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Migos - Narcos

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Listen to Culture II everywhere now: https://Migos.lnk.to/Culture2YD Purchase exclusive Migos merch featured from their official store: https://Migos.lnk.to/StoreYD Follow Migos: https://facebook.com/THEMigosAtl https://twitter.com/migos https://instagram.com/migos Music video by Migos performing Narcos. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc http://vevo.ly/U76IvE
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Text Comments (47173)
Kevin theblackpanther (1 hour ago)
The best song!
loukas messaritakis (1 hour ago)
Sotanorsu (1 hour ago)
Flow by: Lord Infamous
Zackk D (4 hours ago)
JULE ZION (5 hours ago)
Dope King
Lindsay Sanchez (8 hours ago)
My crush name is pablo lol 0:18
abraham arreaga (9 hours ago)
Jajajajajajajajaja this niggas dont know Nothing about narcos jajajaja
Ara LMC MK sevilla (10 hours ago)
Brandon Huang (11 hours ago)
I love the trapping like a narco
BELIEVE (11 hours ago)
Who else thinks 21 should have had a feat on the song? He did great in the visual he should get a verse
DriedBanana 213 (11 hours ago)
This song makes me wanna ride my cat. ( is that a bad thing?)
PumaShushii (13 hours ago)
This real rap no mumble *YE YE YE YE YE*
UnholyMinds (13 hours ago)
Flatbush zombies > Migos
twelviie (13 hours ago)
this is the most migos song the migos has made
Berke Yönet (14 hours ago)
56k disslike DEA
Mansur Moniz (16 hours ago)
TakeOff is a Beast
Robert Alt (18 hours ago)
Fla D.O.C. Prison blues
The Titan Army Show (18 hours ago)
RIP PABLO fuck migos
Keana Pritchett (20 hours ago)
Takeoff 🛫
The Goat (22 hours ago)
Name 0:56
caleb bender (22 hours ago)
3:48, 21 Savage
Dribble Dad (1 day ago)
I uploaded a song from offsets solo album Check it out
“this real rap no mumble” *song makes no sense*
Jaycee Fnc (1 day ago)
Played this on school yesterday then dozen of firetruck went on school
Zombie Snacher323 (1 day ago)
You bitches went to a hotel called le parc and humiliated my dad and he works there
HOME OF THE SLAVES (1 day ago)
The only thing I heard in the song that I agreed with is the line STRAIGHT OUT THE JUNGLE
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... I fuck the five O. Wife yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... i miss my niggas
Let me know about real business im in panama, migos in the drug mine talk it like I walk it
HAWG! (1 day ago)
This is str8 trash! I know niggas in the 7th grade got more lyrics.
Aeryx (1 day ago)
They shoulda filmed it at the house Rafa fleed at in Costa Rica
Båby Kïmêlïå (1 day ago)
Jassem A (1 day ago)
Off set and bad bunny 🔥💥🔥
Larry Fox TV (1 day ago)
This real rap not mumble hahahaha UUUU DIIIIIIID IIIIT HAHAHA!
Dopechef22 (1 day ago)
Célyan BOUTHIBA (1 day ago)
If you don’t like drugs... don’t listen these musics 🤫
cibino Min (1 day ago)
Holy shit this is bad. Had to turn it off after just 28 seconds in. Big Yikes
xxfluo (1 day ago)
Pablo Escobar
xxfluo (1 day ago)
Janay Daniel (1 day ago)
Takeoff took off bihh!!!!!
the exan (1 day ago)
crazy Niggaes⚡🔥🔥💥
TheVentoPro (1 day ago)
This real rap, not mumble. Are you sure about that?
Ed Williams (1 day ago)
And just as the dinosaurs evolved from birds, so to did these "me-go's" Me-go 1: "Hey, migo, me go drink lean! [rolls tongue]" Me-go 2: "[Caveman grunt?] [chirping and squawcks intensifies!] (really? me-go too!)
