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Funny Microsoft VS Apple Ads

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I found these ads to be quite entertaining and hilarious so I'd thought I would share.
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MemeLord (2 years ago)
Holy shit almost 50k views? thanks alot guys
MrGamerOllie (4 days ago)
MemeLord you mean nearly 1 mil
NeaR-_- LigHtz (7 days ago)
+MemeLord these ads r still stupid
Water G (14 days ago)
MemeLord u mean 800k xD
Panda 730S (22 days ago)
Jezus. Watching a full 10 min ad video with a 3 min ad before the video itself...coincidence? Hope not
BraydenGames08 (25 days ago)
MemeLord Only 50K? There Are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY More Views
Cristie Zamot (3 hours ago)
Siri should defend herself... Siri: Bitch, at least your company is from PC's and mine is from cellphones Cortana:😬......
iJoshX (3 hours ago)
Look where iPad is today compared to surface pros
KZ vevo (22 hours ago)
I have two speakers for music Well I have just one , and I’m sitting on it 😂😂
Brett Randall (23 hours ago)
Why doesn’t apple hate on android bc in the end apple nows there better so why be childish and start hating on android
DJ Gazer (23 hours ago)
Windows 10 is dying 2015
DJ Gazer (23 hours ago)
6:50 wtf the iPad Pro at the time had the a11x
DJ Gazer (23 hours ago)
Sad that apple kicked Microsoft’s ass in spot #1 and put an end to windows phones
If I catch you with a Windows phone, ima bake you at 400°
I’m just a Wii (1 day ago)
I owned an htc (desire 830) and it’s not good at all
I’m just a Wii (1 day ago)
iPad guy: nobody is buying the surface. He’s right
I’m just a Wii (1 day ago)
Window phone (has a lot of apps) Plainrock 124’s test: no official YouTube app
Vachan Vachu (1 day ago)
East or West Microsoft is the Best......
FirasYT Games (2 days ago)
microsoft won xD no hate i love apple and microsoft so pls no hate!
kancherla haasini (3 days ago)
comparing older ipads to newer microsoft
alex baird (3 days ago)
Microsoft By FFFAAARRR
Daniel Cervantes (4 days ago)
Nice Pepe the frog avatar
Marek Kupec (4 days ago)
Apple is expensive, slow piece of junk
You can get a usb adapter for your ipad/iphone
Windows sails dropped drastically and apples sales rose. Hope window’s making fun of apple ads worked out.
Krish Hiranandani (5 days ago)
64 gb of memory?!?!?! Wtf
Lua Demoulin (5 days ago)
But still Windows phone Are ugly...
BeatsByDeniz (5 days ago)
IDC what phone it is but i will NEVER get a windows phone
Matt Garcia (5 days ago)
I feel bad for Microsoft for even attempting that stunt , it’s like faygo cola trying to dis Coca Cola 🤦🏽‍♀️
Eli Veliz (6 days ago)
I am still a proud Apple Sheep 🐑
MatChesix (6 days ago)
100% the real ppl xd!
Sandy Frost (7 days ago)
I actually own a Windows phone when i was 8
FrostWaterYX (7 days ago)
Does Microsoft own apple
Lukas Hub (7 days ago)
I still like Apple so much more 😂That says the guy who is watching this with a iPhone 8 Plus 😂😄
Lukas Hub (6 days ago)
Eryk Slezak Absolutely not i like the way without it better!
Missing your headphone jack?
Sad Hooman (7 days ago)
"Do you still think I'm pretty?" Am I the only one who knows the Japanese Urban legend Kochisake Onna? Am I? Oh k bye then
The phone bin diver (7 days ago)
Phone UnBoxing (7 days ago)
Deven Capritta (7 days ago)
looking at this now in 2019, well ipad now has a stylus you can draw with, it has a stand and a keyboard all in one, and it has a terabyte of memory for 200 dollars extra...yeah Microsoft sucks.
Bram vandenbroeck (7 days ago)
1:48 Apps ARE programs . . . Apps come from the word Applications . . . Microsoft needs to go back to school . . .
TonnieBoy (7 days ago)
Still, no one bought the windows phone
Why is everyone against apple Like Samsung and Microsoft
iPhone Samsung Microsoft Google pixle
Steveee Wonder (8 days ago)
Does apple have pre-installed disney games? No
Steveee Wonder (8 days ago)
It has 125.000 apps............Oh yeah yeah i’ll ditch my iphone
Riyan Playz (8 days ago)
"Real people, not actors" I doubt that
Not so Generic (8 days ago)
125,000 apps? That's really not that much...
