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Women Confess Clothing Trends They Hate

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Text Comments (2259)
Shaden Kamal (11 hours ago)
Bars annoy me.....in general.
Grim Reaper (3 days ago)
Fake pockets is number one.
B E L L A (5 days ago)
Definitely low rise jeans.
Natalie Xx (5 days ago)
Is it just me that thought the woman wearing the outfits looked like Micheal Jackson
Liah West (8 days ago)
The lady with the romper... Michale Jackson who???
GächäGīrl *-* (9 days ago)
Cheers to the girl that suffered wearing all that and giving an example.
Lillian May (10 days ago)
Everyone is talking about fake pockets but I’m thinking about how the girl showing the struggles looks like Michael Jackson
Melanie (11 days ago)
0:20 Anyone else thinks that girl looks like micheal jackson? xD
Alexus Causton (13 days ago)
I also hate dark jeans
veggie nuggets (14 days ago)
I hate velvet clothes. Everything about them. I hate the feeling of velvet and it makes me shudder if I touch it.
InxanityplazXOX (15 days ago)
I hate tight jeans because soon you’ll be to big for them and they start slipping down so they’ll fall down soon😭
Kourtney the dancer (15 days ago)
Skirts that have shorts in them because they pull up into your butt
Xp3r (15 days ago)
not really confessions
Ava Dunlap (16 days ago)
Ugh female pants with little to no pocket space are the legit worst ... that’s why I wear my brothers pants ...yaya
Victorix (17 days ago)
strange how that one girl kinda looks like Michael Jackson
Minecraft Gamer (19 days ago)
Anna -Chan (19 days ago)
Jeans that sheds little super tiny strings and gets caught in sweaty palms
Alana COLLINS (23 days ago)
Tracksuit pants with zippers on their pockets. Like WHY!
Alicia Rodriguez (24 days ago)
everyone in the comments talking about clothes but is it just me or does the lady wearing all the clothes look like micheal Jackson😂😂
NotYourAngel (26 days ago)
Long sleeved crop tops. Are you warm or are you cold?
Beauty and (29 days ago)
Low rise tight pants bc then my gut spills out
Fatima Ali (1 month ago)
When you find a super cute dress but the don't have your size 😡😡🙄🙄
yuval levy (1 month ago)
Anabelle Meda (1 month ago)
The girl in the video looks like Michael Jackson.
Fernando Ruiz (1 month ago)
Is it me or does the model looks like Michael Jackson ??? No just me ok
baby breath (1 month ago)
Birckenstocks. No Megan, you don't look aesthetic, it looks like you stole your dad's shoes.
I hate v necks
Jazlynn Lorenzo (1 month ago)
I personal hate shirts that don’t stay down when I raise my arms
Bobbie Johnson (1 month ago)
I hate jeans
Koinu Chan (1 month ago)
The example girl looks like Michael Jackson after surgery.
Emma Davis (1 month ago)
That really wasn't a crop top it was more of just a second bra
kina meen (1 month ago)
Crop top 😑😬
I have cats and i love black clothing only cat owners understand
Claire Lynn Jones (1 month ago)
I hate jeans that have a seam right in your crotch area and it continues to rub against it but you can’t do anything about it.
Cecilia Jackson (1 month ago)
I absolutely hate jean shorts sometimes. When you sit down they dig into stuff. Then they leave the lines and all that.
Danie McCloughy (1 month ago)
I hate when I say hate I mean I haaaaaaate so thing I can't stand thin tight shirts they always ride up
eru harune (1 month ago)
The women that was acting out all those clothing trends that they hated looked so much like Michael Jackson !!!
Emma H. (1 month ago)
Fake pockets. Low-cut pants. Ewwww
•Thicc Babes• (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who washes dry clean clothes?
Sophia The bunny lady (1 month ago)
I hate dip neck dresses because you can’t wear a bra with them but they are way to loose for that
Farhin Ahmed (1 month ago)
I hate Clothes that are my favorite, but dont fit me!!!!!
lucy Impey (1 month ago)
Is that Michael Jackson
A Girl (1 month ago)
TIGHT ARMS but loose shirt maybe it’s just cuz I have a small stomach and muscular arms with thicc thighs idek
lara lara (1 month ago)
That one blonde girl complained about the same issue twice, bathrooms and jumpsuits/rompers 😒
Ava and Gabby (1 month ago)
Oml I hate low cut socks because if it’s winter and you don’t have longer socks then they get super annoying if your allying in the snow and you kick up all the snow into your shoes
Chloe Moore (1 month ago)
For some reason, distressed leggings exist. They always fall apart! I’ll see a cute pair of purple legging, boom, holes. The worst.
HotaruTheMuffin (1 month ago)
I love rompers I’m mad
Katie ranger (1 month ago)
Ugh bodysuits
I Like Chicken Nuggets (1 month ago)
Moonlight Choco_chin (1 month ago)
Off shoulder tops annoy me Sure they are quite cute, but they overtime look like a normal top and then u have to bring the shoulders down again n AGAIN.
