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What is Microsoft THINKING?

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Text Comments (1436)
David Groom (6 days ago)
I've actually go back 10 times it'll be nice all versions of windows stop being know how many times I cross I was beta testing 10 + 7 mostly I'm driver issues that they created like the USB 3.0 my Beats Audio 32. It was a pain in the ass to get the driver finally
David Groom (6 days ago)
Dave tried to kill it or slow it down since Windows 10 has been out I tested Tim well I came in through but I also tested all the way through Windows 7 what I'm thinking because some adding DirectX 12 and I are going to have some more features you're going to probably morph 7 it's like 8 or something like that 7.1 or whatever it's going to be a r some like it between 7 and 10 that's kind of what I'm thinking I don't think they're going to completely get rid of Santa like I said he tried to do it one time and said they weren't going to do it I was working at Office Max people came in and started screaming at us cuz we have in the store
Mojamoja Mujaden (1 month ago)
the start was EPIC.
Nikola Marjanovic (1 month ago)
YES I EM A Windows 7 user end i relly wanted tu play toom reaider end now i can play
stevin47 (1 month ago)
microsoft announced some up coming games will have directx 12 support on windows 7 . And 7 still only has directx 11 .win 8.1 directx 11.1 . amd drivers for hd5870 driver 15.7 had directx 11.1 for win 7 .so why does directx 12 cards only have directx 11 on win 7 . kinda feels like was forced to upgrade and lied to . because having run the hd 5870x2 having directx 11.1 support and upgrading to a vega card only having directx 11 seems cheated on windows 7.......
Gaurav Singh (1 month ago)
Along with.Net framework 3.5
Mr Holistic (1 month ago)
or rerelease Asheron's Call 1 and 2 with the graphics update and game support:) wink wink
Zeyo (1 month ago)
1:07 Well, we could joke about the fact that the president thinks we should regress back to purely manual planes cause new ones are "too complicated" Also, more compatibility means more sales for their games
John Nguyen (1 month ago)
Windows 7 + DirectX 12, Microsoft *ARE YOU SERIOUS?*
faze sky (1 month ago)
HALO ON THE PC??????????????????????????????? HELL YEAH
Shreyas Sonavane (1 month ago)
0:07 worst dance-off than Star-Lord.
miguel silva (1 month ago)
Win7 is the best *currently supported* windows. Fight me.
FILIP HEDMAN (1 month ago)
I can finally ditch Windows 10
Johnny Fire (1 month ago)
like retards
Hans Müller (1 month ago)
Roll forwards... to Arch.
Dom V. (1 month ago)
one PC at our workplace rolled back update 2 weeks ago :) it just installed it, restarted about 4 times and uninstalled it, then it worked
ShamblerDK (1 month ago)
I like the TechLinked shirt with the tape better.
Desolated (1 month ago)
the hell is with all these youtubers getting shitty coffee now?
Dalle Smalhals (1 month ago)
TechLinked = what's DOS? Voodoo? and an OS, that YOU rule? nice beards though....😂
Bill Baran (1 month ago)
Is that a performance wrap for typing like they use in the Olympics?
Michael S. (1 month ago)
Win10 roll back feature is kinda nice actually
Michael S. (1 month ago)
Well, I hope they ground SLS as that's a Boeing project last I recall
TheMagnificentZoltar (2 months ago)
Skip to 01:18 for the Windows 7 DX12 article.
vladislav odobesku (2 months ago)
Ehm, don't you know why they do it? It's all because of Chinese WoW farmers. There are closed facilities where chinese guys are playing WoW 24/7 to do specific raids and farming items for money. And yeah, they mostly all use Windows 7 =)
Xedhadeaus (2 months ago)
Mapping a controller to macro type commands and then hit enter is probably the easiest way to play that smash video if they don't have a spam filter. Seems like a fun idea.
kain hall (2 months ago)
i knew that M$ was just focusing on the $ now if they would only allow me to get security updates on win7 while running a 1700x CPU their is ZERO reason for no dx12 and disabling security updates due to an upgraded cpu..... ""unsupported hardware" MY FUCKING CHOCOLATE STAR FISH!
Roman F (2 months ago)
Please let windows 7 die. Terrible os...
mayne train (2 months ago)
What is the blue thing on your arm
Srivatsank Pullabhotla (2 months ago)
Someone please link riley and james' ig. These guys are funny af lol.
Thezuule (2 months ago)
What's on your arm yo?
