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Mac Vs PC | The Big Fight | Fair Comparison

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Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapko MAC Vs PC ke baare mein bataya hai, aap ise MAC OS vs Windows PC bhi samajh sakte hai, yeh ek bada confusion rehta hai bahut se users ke man mein ki kaunsa computer ya laptop purchase kare, MAC ya fir Windows PC, Custom PC builders ke liye bhi ek confusion hota hai ki Hackintosh banaye ya fir windows machine. toh aise mein maine ek comparison ke through aapko bataya hai ki aapke liye MAC Machine theek hogi ya WIndows PC ya Laptop. Mujhe umeed hai ki yeh video dekh ke aapke sabhi doubts clear ho jayenge, aur aap MAC aur Windows PC mein decision le payenge. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1Wfsvt4 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TechnicalGuruji Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technicalguruji Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technicalguruji Instagram: http://instagram.com/technicalguruji Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnicalGuruji About : Technical Guruji is a YouTube Channel, where you will find technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Text Comments (2561)
sravani vadlamudi (6 days ago)
What pc specifications would you recommend for architects??????????????
Suraj Ahire (6 days ago)
Ekdam bekkar hai Windows ekdam gatiyaa..! Mac is best; Stable and smooth performance never hangs.
Hariom kumar (7 days ago)
Sir mujhe online study aur online form filling ke liye kya lena behatar hoga? Please suggest me🙏
Sanju (8 days ago)
In India most PC has a 4GB ram. That's why we think windows crashes more than Mac. Trust me windows with 8-16GB ram works as smoothly as a Mac. And Macs with 4GB ram will crash as frequently as windows. I was quite surprised when i got to know that Macs has their own version of BSOD.
Billz (8 days ago)
For tally which is good Mac or windows?? Please help !!
郭杰瑞 (11 days ago)
Classical Indian English, oh my god
E. V. (12 days ago)
English please! I didn't understand a word you said. Now I need to go look for another video
Ananya Chakraborty (13 days ago)
Which one should I choose for animation and vedio editing purpose?
Video volume off karke dekha tha kya?
Aman Patel (14 days ago)
Apple MacBook Air Vs dell 14 3478. Plz tell me which is best
abhishek shivhare (17 days ago)
Comment like krne se Kya kum se kum answer th Dena chaiye
abhishek shivhare (19 days ago)
hacking studies karne ke liye apple mac book air thk rahe gaa yaa windows laptop
Sharabh Mishra (11 hours ago)
yash dongarwar (21 days ago)
pc is best
viraj jambhulkar (23 days ago)
but Mac can also run windows also by bootcamp
Web Developer (23 days ago)
I am for mac
Ike (1 month ago)
fuck indians
Piyush Singh (1 month ago)
Sab se mast
apurva patel (1 month ago)
Apple MacBook Air--->https://amzn.to/2BDcebr / Apple MacBook Pro----->https://amzn.to/2DM4bt0 offer page--->http://fkrt.it/WxaZd2NNNN apple apple usb--->http://fkrt.it/GSS1pLuuuN flipkrt offer link--->http://fkrt.it/1XjKq2NNNN
Krishna Raghav (1 month ago)
Windows is always best 😉😉
Rani JhA (1 month ago)
yeahhh.me also using win..
KHALID husain KEHER (1 month ago)
video edting
ROADSIDE hero (1 month ago)
Medical student ka liya konsa laptop loon..
sonal kumar (1 month ago)
Windows ka video mac chalega kya? Agar chalega to kaise chalega kon sa software use karna hoga. Please help me Gaurav sir i am totally confused.
Manish solanki (1 month ago)
Apple is best
Ankit Sharma (1 month ago)
Sir please tell me that which laptop is suitable for me, as I am doing the course of ethical hackers... Suggest a suitable laptop under $1000.
Akif Zaid (13 days ago)
Macbook air 2018
Abhi Galhotra (1 month ago)
Is mac good for accounting work
Arnob Roy (2 months ago)
Can i use stadpro and autocad in macbook air ?