Cracked sam (1 day ago)
4:02 when your rainbow six siege teammates run in front of you 🤦‍♂️
Tabitha Bellegarde (1 day ago)
off face when he was shooting
Gengar_pR (1 day ago)
3:13 4:10
Genial507 Free Fire (1 day ago)
Narco como pablo
Sigurd Aarestrup (1 day ago)
PoTaTo(kill me)
Ivo Kostadinov (2 days ago)
Ei putki
ardian (2 days ago)
that flow at 1,5x speed
Jema S.O.P (2 days ago)
Hannah sigmon (2 days ago)
Hannah sigmon (2 days ago)
Hannah sigmon (2 days ago)
Hannah sigmon (2 days ago)
Hannah sigmon (2 days ago)
K's WORLD (2 days ago)
These girls aren’t even thick😂😂
Offset and Takeoff bodied the fucking beat
Jared Walters (2 days ago)
East 1999 MY NIGGA!!!! BONE 4 Life!!
latest trend (2 days ago)
Migos jumped x outside of a hotel
Big Bluood (2 days ago)
4 minutes of no "mumble" and you don't have to work anymore
takeoff is a beast
54k nerds .
Ștefan Răchieru (2 days ago)
Migos is Blackie.
Hiighboost2 (2 days ago)
lol this shit is wack
jimi rask (2 days ago)
I always listen this when i'm hig
Ricardo Lozano (3 days ago)
Eric Radle (3 days ago)
3:13 next level shit
DeepOff (3 days ago)
3:47 MAN!! How dem Niggaz Breathe in dem Yung ass jean bro! You cant squeeze a penny down dey pockets itz so dam tight bruh! You kno dey not running from the BOYZ
TONY MONTANA TV (3 days ago)
Y'all check THE NEW SINGLE SUPA WET 💦💦🔥🔥 SUBSCRIBE https://youtu.be/8pwXO9M0fUk
Kneel before the King (3 days ago)
Dude said, Skip to My Lou. These dudes stealing from actual nursery rhythms, though.
ecoletos benitez (3 days ago)
Fuck you, i'm from Colombia and Pablo is not an idol
21 savage????
Atesz Meister (3 days ago)
Yes, those monkeys are really from the jungle...
Eduard Stolica (3 days ago)
Good song about Mr.Pablo and his squad,they were good guys you know,my father used to tell some scary and NiCe stories about their adventures.Anyways my name is Eduard and i am a priest. xoxo
Leslie Brighthaupt (3 days ago)
Fuck you migos for jumping x you niggas your music trash everything about you trash
memphis (3 days ago)
Who you think is the best migo😷
Azzzen (3 days ago)
Let's not forget these people jumped x
Tomas Noble (22 hours ago)
Aiden Bignell (1 day ago)
Azzzen lets not forget x is dead
Johanna Rodriguez (3 days ago)
q viva pablito hptaaaaaaa
Teresa jackson (3 days ago)
Fucj the migos they jumped xxxtentacion
Xzavier Maleek (4 days ago)
Quavo got on them prison pants lol
Tony Wei (4 days ago)
Why is there 21 in the video and his name was not mention in the title comparing to Ric Flair Drip where his name is in the title but he didn't drop any bars. ok.
Jatin Pandey (4 days ago)
Damn. I need to clean my ears now
Pilgrim Symere (4 days ago)
RM3 (4 days ago)
Looks like Alejandro Sosas mansion. At the near end of the video the shooting scene is also reminiscent of Biggie’s “Warning” video. What a sick video.
gnarly _skater (4 days ago)
this song is so fire!!!!
Memes Master (4 days ago)
The ending when there’s a spider on your wall 3:20 the the end
Johnny Smith (4 days ago)
Lol dope like pablo.....maybe your on pablos dope
Mainevent 4eva (4 days ago)
If u like this song... listen to this https://youtu.be/LWcwcmfJPLQ
Tosha Crooks (4 days ago)
eln... no brightmoor.....7391.......
Cris Sosa (4 days ago)
Anyone still alive in 2019
Black Dawg (4 days ago)
Real rap no mumba😂
Skrrtinq (4 days ago)
andy1181985 (4 days ago)
How do people seriously like this? I swear thats why todays rappers be promoting lean so yall get dumb af and buy thier trash...lol todays generation lookin so stupid😂🤣
Kaja Hanspo (4 days ago)
tom j (4 days ago)
Second best line takeoff we gonna poke his eyes out then get the chainsaw cut his limbs off!
tom j (4 days ago)
Offset with the best line “ hands in the cookie jar we gonna cut his fingers off nigga getting greedy we gonna cut his tummy out!
SHONSL (4 days ago)
Damn, Takeoff took OFF!
Santiago Tune (4 days ago)
cool dope

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