Jordan Rowan (2 months ago)
Where was that nice roll back feature when they released that update that was causing all those problems for some people with AMD Processors I had to just avoid letting my pc restart or get stuck at the boot time diagnostics screen
ossme (2 months ago)
That intro is what happens when Linus takes a vacation! X)
stener8888 (2 months ago)
i expect to see you in the nature on the next video. ;)
pudding! (2 months ago)
i actually prefer this guy over linus for tech linked
stasive (2 months ago)
only watched this cuz JAMES <3
Richard Bogan (2 months ago)
Improving Warcraft's framerate? Who the hell has hardware that CAN'T run WoW?????
ReaperHacknSlash (1 month ago)
lulz and and WHO THE HELL WANTS TO PLAY WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Steyer (2 months ago)
2:39 ...or you know... 4 years ago!! I had to reinstall windows 10 5 times in one year because it bricked itself. This is one of the reasons I switched to Linux.
Jon Donnelly (2 months ago)
I love windows 7. I hope a major internet browser supports it after Microsoft stop updating it.
Jinantha Perera (2 months ago)
yumm I would like to sip on that coffee https://youtu.be/u85fiyX_FcM?t=191 wink wink :)
OtherDRK (2 months ago)
I ordered a variety pack of that Madrinas coffee, it came in 2 days and is DELICIOUS. I wish I could get 40% off every time
Rene Valleramos (2 months ago)
Nice antics on the intro.. you gotta hire another one to become the 3 stooges
Anthony Galati (2 months ago)
LMFAO to Jame's expressions!!!
Fuck Windows 10, they should scrap Windows 10 and just make a bunch of updates for Windows 7. Have a warning screen on Windows 10 YOU ONLY HAVE ONE YEAR TO DOWN GRADE BACK TO WINDOWS 7!
snekjuice (2 months ago)
It's really sad that they only just added a post-update check after all these years of failed updates
Sigui Tim (2 months ago)
That intro just made me smile.
Geordie Tech Channel (2 months ago)
The EU is not a country... #Brexit #leavemeansleave
Anonymous Idea (2 months ago)
nobody talks about how halo 1 and 2 were on PC from the get go... but still nice to get the other games
gilkesisking (2 months ago)
Why is Windows 7 getting dx12?.....Answer: Vulken and Linux.
Gregory Carnegie (2 months ago)
The reason why they're bringing DX12 to Windows 7 is so that game developer can finally abandon DX11. Now that DX12 is on Windows 7, there is no reason for game developers to make future games on DX11.
KoudeZuurkool (2 months ago)
Those sponsor bits keep getting worse and worse. Love it.
Ano Nymous (2 months ago)
Who can afford >3$ for a can of coffee? lul
Shirley Márquez Dúlcey (2 months ago)
AMD is absent because they, along with ARM, are the core companies backing a competing standard, CCIX. NVidia has its own interlink standard, NVLink. But that's not being offered as a general purpose interconnect, just for linking NVidia's own GPUs. They may feel that they don't need to participate in either CXL or CCIX for now. Huawei is backing both standards. I have no idea what that will mean.
Esteban Barrios (2 months ago)
Lmg.com???? Or lmg.gg?
Noctina Tatakai (2 months ago)
so, after this good news... just why? dx12 is "dead" for so long... now windows 7 is about to "die" they implement dx12 support? why? sense it makes not... halo is nice tho
compaq deskpro (2 months ago)
I wanted to play Halo 3 and Reach on my PC when I was in high school. Better late than never I guess.
ricky v (2 months ago)
I loved Win7. Alas, Windows 10 has so many more features and I am glad to have moved on.
ᛡᛒ Scobey (2 months ago)
happy microsoft day
VVeslee - Gaming (2 months ago)
One I just died lakalalala
Jake Gmail (2 months ago)
Intro wasn't appealing or necessary! Grow up!😡
WR3ND (2 months ago)
Give Microsoft credit where credit is due. Spoiler: Sometimes it's better being dead.
Stephen Phelan (2 months ago)
First time seeing one of your videos. God you guys are annoying.
Bobinator (2 months ago)
What's been on his arm lately
Techdude Sonic (2 months ago)
Ill whip any pc gamers ass on their keyboard and mouse in any fighting game with my Xbox One controller.
Beerenmüsli (2 months ago)
Awesome Video!!!!
SlikRick (2 months ago)
It's really good that windows is bringing more Directx12 to 7 because lets be honest 7 was the best windows lol. But really though they're are so many people that for another 10 years will be running win7. Low income people, businesses, old max builds. I have been to many places still running WinXP, Win7 would be a big upgrade for them! It's best to upgrade as much as possible b4 discontinuing it so that it can live longer. There are still millions of old hardware that wont run Win10 and is just much more efficient to run Win7. We are way to self oriented. Only thinking of America. Win7 has more then enough power for 3rd world country's to use and learn on for a price they can better afford.
Mathis Østergaard (2 months ago)
Best TechLinked intro! Ever!!!
Intervención (2 months ago)
This episode is sponsored by: Microsoft!
