days ago)
Kameranya nya trlalu dekat blok
김민재 (16 days ago)
so amazing!
Grace Canete (16 days ago)
How can he/she went there
Jiboner Golpo***** (17 days ago)
Oh my god..
Padma C Seeni (18 days ago)
Very dangerous photography
dahabo Caday (21 days ago)
SHAMIGY shamigy (21 days ago)
Magicoooo unico
ba3d 7ush (21 days ago)
What is this people
Hennou Hajar (21 days ago)
ربنا اصرف عنا عداب جهنم ان عدابها كان غراما انها ساءت مستقرا و مقاما ..صدق الله العظيم.
ashfak hussain (13 days ago)
Shotgun you know
Akeem Primus (22 days ago)
this video = *obsidian*
Md Miru (22 days ago)
আল্লাহ আমাদেরকে জাহান্নম আগুন থেকে মাপ করো,,
Khatun wahida Shaikh (5 days ago)
Jobaida Khatun (8 days ago)
وليد السيد (23 days ago)
لاإله إلا الله
Azam Pasha (23 days ago)
Allah se Dario Allah can do everything
Thanh thảo channel (23 days ago)
Sex Sex séexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexs
india india (24 days ago)
الله اكبر
Thao Nguyen (24 days ago)
Akanui vs Aokiji
Alima Alima (24 days ago)
Je vais essayer
Story Teller (24 days ago)
Wow its so good
Salam Iraq (24 days ago)
سبحان الله
pereira Silva (25 days ago)
Onde é isso!
Joseph Leyesa (25 days ago)
Krish.M. (25 days ago)
What a video...👍👍👍
Simu islam (25 days ago)
এগুলো কী?
kane dieye (25 days ago)
Allahou ma ajir minal nar
اللهم اجعلنا ممن يدخلون الجنة ياالله
امين رب العالمين بحق محمد وال محمد
Entiyaj Ansari (26 days ago)
Hows it possible
Quagmire (26 days ago)
That was me pooping this morning cause of the spicy mexican food I had lastnight.
Jayasree Karra (23 days ago)
Eww gross
Venki Cg (26 days ago)
Glory to Lord Jesus Christ
U MAK Production (26 days ago)
Hi guyz, please hit like my videos which contain the best and amazing entertainment parts and subscribe for more entertainment. Thanks for considering my message😊 #UMAKProduction
Sattu Kalyani (26 days ago)
Ela thisarra babu chusthene na paina padthunattuga anipisthundi.bayamesthundi 👌👌👌
Galih Jati (26 days ago)
Amazing video, need to see liquid lava by my self
Block Panther (26 days ago)
I thought it would make obsidian
Papa Lenko (23 days ago)
+Block Panther coolio
Block Panther (23 days ago)
+Papa Lenko yup
Papa Lenko (23 days ago)
Same here bud, you from minecraft I suppose?

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