Glazer (1 month ago)
Stupid crop tops. I have a reason for this! My reason is that when I want to go to the store to shop for clothes I can wear to school there are only CROP TOPS! YOU CANT WEAR CROP TOPS TO SCHOOL THEIR TOO SHORT! I hate them!
Maria Gu (1 month ago)
I hate flowy skirts, so I wear demin skirts
Charlotte Storm (1 month ago)
Shirts that aren’t tight on the bottom and when the wind comes they blow up and EXPOSE you
Rainbow123 (1 month ago)
it’s probably just me but the girl at 0:15 reminds me of Michael Jackson
Sharon P (1 month ago)
How dare u. Rompers r beautiful and I find them comfortable
I was gonna comment about the pocketless pants but y’all did that for me already so, thanks.
XxhonstlyxX Life (1 month ago)
I hate boob tube s they are so annoying
Gacha Soda (1 month ago)
Neon items, fake pockets, cursive writing, things like “girl power”, low rise jeans etc.
Astrid Díaz (1 month ago)
I hate crop tops
Minecraft Gamer (1 month ago)
I’m about to reach into the pockets of my new jeans and their FAKE. I HATE FAKE POCKETS!!!
Sleepy Potato (1 month ago)
Why would you wear a flowy skirt on a windy day ?
Slime ASMR (1 month ago)
I hate lose jeans
JustCookie3 _ (1 month ago)
When there is an amazing shirt that you love- oh wait, it has a weird saying on it.
Kerri (1 month ago)
Omg always sit before you buy pants I bought a pair and they’re really cute but it’s 3 huge buttons high so it constantly cuts into you when you sit and it’s so restricting you can’t bend at all because you lose and inch from the STUPID BUTTONS!
Sharon Lee (2 months ago)
Bralettes r super cuteeee!!!! But almost none of them fit me bc I’m haha pretty much paper 📝
Its Stefy (2 months ago)
Fake pockets
Kiriaki Ierodiakonou (2 months ago)
Does anybody think the girl wearing everything looks like Michael Jackson 🤔
Any thing and everything (2 months ago)
This is their job
chloe nator2007 (2 months ago)
I hate fanny packs
Shanna Lourine (2 months ago)
wait... do people actually take the clothes that say dry clean only to the dry cleaners? Cause I just wash it at home and hang dry it.
B e a t r i c e (2 months ago)
Why does that girl lowkey look like Michael Jackson
Clara Neufeld (2 months ago)
I hate bell bottem pants
Silvia Ficher (2 months ago)
Baggie jeans
First Name Last Name (2 months ago)
When you find the perfect bikini/swimsuit and its one size to small
Addison schwan (2 months ago)
Shorts are the best
Unordinary Kitty (2 months ago)
I hate the amount of tags on shirts, inside on the outside. Also no pockets/fake pockets
Anna McKinlay (2 months ago)
Jeans with no pocket
Faith Coates (2 months ago)
Skinny jeans!!!! Soccer girl problems!! 👱🏼‍♀️⚽️
Pygmy Puff (2 months ago)
Low cut socks are the worst, but I like them, so I never stopped wearing them. XD
Liongirl47 XD (2 months ago)
I don’t think they understand the meaning of the worse it may be the worst article of clothing but it’s deafly not the worst thing like ever and some of them said the worse every single time if one thing is the worse The thing right after it also cant be worst
QQQ QQQ (2 months ago)
Literally every shirt that’s not a crop top annoys me
Lana Ashe (2 months ago)
*Keep your skirt down, Marilyn Monroe*
Nev Denis (2 months ago)
I hate low wasted jeans!
hestejenta (2 months ago)
Am i the only one who hates skinny jeans?
•Gacha Rose• (2 months ago)
i’m wearing a crop-top rn :(
Songebob Squarepants (2 months ago)
I hate anything strapless
Naomi Elizabeth de Wal (2 months ago)
Skirts, pants, jeans, and shorts that don’t have pockets. Skirts and shorts that have your butt hanging out of all to see.
Alexa Klatt (3 months ago)
When clothing has name brands in huge letters. It ruins the whole thing!
Khati Rae (3 months ago)
Why does the one who doesn’t like backless tips (sorry don’t know your name)remind me so much of super women
Ivy M. (3 months ago)
Low rise pants
x (3 months ago)
Nina thinks everything is the worst
Gacha Liyah (3 months ago)
pans are uncomfortable so that’s why i wear underwear at night
bella beam (3 months ago)
she reminds me of micheal jackson
Gymnastics Lover (3 months ago)
I HATE jeans but they are soo cute!
Justine Roles (3 months ago)
I hate jackets with no pockets.
Pixel Pudding (3 months ago)
Thigh high socks. I watch a lot of anime so I like wearing thigh highs. But, what anime doesn’t tell you is every 30 steps you have to pull them up. Like why can’t they just stay up?
Jana Saleh (3 months ago)
I enjoy wearing baggy clothes it's comfortable.....
Jadyn Brown (3 months ago)
If you find a backless dress make a duck tape bra
Libby (3 months ago)
Against all odds (3 months ago)
Then don’t wear it

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