Pat Google (2 months ago)
5:09 🤣😂👍👏
דוב שטרן (2 months ago)
Anas Alibrahim (2 months ago)
KEYS love you man, JAMES is your arm ok?!!
nakyer (2 months ago)
Paul and Kyle already told us about CXL. AMD doesn't have to be involved because whatever the evil ones are planning, AMD is already far ahead of them and shall thwart their maniacal scheme.
SwordQuake2 (2 months ago)
7 > 10
JohnyDL (2 months ago)
"Microsoft has been killing it lately" *some how managed to name their own product the xBox One SAD* or am I the only one who's noticed the xBox One S All Digital will get known as the SAD console *sigh*
The Park (2 months ago)
Is Ivan actually a Russian spy?
LordMeme (2 months ago)
try watching this with 5:09 On galaxy s10+ it will trigger bixby xd
Tom Parkison (2 months ago)
Of course Boeing is going to say that they have full confidence in their aircraft, saying anything else to the contrary would be economic suicide for them. Even if this issue is solved, do you really think that the public is going to have any confidence in the plane? Nope. Boeing's reputation is pretty much shot at this point.
the one you dont see (2 months ago)
so odd!
Racquet (2 months ago)
so we're just not gonna talk about the blue tape on his arm huh?
Michael Skelton (2 months ago)
Half the time through this video I didn't know if I was watching the video or an advert
Jonathan R (2 months ago)
You have to many in video advos unsubscribe
Konkretertyp (2 months ago)
Now it is official, Microsoft is going insane. Best time to switch to a Linux-OS. Since Steam Proton and DXVK gaming on Linux is not that big of a deal (there are many well made tutorials and workarounds online to get games running). I'm now on Linux since a week and it is really nice, but still need a little bit of work and reading into all the stuff, but it is worth it. Hopefully i will soon never look back to MS Windows.
MK702Pro (2 months ago)
Teemuslayer (2 months ago)
Wontworks 10 = B.T.F.O. ! Notifications? What notifications! Still have ALL the updates DISABLED, and I will not let my sweet, pure W7 install anything on its own. All the necessary updates the programs or games require to work, I apply manually from downloaded exes. As long as MS' trash is x86 or x64 based, W7 will not become "obsolete".
therandomdot (2 months ago)
(normal person) "I can get a custom-made t-shirt here in 3 days, but this custom-made PC will take forever to get." (Linus' crew) "I can get a custom-made PC here in 3 days, but this custom-made t-shirt will take forever to get."
thelukephone (2 months ago)
I lost it at "other supervillians". 😆
Tommy Plays (2 months ago)
Phil Spencer is really doing work over there at Xbox
Halynx (2 months ago)
now we got one more new telemetry update from microsoft great!
lwvmobile (2 months ago)
Eh, on the airplanes, perhaps it isn't so much the model of plane that has crashed twice in 5 months, which still seems pretty low percent wise, but maybe they should be looking at issues like airliners maintenance for any plane. Probably cut corners somewhere in upkeep rather than in the exact model plane.
lwvmobile (2 months ago)
Doesn't make sense, Microsoft has been trying to kill of Windows 7 for years, but introduce DirectX 12 support for WoW/Select Developers? Would be nice if they went all out with it, and just gave users an installer for 12. Why suddenly put the money and effort into this sort of thing? The only remote possibility I can think of are those pesky Linux users and Steam using Proton to get more and more support for running Windows games in Linux. For Microsoft, perhaps they think its still better to have people using Windows 7 rather than Steam/Proton/Linux/Proton/Wine with API layers to get DX12 to run through Vulkan. That's the only thing I can figure out as to why. Either that, or Blizzard is showing everybody why they are having to cut jobs by wasting tons of money by paying Microsoft for a feature that is YEARS way too late.
The Golden One (2 months ago)
I still use Windows 7 and it's great honestly
Timmothy Smith (2 months ago)
Wait, where and when did PCIE 4.0 come and go that they're on 5.0?
Gabriel Righi (2 months ago)
Microsoft Will Scan installed updates, while u r gaming
Mark R (2 months ago)
Does that mean Microsoft is gonna offer Windows 10 for free again when Windows 7 users (like myself) get notifications to upgrade again?
Generation Immortal (2 months ago)
The intro sucked
possessiveclasher gaming (2 months ago)
Hi im back just came back from a camp
Misfitsman805 (2 months ago)
WoW is still around?
robinn57 (2 months ago)
No more dancing please
Joseph Boyer (2 months ago)
I wonder if these airliners are running Windows xp to run their software
gunnern1 (2 months ago)
Talking about the MAX, you still show a good old 737-800, not a MAX8... Oh well, you're tech geeks, not aviation geeks...

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