Ur Gay (8 days ago)
Windows phones and tablets are so ugly
showdown craft (8 days ago)
Microsoft won
Mythic _. (8 days ago)
An iPad Pro is just as powerful as an intel core processor i5 or i7, 6:45
Mythic _. (8 days ago)
I can’t find a reason why anyone would get a windows phone obviously acted out.
I really hated the old surface... Bute the new ones with a GTX 1060 got me weak
Bobby Rashford (9 days ago)
Pc= windows>Apple Mac Phones=Samsung<all other phones iPad>every other tablet
The Whatever Channel (9 days ago)
I will always stay loyal to apple for life
Playsroblox 101 (9 days ago)
Back then those were good phone
zion (10 days ago)
9:40 so no one is gonna notice that in the top shes using gmail instead of outlook? also she has chrome downloaded at 10:16
Stupidhead154 (10 days ago)
The windows phone was actually a fail no one uses it and the phone itself is terrible and laggy
Nhật Trần Long (10 days ago)
What do you think about a phone run Window OS (not Windowphone OS). I think snapdragon 855 is not enough strong to work.
An Idiot (10 days ago)
I like watching the old ads and thinking, apple can do that, but better. Apple can do that but better.
Xplicit Fan (10 days ago)
Microsoft won
PnyDenver (10 days ago)
How can you use the kickstand when most people who buys it uses case anyways.
DeadlyPunisher66 M, (11 days ago)
Mahvelous 21 (11 days ago)
3:18 Windows: Do you have a stylus for notes and drawing? Apple: Yeah. For only $150...
Midnight Lucifer (11 days ago)
The iPad they were using is an iPad 3 or 4 in the first few ads
Midnight Lucifer (11 days ago)
What the hell is a Windows phone and tablet
Guadioso de Guzman (11 days ago)
Why I hate windows phones 1 it can affect virus 2 not too much durable as apple 3 it make you lazy like apple manual keyboard it won't make you lazy 4 they copy a laptop 5 the iPhone has more than 200,000 apps and windows idk 6 Siri is better than ok google 7 iPhones are waterproof and windows not 8 bad camera graphics 9 a touchscreen laptop that can easily can break and MacBooks are tough and unbraekable 10 the more expensive you buy the more is tougher 11 that tablet will easily can confiscated by teachers 12 MacBooks won't be consfiscated easily 13 all windows phones and laptops can easily can affect virus 14 hate windows copyright 15 apple is the best and rich Population compare Apple half a million people buying Windows phone thousand people buying Like this comment it took me mor time
Guadioso de Guzman (8 days ago)
Dark Floof your right are you an iPhone fan or windows fan me iPhone fan
Dark Floof (8 days ago)
Guadioso de Guzman Guadioso de Guzman You’re literally comparing an OS to a device which makes no sense at all. Anyways here are my replies for every statement that you mentioned on your list. 1. If you get a virus on your computer then you are not capable enough for taking good care of your OS. 2. Hey you completely missed the point that there’s other manufacturers out there who make durable computers just for Windows. 3. I actually didn’t understand what you said there whatsoever. 4. I’m dubious about your statement because Apple wasn’t the first to make a laptop so do your research. 5. Well I gotta agree with that one. 6. First of all Windows’ personal assistant is Cortana and Second of all Google Assistant is actually more smarter than Siri. 7. Well I guess that’s true. 8. Some Windows PCs have a decent camera depending on what model it is. 9. I have a touchscreen laptop with me and so far it’s been doing great for a year and a half. 10. The same goes with Windows PCs. 11 and 12. Man use your head, Both the Windows tablet and the MacBook would be confiscated if you used it without the teacher’s permission. 13. That’s why you should always update your OS when ever there’s a new security but nonetheless you would be an idiot for not being capable of taking good care of your Pc as I mentioned earlier. 14. Every other company has their own copyright restrictions not just Microsoft themselves. 15. Apple sure does make a good profit on it’s products but you were off topic once again for comparing a company over a phone from Microsoft plus Microsoft actually makes a lot of money as well with their products such as the Microsoft Surface, their Windows OS, the Xbox, vice versa. 16. Maybe you should go pay attention a bit more in English class because your grammar doesn’t seem that great from my perspective. I hope this summed up things a bit more, don’t get me wrong I love Apple as well but what you just said just made no sense at all.
