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Microsoft Build 2019 highlights in under 10 minutes

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Watch CEO Satya Nadella launch this year's Microsoft Build 2019 developers conference and showcase new AI applications from the tech giant. Here are a few demos and highlights from the opening keynote. HoloLens 2's Spatial app wants to bring Avengers-like holograms to your conference room https://cnet.co/2GV80O8 Subscribe to CNET: https://www.youtube.com/user/CNETTV CNET playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/CNETTV/playlists Download the new CNET app: https://cnet.app.link/GWuXq8ExzG Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cnet Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/cnet Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/2icCYYm #Build2019 #Microsoft #microsoftbuild
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Text Comments (210)
CNET (13 days ago)
What are you most looking forward to from Microsoft? Watch our archive version of Microsoft Build 2019 here https://youtu.be/oOgjGO07gFo
Sarabjeet Rajput (1 day ago)
5:00 71 degree Are you okay
A1 B2 (10 days ago)
I look forward to the day they STOP SPYING ON US
Digital Armament (11 days ago)
Really great to see a strategy of not beating the competitor, but enabling the competitor.
ASARADEL (12 days ago)
jre 8 isnt even free anymore...
Mike Stalkinen (12 days ago)
Looking forward to the extermination of Java by .NET platform.
Fahad Kanu (2 hours ago)
Wow.. I am back in the 90s
Er.KUMAR ADITYA (4 hours ago)
Make sure the kids and people don't fall off the balcony.
Rohan Patil (12 hours ago)
71 degrees 😂
OzzyTheGiant (2 days ago)
Jarvis is secretly observing with cringe!
Fed Sanchez (2 days ago)
This was so awful! (
cv (2 days ago)
umesh yakman (2 days ago)
Haha this is not impressed One of worst from Microsoft 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Denesh Kumar Mani (3 days ago)
Wow.. Azure spatial anchor is amazing :)
anshul ahuja (3 days ago)
Cringiest acting
JERALD FILMS (3 days ago)
One day we all destroy our memory power... Why we need a device to remind our daily schedules. Did our ancestors work like this? Technology sucks
gaurav verma (3 days ago)
Is microsoft alive....thanks for making me know that..
Hark Seehra (3 days ago)
What is this? A corporate version of siri and Google assistant. I'd still prefer Google assistant anyday no matter what Microsoft try.
MaHmOuD H (3 days ago)
United States of INDIA
waheed iqbal (4 days ago)
is Satya Nadella indian???
Santhosh Reddy (2 days ago)
Dileesh Soman (4 days ago)
Exciting!!! Good luck Microsoft
Sathish Kumar (4 days ago)
wow An Indian Gem on a strange land
Nakul Sarkar (4 days ago)
it comes with ad ....lol
master23mind (4 days ago)
Only if windows phone line was alive and we'll😔😂 why would we use Cortana on a Android or Apple device? 🤔
Prash Nair (5 days ago)
Microsoft is back.
Siddharth (5 days ago)
This is some black mirror shit
Mahender Vaddepally (5 days ago)
waste microsoft. 1st u build apps for microsoft phones. later for other phones. micro soft is cheated so many people with smart phones
King Nuthan (5 days ago)
All people have the similar ideasbut implementation is more important for example u know that in few years back all people know about the phone messages and people send messages and receive messages in the form of text only but now watsapp and fb are king of the world because their thinking and implementation is very good and also hardwork that's why they reach success and they not stop doing working now they think about new implementation's in theirs app thats it move forward kk guys
HeavyDuty Gaming (5 days ago)
Clicking buttons to schedule is faster than voice by the way
SINGH (6 days ago)
8:42 So are you ready to see what I've been working on? Imagine if he responded with a No.
SINGH (6 days ago)
8:28 That "Awesome" had such boringness embdued within it.
SINGH (6 days ago)
8:18 What an amazing bracelet and cool HoloLens
SINGH (6 days ago)
6:45 Imagine siblings getting a hold of it and fighting.
SINGH (6 days ago)
4:54 What's the weather going to be like? Assistant : Why don't you look outside the window?
Aiman UnFreeze (6 days ago)
Paras Kumar (6 days ago)
*Welcome to robot life within humans* !!!!!
Jamal Badrawi (6 days ago)
I don't see the practicality of all fuss
Tajuzar VGD (6 days ago)
Welcome to the Future!
STRIX dances (7 days ago)
He's trying so hard to change his accent 😂 be free man
Bhavesh Gudhka Optron (7 days ago)
Highly disappointed ...
moha madmoradi (7 days ago)
Sharp_3yE (7 days ago)
2:18 YES YES and more YES! This is what I've been SAYING (to my friends, on chat boards, and to myself) of what an assistant NEEDS to be to actually be useful. Developers building their agent, domain, ect…. so that there would be so much more capability.
xuhez rr (7 days ago)
Guru Chandru (8 days ago)
Finally the day is near, If your phone is lost, you are also lost entirely with it. We all are going to hook our brains to the central neuro network. He hee, what ever the technology might be, holo lens can't grab a real coffee, spoiling your own eye balls and head.
