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My Favourite Mac Apps - MacBook Pro (2018) setup

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In this video we're doing a quick unboxing of the new 15 inch, 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. We then take a whistle-stop tour through some of my favourite apps that I use on a daily basis for creativity and productivity. Enjoy xx - Instagram: https://instagram.com/AliAbdaal - Facebook - https://facebook.com/aliabdaal - Twitter - https://twitter.com/aliabdaal - My weekly email newsletter: https://email.aliabdaal.com - My website / blog - www.aliabdaal.com TIMESTAMPS 00:30 - Unboxing the MacBook Pro 01:04 - Alfred, Moom, Bartender 02:50 - Adobe Creative Cloud 03:27 - Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro 03:53 - Spotify, Things, Bear 05:24 - WhatsApp Web, 1Password LINKS 1. Alfred - https://www.alfredapp.com 2. Moom - https://manytricks.com/moom/ 3. Bartender - https://www.macbartender.com 4. Adobe CC - https://adobe.com 5. Final Cut Pro - https://www.apple.com/uk/final-cut-pro/ 6. Logic Pro - https://www.apple.com/uk/logic-pro/ 7. Spotify - https://www.spotify.com 8. Things - https://culturedcode.com/things/ - 'Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity' - http://geni.us/gtdbook 9. Bear - http://www.bear-writer.com 10. WhatsApp Web - https://web.whatsapp.com 11. 1Password - https://1password.com My YouTube Camera & Audio Gear: 1. My main camera - Sony A6500 - http://geni.us/sonyA6500aa 2. My first camera, the budget-but-amazing one I always recommend - Sony A6000 - http://geni.us/sonyA6000aa 3. My favourite lens - Sony 35mm f1.8 - http://geni.us/sony35mmf18aa 4. My wide-angle vlogging lens - Sigma 16mm f1.4 - http://geni.us/sigma16mmf14 5. My 50mm prime lens for sick portraits - http://geni.us/SonyE50mm 6. My drone - DJI Mavic Pro - http://geni.us/DJImavicpr 7. My main microphone - Rode VideoMic Pro+ - http://geni.us/rodeVideoMicPro 8. My tiny vlogging microphone - Rode VideoMicro - http://geni.us/RodeVideoMicroaa 9. My camera monitor - SmallHD Focus - http://geni.us/smallHDFocus 10. My vlogging tripod - Joby GorillaPod - http://geni.us/gorillaPod 11. My camera gimbal / stabiliser - Zhiyun Crane V2 - http://geni.us/Zcranev2 Who am I: I'm Ali, a junior doctor working in Cambridge, UK. I used to make videos about life as a Cambridge medical student, but now I vlog about the highs and lows of life as a junior doctor. I also make educational videos for medical students and applicants, and recently started making tech review videos too :) My most popular videos: - How I take notes on my iPad Pro in medical school - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waR3xBDHMqw - Mu 2018 university desk setup - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdew7At9S2U - How to study for exams - Evidence based revision tips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukLnPbIffxE - Study with Me + My revision method - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiRYn97GJhM - iPad Pro vs iPad (2018) comparison for college / university students - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIdU4Sw6a5Y Social links: - Instagram: https://instagram.com/AliAbdaal - Facebook - https://facebook.com/aliabdaal - Twitter - https://twitter.com/aliabdaal - My weekly email newsletter: https://email.aliabdaal.com - My website / blog - www.aliabdaal.com
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Text Comments (404)
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Thinking of starting a 'tech tuesdays' series - drop a comment below if there's anything you'd like to see a video on :) xx
temislayo (4 months ago)
Ali Abdaal how to decide which MacBook to get!!!
Dylan Chettiar (6 months ago)
Ali, do an updated desk setup
¿SabesQue...? (6 months ago)
a video on your workflow. maybe work out tech.
SAINTUMER (6 months ago)
Do a what’s on my iphone
residyle (6 months ago)
And of course your favorite podcasts!