First Name (8 days ago)
Samsung beats all of these
sunpreet sin (11 days ago)
Microsoft Windows was amazing for phones. I don't know why it died?
Droiz (12 days ago)
Are all the dislikes from apple supporters? (Please don't click "Read More") Feeling guilty because I have an apple in my fridge too.
Jose Sorola (12 days ago)
I still prefer Apple
MufiQ (12 days ago)
Your asking us who won, of course Windows and Microsoft won because you only showed us them roasting apple, and btw why are you comparing an old iPad 2 with a new surface?
Sam Winter (12 days ago)
Widows phone lol
Magic Mo (12 days ago)
Windows Phones are so bad
be like dude (12 days ago)
i hate windows phone
Olivér Turi (12 days ago)
I love iPhone and iPad... I don’t like windos
Chocolate Hogger (12 days ago)
Windows Laptop Is Better Than Macs But Windows Phones? That’s Just A Waste Of Space And Time
Laurel Dunn-Scott (12 days ago)
0:16 yes it has 125,000 apps, just none of the ones you want....lol
SHIB HELA (12 days ago)
Windows phones have a very difficult and ugly UI that's why Microsoft fails in phones
Matthew Beaver (12 days ago)
New iPad Pro is better than any Surface Pro ever made. USB-C charging, an available wirelessly charging pencil, an available detachable backlit keyboard that also has a case for the back, (unlike Surface). Did I mention that it’s now all screen? Like an iPhone XS Max? It’s really just badass. For more information, click the link below. https://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/
Charlie Mastergeko4 (12 days ago)
Windows phone is trash. That's why they discontinued it. And the Surface Pro Keyboard is a fucking abomination.
Amir Aliti (13 days ago)
apple is the best better then that windows phone suck!!!!!!
TotallyNotAklec (13 days ago)
I used to have a windows phone, the headphone jack broke, the Spotify app didn't work, it had one camera, no flash, no YouTube app, 480p display, and the os was buggy as hell... Also, the battery would often fall out if I dropped the phone. But the screen being protective was good. Edit: It survived being thrown across a room onto a hard stone wall. Also, the speaker was pretty loud.
Barthelemy Leao (13 days ago)
Samsung and Microsoft are always comparing your s*** to Apple that's why apple is better
BL3zejon (13 days ago)
Windows where is snapchat ? thanks goodbye :')
Potato Power 97 (13 days ago)
At 6:10 can we get a rip for vine
PavelKing (13 days ago)
Mobile isn’t the thing for microsoft
Leah May (13 days ago)
Why did Microsoft have to ruin Siri’s party? How rude.
james k (13 days ago)
When apple said "you went from 8 to 10 what happened to 9" they never thought they would do it to #iphone 8 #iphone X
Daniel Gonzalez (14 days ago)
Compared iPhone 5 to other phones
Tarik Niks (14 days ago)
the first clip is poop
Caden Isking (14 days ago)
Windows tablets and phones are soooooooooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Nova Slayer (14 days ago)
What did apple do to windows they never apple do to actually make windows salty to rosy apple these days
GoldenLG (14 days ago)
0:32 I feel bad for siri 😥
Jr Aguinaldo (15 days ago)
The customer are winning
Jr Aguinaldo (15 days ago)
Spookie Wolf (15 days ago)
My cousins name is kevin
LONGCHAMP (15 days ago)
"Yo Windows , Do you know Retina ? " -> I love windows
I’m just a Wii (16 days ago)
microsoft: we have a keyboard apple: um we support them and we have dem accesories
Maikel Sauceda (16 days ago)
This kinda makes me feel very stupid for using an iPhone...
Chris Steele (16 days ago)
... can't relate, Samsung Note9 here😬😍
Senura Kaduwela (17 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah !
Elijah Corpus (18 days ago)
No one I know AT ALL, would ditch even an iPhone, for a Windows Phone.
GAMING WITH NAP (18 days ago)
Apple or Microsoft Let the war begin
Tarantula Pet (18 days ago)
Apple is better
“Do you still think I’m pretty?”
*Real actors*
The microsoft phone sucked....

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