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How did AMD forget this!?

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Text Comments (984)
JC Denton (2 months ago)
Not even time stamps Here’s one 6:23 Lazy bastards!
Decenium (2 months ago)
This wa....squirtle squirtle THIS WAY
Assorted Shitpost™ (2 months ago)
4:38 this keeps triggering my google home
Taun-Chi Gaming (2 months ago)
Mars One isn't dead. Not yet anyhow.
Freeman (3 months ago)
After all this time doing Net/TechLinked, Riley is still improving. Darn, I would watch this episode both for the news and for the comedy alone, but we get both!
DaFlamingBadger (3 months ago)
FIR...... COME ON YOUTUBE!!!! i have the fucking bell on!
Why do you have multiple channels instead of one with multiple shows like @firstwefeast ?
johny VDS (3 months ago)
riley is the best!!!
Siraj Patel (3 months ago)
Can AMD fix that with a firmware update?
that Guy (3 months ago)
Apex is a good game but I suck at it.
El Buhdai (3 months ago)
I feel like tech companies choose numbering for their products that makes no sense just so they can say nobody predicted the name of their next product.
Everett Smith (3 months ago)
You want to go to McDonald’s you got to catch a squirrel first
nicholas dean (3 months ago)
And why does it matter? Nokia did that like 8 years ago 2:00
Akryllax (3 months ago)
OH DIOS MIO. First correct Barcelona pronunciation I hear from LMG!
TheRealDanBond (3 months ago)
Let's be real though, you're not going to walk around with your phone perpendicular to the ground and AR kills battery life. If it was in something more subtle like google glass then it might actually be useful.
flandrble (3 months ago)
R9 Fury also didn't have UEFI support when released so I guess it's a repeat problem.
Não tá FÁCIL (3 months ago)
Vladimir Saruta (3 months ago)
Apex Legends non hidden advertisement!!! :D
tha nu (3 months ago)
Dam this video is annoying...."get hype whhoo whhoo"?
Jontas (3 months ago)
felpopo ali
Not Sure (3 months ago)
where is Lucky? Dang.......Riley and James r cool though
bechara rammouz (3 months ago)
Amd is so trash xd
Steve Hausman (3 months ago)
That pokemon go thing would be cool to see, like it would link up through google. Then your buddy would be the one with you/leading you (with giving animations with looking back and stuff haha
tsartomato (3 months ago)
but why
Henrik Bjugård Nyberg (3 months ago)
Tune in to the next episode for another 15 minute squarespace ad before 30 seconds of quickbits!
Keber Maknaan (3 months ago)
oh man this riley dude is really embodiment of millenials, has poor attention span to even properly host youtube video, with continuous talking with james or with additional self commentary
xcrafter_40 (3 months ago)
Techlinked icon is a fox
AJ Eaton (3 months ago)
Just here to dislike Riley. Seriously though, this moron isn't funny. Not even close. He is worse than the 2 idiots who do the Sonic commercials. STOP!!!
WellBeSerious12 (3 months ago)
A.dvanced M.icro D.icks
ISSAI HERNANDEZ (3 months ago)
Heres to all hackers Hackers are noob cause they aint got skill and if u aint got skill u a noob and a default and pls hack ourself
EggyRepublic (3 months ago)
4:02 you came for this.
Icαt (3 months ago)
Now waiting for the GTX 1337ti
OldGamerNoob (3 months ago)
Mars One is dead because Musk will beat them to it.
JimBrown7575 (3 months ago)
Some of you haven't waited a generation of GPU to play games at a stable frame rate and it shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cookie (3 months ago)
*squirrel pokemon*
RoboMii 2015 (3 months ago)
GoldenBunips (3 months ago)
Does that mean we can mess with the bios on the Vega Vii?
Moop (3 months ago)
Lightblade VR is a lightsaber game based on the Jedi training drone—it’s the closest I’ve found to a legitimate lightsaber dueling game that isn’t one of the short Lucasfilm demos or a buggy mess. It also lets you dual-wield and gives you a pretty good workout.
