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Migos - Narcos

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Listen to Culture II everywhere now: https://Migos.lnk.to/Culture2YD Purchase exclusive Migos merch featured from their official store: https://Migos.lnk.to/StoreYD Follow Migos: https://facebook.com/THEMigosAtl https://twitter.com/migos https://instagram.com/migos Music video by Migos performing Narcos. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc http://vevo.ly/U76IvE
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Text Comments (43072)
Natalie Easter (21 minutes ago)
Anna EL (32 minutes ago)
These people glorifying drugs from South America, little do they realize they are the cause for these countries to be poor and corrupt.
La_ Quiroga (1 hour ago)
La_ Quiroga (1 hour ago)
La_ Quiroga (1 hour ago)
Paulo Henrique (1 hour ago)
Yaeh yaeh yaeh yaeh
Kimarley Francis (1 hour ago)
You niggas pussy as FUCK!!!
Lonntrell Green (1 hour ago)
Takeoff is the best migo
HaxSean (1 hour ago)
when you fart: straight out the anus ye ye ye ye ye
1k Subs No Vids (2 hours ago)
21 wit the Uzi 😂
succes switch (2 hours ago)
Toujour du succès
Amanjit Kang (3 hours ago)
She like sanco,lmfao...
JOCELYN FLORES (3 hours ago)
Favor Cornelius (4 hours ago)
My favorite starz
first of all... narco.. does not rhyme with pablo idiots
J-Pax (5 hours ago)
anyone else click on this by accident
J-Pax (5 hours ago)
hasta luego
amombi florence (5 hours ago)
Trippie > takeoff
dontana72 (5 hours ago)
All i need is a migos instrumental CD. Dont care for their worda of destructive behavior. Nothing positive at all. But their beats be fresh. Cant hate on that
Marijuana Touch (7 hours ago)
Medical marijuana available, CBD hemp flower, weed seeds etc Contact: Marijuanatouch.com
Ed ger (8 hours ago)
These guys are smart. Made a song after a popular word, every time someone’ searches this word it’ll take them here and ads . Every song or name has a twist to it. Rappers aren’t so stupid
иван иванов (8 hours ago)
сука чё за ебаные клоуны
tony the tiger (9 hours ago)
Lie that is mumble but still fire i duck wit u 🔥
Rahul Thapa (10 hours ago)
Takeoff is best Raper
Kabongo Josee (11 hours ago)
like if migos better than takeoff
Carla Cardoso (11 hours ago)
Nineja (13 hours ago)
Peter Jakop (13 hours ago)
seriously, who listens to this shit?
Ivonne Morales (14 hours ago)
Leonardo Reis (15 hours ago)
Quando vão lançar o filme?
Jahmari Wilson (16 hours ago)
Y'all got no aim
EDZON HEREDIA (17 hours ago)
I wanna know where to cop those outfits😎💰
triphxld (17 hours ago)
are we all gonna forget the fact that Takeoff killed his verse and also didn't swear at all?
killer memestar (19 hours ago)
I like quavo better
mintchocolate mocha (19 hours ago)
Takeoff the coldest. He go in on every song...ijs
jhanelle SamonteManrique (19 hours ago)
Dez___13 (20 hours ago)
Wyclef Jean - Let Me Touch Your Button.......
