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Ryan Star- "This Could Be the Year" on WWE Wrestling

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Ryan Star's song "This Could Be the Year" featured on WWE's "Monday Night Raw". http://www.rstar.net | http://www.myspace.com/rstar
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Simon Coates (10 years ago)
Who cares if Cena can't wrestle like Ricky Steamboat? Oh that's right, geeks who love wrestling so much they go out of their way to make videos about John Cena. Go figure.
dropdown45 (10 years ago)
John Cena=BEST WRESTLER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 1:21
dropdown45 (10 years ago)
syed muhammad abdullah (10 years ago)
this songs suits cena's condition!!!
Jack Tracey (10 years ago)
Cena = Gay
divaDani28190 (10 years ago)
i love this vieo & the song.his brother matt sounds juss like him.looks like him too.
MarthZalsah (10 years ago)
is there ANOONE who has this song. have searched like a loonytic for it but can't find it anywere
PanterA1984 (10 years ago)
Yeah that definitely hasn't helped matters, but Cena is today's Hogan in terms of merchandise sales & the kid fanbase. WWE will continue to push him to the moon for years to come. It's ironic, for a guy with an amazing work ethic he hasn't done sod all to improve his in-ring work or introduce new moves, atleast to my knowledge. Compare Orton's improvement over the last several years to Cena's lol, it's shocking.
PanterA1984 (10 years ago)
I thought he'd come out to new music. It's time for a change me thinks.
Dylan Woods (10 years ago)
Jericho can kiss my White Ass!
PanterA1984 (10 years ago)
Also, I think people hate him because he's too much of a goody-goody Face, the kids love him and alot of people hate him for that imo. I noticed a similiar thing happening to Rey and CM Punk at one point. Silly things like the Chain Gang haven't helped matters, nor certain aspects of his gimmick. At the end of the day, the crowd reactions he gets - both good and bad - blow the roof off arenas.
PanterA1984 (10 years ago)
I agree, he should have introduced several new moves over the years to improve matters, but I still think he's a great [& very hard] worker. His limited move-set has played a big part in his ring work criticism, imo. But there are some real Haters out there who despise the man; e.g. crowd signs saying "I'm glad you're injured" etc. Each to their own but I fail to see how the man generates THAT kind of hate. He's not everyone's cup of tea but he's had some awesome matches.
ILYAMEERAH (10 years ago)
this iss a great sing lol, i love himm! ture raw does sucks with out him :D
mriddley (10 years ago)
people like ab use
PanterA1984 (10 years ago)
I bet if Cena turned Heel, all the Cena-Haters would [*possibly*] suddenly start liking him. Interesting.
kdmil2002 (10 years ago)
This song is scheduled to be out on a new CD from Ryan Star coming out in 2009 with Atlantic records. The album title is 11:59, which is the name of another great song on the CD. He has a myspace page and other songs on Youtube.
piscesguy92 (10 years ago)
well, im personally not a big fan of cenas in ring performances, but i greatly admire this guys heart and his desire. yea, he's not the best "wrestler" but he deserves to be where he is cuz of all his hard work and dedication. the guys an inspiration in a way. but as far as my favortie wrestler, randy orton and edge.
Edgar Ocampo (10 years ago)
I really like this song. However, I haven't been able to find it anywhere but with this video and the NFL video. Where can I find the fll song?

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