Nicholas (3 days ago)
YES! Alfred is the best! Things is fantastic, it’s great on the iPad as well. 1Password is also incredible. Could not agree more, Ali.
Youtobe Apps (10 days ago)
Ali Abdaal (10 days ago)
Yilei Zhang (26 days ago)
I appreciate your little preview at 22” so I can save time. Great reader experience and so much better than those who trick viewers in without talking about anything of substance. I love your channel!
Gayle Grant (1 month ago)
Great videos Ali! Question..in using Outlook for Mac, how are you synching your contacts/email accounts? I like Outlook but it does not synch..any insights you could offer would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks much, Gayle
Olivia Eff (1 month ago)
Nice video man. I just couldn’t help but laugh at all the crazy hand movements at the beginning. Haha. Your awesome tho. New subscriber.
Erick Serna (1 month ago)
how do you do those video bookmarks like that at 0:13
carw76 (1 month ago)
"Then we die with regret" - lol
fLASHH (2 months ago)
Hey Ali, Is it possible to buy the education bundle, even when you already have purchased the Macbook?
Can Uludağ (2 months ago)
Any keyboard issues with this 2018 MacBook Pro? Sticky keys or stucked keys etc.?
Hooyaa (2 months ago)
Do a everyday carry video
Feiyin Wang (2 months ago)
Man, could you talk about your understanding of GTD methodlogy one day?
张鹏 Roger Zhang (2 months ago)
Sony's autofocus is pretty crap...
Kieran Martin (2 months ago)
You must be rich
cece mamamama (2 months ago)
what if password manager hot hacked? it will be the same as your gmail get hacked :D
Niroop (2 months ago)
Very useful video. Thanks a ton! I downloaded most of the recommended apps. :)
Nate Johnson (3 months ago)
How do you have all that time on your hands when you're in medical school? Makes me think "that's impossible here in America, therefore med school is easier over there."
Sophia zhu (3 months ago)
I do not like Alfred at all, spotlight is way better
Mrs & Mrs McCullough (4 months ago)
Hi Ali, do you use an antivirus on your MacBook Pro? I've always used antivirus protection when I owned PCs but now that've switched to a MacBook I'm not sure if its necessary.
Mrs & Mrs McCullough (4 months ago)
Ali Abdaal perfect thanks for replying. I appreciate it.
Ali Abdaal (4 months ago)
Nope never
Christine Sequeira (4 months ago)
You're so cute 🤣
Jason (4 months ago)
Have you customized your touchbar with any tools like better touch tool at all?
Zahid Ahmed (4 months ago)
Different video but my man, I'm subscribed to all the best tech YouTubers but your desk set up is the one I'm basing my one off. Go all in with the tech YouTube stuff, you've got quality content
Tom Drew (4 months ago)
Love your videos. But I don’t really understand the point of 1Password. Surely, having one password which gives you access to all of your accounts defeats the point of not having the same password for everything?
張文睿 (4 months ago)
After you start to use Bear, do you still use OneNote in both MacBook and iPad?
raiyan reza (4 months ago)
I was wondering, for your timestamps could you make them into hyperlinks so we could just click on them and then jump into the different parts?
Raven Ward (4 months ago)
How is Alfred better that spotlight? As far as I can see it does the same thing. You're comparing opening the file using Alfred to opening the file by finding it through finder, but really you can just use spotlight wit CMND + Space? Comparing buying apples at the store to growing oranges, if you ask me.
Joakim Vallin (5 months ago)
What if 1 password get compromised? You are aware that you put all your passwords in someones lap. Im an IT expert and would never recommend a cloud based password keeper!
Joakim Vallin (5 months ago)
You mean the developers at 1 password.? Sure they have done alot to prevent someone from stealing there databases. But I guess you have read the news that military, banking etc have had intrusion and stealing of data. What makes you think 1password is so much safer?