The Demons (9 days ago)
Microsoft is always take the demonstrate too seriously, much prefer the Elon-Musk-style
Jin Raigami (9 days ago)
Dayumn, more and more indian people in big tech industries.
TheAlexanderUchiha (8 days ago)
India has a bigger population than Europe.
MisjudgedTwat (9 days ago)
Satya Nadella is the incarnation of the devil. Richard Stallman for president!
Prash K (9 days ago)
9:09 Cringe of the century Waaaaaaaaaaavvvv It's even cooler on the insaaaayde. Hehehe
Prash K (9 days ago)
Anjali Bot
Mister CHEF (9 days ago)
Just out of pure curiosity, why are there so many Indians working for Microsoft? Is it to be politically correct, or just cheaper salary or more effectiveness?
TheAlexanderUchiha (8 days ago)
India has a bigger population then the whole of Europe, but it's probably more to do with cheap labour and diversity quotas.
Omair Enam (9 days ago)
I'm just a bit concerned about my privacy.
Aditya Mahat (9 days ago)
I'm good with google. Thank you.
happy larry (9 days ago)
Meanwhile my pc with Windows 10 keeps crashing and freezing
TheAlexanderUchiha (8 days ago)
That's because Windows 10 is really inefficient.
Beimer (9 days ago)
Sounds like an issue with your PC, not Microsoft's OS or software.
ItzRob (10 days ago)
Klumsy Kameleon (10 days ago)
WoOWw its EveN cOoleR in the iNSidE... 9:09 - even the guy laughed at her patheticness That woman better get fired for cringe.
John Wesonga (10 days ago)
Technology with no insight on consumer relevance. Microsoft 🤦🏽‍♂️
Arib Anwar (2 days ago)
Microsoft is waaaayyyy ahead, I see this massive in future
Elvis Thomas (8 days ago)
It's the future live conference. Not for everyone.
Trevor Mooris (10 days ago)
souless boring, hololens is dead. dev took so long can't remember its still exist
Rahul gm (10 days ago)
So indians only working
GerardPedrico (10 days ago)
The solution? Corning incorporated "A Day With Glass": interface that crosses physical boundaries? Audio visual experience?
Chris Z (10 days ago)
Now You just miss barking dog in the background or screaming kid to complete meetings reality.
Unclejerry50th (10 days ago)
Wish Siri worked that well...
Chandan Kumar (11 days ago)
Looks like Microsoft will beat Google in terms of innovation, keep going Microsoft
Leonita C (11 days ago)
the more i see the more i think i need to start using linux
JAY MCC (11 days ago)
Awesome ceo Microsoft is going places that’s even awesome 😎 thanks for azure and windows 10 software operating system! Keep up Microsoft
TofuBearEatTofu (11 days ago)
“wowwwww, its even cooler from the insideeeeee....." what am I really watching here?
Sina Soltani (11 days ago)
This man made Microsoft great again.
RBP (11 days ago)
You can see why Silicon Valley people live in their SJW bubbles. They will be even more enslaved with their AR headsets
Jules NZIETCHUENG (11 days ago)
Simply lame.
King Mannar (11 days ago)
tha1 n0nly (11 days ago)
Whole thing was uninteresting, and boring... NEXT....
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
tha1 n0nly This is for enterprise not consumers
tha1 n0nly (11 days ago)
Yeah...... NO! 😒😒😒
Tenzing Ngodub (11 days ago)
Why is she using Apple product, an iPhone lmao.
Usama Navid Qadir (9 days ago)
because microsoft is not the smartphone manufacturer now. Itis working on android and ios so that it can connect its customers to their phones.
Asongwed Achiri (11 days ago)
Did anyone noice that she’s using an Apple X for a Microsoft build program
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
Asongwed Achiri What else should they use? They already gave up on their Windows Phone
NepalCode TV (11 days ago)
So they want people to be addictive to their phone and their stupid siri services
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
NepalCode TV People are already addicted
SuJu_Mimi (11 days ago)
lmao, "wowwww, it's even cooler on the insideeee" XD i'm dead
MarkDaNerd (5 days ago)
I'm weak
Jonathan Jong (11 days ago)
cool tech, horrible acting
PLEASE STAND BY (11 days ago)
I thought that was the government's job, and they are clearly don't care about it.
Richardo Simanullang (11 days ago)
New level of Microsoft
AA A (11 days ago)
Holo lens 2, for better 360 VR porn experience!
Fernando alves (11 days ago)
Wow it's even cooler on the inside!
Nom (11 days ago)
Just came from watching Google I/O, this is really hard to watch in comparison. The enthusiasm, or lack of. The acting cringe. And also the lack of actually interesting content.