WorstCommenter2008 (3 months ago)
Ofc dumbass americans would pay for a GTA hack when there were literally freebies out there that hacked everything, like literally spawned giant cages in the middle of the map with all players inside. Ahhh... so sad.
kimrkarl (3 months ago)
4:03 thank me later
ninguém (3 months ago)
Vim pelo felps family
Robert Jansen (3 months ago)
Mmm.. No UEFI support probably means no proper gpu passthrough in virtualization as well I'm guessing. Talking about dropping the ball...
jeroen reimink (3 months ago)
Mars One is not bankrupt, the company they took over to list on the Frankfurt Exchange (since renamed 'Mars One Ventures') is bankrupt. Given the shared name, it's an easy mistake to make. They are appealing this decision at the moment, with an outcome to be decided by March 5th. Mars One are working with an investor who has offered to settle the 1 million Euro outstanding debts with Mars One's creditors, which could lead to a reversal of the bankruptcy and / or a restart of the company under a different trading name (either case would likely carry over existing stock). An announcement will be made at a press conference on March 6th, where representatives from Mars One and their investor will discuss next steps. Fururther details can be found here: https://www.mars-one.com/news/press-releases/mars-one-ventures-ag-in-administration
dahahaka (3 months ago)
I hate the 1660 naming
Facebook Business (3 months ago)
Skip to 4:12 for AMD
Tuqsi (3 months ago)
Well I am not bying amd for now now because in my country amd radeon VII costs 799€ which is almost the same price for RTX 2080.
STLENX 83 (3 months ago)
1:16 perfect :)
Aric Jackson (3 months ago)
I <3 Riley, he's great
Felps (3 months ago)
ó eu.
Black Lanner (3 months ago)
Google is working with the DoD to develope an AR app which collects data from mobile users and runs facial recognition to identify and track persons of interest. This would be relayed in real time to law enforcement for the purpose of apprehension and lead generation. A, "bounty system," has been considered where users would be awarded, "bounties," for uploading the location data for apprehended individuals. Enjoy the shitty future while you can.
Geth270 (3 months ago)
Did not know squirrels ware pokemon
ShadowTheLight (3 months ago)
I want that Pokemon Go version!
Jeffrey Photonboy (3 months ago)
Radeon VII UEFI BIOS out now: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-radeon-vii-lacks-uefi-support,38592.html I assume an EXISTING system with UEFI boot could simply flash this as long as they have an iGPU or other card to attach the monitor too first. Then shut down, switch monitor to the VII and good to go! (bit of a NIGHTMARE if someone built a system with UEFI then I assume saw no display output but I guess Tech Support would sort you out... ironically if you built a system with an AMD CPU to go along with this you'd have no other graphics option like most Intel CPU's do)
Jeffrey Photonboy (3 months ago)
(BIOS would see video output regardless. It's after the POST that video would disappear if a non-UEFI compatible card is selected with UEFI enabled in the BIOS. Not entirely sure if you can just switch to non-UEFI if the OS is installed already. There's also the related issue of whether SECURE BOOT was enabled prior to the OS install)
xCynder (3 months ago)
Augmented Reality? *visual augmentation intensifies*
therandomdot (3 months ago)
Nvidia... keeps up it's long-standing tradition of over-stretched product line + confusing product naming system. Companies do this when they hope the time a person would have to spend researching their over-complicated product lines is too much and just drives a person to impulse buy. There's countless unpaid hours of research done by graphics card purchases learning more then they ever wanted to know about the cards just to make an informed purchasing decision. If Nvidia really wanted to make it simple, they'd just have 3 cards and name them for the year of release... 2019 Budget Box, 2019 Gamer Rig, 2019 God Box ... pure and simple. A consumer can see the year and know they're getting a more powerful product then previous year (albeit maybe not the same build quality) and the simple-to-understand Budget / Gamer / God labels make it easy to know what to get to fit your needs. But.. no... they over-extend their product line and obfuscate it all behind awkward brand names... which externalizes the effort of keeping up with it all on the potential consumer. (AMD does the same damn thing)
John Kornet (3 months ago)
I can tell you all about why we don't have a lightsaber dueling game, as it is the basis for my capstone project, but essentially; 1:1 tracking only works for unstoppable movement, essentially no physics other than gravity can affect the player in game without breaking immersion and a dueling game would require clashing and colliding. The player would not experience it hapticaly, and it would feel lame and campy like the other gladiator-style VR games out there. We need a physical external device that restrains movement or an abstraction of player input for it to work.
CMDR unematti (3 months ago)
fuck gta online since 3 updates ago or so. low quality bullshit making you grind, and too expensive "micro" transactions and now theyre bullying too...great.
WildWest Gaming (3 months ago)
when you load into csgo comps and *there are 9 hackers*
The EpicSlayer7 SSS (3 months ago)
a fine for cheating what??? then says making money... ah ok so you payed to cheat, naturally this makes it totally fine... but really selling cheats? lol like if you pay to cheat, you really must not like games or gaming!