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
I dunno mate, I'm not an IT expert but enough people have recommended 1 password and I'm pretty sure the developers have thought about this
Elmer Blanksvärd (5 months ago)
Yes, Alfred, moom and bartender! Great combo 👍
Chukonu5 (5 months ago)
How's your keyboard been working so far? I just ordered a 2018 MacBook pro because I heard they fixed the key jamming issues but I've been reading that people are still having problems. Now I'm concerned.
calvin handono (5 months ago)
WHAT NOWAY just saw that u went to bali, such a shame, im a med student in indonesia, wouldve loved to have run into you and maybe pick your oxford junior dr brain hahaha
Anjali Jacob (5 months ago)
What MacBook did you have before this?
Anjali Jacob (5 months ago)
Ali Abdaal awesome! So I’m currently looking to buy a MacBook and planning to get a used late 2013 RMBP 13”. I want to use it for typing out docs, light to moderate photo and video editing, watching videos and web browsing. Would you recommend?
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
Mid 2015 retina MBP 13"
Mrs & Mrs McCullough (5 months ago)
Hello :) how much storage did you purchase and do you find 256gb to be enough with someone who doesn’t do much video editing, stores music or movies, and has iCloud storage?
Mrs & Mrs McCullough (5 months ago)
Ali Abdaal thanks for replying!!! I love your page. Your recommendation of notability was perfect for my math classes. (I’m an engineering student)
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
I went for 1TB but 256 should be fine for you
Ashley Henderson (5 months ago)
In the video you said you had been reading some books on productivity any recommendations? Also i really love the way you have your videos time stamped, its very efficient, wish more youtubers did it.
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
'Getting things done - the art of stress free productivity'
Brainiac V (5 months ago)
Wait doesnt alfred do what spotlight already does when searching for local files?
Raven Ward (4 months ago)
It does, he just hasn't used a Mac without Alfred in a while.
Samiyuru Senarathne (5 months ago)
What do you think about a 13 inch macbook pro?
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
13 inch is the one id recommend for most people
Ben Garcia (5 months ago)
how do you add the tabs on the side for noteataking on the app bear?
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
They're tags - the built in Bear tutorial explains them
Sarabjit Kaur Ruprai (5 months ago)
Have you considered using Opera browser? It has WhatsApp Web built into the sidebar as well as the ability to pull out videos and keep them on top of other screens while you work at other tasks
sourena sk (5 months ago)
The unboxing part looks like Casey’s but with less aggressiveness
Nehala Omar (5 months ago)
nice Ali .
Etymos (5 months ago)
Whats going on guys? It's ali-a
mars brian (5 months ago)
got it
CYber GeNik (5 months ago)
"...and then we die with regrets" LOOL, i shit myself, I was not expecting that. Keep it up bro! I love ur vidz
Alex (5 months ago)
0:48 girls tell me that, every time i drop my pants.
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
Arthur Vincent Simon (5 months ago)
You convinced me to move my notes from Google Keep to Bear :)
Iona (5 months ago)
I literally bought a MacBook Pro yesterday 😂 good timing
Gabriel Choo (5 months ago)
Lovely video! Will like to see how you manage your life using Things!
Simon Barnes (5 months ago)
Checkout Franz, it’s an app that you can use to manage all your messaging services. I mainly use it so I have one desktop app where I can see Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp in tabs. You get native notifications and it supports almost any service that has a web app version!
aldeen1982 (5 months ago)
Do you think Lightroom Classic CC is mich better than Lightroom 6? Would really appreciate if you could give me an answer :-)
aldeen1982 (5 months ago)
Got an MacBook Pro 13 of 2017 with touchbar... love this thing! Couldn’t afford the 15 inch model but it does its job 😎🤩! BTW nice Video! Love your content! You’re really authentic
go gadget (5 months ago)
Ali, thank you for your input and yes, please do these types of videos as well because you compliment them SOO WELL!!
