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Does the FLEX Menstrual Disc ACTUALLY WORK?! Review & Demo!

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FLEX Menstrual Disc FREE TRIAL ⇢ https://fbit.co/4vIS Hey loves! Today is all about the FLEX Menstrual Disc Review! This FLEX Menstrual Disc tutorial shows you How to Use the FLEX Menstrual Disc. I show you How to Insert the FLEX Menstrual Disc, How to Use the FLEX Menstrual Disc, and How to Remove the FLEX Menstrual Disc! As women, we deal with our PERIOD every month and we've used pads and tampons over the past few years knowing the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome! Switching to the FLEX Menstrual Disc is a great alternative on How To NOT Get Toxic Shock Syndrome. There are even claims that you can have sex on your period using FLEX. Can you have sex on your period? Perhaps this is a Period Hack EVERY Girl Should Know! Hopefully you all enjoy my FLEX Menstrual Disc Review, and if you found it helpful -- please share! x ------------------------------------------------------------------- Become an Ashley! ⇢ https://www.youtube.com/c/ashleydevonna?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------------------------------------------- UNICE HAIR ⇣ Direct Website Link: http://bit.ly/Uniceweb Discount code: unicehair03 SPECIFICATIONS ⇣ Unice Malaysian Body Wave (4) 16", 18", 18", 20" Bundles (1) 14" Free Part Closure --------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRES ONLY (NO personal emails!) ⇣ [email protected] Connect With Me ⇣ Instagram ⇢ http://instagram.com/MsAshleyDevonna Twitter ⇢ https://twitter.com/MsAshleyDevonna Facebook ⇢ Ashley Devonna Snapchat ⇢ @ashleydbeauty --------------------------------------------------------------------- Highly Requested Videos ⇣ COLLEGE GRADUATION VLOG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcvEDdcZgNM MOVING OUT OF MY COLLEGE APARTMENT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMtToMRwNJY&t=366s WATCH ME TRANSFORM FROM BASIC TO BADDIE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZNeZ9PbA0&t=249s My Facial Plastic Surgery Experience + LIVE FOOTAGE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u41Aycm8ci0&t=17s CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Overcoming Adversity, Negativity, and Hurt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c95Ux... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Creating the Life You Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWl3s... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Always Single? + YouTube Success https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV_D6... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ My College Experience! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxBTJ... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Struggling Alone + Coping Alone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnk0H... CHIT CHAT GRWM ⇢ Hating Myself, "Dating," + Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rDQT... HOW TO: Apply False Lashes for Beginners | #BeautyBasics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t--FHQWepMg HOW TO: Foundation, Highlight & Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-obg... HOW TO: DRUGSTORE Highlight + Contour Routine | DARK SKIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avQ7X... --------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube Content Creator? HERE'S HOW TO EARN MONEY ⇣ SCALELAB NETWORK: Join ScaleLab Network to grow your channel and earn money on YouTube!: https://app.scalelab.com/referral/55 FAMEBIT: Do you have 1K+ subscribers? Join FameBit to earn money on YouTube! https://famebit.com/a/ashleydbeauty GRAPEVINE: Do you have 10K+ subscribers? Join Grapevine to earn money on YouTube! http://grapevinelogic.com/creator/?referrer=ashleydbeauty --------------------------------------------------------------------- CAMERA AND EDITING SOFTWARE ⇣ Canon T6i http://go.magik.ly/ml/4s7s/ Final Cut Pro X SONG ⇣ Jengi Beats - Bruh FTC: This video is sponsored by FLEX, all thoughts and opinions are my own!
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Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
FLEX Menstrual Disc FREE TRIAL ⇢ https://fbit.co/4vIS Hey loves! Today is all about the FLEX Menstrual Disc Review! It is a painless and much more comfortable alternative to pads, which feel like dirty diapers, and tampons, which put you at risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome! Try to keep an open mind about the FLEX Menstrual Disc, and click the link for your free trial if you're willing to give it a shot!
Ray Brown (10 days ago)
Thanks for your honest feedback. I'm thinking of buying this and your review was very helpful!
Nisakldf Brown (10 days ago)
This girl is so real
Midnight Swami (1 month ago)
Oh also these are environmentally friendly :) a lil
Monika Sanguinetti (22 days ago)
Are they biodegradable???
