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Women Confess Clothing Trends They Hate

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Text Comments (2226)
Elemental Hamster (1 day ago)
I hate lose jeans
DisneyVibes33 _ (1 day ago)
When there is an amazing shirt that you love- oh wait, it has a weird saying on it.
Kerri (2 days ago)
Omg always sit before you buy pants I bought a pair and they’re really cute but it’s 3 huge buttons high so it constantly cuts into you when you sit and it’s so restricting you can’t bend at all because you lose and inch from the STUPID BUTTONS!
Sharon Lee (4 days ago)
Bralettes r super cuteeee!!!! But almost none of them fit me bc I’m haha pretty much paper 📝
Its Stefy (6 days ago)
Fake pockets
Kiriaki Ierodiakonou (7 days ago)
Does anybody think the girl wearing everything looks like Michael Jackson 🤔
This is their job
chloe nator2007 (8 days ago)
I hate fanny packs
Shanna Lourine (11 days ago)
wait... do people actually take the clothes that say dry clean only to the dry cleaners? Cause I just wash it at home and hang dry it.
B e a t r i c e (12 days ago)
Why does that girl lowkey look like Michael Jackson
Clara Neufeld (12 days ago)
I hate bell bottem pants
Silvia Ficher (13 days ago)
Baggie jeans
Brace Face (13 days ago)
When you find the perfect bikini/swimsuit and its one size to small
Addison schwan (14 days ago)
Shorts are the best
Unordinary Kitty (15 days ago)
I hate the amount of tags on shirts, inside on the outside. Also no pockets/fake pockets
Anna McKinlay (16 days ago)
Jeans with no pocket
Faith Coates (20 days ago)
Skinny jeans!!!! Soccer girl problems!! 👱🏼‍♀️⚽️
Pygmy Puff (22 days ago)
Low cut socks are the worst, but I like them, so I never stopped wearing them. XD
Liongirl47 XD (22 days ago)
I don’t think they understand the meaning of the worse it may be the worst article of clothing but it’s deafly not the worst thing like ever and some of them said the worse every single time if one thing is the worse The thing right after it also cant be worst
QQQ QQQ (24 days ago)
Literally every shirt that’s not a crop top annoys me
Lana Ashe (25 days ago)
*Keep your skirt down, Marilyn Monroe*
Nev Denis (26 days ago)
I hate low wasted jeans!
hestejenta (27 days ago)
Am i the only one who hates skinny jeans?
•Gacha Rose• (1 month ago)
i’m wearing a crop-top rn :(
Songebob Squarepants (1 month ago)
I hate anything strapless
Naomi Elizabeth de Wal (1 month ago)
Skirts, pants, jeans, and shorts that don’t have pockets. Skirts and shorts that have your butt hanging out of all to see.
Alexa Klatt (1 month ago)
When clothing has name brands in huge letters. It ruins the whole thing!
Khati Rae (1 month ago)
Why does the one who doesn’t like backless tips (sorry don’t know your name)remind me so much of super women
Ivy M. (1 month ago)
Low rise pants
x (1 month ago)
Nina thinks everything is the worst
Gacha Liyah (1 month ago)
pans are uncomfortable so that’s why i wear underwear at night
bella beam (1 month ago)
she reminds me of micheal jackson
Gymnastics Lover (1 month ago)
I HATE jeans but they are soo cute!
Justine Roles (1 month ago)
I hate jackets with no pockets.
Pixel Pudding (1 month ago)
Thigh high socks. I watch a lot of anime so I like wearing thigh highs. But, what anime doesn’t tell you is every 30 steps you have to pull them up. Like why can’t they just stay up?
Jana Saleh (1 month ago)
I enjoy wearing baggy clothes it's comfortable.....
Jadyn Brown (1 month ago)
If you find a backless dress make a duck tape bra
Libby (1 month ago)
Art Explosion (1 month ago)
Then don’t wear it
R5Rockin 32 (1 month ago)
Two words: Fake. Pockets. My younger brother says that if he’s ever elected president, he’s making fake pockets illegal.
Keke - (1 month ago)
*Rip ballerinas*
Strawberry Ramen (1 month ago)
If your pants are dying everything you should get better jeans...
Panda Patoo (1 month ago)
Who lets there romper hit the floor
Pastelie (1 month ago)
Women making fun of other women’s taste
SXaDëé jade (1 month ago)
0:20 Michael Jackson's daughter ???
The Baillie eggs (1 month ago)
That poor girl
Tessa Ferrone (2 months ago)
The poor model that was showing everything that they were saying
Echo 965 (2 months ago)
Jeans with fake front pockets My nemesis!
Ebony The Poodle (2 months ago)
All of them
Georgia Sullivan (2 months ago)
Girls pants without pockets.