ASARADEL (12 days ago)
the biggest thing to happen is the spacial anchor. if i placed graffiti on the street, those that are into graffiti can turn on the app, see my painting, and get legally painting themselves. if i sold a product at a store, but wanted to be more reachable to the world, i could take my real life location and project it into the virtual world. innovation for blockchain and creativity. as well as memory recognition and crime preventive abilities. imagine waking up, and playing a full 360 4k video of the day before to highlight what moments you felt you should remember the next day? this technology not only advances accessibility to everyone, but enhances our cognitive functions in daily decision making and future productiveness.
Baldeep Birak (12 days ago)
Speech recognition is fantastic
prasanna Jayaraman (12 days ago)
Go into lift and the app crashes!!
FWMalice (12 days ago)
@9:27 "OooO AO O oO oo This is so dope" Lol Regardless, i got hellah excited at @7:54 I use excel and office daily. Being able to use it in there would be awesome. Sitting at my PC 8 hours a day is boRRrring!
EVOLICIOUS (12 days ago)
"everyone needs a hololens" No, no one wants that garbage, let alone NEEDS. Hololens 1 was a complete fail, you'd think they'd learn. Work on something that actually works, MS, get working on gen 2 WMR, stop pretending that AR tech is even remotely ready for real use. Keep that garbage in R&D where it will sit for the next 5 years for tech to come along that will actually be viable.
Lita Zo (12 days ago)
if you need a reminder for everything then you really NEED TO GET A LIFE
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
Lita Zo Hey, maybe some people have long days or just don’t want to forget about an important day? If you have nothing to be reminded about then YOU should get a life
EVOLICIOUS (12 days ago)
1:30 how much you wanna bet that was scripted? lol. No AI speech recog. is that good yet.
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
EVOLICIOUS I don’t think so. Having Microsoft, a giant company LIE? That would be stupid and I doubt they would do that
kench l (12 days ago)
Microsoft is only for companies not for individual developers!
Chenny Andy (12 days ago)
9:28 🤦‍♂️
Alex McCaffrey (12 days ago)
As cool as the Cortana voice assistant is: A. Are people going to install it when their phone already has an assistant, in the case of Samsung Galaxy phones you have two. B. Talking to your phone like this isn't something are usually comfortable doing. I use it occasionally but only in private. C. Not a chance it'll be this reliable in reality.
532231 123 (12 days ago)
How to use microsoft : Turn off all possible, say no all question and try use pc first to say wtf another useless update. For turn off fast disconnect home main current. Future will be more easy!
doug b (12 days ago)
@7:39 wow, so he can pull a real painting off the wall and through the magic of AR he can throw it to someone anywhere else in the world?
CchyDee (12 days ago)
I see a lot of people on the comment section complaining about the Hololens. If you guys can go do something better yourself, then quit bitching and see if it’s easy to even get to this level. Dumbasses.
Tilak Raj (12 days ago)
not interested in windows>LINUX is better than rest of>
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
Tilak Raj imo windows is compatible with most software so
Sam (12 days ago)
I'm not really catching up all these new demos beside the Speech recognition. The Hololens is clearly a premature technology right now.. maybe somewhere in the future.
Cballin (12 days ago)
this hololens acting is cringey AF
JLCodes (12 days ago)
The Level of Acting for HoloLens LOL!
NickVanos (12 days ago)
the person who talked to her agenda assistant just showed how super lazy people are getting. She will be the first person to hook her brain to a hard drive if that would mean she didn't have to remember anything. I would find myself pretty stupid if I would have to ask so many questions to a virtual assistant. There is nothing wrong with using your brain to remember stuff and looking it up to see if your sure. Second, the moment people hack your voice print to make prank calls or worse, how will you be protected against misuse of this data?
NickVanos (8 days ago)
+Ben Liu i know Ben 👌😁 but they're promoting laziness. Of course the technology is clever and convenient but in the end it results in people don't having to remember much things for themselves. For the rest it is very easy to save time to reschedule things 😉👍 that is the best thing about it.
Ben Liu (8 days ago)
NickVanos It was just acting. Nobody is like that (I hope)
blackstarafro2 (12 days ago)
If Microsoft really wanted to win big, they would fix the compatibility issues with older software. Make older software work with windows 10 period.
peruface (12 days ago)
Vamsi Krishna Reddy (12 days ago)
Seems like they are going to invent a teleportation tech within 100 years from now.
Lairenlakpam Dinesh (12 days ago)
sounds good, doesn't work
Usman yousaf (12 days ago)
seriously who hired her where she cannot remember anything and depends on Mobile what if battery run out
Sam (12 days ago)
Yeah and these were the most baseless reminder ever.
Andy Sammy (12 days ago)
They started off realistic but that spatial shit is going to be like the Naturally speaking Dragon software and not work to the extent that barely anyone will use it
On WUN (12 days ago)
Looks like some Black Mirror dystopia scenes

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