Shanice (1 month ago)
What I think I'll do is: work, use pads. Not at work, use flex. Because sometimes I work 13 hours and this would be the worse thing to use if I'm at work lol. It'll be like the Shining. Or to be extra safe, I'll wear it, but also put on a pad too.
Alexi A (1 month ago)
“My hoo-hah”
Shaylin Alley (1 month ago)
Thank you very much for your honesty! I honestly experience the issues of not properly using this and worried that it didn't work. :)
hexxxappeal (2 months ago)
Also, skip the stiletto manicure around your gurl time... :/
Animal Liberation (2 months ago)
Just get a Diva cup it’s reusable
Victoria Shane (2 months ago)
There's an option for longer periods that come with 12 to a box for the same price with flex just select the heavier cycle.
Sarah P. (2 months ago)
$20 for 8 flexs??? So $40 for 16 if I bleed longer than 4 days? Thank you, but no thank you. I get 32 pads for 8 dollars.
Gwendolyn Cato (2 months ago)
Something reusable would be more efficient and less harmful for the environment. I like the diva cup, but my husband won't give me a break so I may have to get disks lol. Not this one, too expensive. Like way too expensive
Sarah P. (2 months ago)
I want to try so bad, but I'm too chicken. I have two kids and every time the doctor would check my cervix I was acting as if I was dying. lol
Celeste Phelps (2 months ago)
What if you have a tilted cervix...
Kayra (2 months ago)
I have a high cervix, will it be hard for me to remove?
Mia Victoria (2 months ago)
Supposedly you spot while going number 1 or 2 (with disk inserted) is because your muscles are doing its thing releasing your waste and that's how come some blood may spill over/out from the disk.
Does anyone know if these are safe sitting on your cervix like they do? I’m using Soft disc and I’m just wondering. I know it says they’re hypoallergenic and all but just curious about blood pooling around the cervix. It’s meant to flow out and not sit there right?
xPlatybelodon (2 months ago)
Wait so its a condom?
Edith Guzman (3 months ago)
I would be one of those girls that would end up in the emergency room to have it removed. I'll stick to pads. So, no thank you!
Sue Kaye (3 months ago)
thank you for your candid review. very helpful
Oof Oof (3 months ago)
I like how she’s wearing red for this video
Leslie Garcia (3 months ago)
youre really pretty n.n
Christine Hearn (3 months ago)
I appreciate your detailed honesty!!
irock yayy (3 months ago)
That won't even hold ONE of my blood clots. Now that's sad
Gwendolyn Cato (2 months ago)
You guys, you only bleed like a teaspoon every several hours. This holds like 5 tablespoons. Pads and tampons only hold up to like one teaspoon. I had to have a blood transfusion(donated blood) and I know how much blood is too much blood. If you're really bleeding that much, it's not normal. Pads and tampons make it look like it's more blood than it actually is, maybe thats where the confusion is
Edith Guzman (3 months ago)
I think it's designed more for women with a lighter flow. I don't think there's any escaping some mess when you're a heavy period kind of girl.
Tia S (4 months ago)
I’m definitely going to check this out.. but i think I’ll use a pad w/it the first few times .
Tameka Nekole (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for your honest review. It was very helpful.
Yer Lee (5 months ago)
I didn't know you can go that far with a finger! I really want to try this, but I'm so afraid of inserting things inside me LOL
Hope Robbins (5 months ago)
I actually started using these recently and I also have the cup. I have to say so far as a perimenopausal woman subject to Flows that you think might kill you I like these. You definitely have to put them in properly so I always wear a very thin pad ( if I'm going out of the house) and have backup just in case. But that's no different than having extra tampons or carrying pads around in your purse anyway. We know how it goes. I have both of the cup and the discs. They both equally work well. I just like the option of having the discs in the event that there's some sex on the horizon you can actually do it without all of the mess. But you're definitely going to want to let your gentlemen know in the event that there's some leakage. 😉 I enjoyed the review. Thank you.