Anurag Behera (2 months ago)
Mujhe less gaming aur more vedio editting to main kya lun
vivan Sharma (2 months ago)
Love for Windows....CUZ OF GAMING 💀
Shuvashish Sharma (2 months ago)
But i love Android. Cause it can do everything that i need.😍
Chef Anirban AB's Table (2 months ago)
Wonderfully explained. Thank you so much
Hello World (2 months ago)
High END programming ki ja sakti hai macbook pro pe please reply?
ad mash (2 months ago)
Hemanta Subba (2 months ago)
Hahaha ..chaliye suru karo😂😂😂
Mohd kazim (2 months ago)
For computer science students whats your suggestion windows or MacBook air??? What is the best?? Reply please
Mohd kazim (13 days ago)
+Akif Zaid i brought it on 1 march
Akif Zaid (13 days ago)
Dude go for the macbook air 2018 I bought it for my cse recently.its just awesome
Pawan Kukreja (2 months ago)
Bro mujhe photo designing ka kaam krna hai kisme best rhega
Prawnchowmein (2 months ago)
I couldn’t understand a word but watched the video twice 👽
ansh gupta (2 months ago)
Tum best ho yaar
lakshmi s (2 months ago)
Please make video on Windows vs Mac vs Ubuntu vs Nougat
Karunasagar sinha (2 months ago)
Sir mai photography aur editing ke liye leptop kharidna chahta hu to mac kharidu ya window pls bataye
Ankur Shah (3 months ago)
Sir which is gud for architectural 3D work I.e for Sketchup or graphics - IMac or Mac air ? Plz suggest me ty
A B Shinde (3 months ago)
For a computer science student what is the best ?
Pranay Kale (3 months ago)
Toh chaliye shuru karte he.
SkS Videos (3 months ago)
I am game developer which one should I buy?
gaurav Kumar (1 month ago)
Dheeraj Pathak (3 months ago)
Programming is best for Mac or pc suggest
Sid Bis (3 months ago)
Mac zindabad
Shoaib Miya (3 months ago)
Sir mac ka age kya reasult ane wala hai.I mean.kya sab log mac ko hi use kare ge.
Saad Khan (3 months ago)
Guys. I wanna know that Windows Systems have both left n right button in trackpad or in mouse so 99% of big to small Windows softwares run with the help of this both keys, but in MAC both keys are not available only left key available so how this windows software can run in MAC while there is a huge need of this two keys to run windows software eg: Ms office etc Please explain.
Shantanu Mishra (3 months ago)
6 saal HP laptop use kiya... hazaaro baar service centre jana pada. Windows just suck. Macbooks last so much longer.
RR3D STUDIO (3 months ago)
Hello gaurav bhaiya I m using autodesk AutoCAD and 3dsmax software so should I purchase MacBook Pro or what u suggest
Hariom kumar (3 months ago)
sir online speed test ke liye kaun sa best hai?
R M Sarkar (3 months ago)
Phir batao
R M Sarkar (3 months ago)
Pehele sikho
R M Sarkar (3 months ago)
You know what is pc
Sharjeel Hassan (3 months ago)
like for mac in 2019😂
Mr. Karki (3 months ago)
What do u mean by mac vs pc... Mac is also a pc
Ajay Yadav (3 months ago)
Which one is better for accounts work?
Sasi Razz (3 months ago)
Which mac is useful for computr engineering student
bharat mata ki,jai (3 months ago)
mack book pro mai excel in deloper ko kaise chalu karege
Cal Dal Rue (3 months ago)
Why is the title in English and the presentation in another language. Thumbs down...
Bose A (3 months ago)
Gaurav ji please hp pavilion/Envy/gaming laptop ka review kar dijiye please..🙏😊
Rajib Paramanik (3 months ago)
Video editing k liye kon sa best pc hoga
king ster (3 months ago)
All in one pc please sir
Sukhwinder Singh (3 months ago)
I want to buy a laptop and I've to use it for development purposes. I've to use android studio,xampp and other softwares also xcode. So is macbook air i5 5th gen 8gb ram good for the work whoch costs around 66000 ?? Suggestions please?
