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Women Confess Clothing Trends They Hate

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Text Comments (2144)
Fang Xing Choo (13 days ago)
hales n (15 days ago)
that stupid bike shorts trend
Lerachii 무지개 (15 days ago)
I like rompers they are best!
Lyric T (16 days ago)
I agree with some friends these but not all of them
Emma Louanne (16 days ago)
Awe boo hoo. So sad. People in other countries would love to have anything. I hate America
Shaney Zamora (17 days ago)
Low cut shirts mock me. They're cute, but its too embarrassing to go braless and layers are too hot. They make it worse by clearly doing it on purpose because the front of my bra will show and more.
Khalid AL ghmdi (18 days ago)
I’m a guy why am I watching this right now
Nyan Anon (1 month ago)
Icicle9336 (1 month ago)
There's nothing wrong with dark jeans. They're fine. Especially for period time
Camryns Random roblox (1 month ago)
Idk about it...but I think you should get more jeans😬😬😬
Nina Fischer (1 month ago)
Im i the only one that thinks the lady that has all the clothes on looks like michael jackson
Erica M (1 month ago)
Bro what pair of pants rubs ink on-
Lyric Venom (1 month ago)
I hate jeans....hate em...
who else ignores the "dry clean only" tag
Taila Kaliann (1 month ago)
Jeans or shorts with fake pokets
pren g (1 month ago)
super wide necks.
jennifer Beagle (1 month ago)
Paper thin fabric tops, they show every lump and bump, wrinkle faster and even though they are a lower quality fabric they are priced the same if not more. Also flowy tops with sheer backs, they are fine if your super skinny but if you have a bit of extra weight around your mid secteion aka ( tire iron) you look thin from the front but then you turn around and its no longer flattering.
Min Yoongi's Wifeu (2 months ago)
The jeans that are ripped in the butt and v cut shirts
Alyson Loney (2 months ago)
So just to recap everything but t-shirts and sweatpants
Cake Shark (2 months ago)
Explorer Kids (2 months ago)
Just don't buy it?
The Cozy PizzaQueen (2 months ago)
This is completely dull.
Mina Schein (2 months ago)
I don’t know what type of jeans you’re wearing... but uh most jeans don’t spread ink...
xXAngelia's FunhouseXx (2 months ago)
1:01 if you wash them a few times they don't do that, actually says on many dark pants I bought to wash them before wearing but, some pants I will admit do have strong pigments
Gossip gurl (2 months ago)
I hate turtle necks
Peters palace (2 months ago)
I just listened to Women complain oh my god
Manon Ingham (2 months ago)
Why say 'confess'?
Rafael Kahen (2 months ago)
I hate clothes that cost a lot of money
Clara (2 months ago)
Bermuda shorts and khaki skirts. 😷
Noor Alsogair (2 months ago)
Button up shirts. They take so long to put on and take off! It leaves me so late.
The Girl In The Moon (2 months ago)
Ummm.......... where are you getting your jeans?
Mina Ilincic (2 months ago)
The model looks like Michael Jackson
Ananya Patnaik (2 months ago)
Off shoulder top
Sleepykyu (2 months ago)
White shirts when you dont have a white bra....
Simple Daphne (2 months ago)
Denim jumpsuits. The straps wont stretch so they will apply pressure to your breasts and they will hurt
Simple Daphne (2 months ago)
High wasted denim shorts are life
olliegirl101 (2 months ago)
Im chill with almost anything except pocketless jeans, tight fitting shirts, anything that looks similar to a tank top(unless it is a dress then i can somewhat mange), and shorts or anything showing my legs
Melissa Gomez (2 months ago)
I kinda like the striping mostly naked in the bathroom part of rompers, it feels like a power move...
Caiaa Heard (3 months ago)
V necks
Animal Lover (3 months ago)
Skirt in the wind and the super dark jeans are terrible. I ALWAYS look like I’m like an alien or something when I get my jeans of because all the dye is coming of and I’m really not trying to be Marilyn Monroe. Like, no thanks I don’t people seeing my underwear...
abs g (3 months ago)
I'll tell u mine! This new dress/oversized top trend ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it
How dare she say super dark jeans are awful. I love those. Or she means the cheap dark jeans, then yeah those leave ink residue everywhere
LuluNat (3 months ago)
I LOVE those lowcut socks. They are all socks I wear😂😂
Jasmine Decoste (3 months ago)
I’m just going to say this why the heck did scrunchies come back from the 80s
Ellie Mendeslol (3 months ago)
To short crop tops and fake or tiny pockets that will fit NOTHING in
Petr Vondrovský (3 months ago)
Btw ink from dark jeans also come to your legs 😊
Dead light (3 months ago)
“Super dark jeans are awful” *laughs in black jeans*
Amanda Herding (3 months ago)
When you get really cute jeans and they have fake pockets
MidnightProse (3 months ago)
Hand wash only clothing is a pain. Also most pants/shorts because they have pockets that literally only hold pocket lint and a penny if you’re lucky. And don’t forget short shorts. Not just for modesty, but because thick thighs + short shorts = intense chub rub. Also high waisted anything.
jennifer Beagle (1 month ago)
I used to hate hand wash and dry clean only clothes too then I learned the pillowcase hack. It is where you put the item in a pillowcase tye it closed or use a hair tie to do so, then throw it in the washing machine and wash on delicate cycle with cold water.