Jenifer Brown (5 months ago)
Love ur videos ❤ you should have more than 1M subscribers
Ali Abdaal (5 months ago)
Gina Nana (5 months ago)
Quick question! Do you change your laptop every year when new MacBook comes out? How will you deal with the old ones?
Dylan Murphy (6 months ago)
When are you going to do a video on Alfred?
Jamie (6 months ago)
Yo Ali, here are other apps I think you should have on your Macbook: 1. Itsycal – better than the stock date/time, cuz you can have a date picker 2. Bettertouchtool – makes better use of the touchbar, and lets you add your own icons/links/shortcuts...etc 3. Omnifcous 3 – a better tool IMO for GTD. Highly customisable, and just better than Things 3 (imo again lol)
Cesar Feliz (6 months ago)
Would you take the MacBook to class or the iPad is enough?
shomar (6 months ago)
Hey dude, can you speak more slowly damn !?
Umi Alam (6 months ago)
Ali get a utility called high Sierra media key enabler. It prioritises pause/play to Spotify or anything else you choose so you don’t have to click on Spotify to pause and play
Steve Gold (6 months ago)
You have an awesome accent. I'll have to subscribe just for that, "mate".
JDOG (6 months ago)
fate-vs-destiny (6 months ago)
2:11 - How is this different from having two apps open at once. If you have 2 apps opened (that are not in full screen) and you click and hold the green full-screen button while dragging it to either the left or right corner, it will snap to that side. Then you click on the other window or app you had open, and that one will snap to the other side.
Sumit Yadav (6 months ago)
Things alternetive for Android or windows ?? anyone ??
Katie Williams (6 months ago)
I am currently thinking of purchasing the 2018 MacBook Pro . Can you please do a video of all the accessories you use with your MacBook Pro, this would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
David Libin (6 months ago)
Your productivity is inspiring. Great videos, subbed!
mehmet dari (6 months ago)
Can you review OmniFocus 2?
Tolmoli (6 months ago)
Great video! For a password manager you should try KeePass 2, it is much safer since its local. You can have your encrypted database file on your googledrive that way it is synced to all your devices.
Lachlan Taylor (6 months ago)
Isn’t the new MacBook like £3000+
Mike Lytwyn (6 months ago)
Can you do a similar video for your iPhone Apps Ali?
LiNingAir (6 months ago)
Pretty sure you can type in a file name in spotlight and it'll pop up...
Jens Peters (6 months ago)
Maybe stupid question on "bear" - how did you manage to get similar points to the list like Notes, Blog, Workout... I didn't manage to add other points...
Faye Mannix (6 months ago)
Woo you graduated! Haha been watching your older iPad videos, so cool to see you're a junior doctor now!!
KCho06 (6 months ago)
There’s a Whatsapp desktop application as well. I prefer it to the web version as it allows you to use quick reply on MacOS. You can download it on the Mac App Store.
Salman Ahmed (6 months ago)
Out of curiosity how as a student do you afford everything?
Salman Ahmed (6 months ago)
Ali Abdaal thanks for your advice man! I sold my new iPad Pro 12.9 for a profit, bought a Currys gift card for less and traded in my old laptop and got the MacBook Pro for under £700 👍🏼 I’m studying podiatry so will be a good investment
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
If you had to choose one I’d go laptop 100%
Salman Ahmed (6 months ago)
Ali Abdaal oh right haha I’m a new subscriber so sorry for not paying attention man. What did you use during university and what would you recommend, an iPad Pro or MacBook/laptop? I used my iPad Pro 9.7 for two years but am not sure if a laptop would be better?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
I’m no longer a student :)
Adéla Procházková (6 months ago)
I love those time stamps so much ! It shows that you really appreaciate everyone clicking on this video and you don't mind if they are interested just in a part of it. I watched the whole one even tho I don't have Mac because I was truly just curious :) Keep it up Ali. I am happy that I have found you. :)
Jens Umland (6 months ago)
What config did you get?
