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10 Fashion Essentials for Men - Casual Shirt

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filterguy2525 (6 years ago)
Guy looks like a banana with blue insides.
Al (7 years ago)
baahahaha ye he totally looks chic with that crap on
jcgermer (8 years ago)
lol, this sucks
McTerror1 (8 years ago)
@Guitar2900 well you just learned how to spell chic. haha! I agree though Í already knew what she just said this video is pretty pointless lol
___ (8 years ago)
oh, what's that, a polo you say? when did they invent these things? so diverse, chic but formal as well. holy crap she's good. *marks* casual shirt on shopping list
soteloco (9 years ago)
Nicolas Stipo (10 years ago)

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