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Saltwater/Beach Sand for Fresh Water Tank

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This video is for everyone who's thinking of using beach sand for they're freshwater tank
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Victor Fox (1 month ago)
Stop giving bad advice on subjects you know nothing about. First of all not all beach sands are the same. Your sand is silicate based and should be inert. Thats why the pH isn't spiking and causing the water to become very hard. Try this with calcium based sand and the results will be different. Beach sand is great for African cichlids that love hard water with high pH but you can't say all freshwater.
DEAD FACEo2 (3 months ago)
i like sand in my tank since its easy to clean it also if you clean it well youre tank wont be cloudy when its moved so loved it
Genesis H (4 months ago)
need a different tank.
Diego Ortiz (5 months ago)
Get a bigger tank for your arowana
Rion Sealtiel Garcia (5 months ago)
Love the bottom of the tank I have a nano aquarium with nothing bit green colored gravel with plants but I hate it that the plants float whenever at the top since I live in q desert I used the sand there I I've never seen any problems with my fish !
Ruan van Tonder (7 months ago)
Nice video. Only thing is, get a bigger tank especially for the Arrowana
Terrance Shaw (8 months ago)
Thanks. Video was brief and to the point with nice visuals and clear text. Well done 👍
kenneth crossley (8 months ago)
big fish,, small tank,, ??.
Bel Art (9 months ago)
I grew up by the beach and we always used sand from the beach ..rocks etc in fishtanks the thing was to wash it really really well rinse it few times and actually boil it or put hot steaming water over it to kill bacteria etc ...and never had issues
ROHIT MESHRAM (9 months ago)
Thanks for the vid. Were there any changes in ph or other levels of water after few days?
Techy Master (10 months ago)
Can't salt mixes with water when put in freshwater tank
furrtakuXD (8 months ago)
they rinse the sand
jasmine (10 months ago)
wtf are u okay? that tank size is unsuitable for arowanas
Pisangz Fish On Channel (10 months ago)
Nice bro
John Santora (1 year ago)
Bruh..... Get a bigger tank
very nice bro
Fish Life TV (1 year ago)
itsmissmia yes, I'm gonna move them in a bigger tank when they grow bigger
itsmissmia (1 year ago)
Isn't the tank too small for that big fish you have? I'm new to keeping fish as pets so I'm just curious.
Fish Life TV (1 year ago)
hindi \ urdu aquarium information sure!
Fish Life TV watch my video also
Fish Life TV (1 year ago)
hindi \ urdu aquarium information Thanks!

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