Manifiko viva
jc (20 hours ago)
Mumble rap bangs. Idk why they consider it as a diss
jc (21 hours ago)
No this is mumble rap lol
I Like Pablo escobar👌
gotcha722 (22 hours ago)
Straight out the jungle
Reshea Mosby (22 hours ago)
Straight out the jungle yea
bilal blah (23 hours ago)
This is bullshit wtf is this go watch narcos first anyone whose watched narcos knows this is fucked up
Juan Hernandez (23 hours ago)
UD GraDeSs (23 hours ago)
Hasta Luego 🚀
Jermaine Bibbs (1 day ago)
Main these bitches so fuckin Krazy on God I love this fuckin video them bitches started dumping on 12 but it's just the thought that counts because you get a way with it dealing with music and movies and art I love this shit keep up the good work JUGG GANG shit
Maria Pedro (1 day ago)
Warren (1 day ago)
Diego Rocco Marco Pablo Apollo Leonardo Santiago Mateo Mario Antonio Lorenzo Alejandro Emilio Sergio Fernando Romeo Romano Milo Pedro Maximiliano Enzo Hugo Armando Nico Theo Arlo Alonzo Bruno Marcelo
MegaBoonda (1 day ago)
NO BODY GOT DOPE LIKE PABLO!!! 🤣🤣 It's ok little buddy.STILLFIRE
Philip (1 day ago)
offset's best migo
Xx_panda_xX 696000 (1 day ago)
Pablo Escobar
plo ob (1 day ago)
KingT Da YouTuber (1 day ago)
My cat watched this... It became a Tiger after watching this video
Chase Smith (1 day ago)
Love your songs
Matteo Cavazzon (1 day ago)
u fucking guys listening to this are retarded
Karl Prince (1 day ago)
peter thompsonVB (1 day ago)
what the bloody hell is this
the jenna show (1 day ago)
This song just make me wanna dance
Tyler Visuals (1 day ago)
How tf u cut a tree with a Draco?
Epic-Antagonist (1 day ago)
Offset !
Kenneth McKinney (1 day ago)
inspiration (1 day ago)
Lol why every song the Migos come out with y’all cheer for takeoff I mean all of em good no comparison
inspiration (1 day ago)
Tbh I like offset part it really go hard
black pyramid (1 day ago)
Ultra Pepe (1 day ago)
like Pablo... Marmol mis latinos entenderan
Anthony moten (1 day ago)
i like the migos
Anthony moten (1 day ago)
John Colliver (1 day ago)
Yes sir Gucci watch
Lynn and Jay (1 day ago)
Straight out theeee ________??? Comment
GamerLucas (1 day ago)
Cade os BR´S?
susan johnson (1 day ago)
Quavo is my favorite out the Migos
Vectrenon Gaming (1 day ago)
*got dope like Pablo*
Tyrone Sykes (1 day ago)
Good job
Gabriel Farias (1 day ago)
3:09 who ever whistle that was funny!!! 😂😂😂
Whitney D. (1 day ago)
Lyrics: hmm mum mum num hooma hoo muhh muhh naa, himme aaaa muuu ma bbaaaa looo muhhh muhhh Chorus: (Autotune) myymy nsud naa sahh suhh soo.
Jahseh'sPotato (1 day ago)
TakeOff *straight up look quiet.*
hola soy Alexis (1 day ago)
soy el unico que abla español ??? like si no es cierto
Jonny Flash (2 days ago)
This is just the worse everything
Scott Nelson (2 days ago)
when the homie tries to play despacito lol
ale zunder (2 days ago)
narco yeyeyeyeye cojeme negro
ale zunder (2 days ago)
negro q cuelva el cucu clan
KO? НЕ! (2 days ago)
SQUiRT (2 days ago)
ken WINTER (2 days ago)
oooooooffset... 💥💥💥💥
Nina Dubon (2 days ago)
tres d ouxe
Peter Van susteren (2 days ago)
Vette poko.nr 1.
Suriya Mansur (2 days ago)
I don’t know if i will go with takeoff or offset but I think it is offset I only think by the way
Said Arbo (2 days ago)
Is my v song
Ambrose Tabb (2 days ago)
Offset killed it
Jaydan Leon (1 day ago)
Darius Mckinney (1 day ago)
Chase Smith (1 day ago)
Yup in takeoff
Dode Dude (1 day ago)
Ambrose Tabb Like ALWAYS
1RAF7 Straßenbande!!!!! #187
Rõyal Taylor (2 days ago)
Huncho Dreams brought me back here lol
Jeff Lasley (2 days ago)
What what!!!
Óscar Ramírez (2 days ago)
Nightingale Gaming (2 days ago)
Takeoff took off
Luxury Studios (2 days ago)
Escucha mark chapman de le brayan #np en #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/le-brayan/mark-chapman
Orange_Doom_Cat (2 days ago)
This band won the Metal and rock Grammy? Where the fuck is the guitar?!
The coolest DJ (2 days ago)
My name is Draco
glennsoulrebel1 (2 days ago)
Like migos better the lol sky's and ill xan
kittycatzXL , (2 days ago)
When you wanna hear a guy say pablo fifty times

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