Ta'rynn Rosè (2 months ago)
Hope Robbins does the intercourse position matter 🤔 (asking for a friend) lol
Toni Moore (6 months ago)
Idk if his was on purpose but I’m feeling the red lipstick red top look it’s very on brand for this subject matter
Miss King's Resale (2 months ago)
At least I'm not the only one who thought this lol
Zyrena Santos (6 months ago)
Very helpful, couldn’t figure out how to use flex till after this video
Epona Warrior (8 months ago)
I just got the softdiscs and I feel like because I had it inserted incorrectly the first time I felt more discomfort. Once I got the hang of it it felt like nothing at all.
chloe douglass (10 months ago)
I did everything you said to put it in but I feel like when I cough or anything it falls out of place
Shawn'Neke Taylor (1 year ago)
Thanks for the review. I currently have mine as well and have questions on inserting the Flex Disc. I feel like my question needs to be a phone call. Lol I'm not inserting correctly, should I insert as I am going to use a tampon but shift down when I'm going up? 😑
Vicky S (1 year ago)
I love it. I wear it for the day time and my tip to avoid mess is take it out while in the shower! I use a tampon still at night just cause I don’t shower in the morning and wanna avoid the messy part when I’m in a rush getting ready
Thanks Ash .... very good details. I do not like the sound of that though .... yuck. They need to go back to the drawing board with that product ... sounds awful. I wouldn't spend money on that! London UK
Sapphire Gold (1 year ago)
No thanks 😊
Alyse Grant (2 years ago)
After watching @Vickylogan's video I tried the soft cup and I REALLY wanted it to work but i kept "leaking" I originally thought my period was too heavy for it but I guess I've just been putting it in wrong but I've watched so many videos of how to put it in and other people's results (even one where she showed her blood in the cup) but yet...still ending up with a mess smh and I tried it for 2 seperate periods...I'm so sick of using pads and tampons so next month I'll try the Diva Cup and see how that works for me...
AspiringBeamOfLight (2 years ago)
I use softcups and I love them! They are exactly the same thing as the flex except you buy them in store where they are significantly cheaper and you get about twice as many discs. Don't be afraid to try this!
Andrea Howard (4 months ago)
Bought those in addition to my Diva cup... You can have sex with soft cups!
Hope Robbins (5 months ago)
I agree that cups are pretty awesome I think the only difference with the disks is if you want to have intercourse on your period you can use these in place of the actual cups. Otherwise they are both great alternatives.
S H (2 years ago)
I really like the diva cup better. I've used these things and the suction was so strong that removing it hurt a little bit. Plus I don't like using my finger to pull the ring out b/c it can be messy.
Lydiane Simone (2 years ago)
Nope thank you!!!
NSel (2 years ago)
Omg thank you!!!!!!
Kathrine Espensen (2 years ago)
"My hoo-ha"??? Grow up!
LisaK (2 years ago)
hey Ashley ! thank you for the great vid do u know if its ok to use the flex if u have an IUD inserted?
CheshireCat 1015 (1 year ago)
LisaK ask your doctor :) that’s what it says in the site lol
Brittany Hairston (2 years ago)
This video was definitely TMI, but super informative.
Morai (2 years ago)
This insert downward situation is what's getting to me.
Kpopfanatic05 (2 months ago)
Morai that and "tuck it behind the pubic bone".......um.....😳👀
Shaunice Williams (2 years ago)
TSS is rare and happens if you leave a tampon in for over the recommended time period 🤷🏾‍♀️
TV (3 months ago)
Yeah the tampon companies say that but it happens pretty often and women have lost limbs because of it. That alone. Is not worth the risk for me
Shaunice Williams (2 years ago)
Dani Mac lololol okay. clearly you haven't done research on it. first few things it says when you look into it is IT'S RARE
Dani Mac (2 years ago)
Shaunice Williams not true. I got TSS the first time I tried a tampon and I only had it in for 1 hour.
lipglosslover09 (2 years ago)
Hmmmm interesting, I'll stick to my tampons though haha
omg! No thanks !! 🤢
missbutterflyize (2 years ago)
I love flex the only downfall is the mess when you taking it out
yellowrose7 (2 years ago)
good info sis!!!
RachLyna (2 years ago)
I don't think I like the idea of this just bc it's a little pricey and no reusable. I want to try the diva cup one day though.
Shareece Mikell (2 years ago)
Gilly you can get a box of 14 from Walgreen's for about $8
Felicia Mesadieu (2 years ago)
shayybuttah (2 years ago)
I use soft cups, i guess the cheaper version of flex. lol But def more accessible and and it comes with 12 for like $7. Anyway, I just started using them and I was sold on how well they worked until it moved out of place and it was like a river of blood trying to escape! lol omg. I think i cause of the position i was in prior, made it shift or something, so all the blood it was collecting started to rush out. but i still love them. I would just wear a liner like i would with tampons.