Lucy Reilly (3 months ago)
That'sWhatSheSaid (3 months ago)
That one goddamn button that is always missing at the top so that you can't close your shirt all the way
Like why Not (3 months ago)
For some reason she looks like Micheal Jackson, anyone?no,ok only me.
Molly Isabella (3 months ago)
Did no one notice the actor was the one who played Jessica jones
Anatasii Y (3 months ago)
Every time I wear a romper my butt always hangs out 🙄
Anne Tube (3 months ago)
sanchia hick (3 months ago)
So what do they wear? 😂
Dark Angel Girl (3 months ago)
Short shorts & skirts, backless/lowcut back tops and/or dresses, sheer clothing with nothing worn underneath of it, low cut necklines, bikinis, high heels, anything with fake pockets or small one's and any kind of clothing item or accessory that's made out clear plastic.🎽👙👠
Krissy Cookie (4 months ago)
Clothes that put their brand in huge letters all around their clothes *cough*gap*cough*. Why can’t they be like Abercrombie with a little cute moose or the brand name in cursive
Krissy Cookie (4 months ago)
I love these trends
Courtnae Denny (4 months ago)
I used to hate skirts but now, I'm starting to like them. Some of them- well it depends the material and how they are styled.
Terry (4 months ago)
low waisted jeans and strapless shirts are the worst
Chocolate Milk (4 months ago)
That one girl that looks like Micheal Jackson
syafizaazwanajamuri (4 months ago)
Why I never wear skirts or dresses: #1 *WIND!!* #2 when the floor is wet n u have to take the dress of in order to pee.u have to slowly take it of n when u do a victory dance in ur head its slips of n gets wet n everyone just stares at u like if u peed urself #3 tooo girly
Tonya Stahly (4 months ago)
I just bought a LOOOT of rompers cuz dey wer cute
the name is artsy (4 months ago)
Anything low-rise. I REPEAT ANYTHING LOW-RISE.
D animations (4 months ago)
All women's pants/shorts. They either have no pockets or way to small pockets
oh hi mark (4 months ago)
My only problem with clothing is the pockets. Like i hATE it when they're not even pockets and its sewn into the jean for decoration. Like WHAT??
Alexia Cristiana (4 months ago)
Everything with stripes on .Burn it
Dusseldorf Traveler (4 months ago)
White jeans/ white pants, i swear everytime i evn look at a pair of white pants i feel like the time of the month will hit the moment i put them on
tranglinkate2009 (4 months ago)
When you see a cute dress but.. when you wear them it sooooo itching
Anne Blackwell (4 months ago)
She says hates rompers me watching this in. A romper
Jayla Clarke (4 months ago)
Crop tops annoy me because I'm insecure😭👌🏼
BestFace ever (4 months ago)
"Are the worst" "The worst"
spring day (4 months ago)
Dont like, dont buy, dont wear.
Sahana Sankaradoss (4 months ago)
I hate white shirts they are so see through and I’m a chocolate so even if I wear a white bra you can see the exposure
Lily Polk (4 months ago)
When you find a cute item of clothing and they have every size but yours
N O T N O W . . (4 months ago)
I hate that trend when u get like a top with a vest onto of it, ugh hate hate it
Rainbowbunny Love (4 months ago)
I hate jeans
Johanna Koutikov (4 months ago)
Low cut socks and body suits are the worst
Jordan Strasser (4 months ago)
I love the high waisted shorts. Just I hate low waisted because every time you bend down your shorts go down. lol I hate some of this stuff too
not today (4 months ago)
cropped tank tops IDK why i hate them. i just dheurhvju
Liliana Durie (4 months ago)
I'm not a fan of tight/skimpy clothing. It makes me feel exposed, and due to my huge chest, I'm worried about anyone - especially perverts or pedophiles- staring at it. Also, it seems uncomfortable.
Shruti (4 months ago)
Dark jeans aren't "awful" if you buy them from a good brand
Vanesa Perez (4 months ago)
Too small shorts
Alaine Raven (4 months ago)
Of you have a backless too why can’t you were a bra what is so wrong about showing you bra
kally wetzel (5 months ago)
What if girls don't want to show a lot of leg with short shorts? I see girls at my school wear boy short 1] cuz they are awsome looking or 2] because they are way more comfortable then girl shorts.
kally wetzel (5 months ago)
Socks wear they are sewed just by your toe and it makes it uncomfortable to walk in
kally wetzel (5 months ago)
Jeans are the worst (don't hate for that i just cant be comfy in them)
Trinity Pedersen (5 months ago)
I agree with the romper comment
kit stephens (5 months ago)
jeans with glitter and sequins on the butt pockets,, why
My moms Gay (5 months ago)
0:21 that girl be looken like Michael Jackson
Sharon P (5 months ago)
F u rompers r amazing
Naomi Ciminieri (5 months ago)
soo is nobody gonna talk about how the girl at 0:39 looks like Michael Jackson?
SnowFox 2074 (5 months ago)
Jumpsuits looks stupid
Rachel Wenderoth (5 months ago)
Jeans annoy me so much I like them but I just can't find THE ONE
Lions Edge (5 months ago)
I hate long shorts or dresses that have a slits on the side so far up you can see you're underwear
Angelina S (5 months ago)
Birks might be comfortable but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them
Gracin A. (5 months ago)
I hate chokers
Natsuki (5 months ago)
Strapless dresses are the worst
Superkk2007 (5 months ago)
Crop tops.Like why people?If you you wanna show skin,then they're right for you,I guess.

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