"Super dark jeans make your hands and purse blue from the ink coming off" gurl what kind of jeans are you wearing?
Megan Buchanan (2 months ago)
jeans because they are overall not comfortable and ID rather wear joggers/sweatpants
Carina Rodriquez (2 months ago)
I hate when jeans have fake pockets Like if you agree
Raiden Traina (2 months ago)
Kiera's nails lambert (2 months ago)
Galactic Songstress (2 months ago)
I hate see through clothes like very thin clothes
lvnie (2 months ago)
low rise jeans... enough said.
Timmyp 0820 (3 months ago)
Fake pockets are the worst
Caroline Watts (3 months ago)
Pants/shorts without pockets and these shorts I have that have lace at the bottom and just the chafing that happens
Fang Xing Choo (3 months ago)
uranus (3 months ago)
I like rompers they are best!
Pepi In Heaven (3 months ago)
I agree with some friends these but not all of them
Emma Louanne (3 months ago)
Awe boo hoo. So sad. People in other countries would love to have anything. I hate America
Shaney Zamora (3 months ago)
Low cut shirts mock me. They're cute, but its too embarrassing to go braless and layers are too hot. They make it worse by clearly doing it on purpose because the front of my bra will show and more.
Khalid AL ghamdi (3 months ago)
I’m a guy why am I watching this right now
Nyan Anon (4 months ago)
Icicle9336 (4 months ago)
There's nothing wrong with dark jeans. They're fine. Especially for period time
Camryns Random roblox (4 months ago)
Idk about it...but I think you should get more jeans😬😬😬
Nina Fischer (4 months ago)
Im i the only one that thinks the lady that has all the clothes on looks like michael jackson
Erica M (4 months ago)
Bro what pair of pants rubs ink on-
Lyric Venom (5 months ago)
I hate jeans....hate em...
who else ignores the "dry clean only" tag
Taila Kaliann (5 months ago)
Jeans or shorts with fake pokets
pren g (5 months ago)
super wide necks.
jennifer Beagle (5 months ago)
Paper thin fabric tops, they show every lump and bump, wrinkle faster and even though they are a lower quality fabric they are priced the same if not more. Also flowy tops with sheer backs, they are fine if your super skinny but if you have a bit of extra weight around your mid secteion aka ( tire iron) you look thin from the front but then you turn around and its no longer flattering.
Jungkooks Upper Lip (5 months ago)
The jeans that are ripped in the butt and v cut shirts
Alyson Loney (5 months ago)
So just to recap everything but t-shirts and sweatpants
Cake Shark (5 months ago)
Explorer Kids (5 months ago)
Just don't buy it?
The Cozy PizzaQueen (5 months ago)
This is completely dull.
Mina Schein (5 months ago)
I don’t know what type of jeans you’re wearing... but uh most jeans don’t spread ink...
-Angelia Animates- (5 months ago)
1:01 if you wash them a few times they don't do that, actually says on many dark pants I bought to wash them before wearing but, some pants I will admit do have strong pigments
Gossip gurl (5 months ago)
I hate turtle necks
Peters palace (5 months ago)
I just listened to Women complain oh my god
Manon Ingham (5 months ago)
Why say 'confess'?
Rafael Kahen (5 months ago)
I hate clothes that cost a lot of money
Castiel Winchester (5 months ago)
Bermuda shorts and khaki skirts. 😷
Noor Alsogair (5 months ago)
Button up shirts. They take so long to put on and take off! It leaves me so late.
The Girl In The Moon (5 months ago)
Ummm.......... where are you getting your jeans?
Mina Ilincic (5 months ago)
The model looks like Michael Jackson
Ananya Patnaik (5 months ago)
Off shoulder top
Sleepykyu (5 months ago)
White shirts when you dont have a white bra....
Simple Daphne (6 months ago)
Denim jumpsuits. The straps wont stretch so they will apply pressure to your breasts and they will hurt
Simple Daphne (6 months ago)
High wasted denim shorts are life
olliegirl101 (6 months ago)
Im chill with almost anything except pocketless jeans, tight fitting shirts, anything that looks similar to a tank top(unless it is a dress then i can somewhat mange), and shorts or anything showing my legs
Melissa Gomez (6 months ago)
I kinda like the striping mostly naked in the bathroom part of rompers, it feels like a power move...
Caiaa Heard (6 months ago)
V necks
Animal Lover (6 months ago)
Skirt in the wind and the super dark jeans are terrible. I ALWAYS look like I’m like an alien or something when I get my jeans of because all the dye is coming of and I’m really not trying to be Marilyn Monroe. Like, no thanks I don’t people seeing my underwear...
abs g (6 months ago)
I'll tell u mine! This new dress/oversized top trend ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it
How dare she say super dark jeans are awful. I love those. Or she means the cheap dark jeans, then yeah those leave ink residue everywhere

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