MsFlame (2 years ago)
shayybuttah lol. i hear you. i used softcups too. when they worked they were gold but when not... it was bad lol. i now use the lena cup and love it
Lisa D. (2 years ago)
Very knowledgeable
Allthingsbeauty101 (2 years ago)
Bryanna Hamilton (2 years ago)
Idk why people are so afraid of this I'm afraid of all the chemicals in tampons and pads also I hate wearing tampons and pads. Like what get with the healthy living life y'all.
Naily U. (3 months ago)
MsFlame (2 years ago)
Bryanna Hamilton agreed! ive used menstrual cups for the better part of 10 years and would never go back to tampons. i think a lot of women are intimidated at touching themselves.
Dani Mac (2 years ago)
Bryanna Hamilton right!
REE GOODASS (2 years ago)
sounds like alot of effort just to insert a cup cap thing
lovelychick84 (2 years ago)
It's not so much the fear of inserting it in but more so the fear of it being stuck or lodged somewhere. That's the part that makes me hesitant of even trying it. Great review on this product, Ashley.
Camille Jacqi (2 years ago)
So does this work for heavy bleeders?
Tkeyah Nicole (2 years ago)
I tried the diva cup because of Vicky. it hurts to put it in for me but that's just how my vajayjay is... n I could feel the stem constantly but I refuse to cut it cuz I don't want the cup to get stuck in there. BUT it works tho. it caught everything! I had a tiny bit of spotting but I think it was the blood that was already coming out from when I took it out n put it back in. I never really did it back to back. I would take it out n bathe n then put it back in. but yeah... lol
Kyrah Love (2 years ago)
Wait some people are able to have sex with it inserted? How is that possible if you have this inside of your vagina? This sounds cool for those that get it, but I will personally stick to tampons. 😂
justrella (2 years ago)
Sounds expensive compared to the softcup. Which is literary the same exact thing. I think i paid about 10 something for a box of 14. Needless to say, my experience was about the same. The disc failed once, but overall the protection during the other days was great. I agree it should come with a way to let you know that you have inserted it correctly
kocoa berry (2 years ago)
Clearly this will be sufficient for some women, but for somebody like me who has a heavy flow I would never try this. And I certainly would not try it without a pad as a backup. besides, putting plastic inside your vagina for long periods of time to me is never good idea.
Hope Robbins (5 months ago)
I'm perimenopausal which means there are moments I can flood like I'm bleeding out and so far I haven't had an issue as long as it's in place properly. if I go out in public I definitely wear a very thin pad just in case but it's no different than when I wore tampons. these are just a safer alternative without the smell and you can have intercourse with them in if you so choose to. I have both the cup and the discs. I like them both.
XtinaLucia (1 year ago)
Medical grade polymer it's safe. There's a cup for super heavy flows. The Jenna cup I think it's called. Put a cup in it has a video/website about it
Dani Mac (2 years ago)
kocoa berry it's not actually plastic. It's medical grade silicone.
Im_ LaToya (2 years ago)
kocoa berry I agree. I have a super heavy period for the first few days into my cycle. I need that reassurance that what I use, will do the job. So, I'm sticking to my tamps. Thanks though Ashley for your honest opinion! I was curious about this product.
Kafi Weekes (2 years ago)
A little too fancy for me lol I'll stick with pads
Cheesecake 256 (5 months ago)
Kafi Weekes IKR
Olivia King (2 years ago)
this does work its just the removal of it that's a bit much because it can get messy. its the same as the soft cup i would wear a liner with it though
Justme247 (2 years ago)
Doesn't give me the feeling that it would give me full protection. Too messy.
najah7791 (2 years ago)
I just bought the diva cup today for $13 on overstock , so hopefully it works!
Jameelah Jones (2 years ago)
"this is the hoo ha!" Lol!!!
Lina A (2 years ago)
Thanks for the information :)
Jasmine Taylor (2 years ago)
🗣Take your disc out in the shower! Thank me later
Kiaura Reed (4 months ago)
I was thinking that when she said it got messy.
