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Text Comments (50)
Mikael Victoria (21 days ago)
Nelly Avi (2 months ago)
I am convinced this guy is an old man in a kids body. He looks 15 but he talks like a man in his 40s. And has an excellent vocabulary. He is probably the only young guy other than simply put scents that I listen to. Both are very good. I come to this guy for my FRESHIES reviews.😁
Chaos Fragrances (2 months ago)
Hahah thanks very much man, I appreciate that. Glad you enjoy my videos! Ton more reviews on fresh scents coming up
Farrel Rose (9 months ago)
cool video just something different and a good content you have chosen .
ice Evolution (10 months ago)
hi have you try Kenzo homme eau de parfum ? can you tell me what you think or can you make a review about it ? thank you
Chris WR (10 months ago)
The original Chanel Allure Sport is the best!!!
Lee Style&Fragrance (10 months ago)
great video as always bro great list I just picked up vintage green I love it
ScentSense (10 months ago)
Good stuff and very original. Ysl lhomme Versace pour homme Banana republic vintage green Banana republic linen vetiver John Varvatos artisan pure Those come to mind
Rodney Elson (10 months ago)
MFK Aqua Universalis EDT + white T = perfection
Stewart Clanachan (10 months ago)
Dior Homme Cologne is a beast in summer heat. I can’t get enough of it in summer.
Bilawal Khan (10 months ago)
Wasn’t expecting this video idea. Great job bro keep it up and in my opinion Versace PH is the best for the day time hot day white t shirt fragrance
Heriberto Maya (10 months ago)
Great video Idea! Mine would be: Chanel Allure Homme Sport , Edition Blanche, MFK Aqua Universalis Forte, Dior Homme Cologne, Creed Erolfa
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
Very nice picks man! Erolfa would have been a good one I left out. I have yet to smell Aqua Universalis, how do you like that one?
Mark Mark (10 months ago)
Your on that mfk bendge too? Lol me and you both. it suits us I just got aqua vitae forte almost went for petit Martin but I like those clean smells like prada l'homme reflection man and now aqua vitae forte a little on the pretty side but I can pull it off a cheap one I recommend highly is legend spirit best white t shirt for the price one of my most complemented seriously ... You quickly becoming one of my favorite reviewers Dallas keep going
Mark Mark (10 months ago)
Chaos Fragrances I wore aqua vitae forte today I really like it smells like shampoo ...I recommend it highly more masculine than I thought ...last all day smells amazing .. Just thought I would give you some feedback after wearing it I know your diving into this house ...I 've hear it's one of the better ones See ya Dallas
Mark Mark (10 months ago)
Chaos Fragrances yeah me 2 I have 540 edp might be redundent to own grand soir & 540?? Probably not lol I was trying to get the aqua universalis forte ..it was sold out but I heard vitae is the same but more interesting so I got vitae forte next pay check will be the og aqua universalis ... That celesteia is nice that you got also too bad the forte version doesn't last it's really good too Np tho Dallas your a real ass dude
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
Haha yes man, im loving MFK! Aqua Universalis and Grand Soir are on my list next. Appreciate the kind words man!
Good video, Saw the same concept on gent scents channel. I think he also did a black tee shirt one as well.
Great video brother ! I would add Versace Pour Homme as an honorable mention here OR Versace Eau Fraiche , since their price is ridiculously low , taking into account their longevity and performance. Moreover , you can't go wrong with them , nobody will find them offensive IMO.
Georgi Georgiev (10 months ago)
I would add a great underrated fragrance- Lacoste White
William D'Alexander (10 months ago)
Believe it or not, in 90+ degree weather and a plain white tshirt,,, one million lucky on me is a compliment monster,,,
290revolver290 (10 months ago)
The bottle of the number pick looks so much like that of the CK Eternity for Men Collection.
panotcheese (10 months ago)
That's a content bro. That's it
Carlos Cadena (10 months ago)
Great video I would add prada lhomme
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
Nice! That one would go great
Camren AC (10 months ago)
Nothing compares to Dior Homme Cologne. Best uplifting summer fragrance ever created.
Soothsayer (10 months ago)
I don't like the Dior Homme line. As for the Chanel Allure Homme line, the only thing I liked are the original Allure Homme and Edition Blanche. I don't know what's wrong with me and my preferences lol.
Demba DibbA (10 months ago)
Bro you got some genuine nice reviews. I will like you to do a review on Byredo’s. They are as solid as MFK. Bal d afrique, gypsy water, mojve ghost and pulp are the best for me. I started trying MFK this year and I was amaze by the quality of the juice. I will try and invest on MFK and byredo in the coming months
Mr Sillage (10 months ago)
Sick Video, brother! Awesome idea. Love this great idea for a list. Keep then coming, brother! *THE FUTURE!*
BaDR HaRI (10 months ago)
GentsFashion did that type of video 2 weeks ago,anyway Nice List Bro!
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
Thanks my brother! Appreciate your support man. Never seen this done before so decided to take a crack at it ;)
Michael Bullock (10 months ago)
Great list and I enjoyed it
Puma (10 months ago)
Black t-shirt next? :)
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
Rick Pennington (10 months ago)
I just got a bottle of Creed Silver Mountain Water and it doesn't smell clean and fresh, it actually smells like stale urine. I like Erolfa better. Does anyone else have this issue with SMW ?
Read this carefully , because I had this unpleasant experience , too. Clean your skin thoroughly by rubbing it HARD with a sponge and avoid spraying it on hairy areas (if you want to, shave them prior to spraying). Hairy areas have lots of dirt and debris and whey they mix up with the fragrance ... guess what happens..? Don't get me wrong , I don't imply that you are not bathing :P . I was bathing regurarly too , but very fast. Take your time and make sure that you rub your skin really well with your sponge. My skin was clogged with a little of dirt and debris , but that little bit gives that urine smell to your fragrance. Please do excactly as I said and there is no way it will smell like urine again. After you give it a shot , reply here ;)
Rick Pennington (10 months ago)
It says A3510M02. I'm assuming it's a 2010 batch, which is probably the reason it smells different.
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
What batch is it? and are you sure it's authentic?
Dukeoden7458 (10 months ago)
Good video
Blake Williams (10 months ago)
Cool 😎 picks; love the concept.
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (10 months ago)
Great concept!
Jalil Abbas (10 months ago)
Awesome bro... Love from Pakistan..
CASUAL FRAGRANCES (10 months ago)
Great video bro, I enjoy your channel alot . I got try that dior fragrance soon. I like the background in video .😁👍👍👍
Tim Weed (10 months ago)
Great picks, I like them all. Nothing like fresh clean scents!✌
Michael Lynady (10 months ago)
Absolutely agree on Petit Matin - I reach for it in the morning more than any other. If PM is too expensive for any of your viewers I highly recommend Sunday Morning by Alexandria - it's sold out atm and there's a reason why - it's extremely close and does the job nicely when you don't want to waste the real thing. You should try to get your hands on it - I know how much you like PM and would love to hear your thoughts
Michael Lynady (10 months ago)
Soothsayer I don't think so but don't hold me to that lol
Soothsayer (10 months ago)
Do they have a clone for MFK Amyris Homme too?
Michael Lynady (10 months ago)
Chaos Fragrances lol - I was thinking the same thing the other day - I'll be looking at it all winter - may have to hide it in the closet
Chaos Fragrances (10 months ago)
I'll see what I can do! I agree man Petit is the shit. Such a nice citrus scent and so easy to wear. I'll be sad when summer is over because thats when it shines
Kingdom Athlete (10 months ago)
Great list brotha✌

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