Albert George (6 months ago)
Congrats on making it !!
Art Netic Field (6 months ago)
Alfred, really???!Spotlight man!!!!! What MacOS are you on!!!
mynames ig (6 months ago)
Thoughts on YouTube music competing with Spotify?
Richard Moore (6 months ago)
Great video - as are all of them! I'd be interested to hear what you make of the mac book pro. I have a mac book and considering upgrading to the pro. Keep up the excellent videos and good look with the foundation post :-)
Daktyl_ (6 months ago)
A video about how to edit a vlog in final cut pro ? I'm in !!
HJK (6 months ago)
You look like Woody Allen. Correction: young Woody Allen
Charlie Garrick (6 months ago)
Great vid, with my pro I use the app 'Duet Display' to extend the screen onto my iPad Pro. the extra screen real estate helps!! you should check it out
Ramana Chandrasekar (6 months ago)
Really like the way you edit the visuals. It's clear and crisp. But I have a doubt that you are fastening the speed of the AV... Am I right?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Lol nope
Simon Wilcox (6 months ago)
I never have much top say in the comments but you are very good at engaging with your audience.
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Muhammad Hamza Sani (6 months ago)
Informative video. Good. Liked. Subed.
MrPresident (6 months ago)
cmd + space is the native "Alfred". Oh wells ...
Amier Asyraf (6 months ago)
You look intelligent. In a good way. Reminds me of my senior.
Sai Oomp Mong (6 months ago)
The way you present is so minimalistic. Great informative video.
TH (6 months ago)
doesn't spotlight have your files catched the same way as Alfred when you type the name in? pls correct me if I'm wrong
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
It does but it doesn’t let you do other things like google search which is a big annoyance
Jaber Inyat (6 months ago)
Is a 256 GB SSD sufficient for macOS?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Depends what you’re doing. For most people 256 is absolutely fine
mon parallèle urbain (6 months ago)
why i just felt in love with you?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Alessio Perone (6 months ago)
1password has been already compromised in the past I would advise to not use that password manager, try Last Pass
Tim H (6 months ago)
Sticky Password is also a great program that I have used for a good while.
A. I (6 months ago)
Instead of using 1Password why not use icloud keychain?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
I use iCloud Keychain as well, but I like using 1password in addition for the cross platform compatibility
Ella Nikodym (6 months ago)
So do you use an iPad or a MacBook for note taking in med school?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
I only started using the iPad in 6th year, I was using handwritten notes + my MacBook before then
Big Daddy Toyota Corola (6 months ago)
3:59 Noticed the whole reputation album in your playlist. Must show respect for good taste
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Danyal Wantens (6 months ago)
There is also a WhatsApp app, for Mac, so you don't really need to keep opening the page
Danyal Wantens (6 months ago)
Ali Abdaal hahaha, don’t worry your video was still amazing!
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
yeah should've mentioned that in the video haha, thats what I use
David Irvine (6 months ago)
I'd love to know what reference management software people use for mac. Having issues installing mendeley :(
David Irvine (6 months ago)
+Ali Abdaal Managed to install mendeley! Used appcleaner to delete all existing mendeley files and then reinstalled. Cheers anyway!
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
I've heard good things about Endnote
David Irvine (6 months ago)
+Ali Abdaal Thanks for the reply! Do you know of any other recommended reference management software?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Ahh that’s what I use :)
Dylan Vaughan (6 months ago)
Reno Cheshire (6 months ago)
I like your channel, seems like you are very focused on tech and being efficient which are two things i enjoy!
Daniel Burke (6 months ago)
How is 1password better than Apple keychain?
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Cross platform, you can store more stuff in it
Wiky Cheng (6 months ago)
Do you think we should upgrade 1password? Seems the main change is the UI and UI only.
Ali Abdaal (6 months ago)
Might as well - it’s generally good practice to have the latest version of stuff I find :)

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