B and P (3 months ago)
Plse replay me siir...i am a mac user ...and i want do download free photoshop..and telly .but i didnt find in google .plse send me 2 links of these 2 app.plsee siir
Aditya Wangade (3 months ago)
आप व्हिडिओ शूटिंग के लिये कोंसा कॅमेरा युज करते है आदित्य वांगडे
mehmud (3 months ago)
idiot mac is also a pc, pc can have any os.. you should put your title as mac vs windows dumb fuck
freee YTD video downloader -https://youtu.be/asHT9ar52oE
Patel Ankit (4 months ago)
What a improvement !!! Maan gaye guru ji !!!
Subhodip Talukder (4 months ago)
Mack is best
abhishek choudhary (4 months ago)
Mac k liye software free hote hai ya purchase krne hote hai
siddhraj gamer to tech (4 months ago)
Windows lag होता है
Ayan Sinha (4 months ago)
Ami vedio editing r jono nebo .to konte best Hobe apple ne pc .Ami apple effort korte parbo .
😂😂 so funny old video
Gucci Camlbo (4 months ago)
Rumila Bhandari (4 months ago)
Which will be better for IT students
usman fuzail (4 months ago)
Mac users hit like👍👍👍
Harsh Lalwani (4 months ago)
I am playing games in that with graphic card
Harsh Lalwani (4 months ago)
Mac and PC dual hai mera apple mai 2,12,000 laya maja agya aj tak virus nahi aya using for 3years
Cyber Xtreme (4 months ago)
Mac. Acha hain lekin luchha bhi hain
Ravisingh Thakur (4 months ago)
Can we do OCR in Mac Inbuilt PDF reader?
sarkar Aravind (4 months ago)
Ek Windows PC lekar usame Linux mint install kar do...performance, stability aur security Mac jaisi hi milegi...hai na very simple!!!
Amit Yadav (16 days ago)
Web, app, development k liye koun sa Sahi rahega
Asgar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Asgar Shaikh (4 months ago)
Nice infos
Laksh Robin (4 months ago)
There is ms PowerPoint in Mac Book
Omkar Barve (4 months ago)
Great video...helped me a lot...helped me buy PC
Sanjay OM (4 months ago)
namasty please ap muja guide kr den ke mai ek medical student hn so kia lon mac ya phr window laptop(mai use mai lena cha rha hn MAC) so please guide kr den
AmairuL Hassan (5 months ago)
Windows best eh 😂😂
Striker Brijesh (5 months ago)
Sir.. kya Mac mein software ke paise dene padte hai
Striker Brijesh (5 months ago)
Sir ...plz tell me that I have to pay money to purchase software in apple mac
Nihal is great (5 months ago)
Mac wins.
Anshul Gupta (5 months ago)
Hi Gaurav. plz suggest the laptop for coding purpose. Mac book air or dell which one is better in coding plz suggest me . warn regards from Anshul Gupta...
akshay Kadam (5 months ago)
this is called un-biased review
Souvik Dey (5 months ago)
Sir i am a sound engineer i want to buy a pc but i m confused that which one should i buy imac or windows pc.. Basically most of my work is based on softwear...and pc...
Battle Royale Gamer (5 months ago)
I like macbook
Bunty kirad (5 months ago)
can i use macbook air for autocad softwares? .i am student of interior desginer
r.maditya sashank (5 months ago)
Guruji you did not mentioned about ...cracked softwares ... In windows ..most of softwares ..are not purchased ... Public get ..most softwares ..free of cost ...
Harimohan Sharma (5 months ago)
mac good for programming or not
tech hunters (5 months ago)
Mac press like Window press unlike we can see which is best
amisha bhagat (5 months ago)
which laptop is best for autocad 3dmax photoshop ?? for student use i m thinking of dell inspiron 7572 . plz give ur review asap
Cricket Basics. (5 months ago)
Bro gaming kaisa ho sakta
All 'n' all (5 months ago)
Mere paas HP windows i5 h , &, me toh paresaan ho gya hu , itna jyada hang krta h & kabhi kabhi toh wi fi & Bluetooth bhi krta h
WEBLIFT SEO (5 months ago)
Sir applle main crack software to download nai kr skte , kya apple budding developer ke liye theek rhega , kyu ki software bahut costly aate han, window ke liye crack available hote han.
RV Creations (5 months ago)
Videos Editing Aur Ms Office Ke Liye Perfect Kya Hai.?

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