Hope Robbins (5 months ago)
Great idea
LivingPsalm_46:5 (2 years ago)
Back in the day those were called "Instead cups". I used those instead of tampons and loved them. Now I use the cup. Good video!!
ALSwellkept (2 years ago)
Diva cup changed my life. Yay she's a lefty. Us lefties raise your left hand 🤚🏾
Kandace Mack (3 months ago)
yogirl_ kenni (3 months ago)
TatsThighsAndPrettyEyes (4 months ago)
SAMEEEE! I use hydrogen peroxide to clean mine. Works like a charm!
FriedOreos (4 months ago)
Y’all realize that you’re technically raising your right hand right? 😂 since the thumb of the emoji is pointing towards the left side you can automatically tell that it’s the right hand
Andrea Howard (4 months ago)
the KBiv way (2 years ago)
You probably could just rinse it out with hot water & use it again as long as it's not ripped ??
the KBiv way (2 years ago)
I did a video on the diva cup.. kinda wanna try this 🤔
ALSwellkept (2 years ago)
Ashley Devonna I enjoy it. I cleanse it with vagisil ph balance only and make sure it's completely free from the cleanser to avoid a yeast infection. My hands are throughly clean when I go to retrieve it. One device for $30-35 comes with a cute pouch for storing and you keep and replace per the directions. I've used the same for maybe 4 periods now and I enjoy it. Damn the mess of pads and the blood smell from the blood hitting the air when it leave the body. Exercise is great with diva cup its good. I would suggest until you get this flex down wear a thin pad. I did with the diva cup the first 2
the KBiv way (2 years ago)
they're basically the same.. after a while you dont even feel it but i dont think the cup goes up as far as the disc.. the silicon seems much thicker (so when the time comes i think sex with it in is out of the picture lol) & it is reusable but it starts to smell after so many uses
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
the KBiv way How was your experience? I'm always down to try something new during shark week!
Des (2 years ago)
Team lefty!!!!
Lisa Jones (2 years ago)
Andrea Scarlett (2 years ago)
Shakira Janay (2 years ago)
How did you make your period go from 7 to 5 days?
SamariaYvonne (2 years ago)
Jasmine Taylor I actually heard Vicky Logan say that the chemicals in tampons make your cycle last longer. It intrigued me and I researched it for days and I couldn't find anything that validated that.
Jasmine Taylor (2 years ago)
Shakira's Wayyy the chemicals in tampons actually extend your period. So that's where it comes from. Think about, "chemicals to extend period longer, consumers buy more tampons" 🤷🏾‍♀️
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Shakira's Wayyy Nothing, it just happened on it's own for some odd reason 🤔
Shakira Janay (2 years ago)
You don't have to worry about a smell?
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Shakira's Wayyy Nope!
Kiana Green (2 years ago)
Interesting 🤔
Uniquely Caneshia (2 years ago)
I have been wondering about this, thanks for sharing 😊
Shareece Mikell (2 years ago)
You can buy this from Walgreen's 16 a pack for 7.99.
Gwendolyn Cato (2 months ago)
Is it the same brand????
Merry May (3 months ago)
@Kiera S * 0 *
Tori Love Byrd (5 months ago)
And Walmart
Kiera S (1 year ago)
SHAREECE WAY cvs and/or rite aid as well
Adeola Gbadebo (2 years ago)
I am too old school for this. I'll stick to my pads :)
Shana Zhu (4 days ago)
Same here
Vanessa Chavez (2 months ago)
Adeola Gbadebo lol same😂😂
Gwendolyn Cato (2 months ago)
I can't stand using pads. I had to after I had a baby, cuz nothing is allowed up there for a few weeks. But pads feel so yucky
Lindsay Dale (2 months ago)
I’ve been using pads since I was 10 I’m still going to keep with traditional methods
Queline Renée (2 years ago)
Is Flex and Softcups the same company? I've been using softcups for a year and after learning how to use it properly I really started to love it. It took me 3 cycles to finally get to where I could insert and remove it properly.
Shareece Mikell (2 years ago)
Queline Renee it's the same company 👍
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Queline Renee I'm actually not certain! But you're definitely right, when you use it properly it really works, but it can take a few tries to get the hang of it
kenya hill (2 years ago)
Sorry if I missed it in the video...but will you continue to use the disc? I think I am going to either try that or the soft cup.