Paul Nadeau (3 months ago)
Not carbon- nanotubes!
Tuskeyemer (3 months ago)
Ya'll need to fire riley for that pokemon go suggestion
MrDoboz (3 months ago)
im gonna unsub if you don't bring back Lucky. Many will follow.
Ferris Film (3 months ago)
And he was still standing there till the next techlinked
Cory Scopis (3 months ago)
hope that dude who owes money gets his life completely ruined and ends up on the streets, cold and alone... but hell prob jus file for bankrupcty and never even have to pay a cent.. Hope he gets stabbed for makin GTA online annoying years ago.
NeGative X (3 months ago)
Why the heck is this in my recommended
XDbored1 (3 months ago)
you know UEFI support on graphics cards is also the certificate that enforces blocking third party vbios i would be very glad if they dropped the UEFI certificate in favor of unlocking OUR vbios this would be a very good thing for overclocking and you don't need to worry about scammers with such a expensive card what are they going to do flash it into looking like a vega 64 that would be a downgrade so they cant scam anyone
Devious Verendus (3 months ago)
People that cheat in multiplayer games should genuinely be treated like bank thieves. After all, they're stealing the free time from others by ruining their experience
RyTrapp0 (3 months ago)
Given how much of an absolute and utter clusterfuck the release of RadVII has been, and based on Adored's last video, this has to be the most indisputable proof of at least one of his sources being completely legitimate LOL
AmadeusL (3 months ago)
Why isn't there an actual light saber VR game? Because EA doesn't know how to actually follow trends or make games.
James King (3 months ago)
Is Riley, Matt Murdock's brother. They have the same last name. We will never know????
StaySic4Ever (3 months ago)
Was already fixed no.
Nyt3Stalk3r (3 months ago)
Lol that Xiaomi render has ripped off icons from Samsungs One UI lmao
Kuma Van Louder (3 months ago)
soooo no one said anything about the "the new guitar heroes" twice? like really internet? uve changed
stageselectca (3 months ago)
i only watch the ads when riley is reading them
MGX909 (3 months ago)
Where is lucky the dragon @? bring him back.
adrie vn (3 months ago)
am i the only one expecting a "carbon nano tubes" joke??
Wickerstick (3 months ago)
EA is why there are no be Lightsaber dueling games
eri (3 months ago)
Beat saber isn't even a fucking rhythm game tbh. it's a motion game with background music. you can have no sense of rhythm and be godlike at it if you can react to the blocks well
Samuel Charpentier (3 months ago)
Someone has to tell Keys that squirrels aren't Pokemons, they're real animals and they dont say squirrel squirrel
cracklingice (3 months ago)
They typed GTX 2050 Ti wrong.
alili1294 (3 months ago)
That intro was fire!
Jmcgee1125 (3 months ago)
4:38 I heard about this. Tried to replicate with my phone and only was able to hit 9 rads/sec (about 3 rev/sec, these guys hit 10+)
Acid Trip (3 months ago)
They are all on aciiiiid
Cesar Martinez (3 months ago)
BloodyIron (3 months ago)
End of the video... "Bye Felicia"
Rayhaan Omar (3 months ago)
0:44 the box speaks about sli on the 1660ti? Waht?!?!
ENEKO TORRES (3 months ago)
Xasmanius Völk (3 months ago)
4:30 they need to make Windows XP drivers for it :)
Fenrirboulder (3 months ago)
2:42 ;-)
Janski 147 (3 months ago)
Why are you so akward
Banu Ghassan (3 months ago)
I subbed long ago to Linus Tech because of Linus. Now I've subbed because of Riley! <3 You're perfect don't ever change that <3
Blaze (3 months ago)
maybe the company with the clear TV could add Google AR maps into your front windshield and you could tint your window by pressing a button.
Roberto Comecaramelos (3 months ago)
Enhorabuena por la pronunciación de "Barcelona"
Marek Bartovic (3 months ago)
I am not the only person who hasn’t won an Apex Legends game!!!!
thegeorgezila (3 months ago)
Nope. But then I've never played the game.
Max Maxim (3 months ago)
Trash like all youtubers
John Doh (3 months ago)
Always downvote clickbait titles.
SABER-JOCKY (3 months ago)
Why isn't there a lightsaber dueling game? That's an easy question to answer. In short, EA.
gelul12 (3 months ago)
Jedi Academy bruh
Sr_V (3 months ago)
thank you for saying BARCELONA correctly
Alvim (3 months ago)
Byces (3 months ago)
Os bracinhos gamers

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