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
kenya hill I'm going to continue to use the disc!
Kyra Myi (2 years ago)
love hearing about new things lol , but don't think I'll be trying this one . 😂
Celebeauti21 (2 years ago)
Tried it yesterday. It's was too messy for me and I felt insecure all day 😩
Celebeauti21 (2 years ago)
I slept fine with it no mess the next morning but when I went to work that was another story I switched back to my organic tampons within a hour of being at work.
Sesime Glalah (2 years ago)
Meia Brady (2 years ago)
This is something new so I guess the ring and having to touch your own blood is what's a bit weird but I may just try it.
MsFlame (2 years ago)
Khiauna Speaks ive used menstrual cups for years and never looked back
Chanel R. Long (2 years ago)
Hi Ashley, I appreciate your candor & details!! I love it when women are open about hygiene, self care & grooming!! We need more of this in the public space! But, American culture has improved in this area, compared to, say the 60s & their level of openness & communication regarding this topic.
Deborah F. (2 years ago)
Ladies this does not hurt if used properly. If you've had sex then this shouldn't hurt 😅😅😅😅
Ashley Devonna (2 years ago)
Deborah F. OKAY 🗣
Kimmy.lux (2 years ago)
I've tried it once. It's a pretty cool concept just have to make sure it's inserted correctly like you said.
100%Gemini (2 years ago)
Yuck !,great video ,great input
Pink1j (2 years ago)
i've tried it before it's just like putting a tampon on , some people reuse it . it kinda does get messy but it works amazing .
Moya Makeup Artiste (2 years ago)
I really wish I could use this cause I hate pads but I know I would feel pain with this because of my Endo
Brittney Smith (4 months ago)
I have Endo as well but was told this wouldn't bother it! I'm hopeful...
Diana Mendoza (10 months ago)
Jamaican Browning Moya anything inside your vagina hurts you because of endometriosis? :c
ally86 (2 years ago)
I tried it, it was a no for me! It was messy!
MzCarmelLion (2 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this video.. this is something I wouldn't like to use!! But thank you for sharing
Carnesha Moment (2 years ago)
it doesn't hurt to try it??😄 thanks Ashley
tay melanin (2 years ago)
Love these types of videos we getting real. And Vicky Logan talked about it too.
Rayanae B. (2 years ago)
This may sound cray but still after 3 children & an active, healthy sex life with my husband... I'm still scared of things like this flex thingy, Deva cup or anything similar. IDK IDK... I never even used tampons except for during cheerleading in high school (& nearly spazzed every time back then)...
MsFlame (2 years ago)
Just1Me Rayanae i use a reusable memstrual cup (the lunette) and love it. i have also used a cup identical to this (instead softcups) before. i havent used tampons in years
Rayanae B. (2 years ago)
Bethesda Brown My biggest fear is having to go to the ER for my mishap 🤔😥🤦
Bethesda Brown (2 years ago)
Just1Me Rayanae/ you will love it, yes your man will feel it. but it's worth the try. the only con I have is that it can be messy removing
jade gibson (2 years ago)
Just1Me Rayanae 🤣🤣yaaaas! Not half, not some but all the blood! +you know the more flexes in the pack the more prices get way too high. It just sounds like a lot of work and insecurity. Imma 7 day girl and ain nobody got time for that, even on a light day...I won't say never just not right now.
9188jenni (2 years ago)
Just1Me Rayanae LMBO.. vickylogan said she reused it
ToyaKz Reality (2 years ago)
Ugh. Nooo. I bleed too heavily plus clots. This sounds to messy for me but thanks for the review.
Who Knows (6 months ago)
I would suggest trying it. You won't even feel those blood clots but you will see them when you dump the contents in the toilet. I would gladly take this over a tampon that leaves you dry or sitting in a soggy pad all day. I didn't think I would like menstrual cups but once I got the hang of them, there is NO going back to pads or tampons. You get really good at removing them mess free with practice. It's at least worth a try. You might find you love it since you can't even feel it.  I have forgotten I am on my period
Jasmine Taylor (2 years ago)
ToyaK's Reality The disc actually catches those clots as well ! Women with heavy periods have had great success with it. They use less pads and tampons. It also helps with cramps, and that icky feeling that we all experience.

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